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1000 gladiator souls

By HydreigonMaste

Replies: 182 / 1 years ago

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You are a newbie at the gladiator tournaments for emperor Zchet (zee-shet)
There is a terrifying gladiator champion by the name of tored (ta-red) who wins every battle. You have suspicions of his power, along with your trainer, Chere (share). He has trained you for many years, and you have developed quite the relationship. You both must figure out tored’s secret before your time comes to fight him, fighting other battles along the way.

-there will be a [i lot] of death and gore, so if you don’t liek that, don’t join.
here’s gender willl change depending on your characters gender, it is intended to be a same gender relationship
-there will be romance, but not graphic
-no slurs
-basic rules of every rp
-no killing out of the gate. You will die if you don’t fine out tored’s secret
-one person at a time




Name: Chere
Gender depends on your characters, default is male
Height: 6’4
Weight: 164 lbs
Appearance: depends on your characters gender, male: blonde short hair, green eyes, and a lot of draping fabric, bracelet with you in the pendant female: curly blonde hair, grey eyes, tight wrap of fabric, with a gold necklace op with you in the pendant
Personality: male: determined to help you to the end, commonly frightened, female: sturdy frightless woman, will never let you down
Other: none
She nodded, and slammed open the door, sprinting as fast as she could.
She swung the net around “let’s go catch some fish” she sis
HydreigonMaste / 332d ago
“Well, in that case let’s hope someone there knows how to”.
“You haven’t learned?” She asked “neither have i!”
HydreigonMaste / 332d ago
“Because at some point I have to learn how swimming works”!
“Why?” She asked, standing up to get a net for fishing
HydreigonMaste / 332d ago
"Hmm. I know what we're going to do today! Let's go to the lake"!
“It’s whatever you want to do!” She repeated, smiling
HydreigonMaste / 332d ago
She shrugged. "I mean, I don't know what we're going to do today" .
“Whatever you want” she ssid, putting her hands together
HydreigonMaste / 332d ago
"Hmm. Well, what are we going to do today then"?
“No, today, were not up at all” she said “match has been cancelled”
HydreigonMaste / 333d ago
She bit into the pancake, finishing it in a few bites. “So, we should get to the arena”.
She nodded,a Nd handed her a pancake, sitting down and resting her head on her shoulder
HydreigonMaste / 333d ago
“All he would have to do was say “Hey, they were attacking me”, and boom”.