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Demon alternative universe thing.

By Deleteddonotcontact

Replies: 83 / 182 days ago

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For me and Character
She looked in the doors again. "Dude. Wait. Wasn't one eye the symbol on the bombs"?
"Um, maybe Im crazy or if its you" Karter said looking at her.
Character / Character / 166d ago
(Ok.) “You know, I’m a cyclops? When did you think to tell me that”?
(No) "um, what" Karter looked at her slightly confused.
Character / Character / 166d ago
“When were you going to tell me I had one eye? Or white hair? I mean, do humans just look like this from where you are”?

(He can’t see it. Only she can, but if you want he could have a form like that too.)
Karter ran over in a panic as he caught up to her. "Whats wrong?" He asked.
Character / Character / 167d ago
She finally reached the building. She looked at the reflective doors, and almost screamed. When was he going to tell her this?
Karter sighed as he sat down on the ground and watched her.
Character / Character / 167d ago
She shrugged and kept hearing for the building. She frankly didn't care.
"HELL NO" Karter shouted sitting on his rat which was the size of a horse.
Character / Character / 171d ago
"No I'm not. I know what that place is, and I get the feeling that it's more dangerous in there then this. So, coming or not"?
"You're gonna get injured doing that" Karter called out.
Character / Character / 172d ago
She nodded, and continued jumping towards the building.
"Nope, I can't tell who that is at all" Karter shook his head no.
Character / Character / 175d ago
"Uh, the dead mutated human that just attacked you. Do you remember them"?