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the clayballs for the drainage

By Pocketcott

Replies: 2 / 1 years ago

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He hadn’t expected in his lifetime that he would witness a fire before it was put out. And he would have beaten whoever told him that he’d be involved in one. He might have killed had someone said he’d fall in love with a human. Villr had good intentions, though, trying to save his and another raven’s nest as futile as it was. He was just a bird, after all, and as smart as they were he couldn’t help that screaming instinct that his home was on fire, as well as the building next to it. It had happened so quickly, Villr actually felt his feathers still burning from the initial blaze. It didn’t feel like an accident. Eventually the heat became too much and he retreated to the ground, shifting his feathers madly in an attempt to put them out.

And when the lovely human from the cafe across the street took him into his arms and carefully set the fire in his feathers to rest, Villr realized maybe this wasn’t so bad. Especially when he could see closer as to what this human looked like. He still believed seeing as a raven was better, but he was sure he’d appreciate seeing this human if he was human right now, but he couldn’t change right now, not with so many others around. His ability was a best kept secret amongst the other ravens (if you could call your entire family knowing a well kept secret).

So he accepted the fact that he had been coddled in warm hands away from the heat of the fire. And he thought about it nonstop for the next few days, eventually finding a place where he could be alone and transform into a human. He nursed the skin where some feathers didn’t hide away before hiding them with his shirt and pants. He remembered how hard it was to first talk as a human, he didn’t understand mannerisms - he still has trouble with certain phrases - but he got by mimicking the ones he heard. And stealing currency was no issue when he was a raven anyways. Humans were careless. It was hard for Villr and the others to not take advantage of that.

Walking was hard to get used to as well - even though now he did it with no effort at all, gliding towards the cafe with ease as he heard other birds above wishing to preen his human hair. It was out of place, are you going to talk to that man, what will you buy. He didn’t answer them. Not many people talked to birds, and being disconnected from the family for a while would do him some good.

He had needed to get his head clear since he’d been over talons with his savior. But he didn’t have a name, only a face and a place. The fire damage from days ago was still there, and was only blocked off by weak tape that Villr was sure he’d seen choke many animals before. Why put it up if human’s weren’t going to listen? A child had just run through it, without any supervision. He slipped into the cafe, absentmindedly preening at his hair, and looked around for his mystery savior. Villr didn’t see him right away which was a bit disappointing but still he approached the counter.

“Hello, I’m looking for someone, he helped a raven across the street out of a fire a few days ago?”
villr / Pocketcott / 1y ago