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By Babycakes

Replies: 9 / 1 years ago

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Hello, it's nice to meet you!

I'm Babycakes, but if you don't want to call me Babycakes, you can call me Ann. I am new to this site, but I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine. I am not new to writing.

I am female, and use she/her/they/them pronouns. I am a young adult, and I have a full time job, in addition to a side thing that I'm trying to make a career out of. I have animals as well, so I'm sure you can imagine my life can be pretty busy at times.

With that in mind, I cannot promise I'll be on all the time, but I will try and do my best to be active when I can!

[b [u Some Themes / Genre(s) I'm into:]]
The BioShock game series (mostly 1 & 2)
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Gods & Goddesses (I've been reading Lore Olympus a lot lately)
General Long distance friendships turned romance
Mythological creatures (Sirens, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, etc)
Supernatural(The show)
Tokyo Ghoul
Chobits(I can't say I'm sure how to do a RP fir this but I do love Chobits)
I also like lacing darker themes into plots as well!

Just because I didn't list something here doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in it, the theme / topic may have just not come to mind.

[b [u My writing capabilities:]]
I can type anywhere from 1,500 - 10,000+ characters depending on the situation going on in the thread, my general inspiration level during my post, and what I have to work with. I tend to keep my posts between 1,500-3,000 and average around 1,800-2,200.
I prefer writing from the female's perspective when I am playing one character. I can absolutely play a male character and while my plots focus around myself playing a female, we can always discuss the possibility of having me write from the male's perspective solely, or making it a 2x2!
I also am not opposed to us both playing males or females. It's not my normal writing set up, so again, my plots are generally written with the idea that the other person would play the male, but I'm very willing to try and work things out.
I am not demanding that my writing partner is capable of the same things I am, just keep in mind that my responses are based off of what I am given to work with.

[b [u Plots:]]
For the sake of simplicity, I will have the plots posted below. Currently, [i most] of these plots are old. They are either plots that I came up with on my own, or with a friend who knows that I'm using them and is fine with it. Some of them, I'm sure, might be worded a bit poorly. But I'm more than willing to discuss and even rework a plot idea for a story that would be more well suited to you, so absolutely feel free to ask questions!
Again, my plots are normally set up with the idea of myself playing a female and my partner playing a male but this is still absolutely up for discussion!


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

[b [u 1x1 / 2x2 Deaf Girl and Past Bully make amends, drama and life ensue.]]

[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">] [Handlee [size16 This is a roleplay based on the film A Silent Voice / The Shape of Voice, which is based off of the manga, A Silent Voice.

If you haven't watched / read it, that's fine but if you're interested in watching it I suggest you do before reading this because below will contain(more or less) the plot of the film.

[size32 [center Background Story]]
[+mediumpurple Female's] family had transferred [+mediumpurple her] to a new school in sixth grade. [+mediumpurple She] is deaf , and upon introducing [+mediumpurple herself] to the class with a notebook, [+mediumpurple she] had already written on the first few pages, explaining to everyone that [+mediumpurple she] can not hear and would like to get to know everybody through this notebook.

At first, most of the class seemed excited about getting to know [+mediumpurple her], but [+seagreen male] spent [+seagreen his] time picking on [+mediumpurple her]. Eventually the rest of the class joined in, picking on [+mediumpurple her] because it wasn't like [+mediumpurple she] could hear them anyway! [+mediumpurple Her] family had finally gotten hearing aids, and [+mediumpurple female] was never able to keep them for very long, because [+seagreen male] always pulled them out, and hid them or threw them. Whenever [+mediumpurple she] ran into [+seagreen him] outside of school, [+mediumpurple she] would try to ask [+seagreen him] to be friends, signing it to [+seagreen him]. But [+seagreen he] never knew what [+mediumpurple she] was trying to say. [+seagreen He] made a point to tell [+mediumpurple her] that everybody was going to get tired of needing to write things out for [+mediumpurple her] to understand.

It was all just a joke to [+seagreen male] and [+seagreen his] classmates, until one day when [+seagreen he] pulls [+mediumpurple her] hearing aid out, [+mediumpurple female] starts bleeding. [+mediumpurple She] doesn't come back to school for a few days, and over this time, the principal comes into class because he received a call from [+mediumpurple female's] mother.

The principal is there to try and find out who is responsible for so many of [+mediumpurple female's] hearing aids going missing or getting damaged in the few months that [+mediumpurple she] had been a part of this school and the even shorter amount of time that [+mediumpurple she] had hearing aids. Initially everything is quiet, but the teacher spoke up, stating that everyone in the class knows that it was [+seagreen male] who was constantly teasing [+mediumpurple her].

The teacher tells [+seagreen male] to stand up and begins asking students about what they have seen [+seagreen him] do to [+mediumpurple her]. [+seagreen He] thought that his friends wouldn't have turned on [+seagreen him], but as soon as [+seagreen he] was singled out, [+seagreen he] saw all of [+seagreen his] friends start speaking up. They made it seem like [+seagreen he] was the only one who picked on [+mediumpurple her]. Some of them from this point forward, begin bullying [+seagreen him], while others just cut ties to [+seagreen him].

On the way home [+seagreen he] has all of [+seagreen his] books thrown into the fountain outside of school, where he before had thrown [+mediumpurple her] book into. When [+seagreen he] gets [+seagreen his] books, [+seagreen he] also finds [+mediumpurple hers] and takes it home with him. [+seagreen Male] comes home to find that the school called [+seagreen his] mother. They go to see [+mediumpurple female] and [+mediumpurple her] mother, intending on trying to repay them. [+seagreen He] sees [+seagreen his] mother withdraw a very large sum of money from her bank account on the way. [+seagreen Male] finds [+mediumpurple female] feeding some birds by a fountain. [+seagreen He] was supposed to apologize to [+mediumpurple her], but didn't say anything.

When [+seagreen his] mother comes to get [+seagreen him], [+seagreen male] sees blood on her shirt, and notices that somehow, her earring was torn out.

When [+mediumpurple female] comes back to school, [+seagreen male] finds [+mediumpurple her] scrubbing his desk while no one else is in the classroom. [+mediumpurple He] doesn't understand why [+mediumpurple she's] so weird. He starts yelling at [+mediumpurple her], and pushing [+mediumpurple her], trying to provoke [+mediumpurple her] to just say something if something's wrong, and to stop pretending to be a goody two-shoes.

Eventually [+mediumpurple she] bites him, trying to get him to stop. He gets more aggressive and [+mediumpurple she] just starts slapping him, and trying to push him away. In male's mind, this is all [+mediumpurple her] fault. Everything was fine until [+mediumpurple she] was here. As the two of them wrestle, eventually [+mediumpurple female] gets over top of him and in the midst of everything, yells that [+mediumpurple [b "I'm doing the best I can!"]] but he doesn't understand what [+mediumpurple she] said.

Since [+mediumpurple she] stopped cleaning his desk, he realized that people have been writing on it to make fun of him. [+mediumpurple She] was just trying to do something nice for him. A few days later, [+mediumpurple female] was transferred to another school. [+seagreen Male] thought that things would go back to how they were before [+mediumpurple she] showed up, but they didn't.

[size32 [center Fast Forward]]
[+seagreen Male] is in [+seagreen his] last year of highschool, [+seagreen he]'s 18, and things never got better for [+seagreen him] socially. [+seagreen He] is depressed, and feels like the world is better off without [+seagreen him.] So [+seagreen he] decides to make amends. [+seagreen He] learns sign language, and begins looking for the [+mediumpurple girl] that [+seagreen he] never treated right. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her] to apologize, but when [+mediumpurple she] realized it was [+seagreen him], [+mediumpurple she] ran from [+seagreen him]. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her], and begins signing with [+mediumpurple her]. In the process of signing to [+mediumpurple her] that [+seagreen he] is sorry, and would like to be friends, [+seagreen he] realizes that being friends with [+seagreen him] was all [+mediumpurple she] wanted.

They agree to be friends. In a way, [+mediumpurple she] saves [+seagreen him]. [+seagreen He] starts trying to find some of the friends [+mediumpurple she] "had" when they went to school together, so [+mediumpurple she] isn't by [+mediumpurple herself] all the time([+mediumpurple She] does have a younger sister but in terms of friends, she has none), but one of the girls proves to be of ill intent after all this time.

This girl spends any 1 on 1 time that she gets with [+mediumpurple her] being emotionally abusive and even eventually physically abusive to her (which gets caught on camera by [+mediumpurple her] sister, who left her camera on and recording with [+mediumpurple her] because she didn't trust the girl), and after a little while everybody drifts apart again as tempers fly, but [+seagreen he] was still there for [+mediumpurple her]. [+mediumpurple She] confesses having feelings for [+seagreen him] but in trying to make a point to speak this, [+seagreen he] doesn't understand what [+mediumpurple she] was trying to say.

[+mediumpurple She] hates herself. [+mediumpurple She] feels like [+mediumpurple she's] broken, a nuisance. [+mediumpurple She] can see how [+mediumpurple her] life is a burden to others, an internal issue of [+mediumpurple hers] which was barely existent until [+mediumpurple she] came to [+seagreen his] school, and experienced being bullied relentlessly because of [+mediumpurple her] handicap. [+mediumpurple She] decides to end [+mediumpurple her] life. [+seagreen He] finds [+mediumpurple her] as [+mediumpurple she] is about to jump off the balcony(The family lives in an apartment complex, and on one of the higher up floors) and to [+mediumpurple her] demise, but [+seagreen he] grabs [+mediumpurple her] just in time. As [+seagreen he] rescues [+mediumpurple her], [+seagreen he] falls, and winds up in the hospital, and for a little while is in a coma.

While [+seagreen he] is in a coma, the girl who was emotionally abusive to [+mediumpurple her] spends as much time as she can preventing [+mediumpurple her] from seeing [+seagreen him]. [+mediumpurple She] has a nightmare involving [+seagreen him], and runs to the bridge, where they would meet since becoming friends, and [+seagreen he] finds [+mediumpurple her] there crying, after waking from [+seagreen his] coma.

[size32 [center There's still a bit to the film after this point, but . . .]]
I just wanted to try and explain the film to the best extent that I could. I'm interested in talking to someone about this, and working out a way that we can move forward from this story. I'd like to start either when he goes to find her that day, deciding not to end his life afterwards, or somewhere before she confesses feelings for him. I'd like someone to play [+seagreen the male] for this, and I'm willing to work out a 2x2 if needed.

Please DM me, and let me know your skill level, and some posting references and hopefully we can get started on this soon. Also, if you have any questions feel free to DM me because I'm sure I didn't do the best job at explaining everything.

I'm also willing to adjust ages up some because I know everybody being at 18 can also be a little weird.

Thank you.
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [size20 1x1/2x2 Pen-Pal college assignment]]]

Have you ever had a pen pal? Traditionally, pen pals are people you would write letters to back and forth, sending little "gifts" back and forth that helped show your long distance friend an idea of the culture that you grew up surrounded in.

Unfortunately, with the modernization of society, the idea of having pen pals has seemed to vanish. While people were able to make friends online, was it ever really the same as building a bond with someone the way pen pals used to: sharing bits of your culture, taking the time to write out decent length messages where you felt like you were really connecting with the person who would read it on the other side, versus sending quick messages back and forth that held little to no substance or meaning?

Professors at colleges all over the world decided that they needed to show the significance of the bond creature through pen pals, something that they grew up doing in school. While they didn't want to try and organize a meet across the entire world, these professors decided to work with others all around the country (or continent) to have their students write back and forth with a student from another school.

At the end of the college semester, these students were scheduled to meet their pen pal, and were free to continue communicating beyond, or if they really felt that they hadn't established a bond, they could part ways, continuing on with their life.
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [size20 1x1 A young girl was turned into a vampire to avoid death. She now lives for and serves the Prince, who is now King. They grew up together, and are very bonded to one another as friends. Maybe more?]]]

Long ago, an agreement was made. The King of Vampires accepted the offering of a sick girl, turning her into a vampire. She was destined to be the guard for his son, the heir to the throne. This would save the girl’s life, giving her a chance to thrive, instead of lying lifeless, and in pain for the last bit of time she had in her very short life. While these arrangements were not common, it wasn’t particularly unheard of for a child to be turned to allow them a chance to actually experience life, in some form.

She was the first person that the prince had bitten, the first person that the prince had turned, because she was intended to spend the rest of her life by his side. They grew up together, became very close friends as months turned to years, to decades, to centuries. As time overall advanced, the vampire’s hidden society did as well. Eventually the Prince’s father died, causing him to step up and reign as King. Still, many people shunned and even hunted vampires, but it had gotten a little bit easier to humanely acquire blood over the years with the help of the few who understand that this race is just trying to survive.


I’d like for feelings to either be there, or develop between the two however this is not necessarily mandatory. I’m leaving this rather open ended because I’d like to work through this with whoever would be interested in this, and aside from that . . . You’re the King! You’re the ruler! I was thinking for some astray Vampires (they consider them feral because they’re losing their sense of empathy towards humans and giving into primal instincts) to start leading a bit of a . . . murderous cult. These vampires want to make humans live in fear of vampires more so than they already do, and wish to return to a life in which vampires were 100% in charge of everything, instead of trying to live passively. They see humans as just a means to survive, and not living beings who deserve compassion. So the King needs to find a way to deal with these vampires, and try to repair the image of their race to the humans.

The other option would be for the King to want complete power again after having their race forced into hiding, the means of his father’s death can also be up to your discretion. If we were to do this, there could be an uprising of rebel vampires who are fighting for human rights, etc.

At some point, I’d like the bodyguard to sustain an injury trying to protect the King. Originally I wanted her to have amnesia, and going through the process of helping her recover her memories. (Preferably after a romance has been established if there is one)
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [size20 1x1 - Doctor Who Themed Roleplay. The Doctor is not the last of his species to survive, the woman who has been searching for him for ages finally finds him, eager to see if she really is not the last of her kind.]]]

The Doctor. The Doctor knew what it was like, to lose his people, to fight in a war, and end up without anyone at his side when it ended. There was no winner. There was no celebration. The Time Lords had fought the Daleks with all they had, but that meant losing every single one of their kind. Except one. That's what The Doctor had thought, at least. Since then, he has spent his time travelling worlds. The different moments in time. It was not a matter of where he went alone, but also a matter of when he went. There was never a dull moment. Strange things happening in times where they didn't belong. Who would be there to fix it? The Doctor.

What about the times that The Doctor was not there? When something goes wrong in history, in the path of things in the universe. Who fixed it when The Doctor wasn't there? Problems don't just solve themselves. They have to be solved. This is where she ties in.


She had been there for that war. She fought alongside the others. She managed to survive, she managed to escape death, but for what? An eternity without her kind? It didn't seem to make much sense. How could one be condemned to live the rest of their life alone? She slowly moved on the best she could, using her time to travel, and try to keep things in order. She had slipped about anonymously, hoping that one day she'd find another Time Lord, or a way to bring them back. She dreaded being alone, being without them. She did her best to be helpful. To try and assist others. To give herself a purpose.

She did what she could to feel at home. Her mind, always trying to figure out any possible way that she would not be alone. Any way another could have survived. If that was the case, she wasn't sure what she would do. She couldn't imagine a life with another of her kind here anymore. Not after this time. She could never pick up on one. The thing was, she kept hearing about this "Doctor" wherever she lingered. All the different times, the different places. The stories were never old, though. They were always recent things. No one knew his true identity either. This was what gave her hope. She had to find this Doctor.

I’m not particularly looking for someone to play THE DOCTOR as portrayed in the series. This is more of an alternate universe. Your version of “The Doctor” can be whoever you want, with whatever personality you want. If you’d like him to be called something else, I’m not opposed to that either, we would just need to discuss it so I know how to adjust the plot description in our thread.
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [size20 1x1 - There is a war between the sexes. The Princess, a warrior, feels pity for the souls of all defeated, whether male or female. She finds a male who was left on the battlefield who wasn't dead, and took him in, nursing him back to health in secrecy.]]]

I'm not sure if any of you have read The Foretelling, but I'm currently reading it through. I'm not trying to do something following it's story line, BUT I'd like to use a portion from the beginning to start.
Ours was a time of blood, when the sky reached on forever, when one horse became a hundred and then a thousand.

We lived in the time of fortune, in a world of only women. We were warriors from the very beginning, before we were born. There was no battle we could not win. We were strong, the strength of a thousand sisters. And we had something no one else had. Something that caused terror in our enemies when we came across the steppes. Something no one in the man's world had yet managed to do.
We rode horses.

Men were our enemies... They cursed us and our grandmothers.

That was what all the women were brought up to believe, the men the same, but opposing the women. A bitter blood feud between men and women has been going on for such a long time. The men and women using their captives of the opposite gender to manage to have children. That's what she believed, until her first battle.

When the battle was over the silence reminded me of the silence that followed my dream. Our people were quick to depart from the dead of our enemies, leaving them to the wolves and the ravens. I alone got off my horse to look at the defeated, but I didn't find what I was searching for.

All around me were the faces of the fallen. They were our enemy, but their agony was a bitter thing to see, especially those who were still in our world, although barely. Blood ran from them and made black pools. I tried not to think of the creatures as human, but as something else, as beasts.

All the same, when I walked through what was left of them, I felt something rising inside me. Our word for this is never used. It is a curse upon our own people when speaking of our enemies.

This is where we start off. This can either be a 1x1 or 2x2 roleplay. Making this a 2x2 roleplay will involve discussion of the secondary set of characters.

My female is the heir to the throne of her society, always feeling slightly more tempted to do something about this hatred towards the male gender. This blood feud has been going on for longer than she had even known. Was the hatred really grounded well anymore? Why were they even fighting? Your character is a male from the people they’ve been fighting for all these years. During battle, he is wounded severely and left with the bodies of the dead warriors of his own people. He can be of whatever place within their society that you wish, but he must be able to have a good amount of influence. She sees him, and something about him makes her decide to take care of him and bring him to health, despite knowing the resistance she will probably receive from him when he is of enough strength to handle himself, and the anger that this will cause her people.
Babycakes / 1y ago
[size20 [b [u 1x1/2x2/Group - In a world where people with powers are generally shunned, despised, and forced to hide who they truly are, some are abducted and forced to be a part of a Special Ops unit.]]]

This plot was made by my friend, and is also used on one of their accounts, but the two of us worked on it together and she is fine with me also using it here. Just as a disclaimer. <3

In one of the highest clearance levels of the CIA. There is a Special Ops unit. Any of their files are stamped

Classified: FR-34-K.

The organization has only the best mythically enabled agents.

It takes a lot of promise for people to be fully entrusted with those missions. The head recruiting agent for people is capable of two things: since the pending agents are to be taken from their homes, and livelihoods the agent in charge is capable of causing people to feel an overwhelming calming sensation, which depending on the “potency” leads to passing out, in addition to this, they are also capable of reflecting the abilities of others back at them, which prevents any subjects from being able to use their skills to manipulate the agent due to a fight or flight response. Our characters were abducted by this agent, recruited to join the FR-34-K division, whether they liked it or not.

This can be either a 1x1, 2x2, or just in general a group RP. Romance is an option, though not needed. Any friends and/or family members of those recruited are not able to maintain contact with the subjects, to avoid there being any possible way of this being discovered. People who have powers are seen as very dangerous and normally killed on the spot if caught, so anyone who has powers would do their best to hide this information from anyone they cared about to avoid putting them at risk as well. Normally powers develop throughout puberty, but there are cases of people developing powers earlier, or later. No one is exactly sure why, currently.

Anyone with powers that can be seen as useful in some capacity to the government, are abducted and placed in the FR-34-K division. Very few recruiting processes allow subjects to maintain relationships in the outside world. This is only done if the subject has an ability which would be used for communications, this individual is normally added to deal with publicity if this division is needed in larger, or more well known cases.

Jobs vary from reconnaissance, to assassinations, to solving crimes that normally would be left in the cold case files, or are too aggressive/dangerous/serious and need to be solved ASAP.
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [size20 1x1 - Long time friends have always been close, the female ends up in an abusive relationship, the male picks up on this when no one else does.]]]

[+lightcoral Female] and [+lightseagreen Male] have known each other for a long time. They've been friends throughout childhood and their parents have always been close. [+lightcoral Female's] mother has been single for as long as she can remember, and for good reason. The father was a very abusive, and scary person to be around, and after having her baby [+lightcoral] girl, she couldn't risk him treating her daughter the way he was treating his soon-to-be wife.
As for [+lightseagreen Male's] family was similar, in the sense that his father had been raising him all on his own for a long time. Shortly after their booming baby [+lightseagreen boy] was born, she felt as though her chances to stardom were fading, and she left her family, going off to become a real actress, like she had always dreamed of.

Being single parents was normally something people struggled with, which was why they had support groups, where single parents could get together and give tips and ask questions. That's where they met, and after a short period of time, [+lightcoral Female] and [+ligtseagreen Male] began growing up together, blossoming into best friends.

After varying circumstances, and the support they had from each other. They were basically inseparable. This always caused issues whenever they tried to pursue relationships with other people, because everyone always assumed that the two were more involved with each other than they lead on to be. Were there feelings? Yes, at least on [+lightcoral female’s] side, but she had never expressed them to [+lightseagreen male] because she was afraid that he wouldn’t feel the same way, or that it might wind up ruining their friendship. She never knew if he might’ve felt that way and felt the need to hide it from her, or not.

[+lightcoral Female] was in a long term relationship with [+orange Male], but things weren’t as pleasant as the two lead on. [+orange Male] was very abusive to her, and wouldn’t let her see friends or family without him. While most thought that the two were just that close, [+lightseagreen male] knew that this just wasn’t the case.


I’d like to either start this where I’m playing [+lightcoral female] and [+orange male] and show the decline of their relationship, have [+lightseagreen male] confront her about it when he finally catches her somewhere in private, and going through the end of the relationship. Whether or not [+lightseagreen male] HAD feelings for her, or develops them, or doesn’t, is entirely up to you!
Babycakes / 1y ago
[b [u [center [size20 2x2 - 4 friends, 2 in a relationship, 2 possibly starting a long distance relationship]]]]

Throughout all of [b [+violet her]] problems, [b [+forestgreen he]] was there. It all started when [b [+violet she]] was getting ready to go into her eight grade year. [b [+violet Her]] parents fought constantly. [b [+violet Her]] father would try to molest [b [+violet her]]. When [b [+violet she]] began to withdrawal from [b [+violet her]] friends, [b [+violet she]] was made fun of and tormented, because no one knew the pain [b [+violet she]] went through, because [b [+violet she]] didn't know how to say it.
[b [+violet She]] joined a chat site, where no one would know [b [+violet her]] real name, because all they would see was [b [+violet her]] screen-name. [b [+forestgreen He]] was going into his junior year of highschool, when [b [+violet she]] started talking to [b [+forestgreen him]]. It was as simple as openly greeting everyone in the chatroom, as [b [+violet she]] often did, because [b [+violet she]] wanted to talk to someone. And [b [+forestgreen he]] was the first person to respond beyond a simple [i "Hey."] or [i "Hi."]
There was a [i "How is your night going?"] And the conversation [b [+forestgreen he]] started with [b [+violet her]] was the start of a very strong friendship. When [b [+violet she]] started confiding in [b [+forestgreen him]], [b [+forestgreen he]] made a private room for them to talk.
[b [+forestgreen He]] learned about [b [+violet her]] life. That was the day that [b [+forestgreen he]] saw how cruel life could be to people who didn't deserve it. They made Skype accounts so that [b [+violet she]] could talk to [b [+forestgreen him]] or [b [+forestgreen he]] could talk to [b [+violet her]] whenever they needed to.
[b [+forestgreen He]] was always there for [b [+violet her]] and [b [+forestgreen he]] always told [b [+violet her]] that [i everything will be alright. [b [+forestgreen I'm]] right here. [b [+forestgreen I'll]] always be here for [b [+violet you.]]
When [b [+violet she]] went into highschool [b [+forestgreen he]] was starting his senior year. Voice calls turned into sending pictures so they knew what the other looked like. They made a new friend on the website, but that person didn't come alone. [b [+Crimson They]] were dating, [b [+Crimson they]] were always together. When [b [+Crimson they]] became friends with [b [+forestgreen him]] and [b [+violet her]], it was obvious that [b [+forestgreen he]] had some serious chemistry with [b [+violet her]].
The friendship between these four people grew and eventually, with the assistance of [b [+Crimson them]], [b [+forestgreen he]] and [b [+violet she]] began pursuing the possibility of a future relationship. [b [+Violet she]] adores [b [+forestgreen him]], and the feelings so far, are reciprocated.
They are both adults now, and have been talking about meeting up. They're both scared. But they're also so excited to finally be able to see each other face to face.
Will having [b [+Crimson them]] around help soothe the anxiety of finally meeting the one [b [+violet she]] or [b [+forestgreen he]] loves?
[h3 [center [b Roles]]]
[b [+Violet Her - My character] -
[+ForestGreen Him - Your character]
[+Crimson Them - My/Your character] && [+blue My/Your Chatacter] ]
Babycakes / 1y ago