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Vampires and Auras

By Catlover33

Replies: 1190 / 178 days ago

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"He is my boyfriend but he doesn't tell me about certain things." Ace said.
"Isn't that your boyfriend or something? Shouldn't you know how he is like?"
"He really does seem like the kind of boy that is emotionless." Ace said.
Jotari sighed and looked at machina. "I can tell.."
"To be honest, Machina is a real mystery to everyone." Ace said.
"Is this man soulless or something?" Jotari asked.
"I don't understand what a joke is. Could you please teach me?" Machina said.
Jotari sighed. "Just a joke calm down dude."
"I don't know if I want a kiss. It just feels so weird to ask for a kiss." Machina said.
Jotari sighed. "Look if you just wanna kiss just ask for one dummy"
"It's another habit of mine. I'm really sorry about these habits." Machina said.
Jotari sighed and looked away. "You are fine....stop apologizing."
"I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions like that. It's a habit of mine." Machina said.
Jotari sighed. "Ok first off offense....and second I have a nephew who is younger than me and me hitting him would be cruel...even though he's my age....well for this version of me....the original me is like 30. I'm her like....12 years ago. Not much changed."
"Think again... She seems like the type of person who would hit a child." Machina said.