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Strip Poker Confessional

By Embrea

Replies: 597 / 1 years ago

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Emezra thought for a moment then sighed. “So that’s who shoved me...”


Sanji chuckled slightly. “I’ll try to move stuff a little bit so the tea is easier for you to reach.” When she mentioned his tie he smirked before winking. “Aww was hoping we could use the tie in the kitchen.”
PotatoPirate / 267d ago
"From what Abel told us," Adam said from his desk, "you went through a lot. If it weren't for your devil fruit you'd likely be dead now."

"He was the one who brought you back," Zoro mentioned. "Don't know what happened to that thing that took you though."

"I'd rather not know."


Thea picked up her empty cup and winked at Sanji. "Don't worry, I cleaned up my mess when I made the tea. But I also put it on a lower shelf." She knew she shouldn't have messed with his kitchen and he would probably end up moving things back, but she knew she had to hell him. "Do you want to change first? As much as I love you in a suit, I think something more relaxed is in order. Save the tie for later, yeah?"
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 272d ago
Sanji listened and sighed softly. “It May sounds impossible... but I made a promise...” When she stood up and mentioned the dessert he chuckled softly. “Alright, lets go make it.”


Emezra blinked a few times before weakly smiling. “I feel weak... but otherwise I’m okay.”
PotatoPirate / 272d ago
"You can't always protect me. I know I made you promise but it's an impossible one to keep. All you've ever done it try to protect me, even when we were kids." Thea sighed before leaning into him more and closing her eyes. She dropped her hand and placed them over his as she let out a yawn. After a moment, and with another yawn, she removed herself from him lap and stood up.

"So, about that dessert."


Zoro looked up when he heard Emerza's voice, "You're awake? How are you feeling?"
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 275d ago
Sanji listened as she spoke and held her close. He felt her hands on his cheek and nodded in response. “I know you’re still determined to go... but how can I protect you if I’m not by your side...”


Emezra groaned slightly in her sleep her eyes slowly opened as she slowly looked around the room. “Mmm... Zoro?” She murmured softly.
PotatoPirate / 279d ago
Thea sighed and took a sip of her tea before leaning into him. She thought about his question for a few minutes while trying to formulate a response. "Who knows, maybe they won't recognize me. It has been 13 years after all. You only knew it was me because we were close at children. But I can't leave her in that place. Not when I can save her. I know that castle like the back of my hand. That includes the hidden passage ways."

She continued to sip at her tea until it was gone. She leaned over and placed the empty cup on the side table. Carefully, she lifted her hand and caressed the side if head, running her fingers through his hair. "I guess we can talk about it more." Even though she offered to talk about it, she knew that she was still going to go. "Will that be okay?"
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 281d ago
When Sanji heard Thea's voice he didn't say anything. He just turned and sat up before leaning down to pick her up bridal style and set her on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head in crook of her neck. "How can I say I care about you if I let you walk right into a place that holds your executioner..." He murmured softly.
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 281d ago
Thea cleaned up everything from when she made tea, then took her cup with her. She headed to the lounge and stopped when your saw Sanji lasting in the couch. Even though it was dark, she could tell something was wrong and she knew exactly what it was. "Sanji," she began a she sat down on the floor next to the couch. Nothing came out after because nothing she said would help.
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 283d ago
Sanji had sat in silence after Thea left. Thoughts clouding his mind. “You won’t let me go because you’re afraid they’ll try to arrange a marriage and suck me back into that shitty life... yet you’re willing to get yourself killed over that... if I get an arranged marriage I can somehow find a way out... I can’t find a way to make you my wife if you’re dead.” After awhile of sitting by himself Sanji decided to head to the lounge. On the way Nami bumped into him. “I’m fine.” He brushed past her and headed for the lounge where he laid on the sofa closing his eyes trying to hold everything together.
PotatoPirate / 283d ago
Thea heard the sigh and part of her wanted to go back to him. In response, she released a sigh of her own before picking up her discarded clothing. "I'm going to go get dressed. Maybe we can make that dessert after our would you prefer spending the night alone?" She didn't give him a chance to reply before leaving the room and heading to the lounge to get dressed.

Quickly get dressed, she opted to just sit on the bed and think for a bit. Was she really willing to sacrifice her life for Evin? She knew she wasn't willing to give up Sanji, that is why she wouldn't let him go. But her life was so entirely different thing. "I might not come back from this. Can I knowing put everyone through that?"


"Thanks." Zoro walked in and sat down but said nothing further. Instead he simply watched as Emerza slept.


After several minutes of sitting in silence, Thea got up. She wasn't sure if Sanji was still in the bathhouse or had made his way to the kitchen. Either way, she was sure that they're be spending the night apart. When entering the kitchen, she noticed it was empty. [I Well at least e won't have to talk about it again.]

Nami entered the kitchen not long after and saw Thea making, what are assumed to be tea. "Oh, hi."

"Mhm," Thea responded as she placed the kettle on the burner and turned it on. "You're right you know."


"That I don't deserve him. I never have and I've known it my whole life. It isn't even a matter of him being a prince. Tough that does play some part in it." She kept her back to the other woman, still getting stuff together for tea. "He's never once been cruel. He's always kind and takes into consideration the feelings of everyone around him. It's easy to feel safe around him because you know he'll protect you at the cost of his life." She stopped moving for a moment and sighed. "He can do so much better than me. Especially since I'm willing to risk execution by returning to Germa to save my best friend."

"So why won't you let us go instead?"

"Because if he goes he'll lose his freedom. He'll be back to suffering at the hands of his brothers and he'll be living a life he hates."

"How do you know?"

Thea turned to Nami finally, "I grew up with him. I witnessed first hand the abuse and how unhappy he was." When the kettle started whistling she turned back to it and proceeded to make get cup of tea. "Do you want any?"

"No," Nami replied before leaving the kitchen workout the glass of water for had planned on getting. On her way out the door she ran into Sanji. "Oh! Sanji, I'm sorry. Hey are you okay?"
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 284d ago
Sanji frowned slightly after she stood up and ruffled his hair. He knew there was no point in trying to convince her. She was more stubborn than Luffy trying to get meat.


Adam glanced over when he saw the green haired male and nodded. “Sure but don’t be loud. Her wounds are recovering fast but she’s still weak and needs rest.
PotatoPirate / 285d ago
"You won't lose me," Thea reassured him, "But you have to let me do this. I'm their best chance as getting Evin back if she is in Germa." When he told her to let him be selfish she shifted in his arms until she was straddling him, arms draped over his shoulders. She didn't say anything, just watched him. After a moment she moved again, removing herself from him completely and adjusting the towel. "You can be selfish but I'm still going."


Zoro knocked on the door to the sick bay, "Can I sit with her?"
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 286d ago
When Thea mentioned execution Sanji's face paled and his heart felt like it was going to stop. "Thie... you can't expect me to be okay with that..." He felt her hand on his cheek and gently put his hand over hers. "Dammit... Thea I can't lose you again..." He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him. "I can't... Let me be selfish... I don't want to lose you."
PotatoPirate / 287d ago
Thea could hear the word in his voice. They both knew what his brothers were capable of and if provoked, they'd kill not only her but the whole crew. Her presence alone would cause an issue. "Sanji," she didn't look up, "the biggest risk I face when going to Germa, is execution for breaking my exile. I'd rather that risk than what will happen if you went back."

She finally looked at him, a hand now in his cheek, forcing him to look at her. "But I will come back. No matter what, I'll come back."
Thea Vällé / Embrea / 287d ago