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The Fallen (CLOSED)

By Ravanya

Replies: 7 / 148 days ago

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[center [font "Times New Roman" [#000080 [b (Borrowed from an inactive account. Credit to MemoriesofJasmine)]

[center [#000080 [b Life was simple for Adalina. She went to school and went to work. Spending holidays with her family but never getting to close to others. When she was younger she had a boyfriend, but when they finally had their first kiss....he burst into flames. It was a weird freak of nature. She was found not guilty to the murder charges and yet was sent to a special school for troubled teens. She lived out her teenage years there until she was deemed safe to release out into the public. After that she lived a very quiet life.

Vaneigha had met Adalina while in the school. Her story was slightly different. She had actually killed her last boyfriend. However it was in self defense. He had gotten too drunk one night that he had tried to force himself onto her, and when she refused, he got violent. In the end she smashed the lamp onto his head and that was the end of that, though she hadn't physically grabbed the lamp, it had been across the room.

They both lived together and everything was going fine for them. That was until they met (Male 1) and (Male 2). Fallen angels, banned from heavens for two separate reasons. Over the centuries Adalina had been reincarnated. And with each life time, (Male 1) would find her. He was bounded to her. Had given up his spot in the heavens for her. However every time they would kiss, she would burst into flames. A horrible death that she could never remember and he could never forget. The only thing that made this life different was that her parents didn't get her baptized when she was a baby. Her soul wasn't saved. A treasure that would soon be sought after. Their love wasn't forbidden this time. He would be able to be with her.

(Male 2) however had always thought humans where weak creatures until he met Vaneigha. The two of them didn't get along at first. She thought he was a hot tempered jerk and hardly gave him the time of day. Until he started to grow on her. Then one night she was robbed on her way home from work. Before she could get hurt, (Male 2) showed up and scared off the guy. As the four get closer, dangerous things begin to lurk in the shadows. Hunting for a pure soul like the one Adalina has and the strong life force of Vaneigha.

A war in brewing. Will a few fallen angels be able to stop it? And keep the humans they had given up everything for safe? Only time will tell. This is the Fallen.

[u [i Adalina:]] [pic https://i.imgur.com/7t1BjWf.jpg?2]

[u [i Vaneigha:]] [pic https://i.imgur.com/9b7hYji.jpg]

[u [i Male One: OPEN]]

[u [i Male Two: OPEN]]

PM me if interested in filling one or both of the roles [u [i BEFORE]] Requesting the RP]]]]


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Ase had actually finished his work up on time, and had a few minutes to spare. That was, until his boss found out.

"Then get an apron off and get your ass into the dining area. I don't pay you to stand around"

'You don't pay me to do have the shit I do,' Aesir thought, as he tied the apron around himself, and forced a smile onto his face.

"Yo, Ase!" His coworker, Jordan called. "Bring this bag to that chick in the corner. I'm gonna take a smoke break." She shoved the plastic bag of food (which smelled amazing) into his hands before he could object. He looked at the table to see who it was, and just his luck, it was the girl from before. Today just wasn't his day.

The smile slowly faded with each step closer to her booth, so by the time he had the same pissed off look on his face as before. "Here," he grumbled, thrusting the bag to her.

Fucking pig, he thought to himself. This was more food than he ate in probably three days. It wasn't even just that, it was how much she probably paid to get it. That pissed him off too, how she was throwing around money that someone like him could use to buy a new wardrobe, pay his rent, or, and this was just an idea, maybe eat as good as she was.

He couldn't outright insult her. He'd lose his job on the spot. He forced a (pretty charming for such a douchebag) grin before adding, "Can I get you anything else. Perhaps another muffin.. Or three?" God, if she could even eat any more, he'd be honestly quite shocked. He could barely finish one of the cafe's sandwiches, and she here she was, throwing them back like shots.
(ik its a bit short im sorry lol)
Aesir / Brucie / 146d ago
[font "Times New Roman" Van continued to frown at the tall guy, he was hot, but he'd almost knocked her on her ass. She didn't put up with rude people. He'd started in on her, calling her a little shit before he stopped himself and moved to let her through, and moved to water the half dead flowers outside the cafe. [#000580 [b [i 'Aw, hell, the guy works here..... wonderful.']]] She grumbled and made her way inside, ignoring the rude hottie.

She waited in line at the register to make her order. She ordered a couple sandwiches and a few muffins, then ordered a sandwich, homemade fries and a box of cookies to go. She made her way to a seat off in the corner after dropping a decent tip in the jar on the counter, and pulled her headphones back up into place before she sent a text to Ada.

[#000580 [b [i V: So where did you run off to this morning? :(]]]
[#800000 [b [i A: Grocery shopping... I meant to leave a note, forgive me?]]]

Ada was feeling guilty. Van frowned a moment and wondered if she'd been having her nightmares again. Even if she had been she wouldn't want to talk about them so she tried distracting her.

[#000580 [b [i V: Are you picking up Brownies? With the pudding mix?]]]
[#800000 [b [i A: I'll even get the bear claw ice-cream to go on top lol]]]

[#000580 [b [i 'Score!!']]] she thought with a smirk.

[#000580 [b [i V: You are forgiven! LOL :D Oh! By the way... I went to that cafe for lunch, I'll bring you something back home. But also, you won't believe the jerk I ran into! Just because he's hot with white hair and totally built, doesn't give him right to be a asshat... >:( ]]]

The guy had come back into the cafe as her food arrived. She thanked the server and sipped at her drink as she watched him stalk to the back of the kitchen. She hadn't realized she'd been glaring and staring until her phone went off again.

[#800000 [b [i A: Be nice, maybe the guy's having a rough day. And sure, that sounds great. I think I'm gonna grab some applications while I'm out.]]]

Applications. They both needed jobs and soon. She looked up to the cafe and tilted her head. She could possibly work here. But would she be able to with the asshat working here?

[#000580 [b [i V: Yeah, same. Thinking of getting one here at the cafe. Its nice, cozy. Though asshat does work here... so we'll see.]]]
[#800000 [b [i A: Doesn't hurt to try. Gotta go, see you at home. <3]]]
[#000580 [b [i V: <3]]]

She continued to eat in silence as she let her mind wander over several things. On occasion she found herself drifting her gaze to try and catch a glimpse of white hair, then she had to mentally scream at herself. Reminding herself that she didn't like jerks, and he felt rude and concieted, all the more reason to stay away.

She'd finished both sandwiches, a bag of chips, and was on the second muffin when someone brought out her to go order in a bag and she offered up another tip, not seeing who was the one bringing her order, her music still blaring in her ears. She was usually nice and tipped well unless someone proved they didn't deserve it. She knew what it was like to live on tips.]
Icarus, unlike Aesir, had been kicked out several times. He wasn't even that old either (well, to his kind at least)..

Now, here he was once again, and it wasn't even over the girl...

Icarus shook his head. He couldn't do that again; search for her. It was hard on her (Whether she knew it or not), and it was harder on him. He knew it was the same girl too. He just knew. She could have a different name, different look (though it was never too different. That, or he just knew her so well that he couldn't tell), but he'd always recognize her. Each lifetime, he'd find her, fall even more in love, and then mess it up promptly with a kiss. He never learned.

It gave him a bit of Philemaphobia, to be honest. It seemed that it was just her that liked to turn into a second sun. He'd fallen for many humans (regardless of gender. one of the main reasons why he couldn't stay up in the big man's terf for longer than 50 years at a time without getting thrown right back out.)

He hadn't been here very long, but he knew the drill by now. The only change was newer technology, newer rules, and newer (but less preferred) inflation. He had been sent down with nothing but his messenger bag, and any previous cash he'd earned when he was down here, in mortal-central.

Earth wasn't that bad, in his eyes. He took the song 'Heaven is a Place on Earth" to heart. The technology humans came up with was amazing, which is something you never want the higher-up divinity to hear you say.

Today, he wasn't too busy. He even had the time to take a walk to the store for some snacks. So that's what he decided to do. Getting ready was a whole ritual, something he did the same every morning. Shower, hair, teeth, clothes. Today, Icarus decided on a pair of jeans that he thought were too small at the store, but unfortunately, fit perfectly, and a button up shirt. His brown hair stayed sideswept like usual. He brought the same messenger bag he used while in Heaven. It was just too convenient not to bring.

As he left his small place, he walked downtown, just enjoying the scenery. The city was crowded, sure, but people were great!

Or so he thought, until a driver yelled out a pretty common homophobic remark. Ica didn't really let it bother him. Yeah, he was slim, he had the pretty-boy look going from him, but he'd also been in love with the same girl for god-knows how long. He liked to think that proved the guy wrong enough.

The grocery store he went to wasn't too far from the place. He loved to shop, but because of that, he already had groceries. He simply grabbed a bag of spicy pistachios and a juice, before heading to checkout. The girl in front of him was kind of pretty, though, it wasn't the girl he was thinking of.
The line moved forwards, and it was her turn at the register. As she faced the cashier, Ica could see her face. The wind was knocked out of him, though he hadn't moved an inch. There was no way that it could be her. It was too great of a coincidence, and still.. He swore he knew that face.

He knew he was staring, and knew he should stop, but instead considered tapping her shoulder... Though that would probably be pretty stupid.
Aesir / Brucie / 146d ago
[font "Times New Roman" Adalina usually wasn't one to get up early unless she had things to do that day. She hadn't been sleeping well lately, nightmares of fire always got her. She thought it odd that sometimes it was her late boyfriend from years ago, but sometimes her nightmares had her bursting into flames. She would always wake up in a cold sweat, sometimes with the echo of a man's cries in her ears. The voice, though, never sounded like her deceased boyfriend. This morning was like one of the others. She had been the one burning, to the point she could almost feel the lingering pain along her arms and torso, and that man's voice had been in her ears when she woke again.

She looked to her phone and frowned. It wasn't early, but it was hours before noon. She pushed off her blankets and made her way to her bathroom where she washed her face, then out of habit, she brushed her teeth. It always amazed her how she could almost taste the smoke of the fire. When she realized the sweat soaked her shirt she decided it would be best to shower up before she needed to head out.

In school she had learned how to deal with her nightmares, but when she and Van had moved into their new apartment, it had been a big change and so the stress brought on the nightmares again. She knew once things settled they would fade into the background once again. She threw on a pair of jeans, simple blouse, and flats. Usually her style was like that of a boho gypsy, but she wasn't in the mood to deal with all her bangles and necklaces. She wrapped her hair in a scarf, grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door before Van was even thinking of waking up.

It was a new town, no one knew them or their past here, so they had both felt comfortable moving here for their new start. Adalina was the more serious one of the two, and so she had been looking for a job as well as trying to learn the town since they had moved in the week before. She knew her dreams had seriously messed with her when she took the wrong turn for the grocery store and sighed, waiting at the slowest red light in town, thumping her head on the steering wheel.

She'd been meaning to miss this light, but instead she'd drove right into it. When it finally turned green someone behind her honked their horn two seconds after it had changed. She reached out her window giving a very unlady like gesture but then took off for the strip down the road to get back to where she needed for the grocery store. Pulling up to the parking lot and finding a spot near the entrance away from the early morning shoppers, she turned her car off and checked her phone for the shopping list she and Van had made the night before. That was when she noticed there was extra junk food in their shopping list.

[#800000 [b "Van..... I swear.... the only woman I know that could out eat a football team and still have room for snack cakes...."]] she muttered to herself as she got out of the car and made her way in, grabbing a cart. Grocery shopping was like a way of destressing for Ada. It let her focus on something other than her issues. Since they needed to fill the apartment with groceries, the list was a decent size that allows Ada to spend some decent time at the store. She would go over the fruits, over the produce, debate on certain products.

It definitely helped her to forget about her nightmares for the time being. Since they had a steep budget, she had to be careful how much they spent, or they'd have groceries and nowhere to put them. Both she and Van needed to find jobs. and that was something she feared. Van was a real sweetheart, unless you managed to flip her "Bitch Switch". Then she could be as foul mouthed as almost any man. What made it funny was that Van could almost pass as a fourteen year old teenager. She had the looks for it. But she was actually twenty-five years old where Ada was twenty-eight now.

It had taken them some time after school to be able to move away from the school, especially since they had been admitted late in their school experiences, and since it was ordered by a court degree for them both, they had to go from start to finish. She hadn't expected to make such a great friend, but she had. Now they were like sisters for each other, almost inseparable. Her thoughts were between whether or not she should grab some pizzas for dinner and start on groceries tomorrow when her phone buzzed. She frowned pulling it out to see a text from Vaneigha. [#800000 [b "Shit! I forgot to leave her a note this morning....."]] she hissed to herself as she read the message.

[#000580 [b [i V: So where did you run off to this morning? :(]]]
[#800000 [b [i A: Grocery shopping... I meant to leave a note, forgive me?]]]
[#000580 [b [i V: Are you picking up Brownies? With the pudding mix?]]]

Adalina couldn't help but to smile.

[#800000 [b [i A: I'll even get the bear claw ice-cream to go on top lol]]]
[#000580 [b [i V: You are forgiven! LOL :D Oh! By the way... I went to that cafe for lunch, I'll bring you something back home. But also, you won't believe the jerk I ran into! Just because he's hot with white hair and totally built, doesn't give him right to be a asshat... >:( ]]]

She shook her head at her phone. Someone managed to flip her "Bitch Switch" and she was sure she'd called the man asshat to his face.. Ada made it a point to also buy dark fudge icing as well.

[#800000 [b [i A: Be nice, maybe the guy's having a rough day. And sure, that sounds great. I think I'm gonna grab some applications while I'm out.]]]
[#000580 [b [i V: Yeah, same. Thinking of getting one here at the cafe. Its nice, cozy. Though asshat does work here... so we'll see.]]]
[#800000 [b [i A: Doesn't hurt to try. Gotta go, see you at home. <3]]]
[#000580 [b [i V: <3]]]

She put her phone away and finished her list then made her way to the register and began loading things up on the conveyor belt before asking the cashier for an application.
Adalina / Ravanya / 147d ago
Aesir hadn't been kicked out of Heaven before. It was new to him, living as a 'puny mortal,' in his terms. He had gotten many of the more inferior angels kicked out, simply because they were weak in his eyes... But never had he been kicked out himself. Now here he was, only a few months later. He had just gotten the hang of blending in.
1) You're human now, Ase. Superiority gets your ass kicked.
2) Money does not, in fact, grow from trees. He learned this the hard way, and now had a small job as a dishwasher at a cafe.
3) Luxury doesn't come to someone that works as a dishwasher
and 4) Muscles require work now.
All of these rules were mental, but god, were they a pain to discover. He had to run everywhere because he couldn't fly. He couldn't lounge, because he'd get fat. He had to work, so he could afford his shabby apartment, that reeked of mold and /human/. Yeah. That was the other downside. His appearance. His heavenly appearance would have probably blinded a human, so he was forced to give it up. No wings, no halo, no literally-blinding beauty...
But he was still handsome. He knew that much.

Now, at his job, handsome didn't seem to matter. His shirt was stained with dirty dishwater, his white locks clung to his face, stiff from sweat and the constant running his wet hands through it. He still looked nice, perhaps even something out of a borderline bad-boy film (If only 'bad boys' weren't limited to leather and black hair), but he still felt gross, even if he didn't count the being-human addition.

As he picked up crumb-infested plates and cups of coffee (he didn't see the appeal. it was just burnt water), he thought about the people in and out of the cafe, and how disgusting they could be. The baby at table 8 drooling. The parents aww-ing over it. Disgusting. He had a feeling the next person that came in would be some millennial chick, looking to take pictures of a meal, not touch it, and leave. At least he'd have a free meal. food was expensive.

"Aesir!" Called his boss, from god-knows-where. "I know you haven't watered those damned flowers yet!"

Ugh. The flowers out front. They were half-dead already. Ase bit back a rude remark about how he was busy, and the boss could get off of their fat a-... Nevermind.

Grumbling, he picked up the watering can by the door. He didn't even realize someone was in front of him until they collided.

As they let out a string of profanities, Ase took a moment to look them up and down. A girl. Not an unattractive one, but human still. She had spunk, he could tell from the language she used, but she was still mortal. inferior to him. "Asshat?" he replied. "Listen here, you little shit-" he paused, realizing he could easily get fired. "I mean.. Welcome. Please enjoy your visit." His reply sounded as forced as possible.
Aesir / Brucie / 147d ago
[font "Times New Roman" [#000580 [b "Finally! The last box is unpacked!"]] Vaneigha cheered from her room as she plopped backward on her bed and sprawled out amongst the many pillows. They had been living in their new house together for a while, but Van was an amazing procrastinator. She stared at the ceiling of her room which was decorated in that cliche, glow in the dark stars. She dared anyone to try and tell her that she was too old for them, she'd fight them. Her room was an odd one. Some pieces claimed her as a tough girl, some of it claimed her as a hippie girl, some pieces were very girly. She didn't care she liked the mix and didn't like that others had to be confined to just one kind of person when it takes so many things to make up who they are.

She stretched out, having been sitting in her red tank top and black lace cheekies, she decided to throw on a pair of cut-offs and venture out into the house to see if her roommate and friend was awake. [#000580 [b "Hey, Adalina? Ada, you awake?"]] she called out. She wondered if she had left already or something, Van was not a morning person by any means, and she liked to sleep in. It was nearly noon when she finally rolled out of bed. She looked through the fridge and pulled out her carton of juice to take a drink, packing it with her as she wandered through the house to try and locate her roommate. She knocked on Ada's door but got nothing. She shrugged and decided that she was already gone. Taking another swig from her jug before putting the rest back in the fridge.

She looked through the fridge again and decided there was nothing there she was in the mood to eat, so she thought she would head out for a bite. She heard there was a shop in town that had some banging food and she thought to maybe try them out. Heading to her room, she would shower in her bathroom, then get dressed wearing a soft blue crop top and white cut-offs. Slipping on a pair of simple wedges she grabbed up her keys, phone, and purse, fluffed out her long, brown, curls that reached past her ass, and made her way out the door, locking it behind her.

She placed on a pair of headphones that were new tech and retro-styled, clunky and blue tooth. Ignoring the people she walked by, she would lose herself into the music that she had blaring in her headphones. The weather was nice so she decided to take the long way around and headed through the park. Some people were running and some people were playing with their dogs. She stopped with a bright smile when a husky puppy came waddling over to her. She knelt down and loved on the little one, crooning and petting his overly fluffed body. His owner came up, a man who was very handsome, but far too eager to speak with her. She gave him the puppy back and offered him a smile that didn't reach her eyes, before walking away without a word.

She continued on, trying to keep her mind off what all had happened before she met Ada and before her life had gotten better. People here in this town have no clue to what she had to go through, and no one would understand her, except Ada. She understood. She'd become Van's best friend back in school and they had made plans to live together once they were out and then finally their lives could be happy ones. So far all of this was true. They did live together and they did find happiness in where they lived so far. She just hoped that happiness would continue to follow them and that their pasts wouldn't come back to haunt them again. They had been through enough.

She sighed and mentally shook herself as she made her way up to a little coffee shop. She was in the mood for some tea, so she opened the tinted door. The moment she opened the door, all the amazing smells of the coffee shop would surround her with a mix of A/C that would flurry her hair. But with all of this, there came a bump in the road. And a hard one. Walking in through the door, not having been able to see inside through the dark tinting along the door and windows, she ended up walking smack into a tall and very solid person that was making their way out of the door at the same time. Her headphones were knocked from her and she grabbed at them to set them around her neck as she tried to save her balance. [#000580 [b "Dude! Watch where the fuck you're going, asshat!"]] she snapped before looking to the one that blocked the door.]