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By Animeluver

Replies: 172 / 156 days ago

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I'm not going to say who they are however, they are both males despite their appearances
Catlover33 / 32d ago
One is from Yu Yu Hakusho and the other is from Hunter x Hunter.
Catlover33 / 32d ago
Nice. I'm looking forward to your posts. What series?
I am really excited about it and I managed to create two character profiles for characters who are from series that were created by the same Manganka
Catlover33 / 33d ago
Yeah, I missed RT chat and character counts..... its been so long, but not at the same time.
Looks like everything is working again. Heck, they even added in a built in character count. Now THAT is what I call really awesome and really cool. There's even a realtime chat feature which I just HAD to try out. This might be the only good thing that happened in 2020 since I first found out about this site.
Catlover33 / 33d ago
Did a collab post with Nataka. That was fun. Looking forward to everyone's posts
Pretty much. I might end up using Kurama instead. I'm more of a crossover geek anyway
Catlover33 / 39d ago
Sooooo you're not writing as male Rukia anymore?

I'm definately a fan of crossovers because of certain video games.
Catlover33 / 40d ago
It would, that growl would be the exact source of his potential.
I might actually use a character from another series. I'm a little bit of a crossover fan.
Catlover33 / 40d ago
It happens. That growl wouldn't have anything to do with that, would it? =P
Yeah. Yeah. It was I had so much missing I suppose. and It's a good opportunity for him to tap into his hidden potential *cough hollow*
How was your post dumb? & i figured, considering...