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Mystical daycare

By HydreigonMaste

Replies: 1162 / 1 years ago

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Roleplay as fantasy creature toddlers, and have a large chimera named Avery, a non binary creature, take care of you. Limit of characters: 3 per person




Name: Avery
Gender: Non-binary
Appearance: Golden brown with dark brown mane, emerald green scorpion tail,,and ebony wings, scarlet hind legs
Species: chimera
Age: 24
"But, with those stormclouds, you can cause lightning, which could mess with electricity" .
“I can control storm clouds” she said “not electricity”
"Which means you can control electricity to an extent".
“I can’t control electricity, i cna just control if a storm is happening or not”
"Well, through that you can control water to an extent, electricity, and cause fire. You do have a lot of options".
“Controlling lightning and storms? Can do anything?.
"Why not? You could do anything with it, with those powers"!
“Becuase I don’t care about your life” she said “I don’t even care about my own”
"Why! I'm paying you a complement! Why are you like this"!
“Yo shut your tiny snout” she snarled, as lightning started to engulf the house
"Oh. Well, I just hope this makes you happy. You don't seem terrible".
“I don’t have to” she said “I’m the one who suggested it”
"That arrangement. I'm really sorry you have to do all of this".
“Stuck in what?” She asked, frowning at her as more lightning slwoly sounded
"Yes I am. Maybe if you weren't stick in that, you wouldn't be such a terrible person"/