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The Prince and the Pauper // Kyou X Yuki (closed)

By SolemnYuki

Replies: 178 / 181 days ago

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[pic https://i.imgur.com/QWtM0YI.jpg]
Kyo watched the rat closely, a small smirk coming to his lips and he let out a small coo, pinching the rats cheek. [+Red "You could've just met me in my room and we could've had some sort of agreement.."] He murmured, looking at the dumplings when they beeped. He let out a small sneeze and he let out a small growl, rubbing his nose. [+Red "Fuck this cold.."] He mumbled.
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 49d ago
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The rat had been staring off into space when Kyou spoke, causing the male to startle a bit and look over at the cat. He looked like he felt a little better, perhaps the oils and the bath helped.

[+purple "It's just some dumplings in the microwave,"] he admitted quietly, going over to retrieve them when it beeped and turned off. Kyou was a master in the kitchen, no matter what he made it turned out well. Yuki was convinced that he could make an old shoe taste good. The rat....well....there was a reason he stuck to academics.

He set the warm plate on the kotatsu and leaned against the wall, looking back at the taller male.

[+purple "I hope I didn't burn them."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 133d ago
Once Kyou was done, he got out and changed, walking into the kitchen and rubbing his eyes. He smelled dumplings. And they smelled good. He looked at the microwave they at Yuki, smiling. [+Red "Awe! You're cooking for me?"]
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 134d ago
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The slender male quietly and slowly made his way downstairs, his hand resting over his stitches again. They were beginning to hurt a bit more, causing the rat to worry a bit, but pushed it out of his mind for the time being. He was here to focus on Kyou, not on himself. The kitchen was empty but the radio still played nearby, the dog occupying himself with something in the other room still. Good. He didn't really feel like conversing with family unless it was the cat or, by some random chance, Momiji sneaked in. It didn't happen often, especially this late in the evening, but he could never turn the rabbit away when it did. He was aware of how easily Momiji jumped on the cat's nerves, Kyou always seeming to lose his temper much faster, but he had a soft spot for the smaller member of the zodiac.

Quietly Yuki rooted through the kitchen, discovering some dumplings in the fridge that simply needed warmed up. That was simple enough to do, now he could give Kyou something to eat. He set it aside to close the fridge door before setting them in the microwave, allowing them to heat up while he picked at some cut fruit. He discomfort in his side was making it difficult to eat, also making his stomach feel a bit upset. Perhaps when Kyou went to bed, he'd check the stitches again.

The beeping of the microwave pulled him out of his thoughts, Yuki grabbing the warm plate and a bottle of tea before taking the makeshift dinner up to the cat's bedroom so he could eat in peace.
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 137d ago
Kyou walked into the bathroom with a change of clothes and he sniffled, rubbing his eyes and looking up when the water was already in. He tilted his head, smelling lavender and smiling. [+Red "Yuki.."] He whispered and stripped, getting into the bath as he willed his body to relax.
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 138d ago
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Yuki waited a couple of minutes before following Kyou up the stairs, being sure to wait just long enough that it wouldn't be suspicious. He knew how to get away with quite a bit, especially since he spent a lot of his childhood maneuvering around Akito. He could get away with a lot, especially since Shigure's sneaking skills were nowhere near the level of Akito's.

He made his way up to the bathroom, seeing the door open. Good, Kyou hadn't gotten there yet. He stepped inside, partially closing the door, and headed over to the bath tub. The hot water was turned on, the rat adding a bit of cool water to it so the cat didn't boil alive in the water. Once it was the perfect temperature, Yuki put the stopper in and watched as it began to fill with water and steam.

Slowly the teen rose and went to the medicine cabinet to look through a couple of glass jars on the small shelves. These were the rat's personal belongings, oils he frequently added to the bathwater. It made a relaxing soak all the more enjoyable. Yuki chose a mix of eucalyptus to help the cat's sinuses and lavender to help him relax, adding them both to the water before setting them back in the cabinet and exiting the room. He then made his way back downstairs in the hopes of finding something the cat could eat for dinner that required very little preparation.
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 138d ago
Kyou nodded and his purring ceased when he backed away. He rubbed his eyes, walking past Yuki and going to the bathroom. Why a bath? Well first off Kyou didn't really like water. Well duh he was a cat. But he didn't mind it warm and all cozy. Well if Yuki was in with him, he would be very happy. And what would he eat tonight? Not just tuna..but Yuki better nor only eat strawberries..
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 139d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki lightly brushed his hair, keeping his attention partially focused on the office in the next room. It amazed him how Kyou could allow his guard to drop so low sometimes, though Yuki decided to attribute it to his illness this time around. Still, Kyou could be rather careless when he wanted to be and he couldn't understand how.

Didn't he spend all that time training in the mountains?

[+purple "Then get dinner, take a bath, and get some sleep,"] he ordered quietly. [+purple "I can take care of myself."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 139d ago
Kyou pouted and nuzzled into Yuki, purring and closing his eyes. [+Red "Why? I want you to eat good..and I can but I am tired.."] He murmured, smiling a little at the rats warmth.
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 139d ago
[h3 +]
The rat smiled a bit, allowing himself to lean against the nearby counter. He could hear Shigure in the next room doing some work (or whatever else he did in his office) and the soft sound of the radio nearby. The dog had a habit of leaving the musical box on for hours, forgetting about it completely, until one of the younger males decided to turn it off. It appeared to have happened again today.

[+purple "Then why don't you order dinner so you can get into bed faster?"] he suggested softly, absently holding his stitches again. [+purple "You're certainly not getting out of school again so you'll need as much rest as you can get. A hot bath would help as well."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 139d ago
Kyou huffed and sat up on the counter, rubbing his eyes and sniffling. He let out a weak cough, covering his mouth again and sniffling more. [+Red "I need a long cat nap.."] He whispered, making grabby hands at Yuki. [+Red "Want my lovers kisses and cuddles to bring me back to sleep.."] He said, his eyes soft.
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 140d ago
[h3 +]
[+purple "I can find something healthy,"] he reassured him, his voice keeping soft. His hand remained over his side, almost protectively, and the large amethyst eyes flickered up to kyou's face. Yuki had been eating takeout for quite a long time seeing as how Shigure didn't cook very often. Finding something that would suit his taste wasn't a challenge and some time away from the kitchen may help the cat feel better faster.

He tensed a bit when Kyou mentioned his stitches, watching him quietly for a minute. They hurt a lot, especially with all the movement he had been doing throughout the day, and was a bit worried at the heat and redness they had been showing since the morning. He didn't want to worry Kyou, though, and figured it was best to allow the cat to rest and get better before worrying about his own problem.

[+purple "They're fine, just a little sore. Don't worry about me."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 140d ago
[+Red "But you deserve good food, Yuki..I-I want you to eat good.."] He said lazily, rubbing his face and his eyes closing for a few seconds before he began to lean against the counter. He noticed Yuki holding his stitches, sighing. [+Red "They hurt? Do you need help with them?"]
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 140d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki smiled faintly, going into the kitchen and leaning against the counter. He could see that the cat was tired, even though he seemed to be feeling better, and wanted to help. Unfortunately the rat was forbidden from cooking due to the disasters he could cause and was forced to rely on everyone else. His hand slowly moved from his pocket, resting delicately over the stitches on his side, and continued to watch the cat.

[+purple "you can always order out,"] he suggested quietly. [+purple "Shigure won't complain, he'll more than likely give you his wallet to pay for it."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 140d ago
Kyou nodded and lazily walked into the house, sniffling and rubbing his eyes tiredly. Did he want to cook? Yes for Yuki but in reality he wanted to lay in bed with Yuki and have him kiss his sickness away. Kyou sighed, sneezing into his arm again and whining. [+Red "Too lazy to cook.."]
Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 140d ago