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A Perfect Story (Closed for sadlolita)

By SmileBright

Replies: 55 / 163 days ago

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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/57/0d/db/570ddb2664f9854a892a063f9ce746ae.jpg]]

X has been an avid book reader since the age of 4, reading whatever she could get her hands on. When she turned 18, she moved from London to America with all the money in her bank account and a dream, to own her very own bookstore. X opens [i [b Bookends]] by the age of 22, and quickly has a small following of people who love the cozy atmosphere and endless selection of books to choose from. By 24, she can live on the bookstore as her only income, and this is where their story begins.

Y is a celebrity who currently lives in the small town to stay away from the crowds. One day, they are attacked by paparazzi and pulls themself into the closing bookstore to lose the crowd. When Y meets X, he expects the usual of autographs and pictures, but is pleasantly surprised when X has no idea who Y is.

The two start to become friends. Y showing up just before closing or right before opening, spending time in the quiet bookstore just to see X as often as possible. They start coming in more and more, during the day and hiding away when customers come in. The two become closer, eventually sharing a kiss in the rows and rows of books, slowly beginning to fall for the other.

One day, as Y is helping X restock, someone catches a glimpse of Y in the store. The crowd forms, and X learns the secret that they refused to tell her sooner.

What will Y do to earn back the trust they broke? Will this end their story?


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Jessica nodded, getting into her Jeep and motioning for Charlotte to hop in. Once she was in, they were off. Jessica played some music from her phone and onto the bluetooth as she drove, humming along and tapping her fingers on the wheel. She was pretty happy she would get a day alone with Charlotte. It would be nice. She followed Charlottes instructions and pulled up to her apartment, pulling up to the one empty spot there.
[i "Awesome. I love having privacy with you."] Charlotte smirked, kissing her cheek before the two of them left the home. The entered the garage, wow, she had a really nice car. She couldn't believe the lifestyle she loved on such a normal barista job, maybe she did something else on the side. [i "Oh yeah. I'm at 25 Winter Lane. It's the apartment building, you can't miss it. You can park in my space, I don't have a car."] she replied. Charlotte never thought to get a car, considering she lived so close to everything, and roads were weird compared to London.
Jessica smiled when Charlotte walked out of the room, turning off the TV and walking out after her. She threw her hair up into a ponytail and slipped on her flip flops, humming. [+Red "No problem! I know a few private beaches around here.."] She said, putting her sunglasses on and grabbing her bathing suite. [+Red "Tell me where your house is, hon. I have no idea where I'm going.."] She said, walking to the garage and opening the door for her.
[i "Yeah, I can."] Charlotte spoke, a small laugh escaping her lips. She got up, going into the living room to gather her things together, and putting her skirt from last night back on a well. She was excited to go home and shower and change. She was able to dress "down" a little bit today, as she wasn't working. Charlotte dressed in a fairly feminine style, dresses and skirts most of the time. She probably would opt for shorts or a sundress, as it was supposed to be nice today. She heard the request from Jessica, and turned to look at her. [i "Yeah, that works for me! I don't remember the last time I went to the beach. I think it's supposed to be nice, but the beach might be really busy. Maybe there's another one that won't be as busy as the one nearby."] she smiled. She wasn't a fan of large crowds and hoped they could go somewhere a bit quieter.
Jessica smiled lazily when Charlotte came over and kissed her cheek, blushing and hugging her close. [+Red "Oh? You can cook? That sounds amazing.."] She whispered, pulling Charlotte into a soft kiss before standing and beginning to change. She put on some jeans and kept on her t-shirt, humming. [+Red "We can also go to the beach? Or something?"] She offered, stretching and rubbing her eyes.
The next morning, Charlotte woke up before Jessica. She was sweaty and needed to change, but she didn't have any clothes. She honestly wanted to go to her place, clean up, and then hang out with Jessica. The girl knew she had lots of things to make breakfast for the two of them, and that would be something fun for the morning. She went over to Jessica, pressing a kiss to her cheek. [i "Goodmorning Sunshine."] she smiled. [i "Hey, would you like to come to my place and I can make us both some breakfast. Anything you want."] she smiled. She knew she had tons of fo stuff for breakfast, as it was her favorite kind of food. If she could eat pancakes for every meal, she would. She fixed the ponytail in her hair and started to put on her clothes from last night, as that was all she had to wear.
Jessica woke up in the middle of the night and she hummed, untangling herself from Charlotte and needing to shower. She felt sweaty. She showered quickly and dried off, only bothering to throw on underwear and climb back into bed.
Charlotte smiled as she heard what Jess said. From the way her voice sounded, she sounded sincere. Charlotte had been hurt before and didn't want it to happen again. One girl was dating her and two other girls at the same time, without any of the other's knowledge. It was rough for Charlotte to get over it, and with Jess, it was starting to feel better. As she heard Jess's breathing slow down, she smiled. She was asleep, and Charlotte just curled up next to her, drifting off to sleep as well.

[center ☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:☾]
Jessica hugged Charlotte close and hummed, rubbing her eyes and smiling at her rambling. [+Red "I'm free tomorrow..not to fret I'm not just in this for the sex..you're an amazing girl. And I love your personality..just lay back and relax.."] She whispered, closing her eyes and slowly beginning to drift off. Soon sleep took over her body and she fell limp beside Charlotte, sighing out softly.
[i "Yeah, that works for me."] Charlotte replied sleepily. She was still tired, but not like before. She would probably fall asleep before the movie ended, but it wasn't like she had anything to do the next day, she was closed tomorrow. [i "Do you have plans tomorrow? It's my day off, we could do something if you interested. Unless your busy, which is fine if you are!"] she said. She didn't want to sound too desperate for the woman. Charlotte had a few friends she had made in the last six years, but she could tell that Jess most likely had lots of friends and things to do. She didn't want to seem unlikeable. She curled up next to Jess, feeling the warmth of her body, and smiled.
Jessica smiled and watched Charlotte, smirking. [+Red "That's okay...I don't mind.."] She explained, rubbing her eyes and humming. [+Red "What would you like to do? I can turn on Tangled...we can watch movies? Hm?"] She asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes tiredly. She went all out on Charlotte. It tired the other girl out. Now Charlotte was smirking and opening up to her. That was good.
After what happened, Charlotte was tired. Jessica had pleased her, and she, of course, returned the favor. It went on for hours, and many different things went on until the two of them were too tired to continue on. Charlotte had ended up falling asleep, breathing in and out in Jessica's bed. She felt small kisses being pressed on her neck and woke up slowly. She rolled over, to face the girl, a blanket pulled up to her collarbone. [i "Hi."] she smiled.

Charlotte hoped that the things that went on between them wouldn't ruin their chance of being friends or even more. Everything had happened so quickly, but it wasn't a bad thing. When you have a feeling like they did, sometimes things have to move quickly. [i "I really enjoyed that."] she replied, resting her head on her pillow. [i "You clearly know what you are doing, I hope I was able to keep up."] she smiled.

Charlotte rolled onto her back, staring up at the ceiling. [i "Sorry I fell asleep, that was a workout. And sorry I was so loud."] she smirked, her cheeks had a slight blush to them as well.
Jessica was laying with Charlotte in her arms, massaging her breasts and trying to calm Charlotte and show her she cared. She rolled her nipple between her fingers and pressed gentle kisses to the back of her neck as Charlotte was sleeping. Jessica couldn't sleep a wink. Charlotte was her drug. And she wanted Charlotte to be hers. Her body pressed up against Charlottes and she kept her hands at work, placing lazy kisses on the back of her neck.
[i "I do. I would tell you if I didn't."] Charlotte smiled. She knew that once Jessica was done, she would return the favor. It was only fair, that was her thought process. [i "I would tell you if you went or go too far. But I'm okay."] she smiled her face light pink. She bit her bottom lip and she felt such an amazing feeling between her legs. It was exciting and amazing, the best thing that happened in years. She yearned for more, and let Jessica know she was doing a good job with a light moan. She propped one leg up on the bed, giving her a better angle. She moaned even louder, biting down on her lower lip a bit more.

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