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castoffs ooc

By Mikeymickeymike

Replies: 130 / 1 years ago

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The place to chat among ourselves and discuss the RP. For example how we will start and posting order


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alright guys. So this was supposed to be an introductory/origin ark for Helena and I haven't done a great job with the origin part lol. Also It definitely is lasting a little longet than I intended.
Best of luck with your post Mikeymickeymike. My own is up, although without much added commentary beyond what has already happened.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Spare / Tesla / 92d ago
Hey guys. Im going to go ahead and type up my post. Tesla hasnt really been online.
OMG you all. it's been 20 days. I am so sorry. I had a busy week that turned into 2 then my computer gave out on me and i just got a new one. I will be posting within the hour.
My bad ya'll. I honestly forgot about Roleplaying in general this weekend. I'll get a post up in the next two days
No worries. I'll admit I was getting a little bit impatient but I know there are things we can't control, especially in times like these. Glad to have you back.
Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 154d ago
Happy New Years Tesla! Take care of yourself first. It's all good. I'm just glad you're back and well.
You're good Tesla. I am happy to see that you are fine.
Welcome back Tesla! I hope you're okay
Finally got the post up. Sorry for the delay. It took much longer than I intended
My bad y'all. I've been about as slothful as can be with my writing the past week. I have even picked up my computer. I'll post this afternoon after work.
That I can give a clarification for now. Given the stronger connection between Atlan, Canary, and Zonian she is mostly hanging back and observing rather than interrupting. Although if Atlan tries to suggest Canary can't be healed Chaos will interject with the fact that the dead have been brought back to life and a restoration should be much easier than a revival. Basically outside of them saying something she knows is wrong she is likely to just keep herself out of that conversation for now.
Spare / Tesla / 207d ago
I noticed the post cut short before Atlan and Canary woke up and they all went into the room. That's my only thing. Your post was coherent, as usual. Good job!
I included it in my post and hopefully it makes some degree of sense Phytocanis324.

Full disclosure here that I have been awake for over thirty hours and I have no idea if what I posted is coherent or gibberish. If it is just gibberish let me know and I will try to properly process it when next I am conscious. Meanwhile if it is a good post then may it serve everyone well in writing up their respective replies.

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying their week. See you all next post!
Spare / Tesla / 207d ago