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City of Angels [1x1]

By Renegade

Replies: 12 / 1 years ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/DChqMvg.png]]

Ever felt a cold chill down your spine and wondered where it came from? How about being watched while walking down a seemingly empty alleyway? Most would chalk it up to their imagination, but those who are [i aware] know that its anything but. There's so much more lurking in the shadows than anyone believes.

[center [i Welcome to Los Angeles. The City of Angels.
And Demons.]]

[center In a world much like our own, there are beings of supernatural origin that lurk in the shadows or hide in plain sight. LA is the perfect breeding ground for these individuals. The most popular night clubs in the city? Run by a ring of Succubi. The recent uptake in drug crimes? The mob is having their palms greased by a vampire clan. Or what about the strange grave-robbings? Well, that's really anyone's guess.

The city is always busy, but for those in the [i know], its busier than usual. Tension and violence between multiple groups are rising, and something strange seems to be on the horizon.]

[b Rules & what I'm looking for:]
[b *]Obligatory “all ES rules apply”.
[b *]This is a dark/modern fantasy RP. It'll deal with mature themes; violence, drugs, crime, horror, drama, angst, etc. Obviously I want it to be fun, but bad stuff is definitely going to be happening lol
[b *]What I am looking for is a singular Literate partner who can write creatively and who can handle 1000+ characters.
[b *]I would also like my potential partner to be communicative and flexible, in and out of RP. I left the setting intentionally vague so we can discuss the more interesting details together and make something super cool together! I love other people's ideas and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to bend to my will or I'm uncompromising.
[b *]I'm happy with illustrated pictures or real. I would prefer real pictures as (despite the obvious supernatural elements) I want this to be a fairly realistic RP. Saying that, I can probably be talked the other way.
[b *]Feel free to play multiple characters! I tend to play one main, but as things move on I accumulate a cast of characters. So we can start with one character or multiples if we so choose.
[b *]If you're interested, please [b PM me] and we can discuss details and ideas!


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[h3 ]

Plenty of blackout curtains were around this place, but they'd have to be careful about actually wrapping Conor up; if they missed a spot, he could get burned. So they'd probably have to mummy him up, and then toss him in to the trunk of their car. She snorts at the thought. One dark dank confined area to another for this poor vampire kid. She didn't really see any other way, considering if they got pulled over with some guy wrapped up in black curtains in the back, not only would they be in a ton of shit, but they'd probably open up the curtains and Conor would be dead. So, the trunk it was!

That was until Conor mentioned a portal. He seemed disbelieving about it, like it would sound crazy to the two women, but Anya figured his eyes weren't fully opened to the way the world really worked. Although Evie might've told him she was a Seelie-Nephilim hybrid, those words might not mean a whole lot to him yet. And to them about portals? Yeah, of course that was believable. She didn't know about Evie, but Anya walked through portals all the time. However, saying that, she did have one reservation about all this: they were in a vampire den and they were walking through a portal to see some unknown witch. Was she neutral? Was she part of whatever twisted operation was going on here? She wanted to know if she was walking in to another fight or not, if she should go in guns a'blazing or keep her murder boner under wraps... But for now, it was their best option. It got them out quick, and they wouldn't be pulled over because they were driving around with a stolen car and a vampire wrapped up in blackout curtains in the trunk.

[b “Lets get a move on, then.”] Anya agrees, gathering her discarded staff, and at first follows the two, but quickly makes a stop back at the second floor balcony for her duffle bag. Kind of a pain in the ass carrying it around with her all the time, especially when stuff like this happened, but she'd rather have all the tools she needed nearby than to just leave with only the tools she [i thought] she needed.

When she linked back up with them, Conor showed them a door, and once he opened it, a portal to what looked like some kind of weird marriage between a spiritualist and herbologist's shop was on the other side... The woman behind the counter—doing her nails—saw them, and instead of closing the portal or attacking, she invited them through, which... She supposed didn't raise as many alarm bells as she thought were going to be raised. Still, as the others went through, she kept an eye on the Witch to make sure she wasn't trying anything funny, before jumping through herself. The portal behind them was closed, and that took some of the edge off since no lingering threat from the manor could flank them or ambush them... That still left this Witch, Madame Arusi, as a possible threat, no matter how unassuming she may seem... But perhaps that was Anya's own fault, from the lens she filtered the world through... She thought she was going to have to fight Evie when they first met, and she almost killed Conor, and now the three of them are teamed up... Swings and roundabouts, she supposed.

Madame Arusi asked what she could do for the three of them, and Anya looked at the other two, and it seemed they balked. Now that they had taken down the vampires and got Conor out of there, this didn't really need to be her problem anymore... [i 'Well, it didn't have to be your problem in the first place, but here we are.'] She rolls her eyes at herself. So maybe it was time to take control of the situation again. [b “Yeah, our friend here is poisoned, I'm [i pretty sure] he's not gonna die, but we'd like some assurances.”] She tells Arusi. [b “Oh, and if you have like, a Daylight enchanted ring, necklace, or the like, we'd like one of those so he can walk around outside.”] Although they were complicated and rare, she knew it was possible. And if Arusi was capable of such, it could clue them in if there were any vampires walking around during the day as well. She knew it was something the vamps would avoid it if they could, even with enchanted jewellery, but sometimes it became necessary to do so.

Her answer wasn't dependent on whether Anya stayed or not. If she was supplying vampires with Daylight enchantments or not, she'd still keep this in mind; the difference would just be if she came back to stake the place out or not. Despite this, Anya drops her duffle bag to the floor, and takes off her gear, save for her utility belt, stuffing the armour and weapons back in. [b “I suppose you don't work for free, Madame Arusi.”] She says, unzipping a side pocket on the bag, groping around for a leather pouch. [b “And magical enchantments don't come cheap from what I remember. I hope you take denarius and aureus, because that's pretty well all I got in my fun bag.”] Well, she had some copper assarius too, but she wasn't going to insult the woman by offering that up. She'd leave those for the Fae.

It was then her phone decided to go off. She grabs it and looks at the display. [b “Oh, well, speaking of magic.”] She says to herself before answering.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/NrK8Ux1.jpg?1]

Getting to a city like Los Angeles wasn't exactly the hardest thing in the world, not for a Wizard such as himself. But he was still being slightly hamstrung by the Council of Wizard's for his latest shenanigans, which may or may not have had to do with a Wizard with dark power laying siege to their headquarters because of him. Now, it wasn't exactly Abe's fault, but to be fair, the Dark Wizard—Onnerhan—was after him. Luckily though, he was able to stop it, and even got hold of a nifty piece of equipment he kept back in the Mad House.

He was hoping he'd be able to lay low, rest, and do pretty much anything else [i except] deal with the supernatural forces at play in the world, but if Anya was giving him a call... Well, he knew it was the exact opposite of what he wanted. It was just too bad he liked her enough to help her out, most others he'd just tell they were on their own.

Travelling through the spirit world to get to Los Angeles from the UK was faster than driving or flying, but for the price of being slightly more treacherous. If it wasn't the Fae trying to ruin your day, well, it was probably something a little uglier. Fortunately for Abe, he knew the spirit world and its ever shifting topography like music notes, so making the trek for him was a little less dangerous. And one of the reasons the Council considered him to be so dangerous. But they were a bunch of miserable dicks anyways, sitting in their miserable little rooms talking about 'the good old days' rather than trying to adapt with the time. It was a wonder why there were so many rogue spell-casters these days.

One of the weaker spots in the city was a small park with a sparse tree-line, but nobody saw him as he seemingly materialized out of nowhere. And once he does, he pulls out his phone and gives Anya a call. She picks up on the third ring.

[b “Abraham.”] She says and he chuckles internally but sighs in to the phone.

[+blue “I told you, its 'Abe'.”]

[b “Which is short for Abraham, right? Anyway, are you in LA?”] He nods in to the phone.

[+blue “Yeah, just touched down. I'll figure out where I am and let you know.”]

[b “No need. There's some weird shit going on around here,”] Well, yeah, that's why he was here, right? [b “and we've been tipped off about some great evil. The Fae told us.”] Well, now, that sounded a little off...

[+b “Told you as in [i directly]?”]

[b “Yeah. And by Sekhmet, too.”] That was certainly concerning. Usually the Fae danced around issues so you had to figure it out at—generally—the very last second. And an Egyptian God working with them? Even weirder. [b “Some 'great evil'”] He felt her air quotes. [b “in the middle of the city.”] Well, that certainly was specific, and made him equally as suspicious as Anya seemed to be. Middle of the city was a damn good place to start, though, and with the use of divination he could probably find [i something]. He knew she had her own divination magic, but it was limited in comparison to his. Plus, his would be more accurate no matter what time of day he used it.

Abe begins walking out of the park towards the streets. [+blue “I'll text you when I find something. Wanna grab Indian after?”] She hangs up on him, and he grins. Small running gag between them was that he only wanted to get Indian when she was around because she's Indian. He was hilarious.

That aside, right now he just needed somewhere closer to the city to start setting up to do some divination rituals. Although he didn't have a whole lot to go on other than some of the who's and the where, it would definitely help him narrow stuff down for them. [+blue “I bet its in a sewer.”] He comments to himself as he continues towards the busy streets.

[center ~*~]

It wasn't much longer after that when Anya's phone got a text. An address. And then some suggestive emoji's. And then a text just saying 'in the sewers'. Goddammit. One way or another, it always ended up in some kind of dank underground tunnel network... Well, if what the Seelie and Sekhmet had said was true and there was something happening later, then some kind of ritual was probably going on there or at the very least it was being set up for tonight.

[b “I think we got another lead.”] She announces to the other two and shows Evie her phone. [b “Now, obviously I'm gonna go, but you're not obligated to come because you're currently...”] Anya looks pointedly at Conor. [b “[i Encumbered]. Plus, your [i friends] don't have anything to leverage against you anymore, so you're a free agent. Although, the more the merrier, of course, and I'd appreciate the extra back up.”] Despite her and Abe getting by just the two of them plenty of times, many hands made light work, and it never hurt to have someone as skilled as Evie around either. She just didn't know what they'd do with Conor. The kid was a walking time-bomb in her eyes and needed to be babysat, and she wasn't sure how she felt about dragging him in to more danger or how Evie would feel about that either. Ultimately it was Evie's decision, though... Well, actually, she [i supposed] it was Conor's decision, technically, but he was a bit of a liability in his current state.

Either or... [b “Meet me there if you decide and when you have all [i this]”] She gestures to the emporium and Conor. [b “figured out.”]
One swallow that was all he got before he was thrown into the closest wall, before being gripped by the cuff of his neck as he fell to the floor, a female above him someone he didn’t recognise was on top of him. His stomach he had realise was starting to protest and the next thing Conor could remember was sitting up - head butting the female accidentally and vomiting. His stomach heaved and screamed at him; he realised now the reason he was having such an adverse reaction was because whatever Evie’s blood contained was not human blood. He continued to heave and gag until he collapsed onto his back exhausted. [#f77526 “Yes, I’m Conor. Sorry about your head… I didn’t mean that. Who are you?”] he wiped his hand against green blood? Green blood!

It had taken than she would have liked to register that he was no longer on her but it still sucked shit that her best friend had decided to take a huge bite out of her neck; as she held her hand up to her neck she winced, what she would do for Nephilim runic magic. She whispered a quick healing enchantment under her breath before wiping her own blood and Conor’s own acidic vampiric saliva onto some nearby cloth covering. [#813c9a “I’m fine, was however not expecting to be nearly killed.”]

[#f77526 “You mind explaining why the hell your blood tastes like rotten milk and is the colour of I dunno acid green… with flecks of gold? What the hell are you Evie?”] [#813c9a “Not a mundane, I’m a Seelie-Nephilim. Might have heard of them from your captors.”] the male shook his head clearly confused; but he took her word for it. There was no reason for Evie to lie to him; he wanted to say something else, hug his best friend but he found himself resisting. She didn’t look like how he remembered. He was interrupted by the female who mentioned something about the police. [#813c9a “I agree we need to get ourselves out of here.”]

[Center ____________]

How the hell were they going to get him out? [#fbde8d [I They realise the sun will kill me right? I mean… there’s no way I can leave here without being roasted by the sun, surely they’re realising that they’ll have to leave me behind right?]] A thought then emerged in his head. [#f77526 “I might have an idea… it’s crazy but I remember one of the other vampires saying something about a witch in the area. She’s got a shop and… they have access to her shop via a…”] he laughed awkwardly unsure if they’d believe him [#f77526 “A Portal.”]

Evie listened as Conor awkwardly rambled to them about a portal, she sighed at least that was an option; she stood up careful not to be too fast in case she had lost more blood than expected [#813c9a “Well where is it.”] [#fbde8d “You believe me?”] she scowled and pulled him onto his feet; he still looked like the night she thought she had lost him to the Vampires, though perhaps a little more pale and much - much skinnier. [#813c9a “Lead the way bloodsucker before I shove a silver stake into your heart.”]

He was taken aback at her aggressiveness, deciding perhaps it was because of earlier and him biting her unintentionally that she was in a bad mood, he turn and ran in the direction of the portal hoping they would follow.

[Center ____________]

Along the way he noticed the piles of dust, smelt remotely like dead Vampire which as you can imagine didn’t sound too pleasant generally, he stopped breathing so he wouldn’t have to think about the fact that his best friend and some strange woman were vampire killing machines. Soon he stopped at a door. Touching the handle he was glad; that whoever had used the portal last had left the door unlocked. [#f77526 “This way!”]

Opening the wooden door, the portal emerged, in swirls of green, blue, pinks and purples it was almost a thing of beauty as an image properly began to form of what seemed to be a shop front with a woman doing her nails; he took a deep breath; the woman on the other hand seemed to have noticed that the portal had opened for she looked up her eyes scanning his appearance.

[Center ____________]

The woman, whose hair was curled into a fancy updo of sorts approached the mirror-portal and reached her hand through offering it [#59f934 “Grab on I’ll pull you through before the portal collapses from being open so long, whoever is with you better run through or be stuck in two different realities.”] Conor had no choice but to take the woman’s hand as she pulled him through.

Once he was through the woman let him go and crossed her arms, he smiled at her [#f77526 “Thank you?”] he turned back to see that Evie and that woman he still could not recall the name of stood on the other side, the woman by his side sighed in annoyance [#59f934 “Hurry up. Or do you both require the same assistance as your friend.”] it was not a question more a statement; Evie was next through, the woman stepping aside taking under her breath. [#f77526 “Who are you?”] [#59f934 “You would think to know who I am before using the portal to get into my shop no? I am Madame Arusi. Who are you?”]

[Center ____________]

[Center [Pic https://i.imgur.com/r7SRDkH.jpg]]

Arusi had been sitting in her shop, bored out of her mind from no customers; her magic pulsing under her veins in annoyance from not doing anything all day, where were the clients she had thought she would get by coming to a place as sinister and infamous as Los Angeles? Where was the fortune she thought she would acquire being here? She had been buffing her nails and inspecting them when her mirror began to glow and the first of many of her portals opened; she had plenty set up around the city for her clients so they could visit her as they pleased.

[#0e811e [I How quaint a vampire male who looks out of place and unsure of himself. Who is he? He is not any of the vampires I have ever seen before, is that green blood? My he must have poisoned himself drinking Seelie blood. Perhaps he’ll pay a handsome price for me to heal him? I should help him.]] she stood from her counter placing her buffing tool down and approached the mirror. She reached into the portal with her right hand offering it to him.

Once all three individuals had passed through she shut the portal on her side ensuring that whoever else was on that side of the mortal plane was unable to cross into her shop, she returned behind the counter. [#59f934 “What can I do for the three of you? Welcome to my emporium.”]
[h3 ]

Killing was second nature to Anya at this point, the first few years in Heliopolis were literal nightmares if she didn't at least [i warm] to the idea. The only issue she really had was killing the vanilla humans. Sure, maybe some—probably most—deserved to die, but that wasn't something she went out of her way to do unless she [i really] had to. Being knee deep in bodies tended to come with a whole host of other issues, both mundane and supernatural. Other than deciphering between who was going shooting at her and who was trying to get within melee range, she actually had a more effective way of choosing who lived and who died.

Twirling the staff, she hits one of the hired help with a diagonal strike, putting him through one of the interior walls and in to one of the guest rooms. With another spin, she faces the rapidly crowding hallway and throws out small capsule. Once it touches down, it bursts, the air shimmering some, and just for a second nothing happens. And then the next, the vampires of the group begin retching, coughing, and wheezing.

Silver nitrate gas. Works every time.

With the momentary distraction, Anya got to work, striking with her staff at the minions or kicking them out of the way as they tried futilely to pin her down amidst the chaos. Once she got close enough to the heaving vampires, with her off-hand she pulled out a dual-bladed crescent dagger, curved blades coming from either side of her hand. And it cut through vampires like butter, turning them to ash, as she used her opposite hand with the staff to incapacitate the human goons. Normally she'd fret a bit over the guns these guys were carry, but the low-light, narrow hallways, and ample opportunity for friendly-fire, Anya was tearing through these guys without much difficulty. Maybe she should have done this last night, saved herself the time and Evie the trouble.

It was at that point, she was reminded why they were here. Not because of the thought. But because of the voice screaming for help. Considering the commotion from downstairs, Anya figured Evie was doing her share of the work as well and making her way to Conor. It seemed like it was time for her to start moving down the stairs to reconnect with her new bestfriend.

She ashes an approaching vampire, the dust distracting a goon coming up behind him for an assist. Its response was a roundhouse kick that sent the goon tumbling down the spiral staircase in to the foyer. With another spin, Anya sweeps the staff from her shoulders in a horizontal arc, connecting with multiple faces before using the momentum to vault herself over the railing, and descend to the first floor. Considering all the the dust the filled the air, unconscious bodies, and the fact that she just saw Evie head down towards the basement. She was about to join her, but it looked like whatever form of reinforcements just arrived down the other hall. She moved swiftly, again, spinning and dodging, using much the same tactics as before.

As a result, it didn't take her very long to crush the opposition again. A few scuffs and a busted lip were pretty good things to walk away with considering she brought a stick and knife to a vampiric gun fight. It'd heal in no time, especially because of the divine empowerment afforded to her by her station. It was pretty convenient walking off shiners, if she did say so herself.

Anya was just in the process of making sure everyone was down for the count when there suddenly was a scream. It shocked her, ice running in her veins, and before she even thought it, she was running down the stairs as fast as she could. It was lucky that she could see in the dark, and that some light was filtering in to the dark and misty basement. Lucky for [i her]. Not so much for the vampire that had latched itself on to Evie... The sight did something to her. It couldn't have been a fraction of a second that it took for her to process what was happening, but next thing she knew, it was like Anya saw what she did [i after] she had actually done it; moving so fast her brain needed that extra half second to catch up.

She didn't know when, but her staff was ditched. The distance closed. Fingers curled in to a Leopard Fist. A strike to the nerve clusters in the scapulae muscles. Jaw is released. Free hand wraps around his throat. Body flung to adjacent wall. Next instant, she's on top of him, pinning him with one hand, her crescent dagger raised in the air to take the plunge. To take life.

Then that's precisely the moment her brain catches back up with her, blinking in the details. Looking down now, it wasn't in to the face of some malicious parasite. Instead, looking back at her was the gaunt face of a confused and scared young man who was reacting only by way of instinct. Anya knew that face. She's made the [i same one], just long ago.

[b “You must be Conor.”] Anya says, loosening her grip on the teen and putting her blade back behind her belt. Quickly she leaves him, taking up a place beside Evie to inspect her and her wounds. Anya was pretty sure she was quick enough to react where she wouldn't be mortally wounded or anything, more shook up than anything. Evie was a tough chick, that was for sure, but taking a bite from a friend ought to do some other kind of damage. [b “You alright, Evie?”] She asks, looking between her and then Conor. He was starting to look a little green behind the gills, himself... Wait, wasn't her blood toxic to him? Now she doubly hoped that she had separated the two quick enough. It'd be an absolute tragedy if they came in here and the end result was... a tragic loss. So, she kept an eye on him for a moment, and when he wasn't keeling over and expiring, Anya thought it might be safe enough to assume he was going to make it. Although, she felt a certain obligation to help him now, but she was more apt at killing vampires than doing them any good. Blood would be the obvious answer, but he wasn't having any of hers, but there were plenty of unconscious people around to spare.

[b “I think its about high time we get out of here; we've definitely over stayed our welcome, and LAPD is probably already on their way here now.”] And she did [i not] want to be around to explain this mess. Although, now that the dust was sort of beginning to settle she got to take a very unusual second to feel a sense of pride at their accomplishments. Maybe like, a little over an hour ago they were thrown for a loop, now they just took down a vampire compound along with its criminal agenda, save a kidnap victim, and she got to reunite two long lost friends. Felt pretty good, all things considered. [b “We'll have to figure something out for Conor, and we'll have to do it fast.”] She was thinking blankets or curtains.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/5TAxbfD.png?1]

He was across the street staring out from under his dark hood at the manor, his red eyes reflecting the little sunlight they captured. With the fall of the Beverly Glen manor, there would have to be some change. New arrangements made to the plan. So he picks up his phone and calls, the number rings a few times before there's an answer, but no voice on the other end. [b [+800000 “The shipment to Beverly Glen needs to be diverted immediately.”]] He says, his voice low and gravelly. The one on the other end, his boss, inquires about some of the specifics of the situation... Without going in there himself there really wasn't much he could say about the state of affairs. The shouting and gunfire stopped, so it was most likely they cleaned house of the vampires and their hired mafia trouble-shooters.

[b [+800000 “I don't know yet. But they took them all down; I can sense the death from here.”]] It was true; he could its pull, feel its power. Which is why he could also tell they killed all of the vampires... Except for one, it would seem. [i The] one.

There's another inquiry... [i Was it them?] He scowls at the manor, some ash escaping from a few newly broken windows. There was no doubt in his mind it was those two heroines. The one had a mad-on for the vampires, and the other one had an annoying habit of being at the right place at the wrong time. They hadn't accounted for Khonshu's little moon knight in shining armour showing up this afternoon, but their plans were always evolving, and as of right now, if things inside had went the way they had planned for, then they already had one piece of the puzzle. Just a little ahead of schedule, if anything. They'd just regroup, reorganize, and move on as they always did... This wasn't a critical part of their plans just yet, so a few surprises weren't going to slow them down. [b [+800000 “I don't believe it could be anyone else”]] He finally answers.

It would be the simplest thing right now to go inside and stir up trouble, but that wasn't part of the plan. Not yet, at least. There would be plenty of time for that, and similar to the appearance of the Knight, plenty of opportunities for them to erase oversights. But for now, patience was a virtue. So instead, he elects to hang up the phone, and quickly vanishes from sight before the group or the police are outside of the manor.
He sat in the corner, his eyes were sunken in and dark he licked his lips trying to keep from being stupid and burning himself by exposing his body to the sun; the bastard has moved his cage as punishment; it was bad enough the cage was made of silver; now it was half in the sun barely giving Conor any space to move; he licked his lips again.

His stomach was parched and his fangs were sensitive, he partially wanted to rip them out because it hurt so much; he didn’t know what else to do. He shut his eyes and tried to relax his muscles; was anyone going to let him out and feed him? Or was this it, he was going to starve and be nothing but a corpse.

He shut his eyes and told himself he was going to be ok and dozed off again.

[Center ____________]

Evie listened as Anya introduced herself and nodded [#813c9a “Yet here we are, I mean we don’t have to do anything I am aware but, we may as well.”] she would have just walked away when Anya mentioned Conor and she swallowed looking up at the sun; allowing the rays into sink into her skin [#813c9a “He’s dead, it doesn’t matter really. I saw him die; he’s gone. I miss him sure but there’s really no possibility that he could be anything but dead and I would rather we never bring him up again. I don’t know or care how or why everyone seems to think he’s still alive. He’s not. He would have found me if he were.”]

[#813c9a “You really don’t know the Seelie well then if you expect answers immediately. She wanted us out of there is all I can think of; the court rarely enjoys hosting guests for longer than needed. It was a little rude just dropping us in a random spot and disappearing but I guess it make sense; we’re not exactly royalty and we both seem to be underdogs if you’re working for a god and I’m a lone hunter running wild.”] she followed behind Anya; her body starting to warm up from being in velvet and from being out in the sun; she cursed herself for overdressing but she knew if she had showed up in something less than appropriate she would have been ridiculed by everyone at court.

She was stunned at being offered to be taken to a place where her best friend could be; she found herself hesitating before getting into the car; she was in a velvet dress there was no way she would be fighting anything, even her best friend if he was alive in a god damn velvet dress. [#813c9a “Head south, we need to get my gear. Unfortunately, I am not walking into a possible death trapped dressed like Christmas dinner.”]

Forty-five minutes later they were back at her apartment; walking into her apartment she started changing immediately and within a minute or so she was back in her usual combat gear; as she tied the laces of her boots she shut her eyes and tried to calm down; part of her had put Conor away; she had never truly mourned the loss of her best friend; the person she had loved most. Part of her wished she had told him about what she was; perhaps if he had known he would have been safer in the knowledge she could have killed the person who killed him. She shook the thoughts out of her head; he was gone, that was that. Even if he was alive; he wasn’t her Conor anymore; just the scraps of a ghost who should have gone to heaven.

As she was about to leave the apartment; she halted and picked up a vial of holy water and held it to her chest; [#9d9bfd [I If he is alive, which he isn’t I know he isn’t I’ll… I’ll kill him and have his ashes blessed with holy water so he can pass on in peace… that I owe him for not making sure he stayed dead the first time.]]

On the way to Beverly Glen; she kept quiet normally she was excited and pumped up with adrenaline but instead her heart was beating too slowly; it was like she could sense something was going to happen that she didn’t want to happen. Part of her wondered if it was too late to just call it a quits and to head to the nearest Nephilim institute and turn herself in; she shook the thoughts away again and allowed herself to drown out all the noise and fall into her mind.

She was barely there in the moment when Anya pointed out the place they had arrived in, she had barely heard Anya’s explanation; the feeling of dread beginning to scream in her veins and she found herself clenching her fists and biting her lip. Normally she could keep her Seelie magic under control and use it as she saw fit but it was going haywire and that was when she saw the images of the cage.

[Center ____________]

He woke up to the sound of something like a pipe being thrown, he rubbed his eyes and sniffed the air; a new scent… no two… one familiar filled his nostrils and he found himself leaning towards the general direction; why did the second scent remind him so much of home. Then it clicked; there was only one person he knew who smelt like roasted almonds, grass, and sage. Evie. In his haste to shout out to her he hurt himself by touching the bars. Recoiling he hissed at the bars. Opening his mouth, he screamed as loud as he could. [I [#fbde8d Evie, please find me. Find me I am begging you. I am down here. Please!]]

Evie had landed on the roof, her wings folding into her back she heard the scream before she could see him and immediately she knew she had to find him, [I [#9d9bfd Keep screaming Con. I’m coming.]] she realized that the roof was rather useless in the way of ways in so she decided instead of going through the second floor which she assumed Anya was doing; she was going to go through the front and work her way back.

The female hunter found her way into the building through the front porch, her weapons making quick work of the group of vampires who were occupying the rooms; she scowled at the scent of their blackened ash; reaching into her pocket she whispered against the clear white crystal and walked through the rest of the rooms downstairs – or least in her immediate area; her kindjal in one hand and her Witchlight in her other hand. She was glad she was half Nephilim or she would have been a rather pathetic opponent against the vampires who were charging towards her.

[#813c9a “Can you hear me Con, I need you tell me where you are?”] she spoke under her breath as she decapitated another vampire who got in her way; she coughed at and nearly retched at the over pouring of dead vampire. Man, she needed to find a way to shut off her nose during battles.

[#f77526 “I am down here! In the basement!”] as soon as he had heard her voice he started repeating where he was in a loud and clear voice; he was going to be free soon and with his best friend of all things; his undead heart started to beat for the first time in what had to be a long time. [#f77526 “I’m here Evie. I am here! Just listen to me! I’m in the basement! Help me!”] [#813c9a “I’m coming Con, hang on for me.”]

[Center ____________]

She finally made her way towards the basement; Witchlight in hand having left a trail of ash behind her; she wondered if Anya was having any luck upstairs eliminating the monsters; she hadn’t heard any feminine screams so she could only assume things were going well and that the Egyptian didn’t need any help. It took her three kicks to break down the basement door; but once the door flew off its hinges; she shone the light down into the basement [#f77526 “Evie is that you?”] her heart began to pound again and she swallowed as she made her way down the stairs and into the dust covered basement; it was covered in cobwebs and smelt like old blood, sweat and silver.

She cringed and slowly made her way through; encountering several pissed off half asleep vampires; they had been smart to sleep in the basement; as she ducked under one and stabbed another into dust; out of the corner of her eye she saw him; in a cage just like she had been shown.

Conor watched in awe as his best friend; dressed in black and wielding almost see through but not quite metal blades ducked, stabbed, kicked and punched her way through a formidable force of vampires who were not only deranged but furious she had encroached on their territory. By the time she was done; he could only see dust piles around her. Something however clicked in his mind as she got closer; she didn’t just smell like what he remembered but rather smelt foul; he tried his best not to gag.

Evie wiped her brow and cleaned her blades against her shirt before bending down in front of Conor; the cage bars keeping them apart; a Seelie spell made quick work of the lock and she moved back to let him come out but he remained in the corner; their eyes met. She opened her to speak but without warning he pounced onto her and bit directly into her neck; for the first time since beginning the hunt she screamed.
[h3 ]

“[i To what do we owe the pleasure of an Egyptian deity’s agent?]” Anya was asked immediately upon entering, and it seemed the whole room still. Normally she would assess and weed out information about the gathering, but quickly stopped when her eyes fell upon Evelyn. Her eyebrows shoot up and she couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips. It might not exactly be the person she wanted to see at this exact moment in the whole wide world, but it was nice to see a familiar. It only took a fraction of a second for them to lock eyes, but soon after her attention is back on the Queen.

[b “You can just call it as it is: [i the Fist of Khonshu].”] She informed, clasping her hands over her purse in front of her. Anya hadn't been expecting a direct assault from the Queen so suddenly and so readily, so she'd have to be on her toes.

“[i Have we offended your deity?]” The Seelie Queen asked.

[b “Nope.”] Was Anya's simple response.

“[i He must know that by sending you here that he is questioning our relationship with another of your deities.]”

This time Anya's eyes wander, as if trying to procure answers from the ceiling. A second later, she looks back to the Queen and offers her the same polite yet imperceptibly insolent smile. [b “Nope.”] Although, she did find it interesting that an Egyptian deity was working with the Seelie. That answered [i all sorts] of questions, and then raised a bunch of others. The main question was the same one Anya had asked in regards to her own patron deity: why the Hell did they care about the Seelie? When the roar of the lioness resounded through the decrepit church, Anya thought she might have her answers soon enough.

In a flash of bright light came the apparition of a humanoid lioness, armour adorning her body, and almost in the same instant, some kind of enchantment went off. Anya wasn't exactly sure what it was, but considering how it seemed time swam slower around them in this little pocket the three were in, it was no doubt from the apparition. Looking back to the glowing lioness, Anya's smile never wavered. She found power in her insolence. [b “Sekhmet.”] Anya addresses and the lioness' snout peels back slightly, revealing sharp teeth. [b “What are you doing consorting with the Seelie?”]

[+red “That is none of your concern, [i child].”] Sekhmet almost snarls. Off to a great start, it would seem.

[b “I don't know... Usually when people tell me that, I tend to get a little concerned.”] It seemed Khonshu had sent her here for good reason if His big, angry sister was doing weird shit with the Fae. She just wondered if He knew it was the Mistress of Dread. Or if perhaps there was a more subtle approach that they could have orchestrated. [b “I'm not averse to alternative concerns, though.”]

[+red “You insolent brat; how dare you speak to me in such a flippant manner.”] Yeah, Anya was the worst. However, something flashes in the god's eye, and her demeanour changes some. It calms, the apparition no longer like a scorching fire, but a smouldering breeze. [+red “There is great evil coming to these lands, and the harbingers of this darkness are the vampires. ”] Anya's eyes narrow some at Sekhmet, and in return some teeth are bared. [+red “What?”]

[b “Oh, nothing. Just convenient, is all. But sure, I'll take it.”] She holds the god's eye, before the Lioness turns away, her apparition beginning to fade like a flame being taken by the wind.

[+red “It would do you well to learn some respect, Fist of Khonshu. It is not wise to get on my bad side.”] And with that, the apparition disappears, the swimming effect of the spell speeds up until time is back to what it always is. She blinks and looks around, suddenly slightly disoriented by the sudden movements and sounds of her surroundings. She didn't get much time to ground herself back to the surroundings as the Queen and Evelyn exchanged some additional information and suddenly they were back on the streets. It took Anya an extra second again to get her bearings, and she was suddenly worried about being too far from the car full of her enchanted and literally priceless equipment.

Evelyn was the first for introductions, spilling her beans to Anya in full. She responds with that same smile. She knew most of that already, having divined most of it from the snippets of information she got last night; the wings, tattoo, adamas blade, toxic blood, Hell, she even got her name and the name of her best friend... Speaking of...

[b “Anya, Fist of Khonshu.”] She says simply, quickly looking around the street as she talked. [b “And as far as I remember it, [i I'm] not being forced to do [i anything]. Neither are you if I heard correctly.”] Its not like she belonged to the whole Egyptian Pantheon, and as much as she hated to admit it, she [i only] belonged to Khonshu. And the god of the Moon didn't care to share... But that didn't mean she [i wouldn't] do her due diligence and check this out. If this went deeper than it appeared, then this was the first step... She starts walking down the street; she recognized the street signs, they were only around the corner, and Anya was eager to get back to her gear. [b “You didn't find that all a little [i too] convenient and well-placed? Not to mention how [i direct] the [i Seelie's] answers were? Or how quickly they wanted us out of there? No time to ask questions, no time to snoop.”] They rounded the corner, and Anya picks up the pace until she's at the car, noticing a ticket on the windshield. She looks at the meter. There was still eight minutes left. Whatever, it wasn't like it was [i her] car anyway.

Shoving the ticket in her pocket, she whirls around on Evie. [b “You don't think that there's something deeper here? Not disbarring this 'great evil', of course. At least part of that has to be true.”] She used actual air-quotes. No, no, this was [i waaaay] too easy and convenient, especially since they were dealing with gods [i and] the Fae right now. They must think the two of them were stupid, or they were going to die or something to that effect. Or they motivated Evie with something she couldn't refuse. Anya thinks on that for a second before putting their interaction with the Queen and the Lioness out of her mind.

[b “They're using Conor as leverage, aren't they?”] She asks coolly. It seemed like the logical choice, and right up the Seelie's alley. On the other hand, Sekhmet was still somewhat of an anomaly to her. That was something that she'd have to think more on and look in to. Or perhaps bring it up with Khonshu. [b “I know where he is... Or at least a place to start. Your vampire friend from last night gave me some information when he thought I was going to let him go; a place in Beverly Glen—a manor—being fortified in to some kind of fortress or stronghold with way more storage than is good for it.”] And exactly what they were storing or planning to store? She had a few ideas. None of them pleasant. At the very least, this would short change their vampire problem since they were hitting them right away. [b “Hop in, I'll take you there.”]

After getting dressed in to her tac-clothes, it ended up not being a long drive from where they were, less than a half hour, and in that time Anya made a quick phone call to Abe to get his ass to Los Angeles. He seemed busy, but receptive, and she knew she could always count on him when in a pinch. Between the drive and the end of the call, Anya didn't really say much other than commenting on traffic or some times pointing out a dog being walked. Pretty pedestrian, all things considered.

They arrive at Beverly Glen, slowly driving down a winding American road til the end, a secluded manor in sight, enough space between other and brush around it to afford a good measure of privacy. For all that it was worth, it was a perfect place for whatever nefarious purpose they were using it for. And that disgusted her. [b “This is the place.”] Anya points out. [b “I was going to hit it last night, but I think it'll be a little safer right now, if you ignore the people with guns on the inside, that is. The vampires will be be sleeping or whatever its called, so the most dangerous element will be out of our hair. At least at first.”] When the bullets started flying, pretty much anything could happen, really. It was all about playing keep away with that moment. But you know what they say about the survivability of plans and enemy contact... Either or, something was better than nothing.

[b “I'm gonna go in through the roof and work my way down.”] Anya tells her, getting out of the car and retrieving her duffle bag to sling across her back like a sack. She leans in the window of the car. [b “Why don't you go in through the back or the side? Meet me half way?”] She blinks at Evie for a second. [b “Or don't; I'm an indentured servant, not a cop.”] So Anya leaves Evie with that, approaching the manor cautiously and on an angle. When she got closer, she noticed a strange detail she hadn't picked up the night before: an abundance of black-out curtains. She couldn't see a window that [i wasn't] blacked out so far. Good for the vampires inside, but bad for seeing people coming in to terrorize you. The obvious answer to that dilemma would cameras, which she could spot and subsequently avoided; those were definitely more effective at night, but they probably weren't ready for a full-frontal assault in broad daylight, at least not in the current infancy of their operation anyways.

Tip-toeing up to the manor, Anya found herself under a balcony, and thanks to her supernatural strength, she crouches down, jumps, and grabs the ledge. She pulls herself over the ledge and on to the balcony proper, immediately getting in to a crouch, and putting the duffle bag in front of her, opening it up to gear up. However, a soft [i click!] alerts her, the door from the balcony in to the building opening. Strolling out without a care in the word is a tall blonde guy, jacked as they come, dressed in a snazzy suit, secret agent style shades, and in the middle of lighting up a cigarette. He notices Anya just in time as she pulls out what appears to be some kind of steel baton, and hucks it at the goon. He was armed, an Uzi loosely strapped to him within quick-drawing distance if his hands hadn't been full; the cigarette and lighter are dropped in favour for the submachine gun, as he's nailed square in the face by Anya's thrown weapon with a solid [i ping!] ricocheting back towards her. The goon's expensive shades crack in half and he hits the ground in a heap, unconscious.

Anya catches her weapon on the return, resolving to move quicker, pulling on her enchanted gear once more and heading for the door. With her armour on, cloak adorned, utility belt packed, Anya flicks her wrist, and both ends of the baton extend, turning the weapon in to a staff. Opening the door, she creeps in to the darkened manor, already aware of the amount of people inside from the voices and sounds. Not to mention her magical senses were tingling. But there was no going back. There was [i never] any going back.

It was time to get to work.
Nothing ever really woke Evie up, well except maybe her stomach. She looked, felt and smelt like she had just run through an erupted volcano; it wasn’t help that her eyes immediately were shocked into shutting by the rays of the sun. She was a creature of habit and normally didn’t wake till the sun was well and truly down. Sitting up from the position she had found herself she licked her chapped lips and decided; first clothes, magic then food. Running a hand through her hair she picked up the golden acorn and walked into her bathroom-closet set up.

[I [#9d9bfd What the heck did I even wear last time I had to attend a court?]] she looked through her menagerie of clothes before finally settling on something she hoped was appropriate; she racked her brain for memories. It would be winter in the realm of the fey, which meant that the court was likely going to be very cold. Placing the acorn down by the edge of the sink she stepped into the shower just as the water turned scolding.

It had taken longer than anything in the world but soon enough she had her unruly curls in a bun-braid combination; her dress was long, soft velvet like dress with faux fur at the collar and at her cuffs, one thing she didn’t ever like about attending the court of faeries was having to reveal her fey mark. Her fey mark like most of her kind was adorned somewhere visible; in Evie’s case her mark started from the base of her neck; wrapping around like a snake would wrap around its prey and ending at her right cheek as a blossoming lily. Most mundanes thought it was a tattoo. But to the rest of her kind it told her what type of fey she was particularly and thus the type of respect she was to be given.

She knew weapons weren’t allowed and the fey would see through any of her glamour; bitterly she placed her blades away into the false floorboards; she covered herself and the rest of her dress in glamour to look like she was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt to the mundanes as to not attract attention.

Stepping out of her apartment; acorn in tow she walked to the closest half decent still open at noon café and ordered herself a large americano with three sugars; as well as an everything bagel. It was a misconception that the fey were hippy vegans who danced and sung all day. In reality half kind were mostly carnivores who enjoyed the hunt.

Once all of her food items were disposed of, she stepped into an alleyway; every single item of clothing she owned always had slits in the back to allow her wings to sprout; whispering an invisibility charm upon herself she stretched her newly sprouted wings before flying to where the court was supposedly being held. The skies were clear and wonderful; [I [#9d9bfd Least I won’t be late.]]

[Center ____________]

She landed in front of a decrepitate church, part of her bristled at the balls of the church to hold a court on hallowed ground; suppose no one had respect for the customs of the Nephilim; riding herself of her glamour she approached the door; holding out her acorn she watched as the vines opened; allowing for her to slip in. It was barely a moment later that an attendant was at her side inspecting her clothing for any sign of iron or silver; thankfully she passed with flying colours and was let into the inner chamber.

She could smell the freshly enchanted snow, the scent of cinnamon, cloves, wood smoke and honey; and she found herself soaking in the scents, it was only after allowing herself to soak in the scents that she realised she had caught the attention of the Queen’s court. She bowed her head in reverent respect to each of the members she passed; her wings were still out; but that was fine all things considered; she was stopped at where the Queen was lounging a top a marble throne.

Amelia was by no means the youngest of the Seelie Queens; after all she was the older sister of the presently considered true High Queen; that however didn’t stop her from gaining just as much power or respect; unlike her followers; her Seelie mark was golden and not the average green, blue, pink, purple, white or black like the others… including Evie. She was the first to approach Evie; the younger bowing down on her knees before rising up at being touched by the Queen. [I “I always thought that in my time as a Queen of my court that I would never chance upon meeting someone like you.”] [#813c9a “Someone like me?”] [I “Yes a hybrid, a bridge between worlds. Oh, how splendid. Stand child let me see you in all of your glory.]

She did as she was told by the Queen keeping her eyes on the ceiling as to not insult the older female who circled and examined her outfit as well as her general form [I “So very strong, a warrior like your parents.”] [#813c9a “Yes Madame.”] [I “I have a gift for you.”] [#813c9a “A gift?”] a feeling of dread emerged in the pit of Evie’s stomach as the Queen returned to her throne and two of her guards emerged from the shadows holding weapon cases. [I “I want you to become my court’s hunter.”] [#813c9a “You want or you command?”] this time her eyes settled on the Queen; as a harsh gasp filled the chamber, the two guards were immediately drawn into defensive positions. [I “Oh calm, calm I say she is young.”] [#813c9a “I ask again, my Queen. Is it a desire or is it a command.”] again another audible round of gasping?

[I “I will gift you these, as well as a snippet of information.”] [#813c9a “In return for my loyal serving on this court till the day I am damned by heavens, you know my other half and their desires to keep neutral are far more important than anything you could give me.”] [I “Yet you are not a sworn Nephilim, I see no runes that adorn your skin.”] [#813c9a “We all know that regardless of sworn or not I follow the covenant.”] she found herself crossing her arms to the protesting sounds of the crowd who were starting to get very agitated that she would show such offense to their Queen; the guards on the other hand opened the cases as asked and revealed weapons that only the highest of fey royalty were given.

[#813c9a “You expect me to be bought over by weapons?”] [I “Of course not, but I do have…”] the woman clapped her hands and suddenly the room was cleared leaving Evie; the guards, the Queen and those in the higher viewing areas to watch as a cage of silver was placed in the room, something even she found annoying to be around; inside the cage was someone she had never thought she’d see again; well at least alive. [#813c9a “Conor?”] she stepped forward to touch the cage only to realize it was an illusion, she scowled [#813c9a “What kind of mockery is this?”] [I “No mockery but it has come to my scout’s attention that he is here within this city. I would like to offer you some assistance. In return for us helping you in the locating of this male. I ask that you keep an eye on the Vampires and the succubi and you eliminate at your discretion any and all who would be deemed a threat to my court.”]

She considered the offer, at the moment it was all in her favor she would be getting weapons she never thought would ever be in her possession; as well as more information on her best friend who she very well thought was well and truly dead. But she also knew that being hasty was not the way of the fey [#813c9a “I shall consider your offer and come back by the next moon with my answer.”] [I “Very well. We will send an invitation then as well.”] The cage-illusion as well as the weapons were quickly taken away and back into the shadows; her majesty would have said more if not for the arrival of a new guest.

[Center ____________]

[I “To what do we owe the pleasure of an Egyptian deity’s agent?”] Evie froze allowing herself to turn away from the Queen only to see the woman from last night, immediately a bitter taste entered her mouth and she hissed – seemed the entire court had the same response. [I “Have we offended your deity? He must know that by sending you here that he is questioning our relationship with another of your deities.”] Evie was quick to think of who could they the fey especially this court be working with who was even in the Egyptian department of all things godly.

The answer soon came from the sound of a lioness; and it froze Evie in her spot as a figure with the head of a lioness; dressed and cloaked in armor emerged seemingly from nowhere; Evie found herself covering her eyes from the bright light this woman emitted; it wasn’t… wrong perhaps just very out of the blue that any fey court would choose to work with an Egyptian deity over that of a one of their own.

No one it seemed could understand what the figure was saying to the Egyptian guest. It seemed they conversed forever before finally the figure disappeared and all was well again within the court, the enchantments that had been almost been switched off began to flow again seamlessly. The Queen herself seemed however to be aware of what was said and clasped her hands on her lap. [#813c9a “Your majesty?”] [I “It is by our patron, you have been asked to work with this fellow agent of another god. For it seems the Vampires are up to something.”] [#813c9a “Up to what exactly?”] [I “We have just been told, that they are attempting to summon a great evil, perhaps of Egyptian origin perhaps otherwise but they’ll attempt to do so, as the moon will be at its highest point tonight.”] [#813c9a “Where?”] she was getting sick of having to figure out the answers herself. [I “In the very center of the city. Follow the red lights.”]

That was all she got before both she and it seemed the woman from last night were banished from the court entirely; leaving them somehow transported to a place in the city that wasn’t where they were moments ago. [#813c9a “So, looks like we meet again. If we’re being forced to work together, name’s Evie. Winter lowland Seelie-Nephilim, hunter extraordinaire. You are?”]
[h3 ]

This wasn't exactly how she imagined this scenario playing out. Maybe a bit of screaming, a round or two of fisticuffs, some hair-pulling if she was lucky, but certainly not this vampire huntress surrendering her target to Anya... Now she felt kind of silly for getting in to a fighting stance, and slowly straightens, watching this woman intently. She wasn't sure if she thought Anya had her beat or if getting in to a brawl wasn't worth it, but she still hung around for a little bit, trading [i pleasantries] with the vampire. She was curious about their relationship, but Anya was mostly interested in those wings of hers that disappeared from sight. What the hell was this woman? And why did she have such a mad-on with this vampire in particular?

At least one of the questions was swiftly answered when it seemed the vampire tried to get a rise out of the huntress. Not exactly the smartest play in the world, you know, considering he was at their mercy, and every second she listened to this was one less she cared about keeping this piece of shit alive. She didn't even flinch when the girl got close to the vampire with her adamas dagger. If he was going to start throwing out seriously personal attacks like that, then he was asking to get sent to Hell... Not that he wasn't going to go there anyways. The huntress's comment a moment ago about killing the vampire once Anya was done with him struck a chord with her. Especially now with waving her best friends life—or unlife—in the huntress's face. She didn't react to the exchange at all, staying still mostly, making eye contact when necessary, but that's about it.

So when the huntress finally left, Anya turns and grabs the vampire by one of his arms, and uses it to twist him on to his stomach, using her free hand to pull out a nearly invisible thin silver cord, tying it around one wrist, and then the other, binding them together. She was originally going to let him go, let him lead her to the people that matter, but not anymore. Not after the exchange she just witnessed. If the huntress needed retribution on this vampire scum, then she would get it. Anya wasn't heartless, nor did she have any illusions about those who needed vengeance exacted upon them. As the Fist of Khonshu, there were aspects of His that bled in to her through their connection. He was god of the Moon, guardian of the travellers at night, and known as the Pathfinder, the Embracer, and Defender... But one of His lesser known aspects was being 'the one who lived on hearts'. And the way the moon was shining, she knew that He wanted this vampires proverbial heart.

He screamed when Anya bound him with the silver cord as it burned through his flesh, and she covers his mouth to muffle it. Once he was done, she lets go, spinning on her heel to face him. [b “So you're long time friends with the huntress, then?”] She asks with all traces of irony.

“Fuck you.” The vampire spits, and Anya rolls her eyes. This was going to be fun to deal with...

[b “Look, I have all night and all day. You only have all night. I'm going to ask you some questions, and you can choose whether or not to answer them.”] He opens his mouth, and Anya shushes him with a finger. [b “But if you don't answer them, I might not untie you and we'll watch the sunrise together. Cool?”] The vampire doesn't answer, so she'd take that as a yes. [b “Cool. What can you tell me about that huntress? A name? Address? Likes, dislikes? Relationship status?”]

The vampire looks confused for a moment, but seems onboard. “Her name is Evelyn, we have her best friend Conor turned and kept in a basement.” Evelyn and Conor, huh? Interesting. She motions for him to carry on, and he struggles uncomfortably with the bindings for a second before speaking again. “She's been hunting us for a while now, and I was told her blood is toxic to us.” Ahhh, there it was. That gave her something to work with then.

Not super important information, but something she'd like to know just in case, but it was unlikely she'd actually ever see the huntress again. [b “Interesting, interesting... Where were you running to?”] He gets quiet at that question, quickly looking away. Obviously he didn't want to give up his hidey-hole and perhaps some of his allies. [b “Oh come on. Last question, I promise, and then I'll untie you, how about that?”] That seemed to get his attention, and after a moment of thinking on it, weighing his options, he cracked.

“Its a property up in Beverly Glen. A manor turned storage facility... That's all I can say.”

[b “Alright, thanks.”] And true to form, Anya unties the silver cord, putting it back in her belt, and loosens the bolas around his legs just enough so he has to untie them himself. As he does, she takes a quick step back and out of her belt, she pulls out a steel ankh, holding it out towards him like someone would a cross in a vampire movie. He unties himself and doesn't notice until the ankh begins to glow silver like the moon.

“You said you were going to let me go!”

[b “I said I was going to untie you.”] And suddenly the alley is consumed with a bright light, as quick as a lightning strike, and when its over, Anya is the only one in the alley, save for empty clothes and some smouldering ash quickly being scattered by the breeze.

The next bit took her the better part of the night. Beverly Glen was a lot of ground to cover—less than Beverly Hills, but still—but by using some divination magic along with bits and pieces of the vampire she picked up, she was able to find the manor he was speaking of. A big thing, secluded, its backside surrounded by thick acres of brush for extra privacy. In the back of the property itself it seemed they were constructing multiple mini warehouses, like their own little evil version of U-Haul. Lots of trucks, and building materials, but at the moment no one was outside, no doubt because it was close to sun up. That was good for her, it meant there would probably be a skeleton crew of mind-controlled human guards to contend with, but they were easy enough to deal with when you were being stealthy. She was about to leave the cover of the brush when—

[b [+silver “My child,”]] A ghostly voice nearly made her jump out of her skin. However, she deflates quickly and turns around to look at the source. In white Egyptian robes with gold filigree and an ornate golden neck collar was a man holding a golden staff, a crescent moon on top. Although he had the body of a man, his head was that of a falcon with glowing blue eyes, with a small glowing silver orb floating over head. Despite the obvious, what else was strange about this was he was translucent. And only Anya could see him.

[b “Khonshu.”] She says and crosses her arms. [b “To what do I owe the pleasure of you bothering me while I work?”] It wasn't often he communicated to her like this, and usually when he did, it wasn't good.

[b [+silver “Insolent as always I see; perhaps it is time I find a new Fist.”]] An empty threat. Despite Khonshu's status as a god, his influence wasn't as vast, and Anya's proved time and time again that she was indispensable, even more so than some of his actual followers. Because of her, he was no longer a forgotten god who's power waned by each passing of the moon; it only increased. But whatever made him feel better about himself, she supposed. Instead of reacting or grovelling like she would years ago, she just stood her ground, waiting for whatever it is he wanted of her. [b [+silver “The Seelie Court gathering together and it would be in your best interest to attend.”]]

[b “The Fae? Why do we suddenly care about those losers?”] Well, why did they care about vampires and succubi? All three groups were equally unimportant when it came to the games literal gods were playing, but to be fair, even then Anya's still found herself in their company one way or another. At least it wasn't the Unseelie she would be dealing with; those guys were even bigger assholes. [b “Nevermind, you're not going to tell me anyways. If the Court is being called, then how do you expect me to get in without an invitation?”]

Without saying a word, Khonshu lifts one of his hands and points to Anya's chest, indicating the crescent moon in the middle of her cuirass. [b “Right.”] As the figurehead of a god, it was often assumed she was automatically invited to such things, sometimes it being a great honour someone of her status making an unscheduled appearance. Or at the very least they wouldn't [i not] let her in lest they wanted to offend a god by denying her entry, which came with the possibility of incurring the wrath of a much more powerful being. There was lots of dumb petty shit and pseudo-politics when it came to the supernatural and immortal beings that made her head spin. Often it was the problems she couldn't solve with her fists that she had the most trouble with, and she was starting to think this whole ordeal might be one of them. [b “Alright, I'll go attend their little group therapy meeting and see what I can find out, but I don't want to get any more involved with the Fae than I have to; they complicate things beyond reason.”]

[b [+silver “Do as you must, my child... Details of the event will follow shortly.”]] With that, he disappears in to the night, leaving Anya alone again. With a hefty sigh, she looks over her shoulder at the suspiciously still manor and then leaves the way she came. She'd be back for it another night as she was sure she wasn't done with the vampires just yet...

By the time she got her duffle bag from the dumpster, found a motel, washed, and got comfortable, sleep was very brief. It didn't help that she would be attending a Seelie event without much preparation, and she knew for a fact she wouldn't be allowed access if she brought any weapons. Still, with that in mind, she elected to go as if this would turn in to a good old-fashioned showdown. Unfortunately it was in the middle of the day, so she couldn't walk the streets in her full enchanted combat get-up. That'd get her all sorts of attention—both mundane and supernatural—that she didn't want or need. Still, it was LA, so she had some wiggle room, and Evelyn got away with [i swords] last night. With that in mind, she dresses herself in a nice black dress that hugs her hips, but allows her legs freedom of movement, and adorns herself with her usual vambraces and greaves—her cuirass and cloak were out of the question, but she'd keep it nearby in a pinch. Around her neck she wears an ornate (and enchanted) Usekh collar with light blue stones and peppered with some jewels, and around her waist a thin golden chain belt that was long enough both ends hung in front of her and stopped just above her knees. It was safe to assume this was also enchanted. As per usual, she kept her hair up in a messy bun, it being very rare she actually let it down. And to tie her little ensemble together, she brings a small purse, just with some change, as well as a few dollar and five dollar bills.

After applying the bare minimum make-up, Anya leaves the motel, taking the car of the vampire she killed last night to the address provided to her. From her understanding it was some kind of church or cathedral downtown, and since she would be dealing with the Fae, this is why she even bothered trying to look remotely classy... However, upon her arrival, she had to check the address again... And then a second and third time.

[b “I think I overdressed.”] Anya says to herself as she looks at the monster of a church down the street. It was a big thing, but it didn't look like it had been a place of worship for some years. Windows were broken and boarded up. The roof had holes in it, the shingles falling off. The paint was peeling and the brick and wood on the exterior was chipping... This looked more like a place her wizard friend would drag her, not the Seelie, but... It was [i LA], she supposed. And most of the time she's actually dealt with the Fae it was in the spirit word... And usually the Unseelie.

Quickly she glances in to the backseat of the car, eyeing her duffle bag, but then quickly decides against getting changed. She'd just suck it up, make nice, and find out what needed finding out. Its not like she had to formally be a part of what was going on, just be present, listen, and learn. Lots of times in these situations that's all she did and has learned some unlikely things and gained some unlikely allies. Like Abe, her wizard ally. She smiles at the thought. Neither of them would let the other live down their night at the Winter Ball in the Unseelie Kingdom. What a mess.

Anya finds a parking spot, feeds the meter, and heads over to the church... If you could really call it that. Every step she took to get closer the more out of place she felt. But also every step closer she got to it, she could feel the thrum of Seelie magic wards. Obviously they didn't want any unexpected guests or people checking in on the place. [i Fucking faeries.]

With a swift knock on the door, Anya waits for it to be answered, and when it does, she holds out her hand, producing a blue water lotus, it humming with the essence of the moon. It didn't have much magical power, but it was more so they knew who she was and she didn't incur any undue debt from the Fae, especially for being granted access without invitation. They can't give away anything for free, and they keep fanatical track of their debt. Anya learned very early that when you dealt with the Fae, you never took anything from them unless you had something of equal value in return, whether it was a glass of water or entrance in to a dingy church.

“What is your purpose here?” She was asked as she was checked for weapons.

[b “I'm here to... adjudicate, I guess. Nothing fancy.”] She tells them and is let in to the church. For the most part, she'd be standing off to the side, and didn't care to interact with the Fae, even if, at least for the moment, all their eyes were on her. Let them look. As long as she didn't do anything crazy, she was untouchable.
She had nearly caught up when from out of nowhere, that person who she had distinguishably told to 'fuck off' was suddenly not only in front of her but on top of the vampire she had been hunting for months; it hadn't even occurred to Evie that there were vampire loving supernaturals in the city. She lowered her swords pissed. Putting them back in their places she crossed her arms; and lowered herself so she could speak to the vampire. Ignoring the fact he was currently stuck under someone wreathing and trying to escape. [#813c9a "Well I guess you're caught."] [i "Oh shut up."] [#813c9a "I mean I could cut your tongue out if that made you feel better over the circumstances."] [i "Let me go."] [#813c9a "Well actually it's not me it's the chick on you whose got you. So I suppose she's got a reason to kill you more than I do."]

One thing she hated about being half seelie. She could not lie even her life depended on it, she could twist the truth but she wasn't allowed to lie, it broke seelie law and she had found that attempting to lie could cause a multitude of injuries and other such bad luck. She ended up running her hand through the vampire's hair - who was still furious - and who was still trying to bite her. [#813c9a "Oh please we all know between the chick on you and me. She's the better meal."] She hadn't been kidding about that either; Nephilim blood was toxic and Seelie blood well unless you wanted acid green blood in your stomach it wasn't quite digestible either. She stood up stretching her limbs and letting her wings conceal themselves back into her back stretching she looked over the white cloaked female who she had been ignoring till now. [#813c9a "I know a fight I can't win. But do yourself a favour, once you've asked this vampire your questions kill him before he kills another 50,000 or so mundanes. Because that's what he'll do."]

Evie just about turned and left when the vampire desperate to not die a terrible death spat out [I "Your best friend is still alive. One of us now. I hope you like the taste of your own bitter medicine. You stupid little hunter! There's more of us. Lot's more!"] she bent back down and grabbed his head, taking out her dagger she showed it to him [#813c9a "You know what this is, I'm pretty sure between you and I you would rather die by whatever white cloak has over this. No one wants to go to hell especially from a adamas dagger but that's exactly what this will do. Should I take your eye for that comment?"] she teased him and he tensed [#813c9a "Didn't fucking think so."] She then straightened, turned and jumped off the roof disappearing into the shadows.

It had rattled her certainly; the comment but she she her best not to let it get to her; as she walked back to the apartment she was renting; she had thought the night a complete failure until crossing paths with a group of drunken werewolves who she slayed; their bodies turning to silver dust - by the time she was inside her apartment she was covered in silver gunk and had to shower four times to get it all off and out of her hair and skin. Dressing in something more suitable for sleep she walked towards the window in her apartment and looked over the city scape.

Evie had found that as much as she loved being a complete badass, she was lonely and it sucked. Tonight had been the first night since she had started her hunting that she had found someone who was perhaps even more talented than she was at the craft she had spent so long trying to perfect. As she had been remembering all of the kills, almost deaths and the likes she almost didn't notice the golden acorn that appeared on the window sill; picking up the tiny seed she breathed on it allowing for the message within to be revealed.

[i [Font "Lao MN" You have been cordially summoned to the Los Angeles Seelie Court to have an audience with her majesty Amelia Faerie, it is in your best interest to attend; as necessary force will be taken in order to see you. Please find attached the key to your nearest Seelie entrance. Do not come armed. Sincerely L.A Seelie Court.]]

[#813c9a "Fuck"] she cursed under her breath, moving her hair behind her ear; first a failed hunt and now a summons to the seelie court, she wished she could just decapitate herself; she was running low on money and resources she couldn't just go uppity hoppity to the court; one that she wasn't familiar with either! The Queen whoever the heck she was; probably had heard of her from her other 'kills' in other cities and likely wanted to have her arrested. Placing the acorn on the small clear dining table she had thrifted from some man earlier in the morning that day.

[#813c9a "I hope to hell you're having a much better evening with Geoffrey than I am white cloaked woman because if I ever see you again I'll kill you myself for getting in my way."] she said this before falling onto the couch beside the clear dining table and falling asleep; with all the worries of the world falling away like the air.
[h3 ]

Well, it gave him a head start, but the second the vampire took off, Anya was throwing on her enchanted gear with a practised grace. At first she was worried about losing him, while she toiled with her equipment, but then a woman with actual [i swords] came out the back, and ripped off her dress to reveal combat attire hiding underneath. [b “Well that certainly looks easier.”] Anya remarks to herself as she throws her tattered white cloak over her shoulders, pulling the hood over her head. She now was wearing everything she needed, with a utility belt full of surprises, and quickly throws her duffle bag in to a dumpster in the alley with the intent of coming back to retrieve it later. Right now, she had a vampire to catch up to and some random sword wielding chick to keep an eye on... If nothing else, LA certainly was proving to be an interesting place already.

Higher ground was her priority at this point, as no doubt it was for the other two. Less eyes on everyone was always the best option, and despite the enchantment's Anya's gear had, they wouldn't help her [i not] get seen running out in the middle of brightly lit streets. So instead, she resolved herself to jumping up and grabbing a fire escape, using her supernatural strength to make it to the rooftops in no time, before jumping building to building to catch up to the two. With the introduction to this other woman, it complicated Anya's night; with her clearly magic swords, and the strange look in her smouldering eyes, the Fist of Khonshu knew her intent. She was going to kill this vampire, and that didn't exactly work for Anya. Sure, this woman could decapitate this blood-sucking parasite and Anya wouldn't lose any sleep over it, but so far this was her first and only lead toward the bigger vampire problem in the city. She just needed to climb the proverbial ladder, see why these assholes were being assholes, and hopefully discover why she had to give a shit about it. [i But] that didn't exactly work if this woman [i killed] this guy.

She landed on the roof as the other woman did the same, Anya taking note of her translucent magical wings on her back as a way of ascension. Great, so she wasn't some mundie vamp hunter with enchanted weaponry. She was supernatural too, which was great, because that just made this situation [i more] complicated.

... And she just told Anya to fuck off. [i Wow.] She was definitely cruising for a bruising with that attitude. Although, she'd give her that it [i really] wasn't any of her business. Just [i half] of her business. The half that gave her super powers and loaned her enchanted weapons and equipment.

[b “Sorry, but I need this guy alive!”] She says back, and once again joins in the pursuit of the vampire. She had hoped to keep this more of a subtle endeavour, letting the vampire think he had eventually 'lost' Anya so she could stalk him back to his hidey-hole, but that plan was kind of shot to shit now because of this... Whatever-the-Hell-she-was woman. Instead, she had to think fast and come up with something effective to give her an edge in this. Her utility belt was full of small enchanted weapons, cantrips, and artifacts she could use... And she had some mundane ones as well. Like [i bolas]. They were a temporary solution, but if she timed it right, they'd be effective, and if all the stars aligned, it'd give her something to work with in the end as well. Running along the rooftops, and jumping from one building to the next... What a poetic first night in LA.

They clear the next roof, and that's when Anya pulls out the bolas, spinning them from the nexus over her head as she chased after the vampire, waiting, waiting, and... [i there!]

The vampire was in the lead, and as he closed in on the next edge of the roof, Anya lets loose the bolas. Just as he was about to jump, the rope weapon wraps itself around the vampire's ankles, going taut and tying them together, effectively robbing him of his momentum and strength to make the jump across to the next rooftop. Instead, it just gave him enough to dive over the edge of the roof and plummet to the alley below. Normally she'd be worried for whoever did that, but not when it came to the supernatural, especially not a vampire. This would probably amount to falling down some stairs to him.

She glances sideways with a smirk to the Hunter and jumps over the edge as well, white cloak behind her as she drops to the ground and lands softly close to the vampire. She then turns, not exactly giving her back to the vampire, but more so she could face the way the hunter would come down after them, putting her hands up, the one in front of her at dan zhi, the other cocked near her hip in a fist, ready to strike or reach in to a pocket on her belt. Despite the hunter being in front of her, she kept the struggling vampire in her peripherals so he couldn't get the drop on her when he inevitably freed himself. [b “Its time to call its quits for the night there, Hunter. I don't want to hurt you, but I'm more than prepared if I have to.”] Even though this chick had swords, she was ready to get down and dirty. She's been at worse odds, after all.
There were three things Evie hated more than anything in the world; those things were bad vegan chocolate, less than palatable coffee and blood sucking vampires; on any particular day even if she was playing nice and innocent she was bound to encounter one of them; where else in the states of America were you susceptible to falling victim to any of those? Los Angeles. Evie never really stayed for very long; and she was hoping to make this city her bitch before the end of the month before moving on to the biggest hot spot of them all. New York.

She had come on the basis that one of the most dangerous demon blood smugglers, a vampire by the name of Geoffrey Mac was hiding out in the city of angels and was laying low after one of his most renown clients had suddenly found themselves decapitated and their organs all over the place; one could say after that disaster the poor immortal had found himself without friends hiding in a particularly nasty city.

The club she had found herself in was a hodgepodge of species, and it seemed anything that wasn't human was not going to bother concealing their true nature; mundanes always seem to think that those of the particularly bizarre were just actors wearing huge volumes of stage makeup and glitter; it made her gag to think that mundanes were so easily taken up with the glitz and glam. Evie was like them once until the death of her best friend; now all she saw were targets on the heads of all of those surrounding her. She was a part of them she knew that... but part of her thought herself a higher being because of the angel blood that hummed in her veins; the first of her species much more dominant over her Seelie ancestry which gave her a few magical perks; but to the mundane eye she looked just like them - perhaps a little more attractive than the average but still just a plain old mundie with nothing else to gawk at.

[#813c9a "Come on show yourself."] Though she counted herself as more Nephilim than Seelie, she couldn't help but use some of the magicks that came along with being partially if not half Seelie; her eyes glowed like soft ambers; helping to almost hide but distinguish her from the crowd of grinding; moaning masses. She was thankful that between the two things she was; that she had been blessed with Seelie beauty and so didn't have to work into getting into places; though concealing her weapons was an entirely different matter - she had fooled the guards into thinking she was a cosplayer and that her swords were merely props for some performance earlier in the day; in reality the two blades that rested on her hips were heavy and carved out of pure adamas mixed with some electrum.

Geoffrey Mac was by no means a man of 'modern fashion' he had a rather odd obsession one could say, he loved dressing in the clothes of his last victim; no matter what it was and it seemed whoever he had killed last for his meal was none other than what appeared to be some poor farm hand; the bastard had practically stolen the poor victim's clothes and made it his own; Evie wondered if he smelt like cow manure as a result.

She watched as he slipped out of the club; and she followed discretely, pretending to grind and flirt with those around her until a clear path was provided out the back exit, she was barely out the door when he noticed her; with a lit cigar in his hand he turned and ran; stripping off the particularly uncomfortable dark green sequin dress she had been wearing she chased after the vampire in full combat attire. As he leapt up a wall and onto the roof, she shut her eyes and willed her wings translucent as they were to sprout giving her the advantage she needed to jump just a little higher and close the distance.

Now she would have just stabbed him in the back and called it an night but on her haste to capture her enemy she had not seen nor realised that someone had been watching; it didn't matter who but if someone was watching that meant there was a witness and witnesses in her trade of hunting and killing were a big no no. Not only that but that someone was heading directly towards her; cursing under her breath she shouted to whoever it was [#813c9a "Back the fuck off before you get hurt. This is none of your business."] before continuing on her chase; scared to lose the lead she had on Geoffrey.
[h3 ]

Coming back from beyond the Veil was never something Anya saw herself getting used to. Its been years now, going between the spirit world and the material plane, and it was still a relatively jarring experience; flashes of light and sound, a swirling vortex of sand, and suddenly she was somewhere else... Often Heliopolis, but sometimes other places where 'work' needed to be done like the lands of the Fae, particularly those ruled by the Unseelie. So when she found herself in an alleyway of Los Angeles, she was a little surprised.

Now, Los Angeles has been coming up a lot in the supernatural community, but Anya didn't think Khonshu was going to be throwing his hat in to the ring any time soon. From her own understanding, some interesting things have been happening around these parts, mostly an uptake in mundane crimes that was preceded by a clan of Vampires trying to encroach on a coterie of Succubi. As big as Los Angeles was, it was sure to happen that people figuratively and quite literally began stepping on each others toes. And no one liked giving territory to the new guy in town, that was asking for a fight. Or war. Even if it was fought in the shadows. But many fights and wars were fought in the shadows by the supernatural community—she's fought in plenty—but it begged a certain question from Anya. Well, two, actually. Firstly, why did Khonshu give a shit about two opposing factions duking it out over territory in LA? And secondly, why involve his indentured servant? If being Khonshu's whipping girl wasn't bad enough, it was often she did his bidding without any knowledge of his true purpose. Usually she had to do her own digging, which was her intent. Vampires and Succubi didn't exactly line up with the Egyptian god of the Moon's usual disputes.

Crouching down in the alley so she's less likely to be seen, Anya begins to get to work on herself. It might be LA, but wearing a tattered white cloak, brass cuirass, vambraces and greaves, over top of grey and black tactical-wear didn't exactly scream subtlety. And if anyone could see magic, well... She might as well be wearing a one of the million neon signs in the city. The crescent moon engraving in the centre of the chest didn't help, either. Fortunately for Anya, she always brought a duffle bag with her, especially when she was back in the material plane. Alongside the rest of her already packed gear, she shoved the brass armour and cloak in to the bag, resolving that her tight grey long sleeve and black tac-pants would be fine to walk around in. There was no doubt some information gathering had to be done, as going in gun ablazing wasn't exactly the most effective technique and a sure-fire way of getting herself and others killed even with with her [i boon].

It was night time, and the air was crisp with an abundance of different smells and sounds of a packed city. Something she missed while being in the arid and woefully quiet domain of Heliopolis. It reminded her of home, and the very thing she was fighting to get back. But even if she somehow [i did] become free of Khonshu's influence, she didn't know if she could actually go back to a normal life. Not knowing what she knew and seeing what she's seen. The world became a much darker place, the only reason Anya was able to survive in it was because of training and the literal super powers she was given to do so... Well, there wasn't really much use in griping about it. It'd be a better use of her time to figure out exactly what she was doing here, and why LA was her problem.

It didn't take as much time as she thought it might. Both vampires and succubi looking human made finding the players a little trickier than usual, but LA wasn't exactly scant with them. The Succubi were the easiest to figure out; just hang around the most popular club, and there you go. The night club aptly named 'My Alibi' seemed to be one of the bigger operations. Lots of mundanes going in and out, no doubt unaware save the unlucky few of what was actually going on inside. All of that sexual energy, lust, and people grinding up against each other? A succubus could have a little taste of everyone and the mundanes would be none the wiser... But it rarely stopped at little nibbles here and there. It took just one greedy she-devil to get a taste of someone who delighted their palettes and take it from a sample to sucking the soul out of their body in a bathroom stall.

Fortunately for them, the Succubi were the number two on her list of important people; she was more interested in the uppity vampire clan that came out of nowhere. And unfortunately for them, she just got one in her cross-hairs.

Leaning against the darkened alley wall across from the club, Anya spotted more of what she was looking for. Adjacent to the club there was another alley, and a man, tall and pale, peeled out of the shadows, keeping his head low and an eye on the club scene like a wary predator. Both of their eyes meet, and she blinks, the man vanishing in to the shadows, obviously on the run. Perfect. Because where did wild animals go when they were frightened? Right back to home base.