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For -Mirror-.

By BooBear96

Replies: 19 / 175 days ago

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Catherine looked at the man who stood in front of her and she nodded slowly. [b "I guess I can't ask too many questions since you might've just given me a huge break in my case."]

She looked back at the apartment building and then back at the man. [b "Hidden door in a closet... Wait. Did you just say you where in there? What the hell are you doing in the middle of an ongoing investigation.. If it had been someone who you told this too.. This conversation would be going very differently."] she said softly. [b "You need to be careful. Cops are trigger happy lately. I don't want an innocent getting hurt."]

She watched him give her a nod and then turn around and head back. [b "Be careful."] she whispered. She shook her head at herself and just laughed. [b "What the hell was that? Be careful. Gosh."] she said as she turned on her heel and headed back into the apartment building. She jogged up the stairs before she pulled her gun out of her clip. [b "NYPD. Is anyone here?"] she said as she walked into one of the first closets.
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 168d ago
[size12 Vincent heaved a sigh. He didn’t know what to do exactly. Or to say even. He has dug himself into a proverbial grave.] [b “Who I am doesn’t matter right now.”]

[size12 He scratched at the back of his head and began to feel a bit jittery. His nerves were getting to him causing his adrenaline to rush a bit. Thankfully, he kept control enough to stay normal, human.] [b “The hidden door is in one of the closets. I was just in there. There’s more to the story than you think.”] [size12 Vincent relaxed a little when he saw the detective was relaxing but he knew she was still on alert.] [b “I can’t why I’m helping you or how I figured out anything. You wouldn;t believe me if I did.”] [size12 And that was the truth.]

[size12 Vincent relaxed more as the moments ticked by. Seeing the detective take in the details of him worried him a bit. However, she seemed to let it go. He heaved a sigh and gave her a nod before quickly vanishing. He had to get out of there. He did way more than was necessary. Hell, he did things he really shouldn’t have. He headed back home with a niggling feeling in the back of his mind he might be seeing the detective again soon and not for anything good.]
Catherine didn't move when she seen someone move out of the shadows It . [b "Wh--Who are you?"] she questioned. She couldn't see anything about him.. It was dark, it was like he didn't want her to see him.

She watched him as the man stepped out. She slowly looked him over before she nodded. Once she realized he didn't have a gun, she lowered her own. [b "Who are you?"] she asked as she clipped her gun back in the piece on her thigh.

She looked at the apartment and then back at the man when he told her she needed to look at the apartment again. [b "Hidden door? Where?"] she asked. [b "Wait. How do you know this?"]

Something was telling her to not be afraid of this...man. But then the cop in her was telling her to keep her guard up like always. [b "What do you mean? You wanted to help me? I don't even know..."] She started at him. There was something about him that looked familiar. His eyes... the scar on his face. She sighed and shook her head as she opened her mouth. [b "Th- Thank you... I guess I'm going to head back down there."]
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 172d ago
[size12 The detective was on edge. Nothing could be done about that. At least, not at the moment. He shifted and that caught her attention. It startled her but that’s what he wanted. Vincent stepped out from the shadows a little bit so his face could be seen.] [b “Relax. I’m trying to help out here.”]

[size12 He moved out more and showed he was unarmed. Well, unarmed in the sense of physical weapons. He kept himself hidden from everyone else but stayed visible to the detective.] [b “Thought I’d give you a hand. There’s more to this case than you think. Go back into the apartment. There’s a hidden door in there. Might find some answers there.”]

[size12 Vincent stayed where he was. He didn’t know what to do or say next. This had been the first person he’s talked to in nearly ten years since he got back. It was a shock to the system. But for some reason, there was a reason he had to talk to her. Something, maybe it was something primal, that told him this person was the one to trust. Like a stray dog that fears everyone but then there’s that one person that they just approach without any logical reason. Maybe it was a scent. Maybe it was a vibe. Maybe it was just the person in general. Whatever it was, Vincent was at war with both halves of himself at the moment. The human half says not to trust anyone but the beast half is saying to trust her. Or perhaps it’s the other way around?]
Something in her gut was telling her to keep her guard up. She didn't know what was coming, but she could sense that someone was watching her. She walked out of the doorway and headed back to the alleyway where her car was. She was now cussing herself for not parking it on the street. It was like she was a walking billboard, she was just advertising [i Try and kill me]

She honestly didn't know how it was going to go tomorrow when she and Tess interviewed Svetlana again. She had to bring up the fact that there was a bedroom that seemed to be for children, but Svetlana didn't have any children, or at least there wasn't a record of them anywhere. She didn't know what Svetlana was into, or even if she was in anything, but they had to figure it out.

She froze when she seen something shift out of the corner of her eye as she was reaching down to unlock her car door. Her gun was still in her hand. [b "NYPD. Who is there?"] she spat. She was finished playing nice cop at this point, it was only getting her assaulted. [b "NYPD. Step out where I can see you."]
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 173d ago
[size12 Vincent just couldn't sit still. He just couldn't. He paced around the warehouse. J.T was just upset too but about something else. This was clearly getting on Vincent's nerves and J.T was getting annoyed by so he just told him to do something about it. Didn't have to tell him twice.]

[size12 The crime scene was a mess. Vincent was pissed at himself for it. He has started to get a bit careless since the car wreck. He needed to do something about this and fast.]

[size12 Vincent waited up on a nearby roof and watched what was going on. He kept an eye on the detective and when she started moving around on her own, that’s when he decided to start making his way down.]

[size12 Once on the ground, he stayed in the shadows. He knew she would find him eventually. He wasn’t about to step out and alert everyone there. He felt confident the detective wouldn’t try to do anything to him if she found him. However, he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea since he did just kill a bunch of people, bad people but still people.]
Catherine had just walked in her apartment door when her phone rang that night. It was Joe. Someone called in sounds of a struggle and a possible assult at Svetlana's apartment. [b "I'm on my way."] she simply said as she ran back out to her Jeep. Tess would be meeting her there, or that's what Joe had said... Which was a little weird. Why would Joe know where her partner was this late at night?

When she pulled up to the Russian's apartment, it was already a party. Patrol cops had gotten there first and were taping off the streets and the doors. She flashed her badge as she ducked under the tape and headed into the alleyway. [b "Holy shit."] she muttered as she came up on a few of the bodies. [b "Do we have any witnesses?"] she questioned as she raised the a tarp that was covering one of the bodies. The man had what appeared to be claw marks on his body. [b "I don't think there was much of a struggle.. This is a big a guy.."]

[i "Hey what do we have?"] Tess asked as she ran into the alley. [i "Joe said to meet you here."] She groaned when she realized what she had said. [i "We were just at the office working late."]

Catherine just grinned and shook her head. [b "I'm gonna go check the apartment again. For the second time today... You check around here and see what you can find... And yeah."] she said. She turned around and headed into the building. She checked everything that she had looked at before. Everything seemed to be the same as it was before.. [b "What am I missing it?"] she questioned to herself. [b "There has to be something."]

It was hours later and she combed the apartment again and she was heading home. The crime scene techs had everything cleaned up and the bodies were back in the morgue. She and Tess were going to talk to Svetlana in the morning. She looked around a few times before she entered the street this time. Just to be safe, she had her hand of her gun. It was late and this wasn't exactly the safest neighborhood in NYC.
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 173d ago
[size12 Vincent went back out later that night against J.T’s pleads. He got it in his head that he wanted to help out in this murder investigation. Though there was a chance it could already be solved by now, he could still find clues to leave about to help lead the NYPD in the right direction.]

[size12 He headed back to the scene where he bashed the heads guy against the wall. There had to be some reason why he was fighting the case. Vincent thought for a moment and realized maybe it had something to do with the first suspect, the owner of the apartment. He decided to snoop around.]

[size12 He got in through a window and began to carefully make his way through the place. He took in each detail as if he was absorbing it into his mind. Each step was careful and precise as if he was on the hunt and didn’t want to scare off his prey. He managed to find what looked like a secret door but he had no time as there were voices and footsteps coming his way. He ran back out the window, closing it softly, and then jumped to the ground. He managed to stay hidden until someone spotted him.] [+red “Hey! Over here!”] [size12 Shit. Vincent started to run but was stopped when someone darted out in front of him.] [+red “Where do you think you’re going?”] [size12 It was a few of the Russians. If they were here, they were either looking for someone or waiting for someone. Possibly both.]

[size12 Vincent didn’t have many choices. He took one and moved into the alleyway. His breathing was heavy, heart rate getting faster. His adrenaline was kicking in with the threat. And then it happened. The guys jumped him and tried for a kill. But Vincent was faster. He changed and with impossible speed, they guys screamed to their deaths as he tore into them. Never corner a wild animal as you never know what they will do. Especially a predator.]

[size12 Vincent got back home. The screaming was likely called in. J.T was pissed and Vincent just glared at him to leave him be. But at least now if he sees the detective again he can relay to her about the hidden door. That is, if they talk.]
Catherine could hold her own, she had no doubt about that. She had work her ass off in the academy. She worked out at her apartment when she could so she could stay in shape. Tess joined her sometimes which was fun.

She groaned as she was pushed back. The next thing she could see was the sky. [i "Women are for fun. Stay out of other people business."] the man spat in her face. She couldn't hold back a grin as she planted her feet firmly on the ground and pushed herself into the man. [b "A fun woman could do that, huh?"] she questioned as she reared back to punch the man.

She watched as he went to reach into his pocket. She blinked and the man was now slamming into a wall. She froze as she looked toward her savior. [b "Wh--."] His face.. the scar. His eyes, they were... yellow? No. There was no way. It was just her head messing with her. She blinked again and then the something had vanished.

[b "Hey. I got jumped after I was leaving the apartment.. I don't know why but it seemed like he didn't want me getting any deeper in this case. I'm gonna call it in and get Evan down here to see what he can find out."] she told Tess after she had answered the phone. [b "Update Joe and I'll meet you back at the station in a little bit."] She hung up and slide her phone in her back pocket. [b "This is Detective Chandler. I've got a suspect down here. I need back up to roll him to the station."] she radioed in as she grabbed her cuffs.

Hours later the Russian suspect was being taken down to the precinct and she headed back to the rooftop. For whatever reason she had a gut feeling that whatever it was that saved her, had came down from the rooftops.
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 174d ago
[size12 Vincent had followed the detective around and watched what was going on. He made his way down from the rooftop and into an alleyway, keeping to the shadows, keeping hidden. He kept his ears open to every sound, his eyes open to every movement.]

[size12 It was pretty standard detective work. Check everywhere for any clue possible. Especially with possible murder suspects. Gotta be really thorough with a search. Vincent stayed hidden but he heard movement nearby. He hunched down into some debris and made sure to be invisible.]

[size12 It wasn’t long till the detective game darting out. It was then the movement he heard turned into a voice. Then a fight ensued. A small surge of adrenaline ran through his body but he got it under control. He moved quickly before the guy could pull the knife on the detective. Vincent grabbed the guy and flung him into a nearby wall, knocking him out when his head impacted the wall. He glanced over to the detective, the scar on his face clearly visible. He waited for her to blink and he vanished.]

[size12 Vincent hauled ass back to the warehouse and scared the crap out of J.T.] [+red “Christ! Need to put a bell on you or something.”]

[b “Sorry.”]

[+red “Where were you?”]

[b “Out.”]

[+red “In broad daylight? Are you insane? Someone could have seen you!”]

[b “Someone did see me. It’s not like anyone would recognize me just by looking at me.”]

[+red “Ever heard of cameras?”]

[b “Shut up.”]

[size12 Another typical argument. The two of them knew each other forever. They were practically brothers. They bickered over the dumbest things. But this, bickering over what Vincent is was more just a case of preaching to the choir. Vincent already knew it all. He was just tired of it.]
[i "Her brother who was here on a year work visa just got deported back to Russia."] Tess said as she went to met Cat who was getting out of her car. [b "Russo came to the states to help his sister get on her feet after she immigrated and apparently told him how great it was. Svetlana is working at Joe's on 5th and Clarke. She has a shift tonight. Yeah, I'm that good."]

Cat was surprised when she heard all the information that Tess had to tell her. [b "Look's like we're going to Joe's tonight. Drinks are on you... But I do want to get a look at the apartment. Are you gonna head back to the station?"] she asked as she clipped her gun to her thigh. [b "I just want to see if there was anything that could be used to actually tie her to the scene."]

She headed up to the apartment and looked around. It seemed to be a normal apartment. She had a gut feeling that she was missing something but she couldn't pinpoint it. [b "Three bedrooms.."] she muttered as she walked down the tiny hallway. [b "A bedroom that looks like it was set up for children, but Svetlana doesn't have children."] she repeated to herself. She sighed as she looked around once more before heading to the Judge's house. She looked down at her phone as it rang. Joe wanted an update. [i "We have someone who seen the car leaving Harrison's house at four this morning, but I'm not sure where it's going to go. Suspect is working at Joe's bar tonight so Tess and I are gonna head over there undercover and see what we can find out."]

She shut the apartment door behind her and began running down the stairs. She jogged out the door and went to the alley where she parked her car when she sensed someone was behind her. She slowly placed her hand on her thigh clip as she turned around. It was a man. Tall, black hair, lots of tattoos. [b "Can I help you with something?"] she questioned as the man stared at her.

[i "Why are you putting nose where it does not belong?"] the man spat as he cornered the woman. [i "My boss does not like nosey women. Women are for pleasure. Not smart."] he grinned as he lunged toward the woman.

[b "What the hell is with people attacking me?"] she said as she sensed him coming toward her. She reached to pull her gun from the clip but her hand was kicked as she tried. [b "Ah!"] she cried as she felt her hand behin to throb. [b "Oh so we're gonna fight fight?"]
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 174d ago
[size12 J.T was gone for the day and VIncent was left to his own devices. It was a nice day out and he was feeling claustrophobic. Against his own rules about going out during the day, he decided to head out.]

[size12 He hopped around the city, staying in the shadows and keeping well hidden. Most of the time he was on the rooftops watching the people move around. To the primal part of him, being up high was a good thing. But then a breeze blew and with it carried the scent of blood.]

[size12 The scent wasn’t that far off. Vincent ran off to see what was going on. He stopped on a nearby rooftop across the way to see it was a crime scene. He tuned his hearing in on it and found out what was going. A murder had happened there. He noticed someone there that he vaguely recognized. Then it hit him. It was the girl from 9 years ago. The one that got attacked. He shouldn’t be there so he left.]

[size12 The thing about having animal instincts is that they are usually right. When an animal senses something bad is going to happen, they run for it or prepare to fight. VIncent had different animal instincts and what’s typical but they were animal instincts. He had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen now that he realized who that detective was. He decided that he’d stick close. Not too close, of course.]
[i "Judge Harrison was found murdered in his apartment this morning."] Joe told her grimly. [b "I I want you and Tess on it. We have nothing right now except the make and model of a car that was seen speeding away from the place early this morning."] The file is on your desk."] He was friends with Harrison, they'd always had each other's backs throughout the years.

Catherine's smiled washed away as she heard Joe speak. She nodded slowly as she walked over to her desk. [b "We got it."] she said softly as she opened the file and started searching over the pictures. [b "We have a partial license plate. I'm going to run it against the make and model and see if that can get us anything."]

About an hour later she had a couple of possible matches. Tess had went out to see if she could find any witnesses that would talk and they were going to meet up. [i "Headed your way right now."] she texted her as she rolled out of the street parking.

She'd found out that the top match belonged to an immigrant from Russia. Which was funny, because Judge Harrison specialized in Immigration. [b "Why would someone who just got granted a green card murder said Judge?"] she said as she walked up on Tess. [b "Svetlana Russo. Her two thousand and two blue Honda was seen leaving the scene at four am this morning."]
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 175d ago
[size12 Vincent couldn’t help but to wonder why he ended up cursed like this. He could barely keep control of himself especially when his emotions spiked. He didn’t have much of a life anymore. He’s just too dangerous to have one now.]

[size12 The next couple days went by slowly. Time did that now-a-days. Can’t go out, after all. Vincent heaved a sigh as he helped J.T with the research they’ve been working on for the past decade. They’ve been trying to find a way to reverse what was done but nothing has worked. So far, the only thing that they found out was the sheer amount of tranquilizer it takes to take Vincent down.]

[size12 J.T was preparing for work while Vincent was hiding upstairs. He wasn’t in too much of a socializing mood that morning. Vincent had kept the paper from a few days ago about the attack but he had some other stuff from further back. He had a snippet on the wall from 9 years ago. He hadn’t been back in New York for long. It was the first big news that happened when he got back. And he saw it happen. Though later he did catch and tear up the guys that did it. He was pissed at the time seeing the event go down. Made his adrenaline surge and caused him to change. He was too out of it to care if anyone saw him. Maybe someone did. He kept the paper snippet as a memento of that night. Mostly to remind him that maybe there’s monsters out there worse than he is that have full human DNA.]
That night she dreamt about her Mother. They were walking together in Central Park. It was one of those dreams that you would've sworn was real, if she hadn't been dead for almost ten years. It was like she was trying to warn her about something. She kept telling her to be careful and to watch her back, and like always, take care of Heather and their Dad, although now, he had someone else to take care of him.

She woke up to pounding on her apartment door. She groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. [b "I'm coming."] she said as she rose from her bed. She shuffled down the hallway. Her head was slightly concussed so she wasn't the steadiest on her feet. [b "What on earth are you doing here?"] she asked as she opened the door and seen Tess. [b "Aren't you supposed to be working with Joe?"]

[i "Yeah, but I wanted to bring you breakfast and make sure you were alright. Still think you're gonna be able to come back to work by Thursday?"]

[b "You can't keep me away for me than a few days. You know that. New York doesn't sleep, remember?"] she told her [b "Too many crimes to solve.. But you should get going. Besides, I have a House Hunters marathon to watch."]

The next few days dragged by. Heather ended up coming back to the City. She liked Brooke and all, but she told their father that Cat needed someone to take care of her. [b "I'm heading to work. There is money on the counter for lunch and Dinner just in case it's a late night!"] she called as she walked out. Her Father had helped her get another car since her Dodge was totaled. This one was bigger than she was used to, but it was more protective, as her Father said. The jeep would get up and go, but it wouldn't be the easiest thing to maneuver through the streets.

She grinned as she walked into work as everyone started clapping. [b "Yeah, yeah. Someone give me a case before I die of boredom."]

[i Sorry it's bad!]
C. Chandler / BooBear96 / 175d ago