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psycho Murder x (M or F) Literate

By Alfa279escaped

Replies: 22 / 264 days ago

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[center Gorge F Jackerson was a well-known boy from his family. A nice kid but with the wrong mind making him a dangerous kid to mess with. At the age of 10, he had handled a hunter's knife and sliced his arms several times until his parents stopped him. At the age of 20, he killed his family and afterwards wrote with their blood on a note sending it to the police. He did escape peacefully and without a trace.]

[center He was later found in New York after 5 years since his disappearance. He was working as a waiter in a small restaurant. A (Male/Female) recently moved into the neighborhood. (He/She) were a Journalist for a newspaper which closed 15 days later being sold to a bigger news company. Gorge being a little girly walked over and took their order. (He/She) was later kidnapped by him waking up in a dark room]

[size20 rules]

no sexual content(Kissing is fine)
bad language, drugs, and alcohol references
1000+ literate limit
be patient
and have fun


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"Oh yeah, I forgot to say that the door there is um... trapped!" He sat there smiling as the door flung open and exploded killing all and left a few in critical condition. He chuckled as he watched them run from him as he held up a weapon from a dead swat guy, "Too easy!"

"Drop the knife and submit to me!" He smiled aiming it at her. he had her once again trapped like an animal. He walked to her with the weapon in hand laughing, "Just when you thought you were safe I take it back you're nice to have as a trophy he, he, he"

Jayden ran and shrieked when she was violently shoved into the wall. Her lip started to bleed and you had a cut on her cheek from the wall. Blood was starting to drip from her face as it ran down her chin and got onto the wall. [+blue "Let me go bastard!! You just said I could leave!!"] Jayden tried to reach her arm behind her and cut Gorge but she wasn't sure if she was doing any damage or not.

Jayden trembled and groaned when he licked her bloody neck. [+blue "You are disgusting. Get away from me!! I called the police and any second they will storm in and kill you."] Jayden struggled to get her arm free when Gorge grabbed it. Shit. She was so dumb for getting caught again. She was like a lion that had been tricked by the hunter. Jayden suddenly realized something as she moved her leg and kicked his hard in the knee. [+blue "Ha! I would rather cut you to pieces and feed you to dogs before I ever let you touch me again!!"]

Jayden started pulled on her arms to get free and fell back onto the ground as he let go. [+blue "Ow! Ahh.."] Jayden flinched and looked down at her now scrapped hands as a little trickle of blood started to peak out. [+blue "You heck of a bastard liar!! Your actions have never been good!! You have probably killed hundreds before me and honestly, I don't know how I am still alive!! Just let me actually go and maybe I will tell the cops to not kill you and just let you rot in prison."]

At that moment, there was a loud banging and shouting at the door as Jayden smirked at Gorge. [+blue "Tik, Tik. Your time is up and I have won. You can't do anything to hurt me anymore.
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 157d ago
[center He held his arm as he watched her leave he then chuckling lightly knowing her trust was split. Trusting him was never an option for him since his emotions are mixed and have too many personalities. He smirked as he followed her and ran up slamming her into the wall. his eyes had a passion look to them as he opened his mouth to speak, "Hey honey how about a date hu because I got the hots for you!"]

[center He licked her neck lightly keeping her arm pinned so he wouldn't be cut. He chuckled happily as he kissed her cheek lightly not knowing the police had surrounded the place. He pulled away, "But no is fine if you don't want to after all you're cute!"]

[center "You may run, I know my actions at... first wasn't the greatest, and please forgive me for that!" He looked at her up and down as he spoke before stepping out of the way. His actions were gentle and nice though he did apologize to her. His face then quickly changed to the neutral face, "I'm bored but hey I like you enough to kill me go ahead!"]
Jayden was extremely confused when she saw the prop collapse. [+blue "No... You bastard!!"] Jayden clutched the knife and was about to lunge for his neck when she noticed the X she was standing on. How could she have gotten so stupid!! Jayden watched with a glare as Gorge circled her. She should have just run. She should have just not looked in the alley. [+blue "Stop talking about my family or else I will cut you..."]

Jayden flinched when he pulled her away and she stabbed her knife into his arm and quickly pulled it out. Blood started to get everywhere as it leaked from his arm. She growled at Gorge and noticed that he was wearing a different expression. It was almost like he was a different man. [+blue "Y-You can't be serious... Is this another one of your games? Are you trying to trick me into thinking that I have a chance? What is going on here!!"] Jayden screamed at him.

What was the point of any of this? Jayden clutched her knife and sprinted towards the door while she still had the opportunity. She would hate herself later if she never took the chance to run. Maybe she really would be free once she made it out the door.
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 161d ago
Gorge looked up from his seat smiling as he made a joke to her mother. He seemed different and way to smart for a normal psychopath. He placed a trap and slice the toy showing it wasn't her mother. He chuckled standing up and walking to her, "You so fell for it you idiot you know you just fucking messed up!"

he had trapped her again and it was perfectly placed all of it even her location which marked X. he chuckled once again as he circled her, "Move and you trigger the trap losing your head or legs your choice after all you ran from me silly of you to come back having to think that the mother was real hu? Well if I see a black and white photo..., you should know that your mother has the same photo ever since she left that monstrous school, I know you have seen it so give up there is no chance for victory if I planned you to come to a fake mother's rescue I liked her to the point I gave her some slack!"

"Next time, look at the date of the photo!" He grabbed her and quickly pulled her away triggering the trap and saving her. His eyes were now once again gentle and kind not crazy and murderous, "What are you doing here I told you to leave, now go and head to the hospital it seems my other um... half is... Well hooked into you, now please leave!"
Jayden had been hiding out in a bakery that was nearby. She had stolen one of the large kitchen knives and was hiding in the back of a storage closet. She had passed out and slept for six hours before someone found her and ran her out. Jayden could stand up now but was shaking as she ran into the street with the stolen knife. She took to the alleys so that no one saw how much she was bleeding. She was walking past the alley that led to Gorge’s house and she paused. [+blue “Don’t look... You can go to the police or a hospital and have a good life...”]

Jayden disobeyed herself as she peaked into the alley. She flinched at all the blood she had trailed all over the ground. She sat a perfectly wrapped package laying in the middle of the dried blood and her face went pale. She knew he had put it there. Who else would leave a box in an alley filled with blood and no doors? Jayden went over to the box and shaking key picked it up and opened it. She dropped it at the note and the picture of her mother. [+blue “No... Mom...”]

Jayden picked up with box and almost dropped it again as she ran into the street and ignored the looks from others. She had to do something before she went back or else she was guaranteeing her death. Jayden ran to a telephone booth and called the Police. [+blue “Hello? Shut up! There is a Psycho murderer who is abusing me and holding my mother hostage. You need to come here quickly and restrain him please!!”] Jayden have Gorge’s address that she had seen when she escaped earlier and hung up.

Jayden left the booth and dropped the box in a trash can. She didn’t want the picture of her mother with him even if it was her last reminder of the woman. Jayden slowly walked into the shadows of the alley and made her way to Gorge’s. She had plenty of time till the day was up. She slipped into a sketchy general store and stole an apple and a sandwich. Good to at least eat something. By the time she made it, she had finished eating her small meal. Her breathing hitched as she put her hand on the door and opened it like she owned the place. Jayden kept a death grip on her hidden knife and swore that she wouldn’t let Gorge’s hurt her mother or her again.
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 193d ago
After 3 hours, Gorge came back, when he saw she was gone he was angered. He ran out of the room to find her. He thought to himself out loud "I am going to hurt her to where she can't walk"

He ran searching for her for hours not stopping until he found her. He ran to her home then to her job, then spotted her blood trail. He then decided to go ahead and follow it. Follow me let him alleyway strangely enough next to his place. So he decided to go ahead and look around still not stopping his search for her.

When not find her he said it'll leave a present and left. He hoped her to find it and open it. He laughed as he left knowing has curiosity and it's going to kill the cat. Despite the fact that the photo was of him holding her mother hostage. There was also a note saying, "If you ever wish to see your mother alive then turn yourself back in and I won't kill her but if you don't within 24 hours she will be dead!"

He stepped back into his house smiling viciously as he waited. Having her mother in his chair that he used to torture even her he waited still having the weapon fully loaded.
Jayden softly passed out from the drug that had been injected into her arm. Her whole body felt numb and for a moment, she couldn’t feel the pain that had been inflicted upon her from that day.
[center ~~~]
Jayden woke up to extreme pain across her face. She groaned and looked up to see Gorge’s hand slap her. She cried out in pain and curled up into a call to hide her bruising face. [+blue “S-Stop this..”] Jayden screamed at the top of her lungs when she felt the coolness of a knife blade slid into her skin. She squirmed around which only made it worse.

She laid on the ground, trembling and crying. [+blue “I-I will kill you b-before you ever g-get the chance to k-kill me...”] She was starting to calm down when she felt pain explode on her shoulder where the knife had been. She rolled away from the bar only to feel it again On her legs. She screamed at the top of her lungs again as her throat was starting to become sore and raspy. She could barely whisper and her body was burnt and blistered everywhere once he was done.

Once he left, Jayden laid on the cold ground and cried. She was miserable and in pain. Once the burns on her body had cooled down, she tenderly crawled over to Gorge’s work table. She flinched away from the knives with fear in her eyes and reached over for his spare key. She crawled back over to the door. He had been gone for two hours now and probably wouldn’t be back for at least another three hours. That gave her enough time to leave the room and get as far away as she could.
TessaFox / 233d ago
Gorge chuckled as the pain he got filled him with laugher. He walked out of the room once he was done. He looked back at her when she said what she thought to him, "I already have!"

The next morning, after breakfast Gorge walked back into the room and slapped her several times before checking to see if she was awake. Once she was awake he started to dig a knife into her left arm. after a few minutes, he pulled it out and came back with a red hot bar, "You see you can't run... You can't hide... And you're my play toy... Not the kind rapers have, I mean like the kind that I can burn, cut, and even possibly kill!"

Gorge placed the hot bar on her cut on her shoulder and held it there before pulling it away. He chuckled as he watches her react to the pain he gives her. He placed the bar against the wall and sliced her pants into shorts and rubbed the bar against them, "Are you enjoying the pain? Please say you are!"

He chuckled feverishly as he continued to poke her with the bar until it was cooled down and head off to someplace. He comes back dressed for work, "I will see you later, and oh, deary don't escape this time!"
Jayden flopped onto the ground like a doll as Gorge dropped her. She scrambled to try to crawl away but was violently pulled back by her hair. She screamed in pain and clawed at his hands with her nails. Jayden felt her body being dragged around as her head felt like it was on fire which only made her dig her nails into his hand harder. [+blue “Let me go you big idiot!”]

Jayden kept screaming till she felt something stab her arm. She stopped moving and looked to see what it was. There was a broken needle sticking out of her arm which made her face go white. She felt whatever substance that was in it slowly go through her body. Jayden started scrambling around more as her arm started to go limp and her head was becoming fuzzy. She reached up to his arm and bit it as hard as she could. She could feel his blood gathering in her mouth and she let go of his arm and spit the blood into the flood. [+blue “Your blood is just as disgusting as you are...”]

Her body was starting to go numb and fall asleep as he dragged her back. Jayden felt something tight that was digging into her wrists and ankles but didn’t give it another thought. She flinched away from the blurry shape of Gorge as he pulled the needle shards out of her arm. She rolled her body towards him and cause one of the shards that were still in her arm to cut his wrist. [+blue “You... won’t have... the last... laugh...”]
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 239d ago
Gorge smiled as He pulled her up from the ground and dropped her. He chuckled feverishly as he watched her struggle. The more pain she feels was fueling him for more. He grabbed her by the hair(Psycho murderers do abuse though) and dragging her. Once he was done, he injected something into her arm but because of the struggle she was doing he ended up stabbing her arm, "Well, now, that is what you get for fighting back!"

He knew what he was going to inject, some sleep juice he has to calm himself down. He starts dragging her back into the building she left from, "You can't run no one ever escapes me... And nothing can hold me!."

Once He had tied her back up he started roughly removing the needled or what remained of it. The needle seemed to have broken one when she struggled, digging small shards into her arm. He chuckled as he continued loving the reactions the captured person gives. He chuckled darkly, "Now stay here or else tomorrow morning you will be having a permanent bed time!"
Jayden flinched back from his look and made a scared whimper noise. She wanted this to end. She was begging for it to end. She looked at his doctor's note and looked back up at him, scared. [+blue “C-Can I just g-go home? P-Please...”]

Jayden looked at him and struggled when he started to drag her out. She tried to pull out of his grips but couldn’t get his hand to release her. She thought about biting his hand but thought against it. Jayden didn’t know or even want to know where his hands have been.

When he threw her out and slammed the door, Jayden looked around confused. Where was she? Was she finally free? She slowly stood up and dusted herself off. She looked at the people who quickly looked away from her and slapped their doors. Jayden never thought she was that scary. Or maybe it was something else...

She felt someone grab her arm and she started to scream as loudly as she could. She felt her fight or flight reflex kick in and it was screaming at her to run. She tried to pull her arm back and kept screaming. [+blue “Please let me go! I am sorry for whatever I have done to upset you!”] Jayden kept pulling in her arm as it started to grow sore. She dug her shoes into the ground and tried to pull away from the man that was dragging her away.
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 241d ago
He sighed, "Well you need to learn when not to talk to this guy and I'm sorry for the mess that you're in here is my doctor's notes"

The note was talking about something different that seemed to be noticeable. It read something about a Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. it said that he has two versions a murderous and a plain normal. He smiled looking at her so she can be a little comfortable.

"Yeah sorry about that should have told you sooner," He sighed.

He walks to her and started to drag her out. He looked at her to make sure she was alright and continued forward. He was completely a different person at that moment. He threw her out of the building and slammed the door behind her.

"Goodbye my friend," He walks away from the door.

a male walked by her and stared a little bit as he continued onward. Many had slammed their doors and clicks were heard from them. They seemed scared and fearful. A strange male walked up to her and grabbed her.

"Hehehe you thought you can ruuuuun?" He started to drag her away, "You know you can't why try? You know you're a scared pussy cat you can't even defend yourself from little oh me."
Jayden wanted him to stop talking. She couldn't stand his voice. She silently begged his mouth to go silent and stop moving. She let out a small whimper-like scream when he grabbed her arm. Jayden could feel her heartbeat on her arm as it continued to race faster. The blood couldn't get to her arm and it started to grow numb. She desperately tried to pull away from his grasp.

She didn't hear anything he had said to her over the ringing in her ears. The ringing was so unbearable that she reached up with her other hand to cover her ear.

Jayden looked up at him to see the glint of a knife blade up against her. She stopped struggling against his grasp and stared at the blade. Her face went pale and she felt light-headed for a moment before he released her arm and walked away.

As her arm started to regain feeling and her ears stopped ringing, he walked back in and turned on a light. Jayden flinched at the intensity of the light and curled into a ball as her eyes slowly adjusted. She looked up to see a tall man that looked like your everyday joe kind of guy except for his face. His face terrified her and she cried out in fear.

She flinched again at the sound of his voice and looked up at him with terrified eyes. She had been on the track team when she was in high school but was never the best runner. She wanted to get up and run but her legs felt like jello and her whole body was shaking. She probably wouldn't even be able to stand, let alone run.
Jayden Dolan / TessaFox / 260d ago