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Discovering Aphrodite

By Babycakes

Replies: 3 / 1 years ago

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THIS ROLEPLAY IS UNDER CONTRUCTION. Also, it's gonna be fooooooooooor BeautifulDesire-, and myself. If you aren't myself, or Desire, sorry :(

OH WAIT WAIT WAIT. What if she was like . . . involved in some dark shit, like drug dealings, biker gangs, etc. But no one ever sees her whole face. And the leader of a rival gang sees her like pastelly soft looking regular self and is like CRAZY about her.

They start pursuing each other, without knowing who the other person is, the guy running the rival gang like refuses to let her find out about the gang stuff because she seems too soft for that kinda stuff and then like the two gangs get into it because a newcomer at one of the gangs went after someone in the other and get gets like "unmasked" in the throw down and he FINDS OUT IT'S HIS GIRL :O WHOOOOOA

So your female and my male know that my female is the gang leader because they've known her since the beginning and started the gang with her.

Your male doesn't know, and they aren't together at first, but like . . . they run into each other, and don't recognize each other because of a lack of biker gear. Your male avoids her finding out he is in / leads a gang, because he thinks she would be disapproving of it just because of how like sweet/pure/soft she looks. Where she doesn't tell him about hers, because she doesn't really tell anybody about hers, it's her private thing and she doesn't think anybody needs to know. She also knows people wouldn't really believe her because she doesn't "fit the bill"

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/VGYhM2I.png?1]]
We have four characters, Brianna Easton, Axel Cooper, Hattie Wienkle, and Colton Thatcher.

Hattie, Colton, and Brianna have been friends for basically as long as they can remember. Hattie and Colton were more of the [i troubled kids] in school and due to Brianna's overly friendly appearance, she was bullied a lot. The group became friends when one day, someone pushed Brianna beyond the edge of her temper, and she just [i let loose] on him.

From that point forward, they knew that Brianna wasn't just her appearance. No one ever understood it, how this overly girly, shy looking, sweet girl could be such close friends with these . . . delinquents.

When the three friends were in highschool, they started a little [i gang] which eventually actually developed into their life. But the entire basis to this gang, was that you didn't [i need] to be in it forever. No one even needed to know who you were, you could do this, and never have it scuff your reputation, if you chose for it to be that way.

This worked out best for Brianna, who would never be taken seriously in a gang. And so, the Fallen Gods arose out of no where, and quickly began setting a bit of a damper on nearby gangs, one of which was ran by Axel Cooper, The Black Mambo.

This turned into a bit of a feud between The Fallen Gods and [i most] gangs, but the more intense and long lasting feud became more of a rivalry between Axel's gang, and Brianna's.

The Fallen Gods are a biker gang, who deal in the selling of drugs and other black marketed items, while also offering protection to those in need who can't afford it, but also protection to those who [i pay] for it. There are even some members who are essentially [i bounty hunters], taking out people who manage to elude the police for serious crimes, etc.

Axel meets Brianna one day, while visiting a bike shop to have his motorcycle worked on by Colton. I'm not sure if Axel works on bikes, but if he does maybe this was a project he just didn't have the time to do solely on his own? I'm not sure. BUT ANYWAY, he sees Brianna there, with her best friend Hattie.

He's drawn to her from her appearance and being a bit taken aback seeing someone like this [i smoking weed] with her friend in a motorcycle shop just was shocking to him.

Axel doesn't know that Brianna is the famous "Aphrodite" that he's been feuding with for years, and Brianna doesn't know that Axel is the leader of their main rival gang. The two both just avoid telling each other.

How long can they avoid the hidden aspect of their lives intermingling? What will happen when The Black Mambo discovers Aphrodite?


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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/yFoIpcz.png]]
Hattie looked around as she was already at the shop. She knew that her best friend would meeting here there very soon. She was watching her future lover work on a bike. Hattie smiled real big as she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. It always has been like this since high school. But things were just going a little bit farther. After all he was the one that knew some much about her. Even more than her best friend.

But also Hattie felt very odd about today. She looked at Colton. [#f61e6d "Hey hon, do you feel like something odd is going to happen today?"] Hattie could exactly put her finger on it. She just shook her head. [#f61e6d "Nevermind. It's probably all the weed I smoke."] She chuckles and then goes to back to watching him.

Hattie then heard the shop door open and then she heard a familiar voice. She smirks real big when she see these containers and then her best friend puts them down and then she just laughed. [#f61e6d "You're always spoiling us!"] Hattie smiled real big and went over to the table where Brianna was at. She saw some food that she brought. And immediately Hattie grabs a plate and starts to eat the things that Brianna brought for them. [#f61e6d "Thank you, Bri! I was starving."] She starts giggling again. Hattie was already high. Hattie was always smoking.

Hattie eyes grew with lust when she heard Colton's word. [#f61e6d "Oh yeah?"] Hattie see's them lock eyes and then she looks back at Brianna and immediately grabs the joint and lights it up and took a big hit from it. [#f61e6d "God, that sure does feel good."]

That is when things got real weird real quick. She heard the door open again, and her eyes flicker over and saw a male walk in with a bike. She watched as Colton and this mysterious dude starting talking. Hattie didn't know who it was. She looked at Colton, because Colton knew exactly who this was. [#f61e6d "Um.. Colten. Who is this?"]

[h3 [center . . .]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/vSkQEd6.png]] Axel could tell that today was going to be a super long day. He just had this feeling. He woke up and looked at the time. He needed to over to Colton's shop today with his bike. He needed help with this project he had going on. It was taking way too long when it's just him.. Axel decided that he would wear something that isn't biker attire. He threw a shirt and some sweatpants on and then his tennis shoes. He looked at himself and thought that was good enough. He whipped out his phone and texted Colton:

[#110dc9 Hey. I'm going to be heading over soon with the bike. See you soon.]

Axel pressed sent on the message and then shoved his phone into his pocket. Axel walked out and see some of his members having a smoke. [#110dc9 "Hey dudes. I need your help getting this bike into the truck. You guys have the day off. I need to go work on this bike. So don't do anything stupid. Got it."] He was very stern when it came to his biker gang. He don't have the time to deal with anyone going to jail right now. They all nodded to his words and then helped him get the bike in the bed of the truck.

Axel drove clear across town to see their were some other cars here at the shop. He wasn't for sure who cars they were but he didn't care. He's here for Colton and that's it. He got the bike out of the truck and watched as the shop door open up for him and then he brought his bike over to were Colton is at. [#110dc9 "Well good morning to you!"] He high fived him and then he turned around and saw two girls smoking some weed. He watched them for a second and then turned back to Colton. [#110dc9 "So where should we begin?"]
It was a little on the later side, on a Saturday morning. Brianna had just finished getting herself dressed, and ready to head out in public. With her naturally wavy hair down, framing her face with the obviously not-so natural pink hue that she loved so much. The girl always had a thing for dying her hair crazy colors. But it was never overly [i bold] of a color, it was always a bit on the softer side, more subtle instead of very heavy in the color. There were some strands that were such a light pastel pink, that it looked like she had [i natural] unnatural highlights in her hair, but it was just the way her hair took to the color, and faded over time. She had two large, covered containers of food which she had lovingly placed in the back of her car.

[b [+DeepPink Hey! I’m bringing gifts to the shop, can’t wait to see you!]] She texted to her friends, Hattie and Colton. She figured that Hattie probably was [i already] at the shop, but if she wasn’t, it would give her time to get there before Brianna did. She sat her phone down in the passenger seat of her subaru, before starting the car and pulling out, making her way over to see her two favorite people.

[center ~]

When she pulled up, she had seen both of her friend’s vehicles outside, a good indication that if Hattie wasn’t already here, she at least made it in time for Brianna’s arrival. She had some help from the guy up front, with getting in the door, and she made her way to the back, basically hidden behind these two large trays. [b [+DeepPink Guys! I was making some foods to go in the freezer, and I just had to bring in some - NOT FROZEN - food for you guys! So I bring you, breakfast sandwiches, and some homemade muffins! There’s enough for everybody to have some, and probably take some home!”]] She said excitedly, sitting the two trays down on the “lunch table” that they had in the back of the shop, which was basically just a picnic table, but indoors. She made another trip out to the car, but when she came back she had some assistance from the boy who worked out front, bringing in some drinks(like 2 liters of drinks), some reusable cups, and paper plates.

[b [+Maroon “Quit spoilin’ my workers, and my princess, Bri Bri. Or they’ll start expectin’ me to do this shit when you don’t.”]] Colton said with a shit-eating grin across his face.

[h3 [center --]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/IopOsnj.jpg?1]][b [+DeepPink “Well, maybe if you did some nice things for them once in a while, they’d appreciate it.”]] She said, popping the seals on the trays of food, and getting a plate together for herself and Hattie. She made her way over, offering the plate to her. [b [+DeepPink “I wasn’t sure if you’d want one of my biscuit sandwiches, or a muffin. So I brought you both, and you can always take the other, or whatever leftovers we have home!”]] She smiled sweetly at her friend, before sitting down beside her. [b [+DeepPink “I almost forgot the best part!”]] She said, reaching into her pocket to pull out two plastic tubes, handing one to Hattie. [b [+DeepPink “You always gotta start a relaxing day off right, with something to calm the head.”]] She said, offering her one tube with a joint in it.

[b [+Maroon “First you bring her food and now you’re bringing her POT too?! How am I gonna spoil her if YOU ALREADY SPOIL HER SO MUCH BRI. You’re lucky she thinks you’re cute, or I wouldn’t let her keep ya.”]] He said with a chuckle, washing his hands and heading over to grab a plate.

[b [+DeepPink “Did you ever think that maybe I’m the one who told her she could keep YOU, Colton?”]] Brianna said with a bit of a snicker at the end. [b [+DeepPink “Anyway, I hope you guys like them! They’re still warm, too!”]]