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Scroll's Vault

By BrokenScroll

Replies: 22 / 154 days ago

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[Center [Font "Skia" Welcome to my Vault of Threads.]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Please feel free to inquire about any of them, in fact feel free to reserve them. I might have enough time and space now to actually get onto writing one if you choose to do so.]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Future Writers I hope to write with]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" AnimeLuver]]

[Center [Font "Skia" EmObLuEbErRy]]

[Center [Font "Skia" MistetDreamer]]

[Center [Font "Skia" kshahidx]]

[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=155152 My Rules]]
[Center [I Twenty-Two]]

[Center || This can no longer be requested || ]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/18/69/0d/18690d12e277911dbba2daea127aee45.gif]]

[Center [Size14 [Font "Palatino" [I To every Alpha, there is a Luna, a Beta, a Gamma and lastly an Omega. But what if you could choose to be any at the price of your soul?]]]]

[Center [Size14 [Font "Palatino" [U [#d70927 Muse A]] is the king of beasts and has never been mated, matched nor defeated in battle. He paid a deadly price, he sold his devil in return for his power... without his soul he has no weakness, no emotion. No mate. Enter [U [#f9aeec Muse B]] the only flaw to the devil's ultimate plan; she's not even a wolf, not even a cat. But she's no weak human; and she is going to bring back the soul [U [#d70927 Muse A]] thought he lost oh, so long ago.]]]

[Center [Size20 [Font "Signpainter" [U Requirements]]]]

[Center [Size14 [Font "Signpainter" Literate, multi-paragraph (preferably over the age of 18) mature writer]]]

[Center [Size14 [Font "Signpainter" We will discuss other details, including plot, role etc. on discord preferably, please private message me or head to my Foyer if you're interested.]]]
BrokenScroll / 20d ago
[Center [I Twenty One]]

[Center [Pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/254493251/original.gif]]

[Center [Font "Signpainter" [Size18 [I Chess is not just the game of men, it is the game of gods. To be a Grandmaster makes you an unbroken, true legend.]]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Inspired by the Netflix Limited-Series 'The Queen's Gambit'.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [Size14 [U Trigger Warnings: Substance abuse, mentions of suicide, mental illness, emotional and physical abuse. Writer's discretion is advised. You have been warned.]]]

[Center [Size12 [Font "Signpainter" [U The Story]]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Set in modern-day Madrid, the game is set and the champions have been selected, four matches between them and the ultimate title of being the true Queen or King of Chess. This is an unprecedented event and it is not just their titles as Grand Masters or Nation champions at stake, but their lives.

Each may be immeasurably talented in the game of Chess, but that doesn't mean they are pure. They have their vices. Their dirty little secrets that they hid under the guise of their brilliance and mania. Time is ticking, will they succumb to their fantasies before they have the chance to really show the world just how Chess is truly meant to be played? Let's find out.]

[Center [Font "Signpainter" [Size12 [U The Cast]]]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#3021ed The Prodigy]: I was born to play chess. I will play chess until the day I die. I will never lose, never surrender, resign or draw. I will win and I will bring glory to my name and make the game my bitch.]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#ed2a21 The Assassin]: I am sneaky, I look harmless. I am not. I find your weakness and use it to crush your strength, blow for blow until all that is left is a bloody scene, a handwritten note and a crown upon my head.]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#429d06 The Wild Card]: People say I am wild, that I do not play as they wish the game to be played. But what is the point of playing a game where rules are defined by some old dead player? I am here to turn this game on its head and redefine the rules and laws of chess.]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#f7c508 The Underdog]: No one knows me. They think I am unworthy. I have never been in the light yet my battle scars prove me for what I am. I hope I can win, though I don't quite know if anyone will back me. They say the people back an underdog but what does that mean when all those I love are gone or dead? I will be the legend and I will be the god to which all men will fear. Just you watch.]

[Center [Size12 [Font "Signpainter" [U Requirements]]]]

[Center Three literate writers who are familiar with the show 'The Queen's Gambit' or are just fans of chess. I am asking that you be over the age of 18. All ES and other generic rules will apply. To join, all I ask of you is to pick one of the cast roles. I will tell you exactly what vice the character has, what you choose to do with that vice? Up to you.]
BrokenScroll / 20d ago
[Center [I Twenty]]

[Center [b Loosely inspired by the Netflix show 'Peaky Blinders' starring Cillian Murphy.]]

[Center [Pic https://gifimage.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/guns-gif-tumblr-7.gif]]

[Center [Font "Signpainter" [Size18 You've forgotten how to love Tommy Shelby. But don't worry maybe living in a different time from the one you know will teach you how to love again."]]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Pushed into the future by a mysterious woman, Tommy Shelby - leader of the Peaky Blinders find himself in over his head. With no one to turn to, this king is on his own. An ancient gangster in the year 2020. Tommy wonders how he will ever get home... until he sets his eyes on you.]]

[Center [U Requirements]]

[Center Looking for a fan of the show Peaky Blinder's. As this is a thread that is entirely set in our time rather than in the character's time. Only basic information about the main characters is required.]

[Center This thread is opened to those above the age of 18+]

[Center This thread will have the following: Survivor's Guilt, PTSD, alcohol abuse etc. Writer's discretion is advised.]
BrokenScroll / 30d ago
[Center [I Nineteen]]

[Center [Pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/317932082/original.gif]]

[Center [Font "Zapfino" I have been without since the day I was reborn; you have a lived three thousand lives without a home. Time is running out. Come home and make me whole once more]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" Based in the All Souls Universe. What does a Vampire have to do to finally be with the one he loves, when all he can cause her is death and pain? She's returned and this time, just maybe things will be different... but in a world where a vampire cannot be with anything other than another vampire... where a vampire must turn his lover if he is to love them forever; what price will pay in order to have the Dæmon that haunts his dreams in his arms forever?]]

[Center [U PM if interested]]

[Center [U Basic knowledge is needed of the universe apart from that, where we take this story; is up to us]]
BrokenScroll / 48d ago
[Center [I Eighteen]]

[Center [Pic https://images.gr-assets.com/hostedimages/1413104889ra/11465927.gif]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [Size14 [I It is time, once more to go into our world so different from our own, to bring back the light it has so lost and rejoin man and his soul so he may be whole once more]]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [#d1a00a We are so bound by the laws and rules that dictate us that, by the biblical scriptures and. the rules of governance that we have lost who we are, our inner selves. Our inner truths. Man was not meant to be tamed and chained, but free and wild. It is only when we accept this truth; that we see that Gods are amongst us after all.]]]

[Center [U [Font "Baskerville" This thread is inspired by His Dark Materials, written by Philip Pullman]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" The world just beyond our own has finally found a way to rid their civilisation of Dæmons, but in doing so they have left a world that is truly uninspired and broken; chained down and enslaved to the dark and powerful Magisterium. It has been three hundred years since the last human to be born with a dæmon was found within its walls.

But perhaps that is about to change, as our group of uncanny explorers is about to find out. Falling from our own, and into a world so much the same, yet new. Will these teens join forces with the secretive underground, or will they perhaps be lured into the waiting arms of the Magisterium. This time it is not just our world that is at stake but our ability to be human too. We're only given one soul. Let's not lose it.]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [U Pointers to remember]]]

[Center [Pic https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f9/Lady_with_an_Ermine_-_Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg/1200px-Lady_with_an_Ermine_-_Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [Size10 The image that inspired the idea behind Dæmons]]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Our Dæmons will have settled, so please think carefully about what animal form your Dæmon will take, remember that in most circumstances the Dæmon will be the opposite gender of the individual {unless in rather bizarre circumstances}. Please also think of the physical limitations of your Dæmon's form, for example, if you picked a Dolphin that would mean you will never be able to leave the ocean or walk on land and must remain on boats. Another example is an elephant; you can't bring an elephant into a house, as the house will likely be too small for the elephant to fit etc.

It is taboo to touch another's Dæmon and it will feel like you are being molested if someone else were to try.

Any lethal harm caused to the human will likely kill the Daemon as well as themselves - unless you have been through the intercision procedure. Hence cutting your Dæmon out of you and leaving you as nothing but a brainless zombie with no soul.

Only the witches and certain other individuals have the ability to spend long distances away from their Dæmon, as a result our characters will be unlike them and will not be given the opportunity to go through the same process, as we are merely visitors to this new world.

A bond between human and their Dæmon is sacred, and only you can hear what your dæemon chooses to say and vice versa, the only other time someone can hear your Dæmon is if the Dæmon chooses to openly interact with another individual's own Dæmon.

It is common knowledge that for a person with a Dæmon to see another without one, is a terrifying proposition and one not easily ignored. We want to keep our souls safe after all.]

[Center [U [Font "Skia" The Skeleton]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Puppetmaster]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Pic Link]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Name | Age (16+) | Gender | Sexuality]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Location]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Personality 3 P | 3 N]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Backstory | 3 Lines]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Dæmon Name]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Dæmon form]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Dæmon pic link]]

[Center [U [Font "Hei" Requirements]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Literate, mature writers. Good Grammar, spelling etc. You get the idea we all have the same rules in regards to No GodMod, No Killing, No instant romance etc.]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Realistic Portrait Photography that is tasteful and abides by the ES image guidelines.]]

[Center [Font "Hei" No posts after 30 days]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Some basic knowledge of His Dark Materials may be necessary, though you can simply read up or watch the first season of the show if you'd like to catch up on anything you think you might be missing]]

[Center [Font "Arial" [U Accepted Characters]]
BrokenScroll / 48d ago
[Center [I Seventeen]]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/dc/56/23/dc56237504435ee0a48e8f38aa8a06e0.gif]]

[Center [Font "Signpainter" [Size20 [I Toil and Trouble, Boil and Bubble. I might be the Queen but even hell is a damn near nightmare and being a witch makes me even meaner]]]]

[Center [U [Font "Didot" Inspired by 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller]]]

[Center [Font "Noteworthy" They say the Salem Witch trials were a fake murder monstrosity, but could they clearly not see that magick was really indeed at play and that witches truly did exist? Once we burned, drowned or were crushed we fell into the depths of hell. Here we rule and here we are here to stay. Unless of course; the Queen awakes, and oh do we pray she never will.]]

[Center [Font "Noteworthy" I was thirteen when my powers were revealed to me, ever since then I have become notorious for my power; though my craft is still on an ever long, never-ending journey. When we were taught about the Salem Witch Trials I thought to laugh, how could we be so stupid? But then they appeared and I realised that maybe these visions weren't some trick of the light after all. History says thirteen died, but those tear-filled eyes I see so often when I look at the moon tells me that there was a fourteenth, the Queen who was put to sleep. Hell is disturbed and unbalanced. Time to go wake her up and set things right.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [U Requirements]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Literate 16+ writers, No Godmod, No instant romance etc. Decent grammar, spelling etc. Write a decent amount rather than filler to the high hells that are not particularly good. You get the idea. We all have the same rules.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Tasteful modern portraits - either illustrated or realistic. Either. Follow ES's guidelines and rules please.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" PM me or add me on discord if interested]]
BrokenScroll / 48d ago
[Center [I Sixteen]]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/93/70/1b/93701b9536db1fe0d2e31e478961d16d.gif]]

[Center [Font "Rockwell" [U This thread was inspired by 'Cry Wolf' - Christina Grimmie]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [I
'I need a witness, someone to write it down
For this truth I found, it was a bitter trap
Begging for forgiveness, it's a hopeless cause
You've played your cards, don't want to watch you cry
Wo-wolf, wo-wolf, wo-wolf, wo-wolf, wo-wolf']]]

[Center [Font "Didot" They say the greatest stories start with a secret. This is our secret, how prey met predator and why we are all afraid of the dark.]]

[Center [Font "Verdana" [U Requirements]]]

[Center [Font "Verdana" Mature 18+ writer]]

[Center [Font "Verdana" Be prepared to discuss plot etc. We may need to pair up.]]
BrokenScroll / 105d ago
[Center [I Fifteen]]

[Center || This thread is reserved for kaiju, Destruction, Aserox ||]

[Center [Pic https://media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/giphy.gif]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [B Sequel Thread to The Citadel]]

[Center [Font "Didot" This thread is closed to those who did not participate in the Citadel RP, as by the time this thread is functional, the Citadel thread will have been completed and concluded. This is the direct sequel; hence all knowledge required from that thread is just as equally important and necessary here. Unfortunately this means that expressing interest especially if you are considered an outside party that was not involved in the Citadel will be refused; regardless of if you read up on the events of the first thread. Thank you for understanding.]]

[Center [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iJzUIsUR-wsjeXsM8Sqs0-qSzVebNXJIQCfdjNoLnwY/edit?usp=sharing Treasure Specific Info]]
BrokenScroll / 90d ago
[Center [I Fourteen]]

[Center || This thread is reserved for Onyx- || ]

[Center [Pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxtipw8LOo1r6yf3fo1_500.gifv]]

[Center [i [#cd0a74 "You may love the lights, the cameras, the fame and the fortune but be aware that any second all of it could be taken away"]]]

[Center [i [U Muse A] was in the dumps, living paycheck to paycheck and even then that was a nightmare, there were nights they starved and there were nights they wished that they could have called it quits until they hear the news of a club called] [b Masque] [i a place where dreams come true and where one can earn and party to their hearts desire, but what is the ultimate price of being in such a place?]]

[Center [i It is there [U Muse A] meets [U Muse B] and it is there that their life begins to change, suddenly all the lights and cameras are on them and it's as if they've been thrown into a world they do not belong, it's simple to pretend to be someone they're not and they'll be paid. An arrangement that if successful could see [U Muse A] never have to suffer another night of hunger.]

[Center [i But there is always a price to pay and when old news and old secrets come into play [U Muse A] must decide if this new world that they've found themselves in is really worth giving away every piece of themselves in order to live someone else's happily ever after.]

[Center Welcome to Masquerade where lives are changed and where dreams come true but be aware of the devil waiting for the chance to make his move.]

[Center [U Requirements]]

[Center Literate writer please]

[Center 18+]

[Center DM me to discuss further]

[Center This RP was loosely inspired by 'Raining Diamonds' by Ricki Lee and 'Wildest Dreams' by Taylor Swift]
BrokenScroll / 107d ago
[Center [I Thirteen]]
[Center || This thread is reserved for kaiju and Destruction ||]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bf/3b/86/bf3b8619207ae876b6f4520817081bed.gif]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [I A little bit of fun never hurt anyone...]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [#f82d25 "You think you know bad. You ain't seen nothing yet."]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Sometimes even the gods want to play in human games. Something wicked and godly is coming to New York City, certain Ancients of a very special pact have made it their mission to fuck, drink, fight and gamble their through the streets of America; their very first stop? New York]]

[Center [Font "Didot" But one has to wonder, what dangers lurk when your guard is most lowered?]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Can they really hold it together when their lives are so full of glamour or will they tumble and crumble into nothing anymore.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Welcome to Prohibition Coalition, a spinoff thread to the Citadel thread. If you managed to miss out on applying for The Citadel, fret not. You will be welcomed to apply here. Set during the disgustingly lavish, hellishly dangerous never sober roaring 20s.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" This thread centres around the houses of [U [b Death]] [U [b Metal]] [U [b Darkness]] [U [b Air]] [U [b Fire]] [U [b Ice]] and [U [b Electricity]] it is in your best interest to be a member of one of these houses to get in on the action]]

[Center [Pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/721e1b5312945d449a41848d1a15e69b/10c302f6abc5cf1e-51/s640x960/8231a6edd348260594010cc551e662f34f94051f.gif]]

[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=154599 The Citadel Thread]]
[Center [Font "Didot" Refer to the Citadel Thread for basic information]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Skeleton]]]

[Center Pic Link]
[Center Name]
[Center House]
[Center Element]
[Center Age - 18+]
[Center Location]
[Center Gender]
[Center Personality - 3 Positive, 3 Neg]
[Center Weapon]
[Center Elemental abilities - 3 max]
[Center Strengths - 3]
[Center Weaknesses - 3]
[Center Backstory - How did they find out they were a claimant?]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [u Rules]]]

[Center 1. Illustrated/drawn/anime pictures. If you need help ask me and I'll resize/find/edit your picture for you.]
[Center 1a. [B Discord] is highly recommended as we do a lot of talking on discord and there is a dedicated server for this thread]
[Center [1b. This is a mature rp, so all writers must be above the age of 17 minimum to join]]
[Center 2. Proper grammar, spelling etc expected]
[Center 2a. I expect four decent paragraphs at the very least with every post, and not just shit 2-4 line paragraphs. I am talking 5-10 line paragraphs. Can't keep up? Don't ask to join]
[Center 3. Make as many characters as you can keep up with]
[Center 4. No Godmod, No instant kill/romance etc. You get the idea]
[Center 5. Cursing is fine, keep it appropriate]
[Center 6. No posts later than 30 days]
[Center 7. Have Fun]

[Center [Font "Didot" [U Accepted Characters]]]
BrokenScroll / 107d ago
[Center [I Twelve]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Welcome to the thirteen levels of Cyber Hell]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Credits to my friend Soy who helped me think this up, months ago]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#27fcc3 [I "In a place like this? There is no freedom, only fear."]]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Welcome to the year 5061, Earth is no longer the Earth you and I know, but rather floating remains of a planet that was once our home, an asteroid destroyed the rest, here we live in pods. Humanity's last hope, thirteen pods. One million people. With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the government is watching and is just dying to take away your soul and make you an eager Cyber.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U The Levels]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U The Upper Levels 1-4]]]

[Center [Pic https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/122/244/74b.gif]]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5e/24/e9/5e24e9335595f2a234960ecba8fa3219.gif]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#75f07a The Green Eyes] & [#e6eae6 The Grey Eyes]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" As the most altered humans, they are almost indistinguishable from the Cybers who stalk the streets as slaves to the government's every beck and call. Known as the Green; they are the only individual who do not have to work, they are seen as too precious. Considered 'the Royals' they do not suffer like the rest of us do and live on level 1, rarely do they venture from the safety of their paradise. Though their slightly lesser companions the grey eyes take up the majority of the other upper levels. They are mostly in charge of government administration and keeping control of the mass production of Cybers.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Considered the second-highest ranked Cyber-humans, their grey eyes distinguish them clearly from the middle-level citizens of Blue and Brown. Still wealthy and rather abundant, the Grey eyes wait for the day that they will be gifted with Green eyes. Generally charismatic and very talkative, they do not mind the company of the other levels and are thus considered more approachable than their Green counterparts. These individuals tend to work as government servants for the Green, but are also the only individuals who are willing to 'legally' sell the parts required for middle levels to advance into Grey society.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U The Middle Levels 4-8]]]

[Center [Pic https://i.gifer.com/7WbV.gif]]
[Center [Pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/224559816/original.gif]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#49e6f3 The Blue Eyes] & [#5e2726 The Brown Eyes]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Your everyday run of the mill hard working getting by on scraps kinda people, it is here you find those who have managed to keep their heads above the water - barely, however, that does not mean they are not at risk of falling into the last levels something that all innately fear. Most humans and Cybers alike come from this floor. They are educated in basic means and do their best to keep their heads low, though occasionally one is born incredibly gifted; in those occasions, those individuals and their families are taken to the upper levels where they will be immediately transitioned into green or grey depending on the talent of the individual that was selected to begin with. The Brown Eyes are considered more hands-on than the Blue eyes, and are generally the mechanics rather than the programmers which is what the Blue Eyes specialise in.

This group in the middle looks down the most on those of the Lower levels and do their best to keep those who are down at the bottom, at the bottom as to not affect their chances of being picked by the Green and Grey eyes. ]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U The Last Levels 9-13]]]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/dd/3b/63/dd3b63c413d7822e0c544a10b115d7eb.gif]]
[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4f/81/35/4f813506b796d56732fce7a9520888f3.gif]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#df0c28 The Red Eyes] & [#df9e0c The Gold Eyes]]]

[Center [Font "Skia' The least enhanced and most likely to be taken advantage of, these folk live in the very bottom of the pods - pods that are barely together, it's a constant struggle of the hunt or be hunted. It's here that disposed of toys of the middle and upper levels find themselves, it is here that most of those who make it past the age of ten are considered miracles. They make up the majority of the one million that still survive; here violence, rape and other atrocious acts are committed, occasionally a member of the middle or upper will pop by - but that is merely to look for healthy bodies and healthy organs to harvest for themselves. The saying goes 'To be a red or gold means to rot and die with a number for a name and a body full of holes'.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U The Cybers]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Either completely mechanical in nature, or not entirely... something about their eyes and the way they make them, haunts even the most intimidating individual on the pods. Used mainly for law enforcement they do not understand the concept of human empathy if they are ordered to kill they will etc. No one really knows for sure how they came to be or who created them... but they keep being made and soon enough there might not even be humans left to master these creatures. They can appear human, or not human at all. It's best to hide and lower your head when around these lot... or better yet. Run.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U THE STORY]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" It's no secret that because we've been living like this, that crime is bound to happen. Twenty bodies have been found, their eyes removed. We know not who they are, but it seems that a new organisation looking to shake up the system has emerged. Known simply as the Erasers, will you join them or will you run and fight them on your own? Will you protect the system you either have come to love or loathe, or will you raise up and change the future for better or worse?]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [U Skeleton]]]

[Center [Font "Hei Picture Link]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Puppetmaster]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Name]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Age, upwards of 16]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Eye Colour]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Gender]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Sexuality]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Blood Type]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Level of residence]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Current Employment Status]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Amount of Enhancements - Please list what, and their capabilities: 1/2 for Red and Gold, 3-4 for Blue and Brown, upwards of 5-9 for Grey and Upwards of 10-20 for Green]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Personality 3 P | 3 N]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Notable family members]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Backstory]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Skills - List 3]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Weaknesses - 3]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [U Requirements]]

[Center [Font "Hei" Fill out the Skeleton]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Literate, mature and paragraph able writers needed. This thread is going to be dark, a little gory and not for the faint of heart]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Make as many characters as you can handle]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Futuristic illustrated portraits, Cyberpunk Anime photos, please. Keep it clean etc]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Open to writers above the age of 16]]
[Center [Font "Hei" No godmod, etc you know what not to do. I don't see the point of repeating.]]
[Center [Font "Hei" No posts after 90 days.]]
[Center [Font "Hei" Have fun]]
BrokenScroll / 107d ago
[Center [I Eleven]]

[Center || Please note: The Fault in Our Stars, has been taken by Sf_Pappy ||]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/18/46/d3/1846d31039c06a3656eb4e2579495153.gif]]

[Center [Pic https://media2.giphy.com/media/hhHtMSN3Chep2/source.gif]]

[Center [Pic https://thumbs.gfycat.com/WindyPleasantArrowworm-small.gif]]

[Center [Font "Chalkduster" [#38faed [I something that I love is novels that were written by John Green, above are the three options you have for the stories that I wish to continue in our own alternative universe way, perhaps we will change the ending or place a spin on the characters like never before. I love the stories dearly and just want to expand on the possibilities of what is already there.]]]]

[Center [Font "Chalkduster" [U Requirements]]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" Be a fan of John Green and have at least read 'Looking for Alaska', 'Paper Towns' and 'The Fault in Our Stars']]

[Center [Font "Cochin" Be over the age of 16 and literate]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" No posts over 90 days]]
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[Center [I Ten]]

[Center [Pic https://em.wattpad.com/e87c85ea9a498624ae0bd3b82e60e7bb430417f8/68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f4f5f69346a73786d4b364e5063413d3d2d3735313833303837322e313564656630396365343831613565663435343132333136313333302e676966]]

[Center [Font "Optima" [I I loved you but I couldn't have you. So I ran away and sought for something more...]]]

[Center [Pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2a/41/24/2a41248c4eb946331028e70e8ed81519.gif ]]

[Center [Font "Optima" [I Like a flickering flame I told myself to love no more, to tear my heart out and destroy all light. But perhaps I had been too cruel and too ignorant to not see you for what you really were]]]

[Center [Font "Optima" [u 'An All Souls Trilogy story'
All characters unless stated otherwise are credited to author Deborah Harkness]]]

[Center [Font "Optima" [B Looking For]]]

[Center [Font "Optima" A mature, 18+ writer who is familiar with the All Souls Trilogy, its characters and its lore. As I would love to explore a story between Gallowglass De Claremont and my OC Hailee Taylor-Sheppard. Please have discord and be prepared to discuss plot.]]
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[Center [I Nine]]

[Center [Pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/5d51b3bbd64ccf1627dc87157a38e59f/tumblr_n5rfnvvj7H1t62gxao1_500.gif]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#fc92e4 You wanna touch, wanna touch? Of course you wanna

You wanna run with my love, I know you wanna

From the club to the tub, you said you wanna

Give me an all night hug, I bet you wanna]]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [U Heavily Inspired by 'Bet You Wanna' - BLACKPINK ft Cardi B]]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [U [#e092fc The Story]]]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#59f7de Muse A] is our lovesick, lovelorn journalist. Broken up with a few too many times, they haven't really experienced love in a free, wild kind of way. They believe that love has rules, and those rules cannot be broken, but rules are meant to be broken. [#59f775 Muse B] is here to show them there's a whole new world to love.]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [#59f775 Muse B] lives a life of free reckless love, beliving in the simple concept of three principles [b Kiss them.] [b Touch them] [b Leave them] and that's that, there is no such thing as a second date. There's no time to date when you're a hotshot lawyer. When a case goes wrong, and the proceedings become a mess, [#59f775 Muse B] needs to find an anchor and fast, [#59f7de Muse A] might provide that, but how are you meant to go from free-loving to stuck in one place? Perhaps [#59f7de Muse A] can prove this secretly rebellious spirit wrong, that there is something worth settling down for]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [U [#f4ec15 Requirements]]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Literate mature writer, over the age of 18]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" This will be a slow burn story, and I do not expect constant posts, as long as it doesn't take longer than a month I don't care how long you decide to take]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Please be prepared to discuss plot etc.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Preferably have discord because then we can talk whenever is convenient for the both of us rather than playing the waiting game]]
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[Center [i Eight]]

[Center [Pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/cdc0e55c80c1ab25202175eead611f50/tumblr_phqq0lfplp1wpj80u_500.gif]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#e8027e Welcome to Paradise Hill, where troubled souls come to made perfect"]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Based on the 2019 film 'Paradise Hill' directed by Alice Waddington]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" A place where young wilful disobedient individuals; go to be made perfect, or so they say. We invite you to join us, here you will find happiness as we work to make you the best version of yourself, just don't mind the dead bodies and the mirror image twin we've made of you.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Get ready for a hell of a fight]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [u Skeleton]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Pic Link]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Puppetmaster]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Name]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Age {18+}]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Gender]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Sexuality]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Personality]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Reason for being here]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [u Requirement]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Mature writers required]]
[Center [Font "Skia" No posts longer than 30 days]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Clean, coloured realistic based portraits for character images]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Please have seen the film Paradise Hill]]
[Center [Font "Skia" This is a mature romantic, fantasy-sci-fi thread that will be loosely following the events of the film, and it's universe. However the ending will be different]]
[Center [Font "Skia" We know the rules and the general not-to-dos of this site, I don't see the point of repeating it]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Just send me the link to your character profile and title your PM your favourite precious stone]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Accepted Characters]]]
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