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For Angel_Love94

By AkiraInu

Replies: 12 / 257 days ago

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Changkhyun walked to his next class as a thought came to Minhyuk. "I think I know who your mate is," said Minhyuk. "Really?" Asked Changkhyun. "It's a hunch, but we'll see as the day goes on," said Minhyuk. "Alright then," said Changkhyun.
Sophia turned her head glancing back at the guy. She wondered why she was attractive to him. To her he was mysterious and he was cute. She felt her cheek began to blush as she turned back around and headed to her biology honors class.
Angel_love94 / 234d ago
Changkhyun was walking, ignoring everyone around him as Minhyuk took in everyone's thoughts. Minhyuk froze when they walked passed her, though it was a millisecond before he walked faster to catch up with Changkhyun.

"What's up?" Asked Changkhyun. "Nothing, I just had to pause for a second to get my bearings," said Minhyuk. Changkhyun hummed in response.
Sophia stood at her locker grabbing a few things she needed for her morning class. She had been having the guy she had bumped into on her mind all week, and wondered where he had been. She closed her locker and turned her head and noticed the guy walking down the hall.
Angel_love94 / 238d ago
"When did you come back from missions?" Asked Changkhyun as he drove home with Minhyuk in the passenger seat. "I've been here and there," said Minhyuk. "But SHownu got your text and asked me to come get you," he said.

"What do you think it was?" Asked Changkhyun. "I don't know," said Minhyuk. "But whatever happened, happened because your mate was found," he said. "I'll have to be in your place for a little bit," he said. "Just to keep up appearances," he said."Good thing no one knows who you are," said Changkhyun. Minhyuk nodded.

[center ~This is a time skip~]

Minhyuk was a new face to the school, and even after a week in the students were ever curious about him. He knew that Changkhyun was returning soon, judging from how well his training with his powers were, but there was still the off chance that it would go haywire, thus his involvement in it. They weren't sure what his power was exactly yet, but it could be dangerous to everyone.

Minhyuk and Changkhyun arrived at the school that morning with Changkhyun getting noticed immediately. "This isn't right," grumbled Minhyuk. "They think you finally went crazy," he said. "No worries," said Changkhyun. "I know I disappeared for a week but it'll die down," he said. Minhyuk hummed in response.
Sophia glanced up when she saw some guy at the door starring at the guy she had bumped into earlier, who he immediately gather his belongs and left the classroom in a hurried. She wondered what that was all about. She signed as she went back to focus on taking notes about an up coming book report.
Angel_love94 / 242d ago
Changkhyun rushed into the class just behind the teacher, looking disheveled as he had to rush there after running to the bathroom. He apologized to the teacher before going to sit down, noticing that the new student was in his class. He tried to ignore her to the best of his abilities, twirling a pen around in his right hand as he took notes.He seemed distracted though, jumping slightly in his chair when the teacher called on him. "I-I um," he said, unable to think of an answer for the teacher. He had no problems before today with the teachers, what the hell was wrong with him today?

The door to the classroom burst open and Minhyuk, one of the other members of his pack who could read minds, said something about there being a family emergency and Changkhyun was needed to head home for the day. Changkhyun blinked in surprise at the appearance of Minhyuk before getting up and excusing himself as he grabbed his things before running out the door with Minhyuk following not a second later.
Sophia jumped as the bell rang. She looked around to tell that boy something but he disappeared into the crowed. Sophia glanced around, overwhelmed by the amount of high school student in the hall way hurrying to class. She sighed as she began to make her way down the hall till she reached the front office. "Hello. My name is Sophia McDainel, I'm new and need my class schedule." Sophia told her clerk. "Oh yes, we have been expecting you.. Umm." Ms Franis said as she scrambled to find the folder. "Ah yes here it is." Ms Franis pulled the schedule out and handed it to Sophia. "Your first period class is English honors which is at the end of the hall in room 123.." Ms Franis said. Sophia took the paper and nodded as she turned around and strolled down to the classroom. Sophia opened the classroom door and walked into the room and found a seat in the back just as the bell rang for class to start.
Angel_love94 / 246d ago
Changkhyun was minding his own business at this point, looking down at his phone in his hands as he walked the halls. Most humans tended to give him a wide berth for some reason, and he chalked it up to the bad boy image he had despite having a few human friends.

When someone had basically ran into him while he was walking Changkhyun looked up from his phone with a confused look before blinking in surprise. "Oh, it's alright," he said, shrugging as he adjusted the backpack straps on his shoulders. "I should look where I'm going next time," he said, blinking when something clicked in his mind. He stood there dumbfounded for a minute before hearing the bell ring. "Ah, time to go to class," he said, soon rushing off to his first class.
Sophia shut of her alarm after letting it snooze for a few extra minutes. She sat up, stretched and started to thinking about today. Today was the first day of her new school and Sophia wasn’t happy about it. Her dad got a new job that required the family to move. Sophia disliked leaving her childhood home and her friends. Her father through out the whole move kept reminding her that this is a new adventure and it’s time to make new memories. You can keep in touch with friends.
Sophia got out of bed and slowly got ready. She decided on a simple floral dress for her first day. Her fixed up her hair and applied a natural make up look. She looked into the mirror and sighed. “Hopefully today goes well.” She said to herself. She grabbed her backpack and headed down stairs. She pulled a cereal bar out of the pantry and filled her water bottle up. “Bye dad!” She called out as she headed out the door. She was in walking distance from the school, so she walked. Walking into the school, Sophia felt overwhelmed as she glanced at everything on the walls, the amount of high schoolers that were gathered in different groups, and how big the school was. Sophia was so distracted In her thoughts. That she bumped into someone. “I’m so sorry.” She said looking up at the guy she had bumped into.
Angel_love94 / 255d ago
Changkhyun sighed as he opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling above him. "Another day, another wasted time in my life," he grunted as he rolled over and off the bed, landing on the floor with a thump. "Come get breakfast," called Shownu, his voice floating up from downstairs. "I'm coming," called Changkhyun as he got up, going to get ready for school.

Rushing downstairs after grabbing his bag, Changkhyun stopped by the kitchen to grab a breakfast sandwich, bumping into Shownu along the way. "Off to work?" He asked. "Yeah," said Shownu. "I'll be home at the usual time tonight, granted I'm not needed for anything," he said. "Alright," said Changkhyun as he went to grab the sandwich before rushing out the front door to his jeep.

Reaching the high school was uneventful for the most part, having to drive from the outskirts of town granted Changkhyun some privacy considering that the town was surrounded by forest for the most part. It was why Shownu had moved here to let him finish school, at least, from what Changkhyun understood. Then again this place itself was their own personal hunting grounds, as the other members of their pack liked to hunt and he was the only one going through school at the moment. He couldn't wait until the school year was over already, despite it being the first day of school.

Changkhyun sat in his jeep after parking for a few minutes, letting it sink in that it was his final year of high school, and it would be his last chance to find his mate in this town before they had to move on. He knew no one in their pack wanted to move, but they simply couldn't stay in one place for too long after he graduated.

"To another year then," he said, getting out of his jeep after grabbing his bag and heading into the school.