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Fallen Rain

By Ravenity

Replies: 773 / 1 years ago

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[jost [center [size14 Raizel is living with her uncle on his farm in Arizona to finish her education to become a vet. Caine, wounded, takes shelter at the stranger's. She discovers his body wounded and takes him in to patch him up. He's accustomed to a chosen lavish life of wealth and crime. Caine can only stay hidden for so long by the men that are wanting his head. They find him and the farm. Caine is only able to save Raizel and himself. Now they know Raizel's face, Caine goes on the run with her.

Feeling responsible and also finding her a hindrance, he plans to train her so she can protect herself and he can go back into his life of crime and wealth. He shows how fallen he is from his morals, and tries to get her to fall into his world too. ]]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/c0/c6/65c0c6dd2fec6d01dd5934789f8a4129.gif ]]

Age: 20
Plays the guitar, sings. Lives with Uncle. Has a horse named Noir
Birthday: June
Dream: To be a vet
She's had someone lifeless in her arms before Caine, unknown who it is.
Was bullied for loving animals too much at the city.

Shawn: A guy from Rai's highschool. Cop. He tried to assult Rai. Caine beat him up. He was arrested for sexual harassment.
Kristin: Best friend - a college friend
Axel: Boyfriend: blonde hair, works on the farm
Dawn: receptionist where Rai worked. Blonde hair

Age: 23
Birthday: August
Has a german Shepard, one eye brown, one eye blue: Fang

April: Caine's dog sitter
Addy: connection with Caine
Skye: Little girl
Brook: Ex-fiance, abused, rap, dead. Black hair, brown eyes.
three unknown members in his photo that all look like soliders. One girl.
Gemma: Girl from Rai's town, artist, looks like brook. Deceased? She betrayed Caine, afraid of her own life. Caine dated her.


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[b “I don’t remember saying you were a slut. You did hurt my friend. You were aware of what you were doing.”] He told her. Marcel still wasn’t exactly talking to him still… Caine still felt he needed to work that out because he did like working with Marcel. He knew he shouldn’t have done anything either, which made him equally as guilty.

Caine turned his head when she mentioned nude, “Ah, not this one. Normally, the nude ones are separated by gender. We’re wearing swimsuits.” He told her. Which made things hard enough. He’d watch the movie with her and he’d listen to her talk about how he was scary. He didn’t want to be seen as someone she feared. It didn’t sit well with him and it touched spots that made it hard.

Rai was caressing his cheek but ultimately she kept being afraid of him. [b “I don’t know another way to speak…” ] Caine said to her. She hugged him and while it would have been comforting it still upset him. His mom telling him he would turn out to be exactly or worse then his dad. The way people looked a him after. Maybe they weren’t entirely wrong. [b “I am a murder. I have a lot of blood on my hand. I’m worse…” ] He said, feeling the ache thinking more about his past. This wasn’t what he imagined when he was a kid or teen.

[b “I was.” ] Caine said, wondering why she couldn’t, [b “My…niece she liked getting cuddled, kisses on the cheek and hugs. I did the same with my fiancé. At least, I was much more than I am now.” ] He said, thinking about Skye and her playfulness, giggles and calling out his name. [b “I miss them…I lived and they died.” ] He spaced out, thinking of how little she was. How her future was taken away. He could feel her rubbing his arm.

He sighed [b “You have no idea… Having everything taken away from you. Fucks you up, or makes you wish you were dead.” ] But he knew nothing could bring them back. After all, he already got his vengeance, but there were still more people that needed to pay.

He’d hear her yawn. [b “Yea, I’m ready to sleep.” ] He admitted. He’d get up, [b “We can see whatever you want to see. Just bundle up very warmly.” ] He said. He’d stretch out his arms, but there was a huge weight on his chest now, after thinking back to them. It wasn’t a burden he wanted to remember. He went to the bathroom, and got ready for bed. He’d crash in, and let Rai come into the bed. He found himself spacing out again, and figured it would be a long night to fall asleep to.
Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 182d ago
She met his eyes and would sigh a bit [b "You said I was and I hurt your friends for cheating. It's not like I did those things on purpose"] she tried to tell him. It did make her wonder why he was wanting her to be more slutty. IT wasn't like they could just sleep with each other when they were trying to be careful.

She did want to go out and spend some time with him sight seeing. She hadn't seen a lot of Switzerland just yet and since they were only here for a week, she felt it was a waste to not go out another day. [b "Okay! I do want to see what real hot springs is like. I wonder if we have to go nude or if we can wear our swim suits"] she leaned into him as they watched the movie and she'd tell him how sometimes he just looked really scary when he spoke.

[b "I know, but if you say it in a certain tone a lot of people get the wrong idea"] she caressed his cheek and could see the pain in his eyes. She'd hug his waist and frowned when he started to put himself down. [b "I don't see you as a murderer. You just have to do what you have to do. People just need to see the reasons behind your actions"] she told him, smiling when he said they'd be okay to sleep together.

[b "You were? I don't know if I can imagine big, strong, Caine as someone that is affectionate"] she spoke and rubbed his arm a bit. [b "You have been through so much"] she felt his hand through her hair and she'd close her eyes a little. She ended up falling asleep against his shoulder from the comfort, soon waking when the movie ended. SHe wondered if he realized she fell asleep.

Yawning softly, she'd meet his eyes. [b "Are you tired? Let's head to bed. We have an energetic day tomorrow. Places to see. We can see the main sights! Or you can show me some of your favorite spots"]
Raizel / ellocalypse / 185d ago
He paused, thinking back but couldn’t recall, [b “I don’t remember saying you were slutty. It be a compliment if you were.” ] It would be more fun in bed but he knew that not everyone was into the same sex he was into.

Going out tomorrow seemed like a good idea since being cooped up in here would the opposite of the purpose of the trip. [b “I don’t mind. We can stay at the hotel.” ] He said. He hoped that it would end okay. It seemed like he’d get into tough spots with her pretty quickly.

Caine listened to her, and he felt reminded of how others looked at him, the ones that knew what he was capable of and his own family. It wasn’t a problem before since most people who feared him had something horrible to hide, except his family. How his mother looked at him now…how others in that neighborhood saw him. Forced to leave.
[b “If you knew I wouldn’t – then you wouldn’t look at me with so much fear.” ] Caine said. He could feel her caress but it hurt, knowing she saw him that way. Maybe he wasn’t so far from that asshole. [b “Like me but fear me huh?” ] He said, avoiding eye contact. SHe was still caressing his cheek and he’d look at her eyes since she was trying to. It pained him. She wrapped his arms around his waist, and he felt so sure that she would still get scared of him easily. [b “I’ve always been honest to you Rai. I’m scary…I get it. I’m a murder. Another reason why I left my hometown. Only saw me as a fucking murder…” He’d mumble the last bit. It stressed him out thinking about it.

He’d let her lean against his chest. He tried to bury the memories, but it still lingered. [b “Sure, we can sleep beside each other. You aren’t being clingy. I used to be very affectionate. It’s my ptsd that’s the problem.” ] He said, stroking through her hair, looking at the TV. Being around Rai really was making things hard for him, but he knew those things couldn’t stay buried forever. Eventually, it would come back. He had hoped he would just die before it reached there.
Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 187d ago
She liked being close to him, but she could also tell that even though they were trying to be close, there was still some tension. She knew they had their differences, but she wanted to work with him to resolve them because she had feelings for him and she knew he cared about her too. If they didn't, they wouldn't be trying to continue being together like this.

She relaxed to his touch as he stroked his hair slowly. She would look up at him since they were still asking about certain things that bothered them. She asked about if he thought she was slutty because he did call her that for sleeping with two guys and cheating on them. Letting out a sigh, he said she wasn't. Is he changing his mind now? Still, it did make her feel relieved a bit she wasn't. Maybe it was just words of anger. Did he really want her to be more slutty? [b "I'll see what I can do. I'm just asking because you called me on last night"] she told him and would take another sip of the chocolate.

She thought about the events of tomorrow and really liked the idea of going sightseeing and then relaxing at the hot spring. [b "Some hot springs have hotels. Yeah, it would be relaxing to be all warm and toasty and just fall asleep close by"] she nodded and wondered if he'd like that.

She brought up the fact that she felt threatened at the restaurant last night [b "I know you wouldn't. You wouldn't force me to do anything, it just sounded really intimidating. I know you won't"] she caressed his cheek, feeling much better about his intentions. She was still getting used to the serious Caine and just his normal expression.

[b "As long as I know your real intentions, I don't mind what you look like on the outside. I still really like you"] she reached up and caressed his cheek, looking at his eyes and then would wrap her arms around his waist. [b "I'm not afraid of you. NOt when you're like this being honest with me"] she leaned against his chest and continued to watch the movie together. [b "Can we sleep beside each other tonight? I promise I won't be so clingy"] she told him, knowing he probably still didn't want her that closet he whole night. Rai looked at the TV and just relaxed a bit more, feeling so much better than she did the past few days. She wanted to work things out with him, even if it was slowly.
Raizel / ellocalypse / 189d ago
[Caine noticed her smiling when he pulled her in. His mind kept going back to her looking afraid of him, and it wasn’t sitting well. Only people who looked at him with actual fear was the people that knew what he could do…and well Rai knew it. Of course she wouldn’t be any different. Then he remembered being told he looked intimidating period and wondered if that had to be part of it too. He sighed to himself, wanting to shake it off his mind, stroking her hair and watching the movie she chose.

She suddenly brought a question he thought it was silly. [b “Sadly not.” ] Caine frowned, [b “I wish you were more slutty.” ] He sighed, [b “But we can’t be perfect. Why?”] He asked. He’d get up and bring her hot chocolate. He’d think about tomorrow, seeing as they had the whole day…and the next few days free too. No missions, no danger…

“If that’s what you want, we can stay…you mean at the hotel?” Caine rose a brow. Here came the battle of self control in order not to fight again. It was odd dating again, normally if he had trouble, he’d go find a girl to bang. Now he couldn’t do that. Welll, it wasn’t a big deal.

He brought the question up. He’d listen to her, trying to understand. His town? [b “I wouldn’t…ever force a women to have sex with me, or sexually harass them.”] He cleared up, feeling sick at the thought of her thinking he’d doing that, [b “That’s not who I am.” ] He said, feeling upset and wondering if it was how he looked. Gaze…ah. So it was how he looked. [b “I wouldn’t…hurt you. I’m not trying to look at you like I’d kill you. But guess it doesn’t matter what I say. I’m still a murder. No matter what I do to protect you, I’ll still look like an abuser.” ] Same old story. He leaned back further into the sofa. [b “I don’t know what to do not to make you afraid of me…" ]
Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 189d ago
When she leaned into him, she rested her head on his shoulder, still feeling like no matter how much they fought, she still really liked him. It was still early on in their relationship, so she wanted to get to know him better and maybe help him out if he needed her. When he pulled her in, she would smile and relax to his touch as he stroked her hair. She'd keep her eye on the movie and was surprised to hear that he wanted to go somewhere with her. He was sure he wanted to stay away from her for a while.

[b "Really? I want to"] she told him and would think if anything else was really bothering her. He did lay it all out on the table and it did make her sad to hear he saw her as some slut. [b "Do you really think I'm that slutty?"] she asked, wanting to know how he really felt.

WHen he brought her back hot chocolate, Rai was feeling so much better. She'd take the cup and would lean in, licking off the whipped cream as she took in the warmth. [b "Let's go sight seeing and shopping first. If we finish early enough, maybe we stay at the hot springs for a night?"] she suggested, wondering if he'd like that.

Rai looked at the movie, but when he glanced over at her, she heard his question. She ran her fingers through her hair slowly [b "I think it's mostly your town. You make it sound like there's no other options and I won't be able to do anything about it. I don't know....when I picked up that fork under the table, it was kind of scary"] she admitted. [b "Sometimes you have this gaze that looks really dangerous. I'm still getting used to how serious it is....or if you're just playing around"] she sipped more of her hot chocolate and would relax a bit more.
Raizel / ellocalypse / 191d ago
Caine sat back with her on the sofa. He felt her head against his shoulder. Caine put his arm around her, and pulled her in. Better to let it go. He stroked through her hair and watched the movie with her. [b “Let’s go somewhere. Can’t keep having space. Better we forget it and move on.” ] He said and would look back at her [b “Unless, there’s something you want to talk about that’s bothering you?” ] He asked her, meeting her eyes.

He’d get up, [b “I’ll make hot chocolate.” ] He’d go make it for them, with whipped cream. He put it in front of her and leaned back. [b “Hot springs tomorrow? Or should we go sight seeing and shopping?” ] He asked. He’d think back and really didn’t understand what she meant by threatening her. He’d frown to himself for a moment.

He'd meet her eyes and sighed, [b "Why do you feel like I threaten you?" ] He asked her.
Ravenity / 194d ago
When she said not to threaten her, she didn't understand how he didn't know what she was saying. She figured he thought it was just normal to tell her he'd fuck her in public without a hint of hesitation. Maybe that's why he said he didn't remember. He's threatened her a lot of times and yesterday he made her feel even worse with the harsh words he mentioned. About how slutty she was to his friends. SHe doubted he even looked at her like a normal human being.

[b "Okay, I won't"] she figured that was a side of him she'd just have to get used to. The strong force he used and his badmouthing. She held her breath and could see the look he had on his face. He looked as if she shouldn't be bringing up anything like that. Guess she won't be able to talk to him about those things.

Rai went to get the door and she'd set up the food on the table. She'd eat and glance up at him, figuring he probably didn't want to talk or spend too much time with her, but she did want to do something today. It'd feel like a waste of a vacation day if she couldn't do much.

He agreed to watch with her and she would sit on the couch with him as she scrolled through Netflix. She picked out a romance action movie. Maybe he'd like to watch something that had more action in it. She'd look up at him for a bit and then she'd go on a whim and lean her head against his shoulder for now. If he wanted to push her away, he could, but she felt like she could use some comfort. Anything. She didn't have anyone else to lean on anymore and hearing those words yesterday from him did such a huge blow on her confidence.

She was still mad he blamed her for cheating. But at least right now she could focus on the movie and just warm up a bit more. Maybe once they've both calmed down, they could continue exploring a bit.

Rai would look up at him [b "Would you be okay to go somewhere tomorrow? Or....did you maybe want to have more space?"] she asked, feeling like she needed to ask and find out.
Raizel / ellocalypse / 196d ago
Caine opened his mouth and then shut it, deciding what he was going to say might come out wrong. [b “Threaten you? I don’t recall ever threatening you.” ] He said, thinking about to the million of times he’s been threatened, or that scumbag threatening his mom and acting on it. Definitely, didn’t do that. He entirely didn’t understand what actions she was talking about. He acted the way he normally did with everyone else, and even from before he got into this lifestyle. [b “Not sure what you’re talking about but why not? And all you can do to help is not to bring up stuff like that.” ] He definitely didn’t want to experience reliving that nightmare. He could tell Rai didn’t have great empathy, which meant it would be easier to each her certain things that were necessary.

He heard the door, and he’d watch carefully until the door was closed. She came in with the food. He’d eat with her, it was rather quiet. He’d lean back against the chair. [b “Yea, that’s fine.” ] He said. He’d finish his dinner, and would take the plate to put it in the dishwasher. He grabbed a pack of chips since he was still hungry. [b “What do you want to watch?” ] He asked. He’d go the Tv and turn it on and login into Netflix, since they wouldn’t be able to understand the local cable. He wasn’t even to sure what kind of TV shows Rai liked to watch.

[b “I’ll let you pick. I’m not picky, as long as it’s not shows for toddlers.” ] He’d sit back into the couch and waited for her. He didn’t feel like going out, especially since he felt numb, to stop from feeling anything else. Ever since he met Rai, it seemed to come back and he hated it…because now he couldn’t really avoid it and forgot how much what happened to him made an impact. When things got bad, he remembered having his sister, Brook and sometimes Killian.
Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 196d ago
She heard him and would let out a soft sigh. They were running into the same problems and it wasn't fine, they needed to sit down and figure things out together if they wanted it to work out. [b "I don't either, but I guess we can talk it through and make some ground rules"] she suggested and wondered what else she could do. It wasn't really hard for her to get along with people that were at least able to meet her in the middle. Axel and Marcel were easy to get along with. She figured she just needed more time to understand Caine.

They went to the gym and she'd work out a bit, soon taking a seat for a bit to watch Caine. He waved and she saw a woman coming over to ask him for some help. Rai got up and she went to take a shower, not wanting to see that scene unfold. When she finished up, she waited for Caine and they headed back to the house.

She told Caine she wanted the same thing, soon changing into some sweat pants and a hoodie as she took a seat at the table. SHe glanced up at Caine and took in a deep breath, ready to talk this through. She heard him say what he wanted and Rai would just listen in and think if she could make that happen. She was indecisive, but she figured she could try and lower that as much as possible [b "Okay. I can try to do all of that. If you need my help with anything, you can also let me know. Like if I can do anything to help you not black out or something. If you don't threaten me or keep your actions in check, I'm sure I'll be okay. I don't think there'd be a reason for me to be afraid of you"] she told him, not having this issue much lately since yesterday.

Rai glanced up at him, wondering if that was all he wanted. [b "The rest I can figure out and we can talk about it when it comes up"] she suggested, figuring that'd be good enough.

There was a knock on the door and Rai would head over and bring the food in. She'd set it on the table and spread it out for the two of them. [b "This looks really good. I don't think I've had something like this before"] she opened up her meal and would start eating slowly, feeling much better they were talking through this and he wasn't enraged. [b "Did you want to do anything tonight? Maybe watch a movie and relax?"] she asked, figuring she shouldn't just be separating herself from him if he was trying to resolve things.
Raizel / ellocalypse / 197d ago
Caine peered back at her, and then would sigh [b “We keep running into the same problems Rai, I don’t think that’s fine and I’m not sure how to solve it.” ] He admitted, finding this to be difficult. He was comfortable with things a certain way, and the way he showed he cared was different then hers.

They would eat lunch, and then headed to the gym. He warmed up, and would get into lifting weights. Afterwards, to the punching bags which helped release a lot of frustration. He was sweating at this point. He caught Rai at the corner of his, watching him. He felt good that she was really working out, he needed her to after all. She looked nice in gym wear. Normally, he’d wink or flirt but he didn’t want to create any tension. He would wave and continue. A women came to him, asking for tips. He’d give her some but told her she’d have to find a trainer for helping. Normally, Caine would go for her but, he wanted to remain loyal.

He’d go shower and then meet up with Rai, take her back home. They’d make it back, and he’d order food, getting Alplermagronen, which was macaroni with cheese, potatoes and onions. He’d let Rai order what she’d like too. He still wasn’t sure if he was ready to talk but he knew he couldn’t avoid it.

Caine was in sweats, and a hoodie. He’d sit across from her and tried to run through his head on what the hell to do about this. Relationship problems- that was something he hadn’t had in many years. [b “I don’t know where to start.” ] He admits, looking at her, and sighed. [b “I don’t want indecisiveness when it comes to what you want from me within a short time span. I need you to be sure before you tease. Two, don’t ever bring up…that my one mistake will kill you. Got it? You’re not ignorant. If I start referencing anything related to events before, I will black out, mentally from PTSD, and live through it-again. Three, if you’re afraid of me, I’m not so sure this will work.” ]
Ravenity / 197d ago
She didn't feel good in the morning and when she saw Caine, she heard him apologized, but they exchanged some hurtful words. She held her breath and would continue into head out the door. She wanted to clear her mind and just focus on herself because she knew Caine had many issues he was still trying to take care of and get over. A lot of his personality came from his situations, but that wasn't easy to change. She also didn't know if she could get used to it if it made her feel like shit.

After a walk outside, she felt really cold when she came back. She would head into the kitchen to make herself some hot chocolate and grab a blanket to stay warm. As she sat on the couch, she took in a deep breath and glanced over at Caine, deciding to order them some lunch. [b "I'll come along"] she told him, wanting to get her mind off of things and she figured going for a run on the treadmill would help her out.

She nodded her head and placed an order for a toasted sandwich and some soup. She got Caine what he wanted after showing him the menu and then she would soon see him get the door and set the table.

She walked over and took a seat with him, surprised by his words. They have been dating haven't they? [b "What do you mean? We've been talking fine since before last night. I think we just have to get used to each other. That part always takes time"] she knew he hadn't dated anyone since his ex and she was sure he wasn't ever going to get over her, so what could she do? She wanted to say more, but she didn't have the energy to tell him how to date her. It was clear she wasn't the best at dating him either. He didn't seem that happy around her.

She took a bite of the sandwich and she would eat slowly until she finished up her soup. [b "Mhmm"] she'd speak, her mind going back to living at the farm with her uncle. She missed him. WHen Rai finished up, she'd hear him talk about talking in the evening. [b "OKay. We can talk in the evening"] she was so blindsighted that she couldn't even think about what they were supposed to talk about.

SHe set her dishes away and cleaned up before heading upstairs to change. She put on some leggings, running shoes, and a sports bra beneath a training jacket. Rai put her hair up into a bun and she'd head downstairs to wait for Caine. When he was ready, she'd let him lead the way, following him to the car.

A part of her kept quiet, unsure of what to say, and she felt like talking about anything would just increase his anger. Her eyes would look up at him and she'd wonder what he was thinking. Did he hate her? Was he going to break up with her?

SHe shook her head as they approached the gym.


Rai ended up running on the treadmill for a while, going on a jog. She'd see Caine going over to the punching bag area. There weren't much people here, but there were a few to keep the gym noisy. She ran for about half an hour and then she went to lift a few weights and use some machines. When she finished, she went to meet up with Caine, taking a seat and drinking some water as she watched him work out. He looked really hot hitting the punching bag, sweat rolling down his neck and shoulders. She knew she couldn't take her eyes off of him, but was that feeling enough?
Raizel / ellocalypse / 198d ago
After waking up, that pain had dwindled down and his head was clearer than before. He spoke when he saw her, and sighed hearing her say the same words back to him. Fighting was getting nowhere. Rai would never be able to understand how severe the situations he’s been through and the impact it made. Another reason, he knew it wasn’t possible for him to be with another person.

He’d open up his phone , and really didn’t want to think about it. He’d browse and thought it would be a good time to get a workout in. He’d search up a gym he could use.

Rai came back shortly. She grabbed a blanket and sat on the other couch. [b “It’s lunch.” ] He reminded, and realized he had forgotten to eat entirely and he was hungry. [b “Order us lunch. I’m going to the gym after. If you want to come, you can come or you can stay. We’ll talk in the evening and I’ll keep my temper in check.” ] He decided, not knowing what more to do. He normally resolved problems right after sex. Sex was off the table with Rai because that was part of the problem.

He’d let her order what she wanted, and when it came in, he’d go get the door. He’d set it at the table for them. [b “I really don’t know how to date you. I was with Brook since I was a teen. I don’t know how to talk to you.” ] He admits, and remembering how he thought that Brook would be end game. He sighed, and would eat. [b “Hope that gym has punching bags.” ] He mumbled to himself, to let go that aggression all out.

[b "Should we talk here in the evening?" ] He asked her, not sure if going out would be wise.
Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 199d ago
When he said he grew up on the streets, she understood from the stories he's told. He lived through so many things and she knew he was the way he was because of them. She never poked fun at his past nor judged him for it. But it hurt when he mentioned she brought this shit on herself. This is what she got for saving him that night? A life of being invisible, being stuck on the run. How could he say that? [b "Yeah I did. I brought this all on myself. It's all my fault"] she glared at him, thinking it was selfish in his own way to blame it all on her.

She was so done when he mentioned how she was being selfish and her problems were nothing compared to his. Did he really think just upping and leaving like that wouldn't do anything to her? [b "I was being forced to kill you! You think I would have chosen that if other's lives were on the line?"] she tried to tell him, but then he pulled more words out and that was the last straw. [b "You make me sound like such a terrible person. Blaming me for cheating like it was only my fault? You think I was fine cheating? I blame myself for that everyday. You helped in that too. It wasn't all my fault"] she yelled back at him and snapped. She was done hearing his view of her. Some slutty selfish girl that hurt his friends and cheated to get what she wanted.

She glared at him and would hurry up the stairs to the bedroom. That was it. She didn't want to do this anymore. Didn't want to be in the presence of someone that saw her in that way. Why did he even want to date her in the first place, or try to save her if he saw her as trash.

Rai rubbed her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks as she climbed into bed. This was turning out to be such a terrible trip. How did she think it was going to go perfectly. Why did she believe so hard that they'd be doing better after this week here. It didn't matter where they went. The truth was out in the open now.

Rai cried in bed, falling asleep for a few hours. When she opened her eyes, she felt so groggy, remembering what just happened. She didn't want to get out of bed, but she also didn't want to see Caine. NOt after all those horrible things he said to her. Instead, she went into the closet and grabbed her luggage. She started to put her clothes inside, packing it up. She tried so hard to accept all of the hardships he went through, how he constantly rose his voice, didn't care about what people thought of him, or just how intimidating he looked to others. She wanted to be there, but she felt like space would do them some good for now.

She got up and washed her face, putting her hair up in a bun as she grabbed a coat and headed downstairs. When she saw him getting up, she looked back at him when he spoke. She took in a deep breath and relaxed her tone [b "I know. I'm sorry too. You hit some really deep nerves and I don't know....if I can take all of that right now. I need some time to think and I think we can agree that we need a bit of space right now. I'm going to take a walk"] she put on her beanie and would step outside of the house. She'd walk down the street, passing by another cabin. She made her way to a bench that was right by a frozen lake and she just sat down for a while, watching the snowfall. She calmed down a bit more, realizing she was here in Switzerland. IN truth, she did want to look around more, so she ended up taking a step on the ice, gliding around in a circle. She smiled a bit to herself and pulled out her phone to take a picture of the pretty lake with the view of the mountain.

She wanted to send it to someone, but the only one she saw in her contact list was Caine. Rai held her breath and would just head back to the bench, seeing the couple from last night just inside the cabin. Were they here on vacation too? She made her way back to the cabin and would head inside, taking off her boots and then sitting by the fire. If Caine was still there, she'd grab herself a blanket and sit on the other couch. [b "Are you hungry? Should I order breakfast?"]
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