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Dnd[Taken by Sf_Pappy]

By Sklee

Replies: 281 / 198 days ago

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Once, the world was ravaged. Power isn’t everything, and to some, it’ll never satisfy them. A power arose, and, as people always do, they fought over it. Before a strange creature stepped in. Their whole species hid the power in the depths of the sea. But someone sought to raise it. Three bodies were chosen, raised, and trained, before being sent out to stop this menace.

1 on 1. Pm me if you want to join.


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(Alrighty! I just have to set up a template for it again.)

The Dragonborn nodded and ran towards them to help out. ''We will be right over the elf and the human call out just before they noticed the Dragonborn was already halfway over to help the halflings out.
Sf_Pappy / 12d ago

“Are you backup? Please be backup”! A few explosions rumble in the distance, and the halflings seem to all notice you.
The Elf blinked slightly ''I never want to do that again..'' he said as he looked at everyone else before noticing the small group.

(Hey later on can I bring in another character that they meet along the way?)
Sf_Pappy / 13d ago
The vortex brought them to a small group of halflings huddling behind a trench. One of them noticed them and jumped back.
The Dragonborn wasn't truly a fan of the light nor was the elf. They sucked it up and just waited for them to get to the place they were heading out too.
Sf_Pappy / 15d ago
He entered, and smiled when he saw how fast they had prepared. “Lucky you. You get to teleport”. He took out a small device and threw it on the floor, creating a swirling vortex. The light made his smile appear malicious.
About fifteen minutes later they were all packed and ready to head out on the mission.

Sf_Pappy / 17d ago
The man nodded, before seemingly dissipating into smoke. The wisps of smoke seemed to move with a mind of their own, wondering and changing.
''Alright, sounds good. We will be packed up here in about 15 minutes.'' The Dragonborn told the man.
Sf_Pappy / 25d ago
The man nodded in affirmation at the elf’s question. “Hurry and pack. Only pack the essentials. You’ll need to travel light”.
''Sounds good, when do we head out?'' The Dragonborn asked the man. ''Do we need to start getting ready now?'' the elf had asked.
Sf_Pappy / 28d ago
He nodded. "Several in fact, but you don't get to choose right now. We have an urgent one, a group of elite troops who need backup getting back to base. They have valuable information, both to us, and to the "Clan" of Farile, so we need them back quickly".
''I would have to admit that we have gotten a bit bored but we worked through it..'' the Elf told the man. ''Do you have a mission in now?'' the Human had asked him.
Sf_Pappy / 36d ago

A few days later, the man came sweeping into the room. "Well. I hope you haven't been too bored waiting for a mission"?