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Thouxanban Closed RP

By sadlolita

Replies: 14 / 182 days ago

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Will was so done with this bullshit. This was the third time this month Henry has found him and beat his ass up. For what you say? Being gay. He limped through the halls, his face a bloody mess as he made his way to the nurses office. He got cleaned up there, walking out with an ice pack on his eye as he walked the halls now. It was currently after school and the school was practically empty. He fixed his jacket and walked to his locker, switching out books and yawning.

He was so done with everyone being against gays. It was so stupid. There was no reason to hate him. He walked out of the school now, kicking at rocks and sighing softly. He looked over at the soccer players practicing and he tore his eyes away, staring at the ground. He needed to go home and feed his siblings right when he gets there. He stopped by a Gamestop to grab a new game that was released that day. He grabbed the disc and waited in line patiently, whistling softly.


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After an hour, practice was done. They were to meet at the venue tomorrow to start getting everything together and ready. Dame packed up his things and headed home. “Hopefully I didn’t keep him waiting too long...” he thought to himself before his mind began to wander from the conversation earlier. Dame never took Will as that type, or maybe he just never paid much attention to it but it definitely isn’t something he should get bullied for. He too, also shared a same story but was never bullied for it. No one knows- except for him and his previous partners. They don’t even stay close so he never worried about anyone finding out.

Dame finally made it home. He shot a text to Will before he got comfortable in the living room. He turned on his game before going to the kitchen then grabbing mochi from the freezer. Plopping down on the couch, he texted Will: “ You ready? You still up? I got my game warmed up and ready to go”.
thouxanban / 167d ago
Will smiled when Dame had texted him back. Perfect. They could play together. Thank the Lord. He didn't even know if his friends would be on at this hour because they had homework. Bu Will always had his homework done. He waited around for Dame, playing Minecraft and eating chips. He built two castles and a mini teddy bear on the side of one, smiling at his creation. He looked over at his phone, hoping to see a text but got nothing. He huffed, running a hand through his hair.

Patience is a virtue. Will never was patient at all when it came to gaming and a hot guy. Oh Lord. Will loved the way Dames' eyes sparkled slightly. He smiled at the thought, sighing as he began to build random stuff now to pass time.
Dame finally hopped out of the shower, grabbing his towel from off the counter then wrapping it around his waist. Next, he went into his room. He finished drying himself off then went into his dresser to find something to throw on quickly. Plain white tee, boxers, sweatpants, socks. He enjoyed dressing comfortably for every band practice.

On his way out of the room, he grabbed his guitar and headed for the kitchen. He grabbed his phone off the table, went put his shoes on, then headed out the door, making sure he locked it behind him.
Dame glanced down at his phone, noticing a text message from Will and Cody. Cody was rushing him, nothing new. Dame opened Wills text thread and responded: “Yeah i should be done with practice by then. I’m heeded there now actually. I’ll let you know when I get done other there.”

Finally, Dame reached the practice building. Cody’s parents let them use the empty building while they’re away on business. Cody, Jack, and Thomas where already there warming up. They playfully greeted Dame as he walked in. They went on sharing conversations about their day at school and upcoming events. Thomas shared a story that caught Dames interest. He went on to explain about a fight that happened at school. Apparently, someone was getting bullied because of their sexuality. Jack put all of the pieces together and explained that the person who was getting bullied was someone named Will. It took Dame by surprise, but he said nothing.
thouxanban / 172d ago
Will went home and greeted his mom, kissing her cheek then smiling at his little sister. He picked her up and spun her around, kissing all around her face before walking to his room. He unpacked everything, looking at his phone on his desk when it lit up. Dame. He smiled, grabbing his phone and looking at his text. 'You free to play in about two hours or so?' He texted, changing into pajamas and sitting on his bed. Will was shivering, his house always being too cold which made him aggravated. But he had to get used to it.
Dame nodded. “I’ll definitely catch you tomorrow at school.”
The cashier finished checking them both out. As the walked through the door, Dame shot him a smile and headed on his way.

His phone began to ring, it was Cody. The two began talking while Dame made his way home to shower then change clothes before heading to practice. The two joked around for maybe a good 15 or so minutes as he finally made it to his apartment, it wasn’t too far off from the gaming store. Dame lived alone. His parents passed away in an accident a few years ago so he stayed in the city on his own since.

Dame opened the door the threw the game on the nearby table before he made his way to the kitchen. He checked his phone. He made sure to text Will back and also to give him his gamer tag too- “DameTheeFlame”. He threw his phone the the kitchen table along with his school jacket and school bag. Next, he headed to the shower. Before stripping down, he turned the water on and waited for it to get hot. Finally, he hopped in.
thouxanban / 180d ago
Will gave Dame his number and saved his when Dame sent him a text. Will nodded, smiling up at him with soft eyes. "You'll be the first one I text when I have an encounter..and really? You're inviting me and Lily to a show? Wow..thank you..we'll be there! Just send me the details.." he said, nodding. He looked up at the counter, blushing and quickly moving up. "And I'm totally free later..I'll send you my gamertag now.." he said quickly, becoming excited. He sent the following to Dame:
'Bunnyhop12 :)'
He sent it and put his phone in his back pocket. The person in front of him finally left, making Will smile at Dame. "I'll text you later..or I'll see you tomorrow..at school?" He asked, putting his game on the counter and smiling at the cashier.
Dame noticed how suddenly uncomfortable Will because so he decided to leave the issue be. “Well look, here.” He said pulling out his phone. “Let me catch your number and if you ever have any problems again. Don’t be hesitant to shoot a text.” He said, reassuringly. “Haha maybe you and your friend can come by and watch one of our shows. We have on this weekend on saturday. It’s a free show and I could give you more details maybe tomorrow. And I’ll be sure to tell Cody that your friend has some interest in him.” He chuckled.

Will was next in line, Dame pointed to the counter with a smile.
“I think artist are cool. I never been the drawing type though. The most i can do is stick figures.” He rubbed the back of his neck. Being tall always had it’s pros and cons . “I play Xbox too. Be sure to send me your gamer tag later so we could play on the game later tonight if you’re free.”
thouxanban / 181d ago
Will nodded when Dame mentioned the new game that came out today, smiling. "Yes..I'm here for that game..but about the bullying. I do get bullied, yes but it's for a whole other reason.." He explained, messing with the game disc nervously. "But I knew you were in a band...I've seen you guys play a few times because my best friend is like obsessed with the drummer..." He said softly, smiling. "You might actually know her but she tends to keep to herself as I do.."

He smiled up at him with sparkling eyes almost. "But I think it's cool you're in a band. I am not really a music type but I am an artist myself. I love to draw and paint. I'm a huge nerd and I like playing Xbox.." He's seen Dame around before. He always towered over people and Will always noticed Dame out of a crowd. And those eyes. A perfect green.
Dame nodded his head. “Oh we do have the same classes together. I’m usually so focused on my work, I forget who’s around me.” He let out a chuckle. He showed the game discs to Will. “I’m in a band so I usually play music based games in my free time. It helps me get into the groove with my music.” He inched forward as the line moved up. “The other game, I pre ordered online already. I’m just here to pick it up. The new game that released today actually. Is that why you’re here too?” he asked.

His eyes lowered as Will told him what happened at school. “They are bullying you or something? You don’t really seem like the type to bother anyone honestly.” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.
thouxanban / 182d ago
Will looked back at Dame with a small smile, nodding slowly. "Yes we do..heh..I'm Will. I'm in your history and Calculus class.." Will explained, checking Dame out quickly. He looked back up at his eyes and hummed.

"And I'm okay, just a little tumble into some assholes after school.." He murmured, looking back up when the line moved again. He moved up a little and looked down at the disc. "What game are you here for?" he asked, turning back towards Dame.
Dame looked at the guy in front of him, he looked quite familiar. A smile crossed his lips then he chuckled as the guy turned around quick. He noticed the ice pack then also how his eye was basically black.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice deep.
“We go to the same school don’t we?”
thouxanban / 182d ago
Will winced when his eye got a shot of pain, pulling the ice pack away and sighing. He looked behind him and came face to face with Dame. His one good eye widened and he took in his features. Pale skin, dark hair, and those eyes were very green. Beautiful. Will smiled sheepishly, turning around quickly. He was going to go back and throw away the ice pack but Dame stood there right behind him. He was also tall. So tall that Will had to look up at him.

Will bit his lip nervously, messing with the ice pack as he thought. Should he say something? Flirt? Say hi? Anything? He obviously went to the same school as him. And he didn't even know if the guy was gay s he should just drop it. He decided to, walking forward a little when the line moved.
Dame shuffled through the games on the shelf until he found what he was looking for. He had already pre-order the new game that was released that day. Gaming was a good past time for him whenever he isn’t overloaded with school work and band practice. He turn around and saw how long the line was then let out a sigh before getting in line.

Dame stood 5’10, slender with pale skin and jet black hair. His eyes green, his teeth straight, with nice lips as well. Currently, he wore his school uniform- black pants, black jacket, accompanied with a white button down shirt that was halfway undone, and white shoes.
thouxanban / 182d ago