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{the attic}

By comeonpetunia

Replies: 219 / 1 years ago

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[center [size11 [b just somewhere to store archived plots]
and feelings that dont matter anymore. please refrain from
stealing anything in this thread. you can always ask
if you like an idea, on my main account : sincerelylily


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kshahidx / 180d ago
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[center [size11 [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Oldenburg]
[Oldenburg [I ❝ These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triump die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume ❞]

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet]]
[center [size11 [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Oldenburg]
[Oldenburg [https://roleplay.cloud/role_play_153739 Part Two to Sending All My Love]]]]
[center [size22 [b ━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━]]]

[font times [I [center A young boy and a young girl meet one another at his father’s gala. They connect that night in ways they never have with any other person and when she moves in next door, it seems that they were meant to be with one another. Though the love they have for one another cannot be said for their parents, who both feel they know what’s best for their child. As tensions rise, the stakes of their relationship get higher. But nothing can keep them apart, not even an unforeseen twist.

As we follow the story of Lia and Connor, we also follow the couple of our newest Romeo & Juliet.
kshahidx / 180d ago
okay so we have

aparazzi incident leaving the market

kind of a blowout at the house, but riley assures she can handle going to the interview
interview - trigger - riley leaves
barry and julian talk and hes like he can promote it
all the while tyler and riley are chatting and everything
julian feels ostracized and talks to his ex wife (cause I remember us talking about a potential cheating thing)
it looks like julian is rekindling his relationship with his ex
a really big fight between riley and julian
julian suggests they go to the island to just get away similar to heir trip to

(im not sure what the letter holds as far as importance or when you had riley planning to read it but I supposed a good use of it partially would be maybe introducing her father)

and then we can go into the whole daddy plot
but strain with julian because he doesnt trust the father
movie premier
riley has a cancer scare when tumor found
surgery and prompts julian to want to propose
mother's wedding
julian proposes
oscars and confirm engagement
julian gets a new role offer
riley and julian marry in paris

kshahidx / 181d ago
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/171537361/original.gif]]
[center [font times sapere aude
down the hatch
alice in wonderland type - mental facility?
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/173119595/original.gif]]
kshahidx / 183d ago
Yes! Create a new Utopia with a better being. One not perceived a a Virus on the Earth. I think the robots would quickly notice how humans are destroying the earth, and how much more precious the earth is in the grand scheme of things.

Response to:
I think a combo of 1 and 2 sounds good

hmmm I like one and two. I think what would be interesting is maybe that either emma or mr.azawa believe more so believe in recreating humans to be pure as the current ones are seen as a disgrace. so in effort to eradicate them there is the killing of the politician to start the revolution - kind of like the humans are killing themselves off by going against robots

but of course, I think underhandly there are robots that have been built that are more human like (easily able to blend in with the humans)

the goal is to restart the human population, with the aid of the highest intelligent robot
like adam and eve birth a child, but adam and eve are robots?
kshahidx / 185d ago
so its gala and lia is 1-2 months along
this is where our couple meets

theyre chatting it up and everything over the summer to stay on touch as they realize they will be going to the same school
when school starts is when her family moves next door (I think we can 86 the idea of it being someone who works for connor. it will seem lil more realistic)
so they build a friendship very quickly
and thats just building ofc we have trouble the young boy as the school is kind of for the wealthy
maybe theres a guy that also has interest in her that her father approves of so we have that conflict to bounce off of
his past comes up
in the background we have lia and connor navigating her pregnancy and of course dealing with the kid who seems problematic but connor knows its just getting adjusted

him and girl are getting real serious but her dad doesnt liek that which starts some conflict
i think hot head connor would return around this time
we can also have a babyshower for lia and maybe connor even has a birthday party at the lake
which the girl's mom allows her to go to
they make things official and I would think thats when they sleep together
we need some good filler here

but eventually when she tells him she is pregnant they decide to elope
then we have the roadtrip to vegas
her dad comes to pick her up
tension tension
she starts showing and then he kicks her out
she stays with lia and connor

and then we move into a teen pregnancy thing? the boy is stressed of course, first child and theyre young so theyll get out of their honeymoon stage quickly
also stressful at home cause lia just had her child and connor is working

I think the big wrap up would be the baby being born
I think then though we figure if they will stay tgether or grow apart and coparent

hes a rival

ooh yeah rival business works
maybe he's relocated his business

how 360 would it be to maybe also find out that this guy knows jordan lmaooooooooooo which maybe is why the dad is controlling (birds of a feather) and why he kind of already has a bad taste about lia

maybe the girls mom Is in something of an abusive relationship too which is why shes able to connect with the boy

perhaps he sees the signs and understands living like that
I think in that case he would be closer to lia which would upset connor
kshahidx / 185d ago
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/QmCbUYn.jpg]]

“Can’t I come with you?” Ademir sighed out, looking at the young girl who slept in his bed. His little sister had been his responsibility since the death of his mother and where his father was, he had no clue. Though ten years later, he seemed to find it didn’t matter anymore. He was doing well enough without him, a close confidante to the king who trusted Ademir with his life. Dania got from under the covers and crawled toward him. ‘I’ll be extra quiet, promise.” Adi smiled at her, picking her up with ease and placing her back at the head of the bed where he drew the covers over her.
“You know very well that you can’t come with me. It’s dangerous and especially so at night.” He had been placed on the duty of walking the castle at night time. With tensions brewing more and more between he kingdoms, his king had begun to have a distrust of the others. In his mind, he knew that only war would bring a victor.

“I promise tomorrow we will do whatever you want alright?” He leaned down to her forehead. For now she seemed satisfied with that trade off. After grabbing his sword, he placed his cloak on and began out of the bedroom.
“Make sure she stays in bed Anya. Do not let her convince you she can stay up.” He looked toward the brunette, a woman that had been gifted to him by the King. Though, she was gorgeous, bedroom eyes and a lovely figure, the idea of having to buy love had always turned him off. That said, he had made the mistake of falling victim to his desires and he had grown fond of her.
“I will, you just worry about staying safe.” She said, her hands placed gently on his chest. He looked into her eyes. There was always something missing when their gazes locked and yet still, he leaned down to press a kiss against her lips. She giggled, her cheeks burning red. It would make sense by now to make an honest woman out of her, especially considering her helping since the passing of his mother. Dania already had latched on to her.

He sighed out, these were thoughts that he didn’t need running through his mind if he was expecting to stay focused. He gave her a small smile and with that left the out of the door. He stayed just down the hall from the King, a privilege that many of the other soldiers would never know. It was a high honor and it took years of working his ass off before he was at that position. The sound of his leather boots echoed off the walls and high ceiling of the castle. He trotted down the stairs, saluting a fell officer on his way by before exiting the castle. It was a chilly night, but the fresh air would keep him awake.

With his hands behind his back, he began to walk the border of the castle, eventually coming to the front where he stood guard with another officer and trusted friend, Elias.

“Quiet so far?” Elias said with a smile.
“Let’s hope it stays that way.”
kshahidx / 186d ago
they see the child and are convinced to adopt him after a discussion
they go shopping (which makes sense now that they know his age)
maybe they spend the day with him shopping to ease him into the idea of being adopted and I think its clear he likes them, but is reserved
finalize the adoption
im assuming around hre or maybe after the honeymoon lia announces her pregnancy)
honeymoon is maybe delayed but they go to camping
the gala to end it all
kshahidx / 186d ago
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/3FlmnPY.gif]]
[font "century gothic" [center [size11 [I " so thats it? boys will be boys and girls will get raped "
[size9 [center [#acacac boys will be boys and girls will get raped]]]]
kshahidx / 186d ago
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/344686582/original.gif]
kshahidx / 186d ago
[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/342121135/original.jpg]]
kshahidx / 186d ago
No more parties plot
World ends during a big party
Zombie apocalypse
kshahidx / 187d ago
Death was interesting. That was all that Josiah could say about it. Though, he wasn’t really dead. Instead he was stuck in between, awaiting a day that he was sure by now would never come. Though how long was too long when there was no concept of time where he was at? It had no name, but he had come to call it just what it was, the In Between. For most who were here, there souls had yet to find a place heaven or hell and in rare occasions on Earth as a form of reincarnation. For the others, the unlucky few like Josiah, you just remained here, wandering and hoping one day you would find your purpose. It was scary though, not really sure of where you’d go and forever wondering exactly what decision you made in your life that would lead to such a result. For Josiah he knew very well where his fate lied, as soon as his time came. When that would b, he had no clue.

“She’s up! She’s up!” Josiah looked over to find Tiffany, a fourteen year old girl who had gotten her hands on her father’s pain medication after a terrible night at a party. A tale that haunted her still, even in this part of her life. He often wondered if she regretted her decision, but each day she greeted him with a smile. She placed her mask back on, something they had adopted as a sense of identity, something to make this place not seem so dark. Josiah ran his hands through long dark strands of hair, before reaching for his mask, a black one.

“Where are the others?” Josiah asked as he stood up to his full height, walking over toward the door of his cabin.
“Recovery,” Tiffany whispered. He nodded, most of the souls had yet to learnt the ways of the forest. He knew he couldn’t really mourn them, for they were gone completely now.

He followed the lit trail through the forest toward the newest cabin which had been prepared before her arrival. They sprouted up like flowers, Josiah knew not how, but they did and when you opened the door, you entered a small cabin suitable for one person, the newest of the sort of living, peacefully lying in bed.
“Can I come this time?” She asked. He looked over his shoulder down at Tiffany. He gave her a small smile and motioned for her to follow him, before opening the door.
kshahidx / 187d ago
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/H6s6Bsm.jpg]]
[center [size11 [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Oldenburg]
[Oldenburg [I ❝I often wondered what was the reason for teenage rebellion. . . it always ended up to [b no good]; or did it ?❞
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/M3TKhx7.png]]
In Willow Tree, a small town right on the edge of West Auckland, there’s a well known forest that stretches for miles and miles. Though it’s beauty entices all to come enjoy the beauty of natre, there is a dark tale that suggests that once you go in you never come out. While as a child, it is quite easily to believe such a thing, you soon grow out of fear of such lore. Primarily, it has become the destination for many young adults who use the forest as a means of a meeting place for partying; somewhere exciting in such a drab place of living.

This is where our story begins.

Four teens are camping, using the forest as a place of celebration as they are planning to graduate from college in a week. This is where we meet [b Sophie], an aspiring artist who one day hopes her work will reach millions once she completes the novel she’s been working on since she was a young child: a book that tells the most fantastical tales of another world.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/M3TKhx7.png]]
While taking a walk collecting firewood with her boyfriend, they come across a small graze of land where the moon light seems especially fond of. While she’s collecting wood, her lover comes across a gold coin, one he pockets. One would think that lucky, right?

That is until his ankle is caught by the wiry and hairy hands of what Sophie knows to be a goblin. With no desire to leave her love behind, the two are pulled into the ground, seemingly through a portal that take them to a world [I all too familiar]. Disheveled, she comes to alone, screaming for her boyfriend – though is she truly alone?
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6lXk7ZQ.png]]
Sophie is approached by elf guards, who imprison her, considering no human has ever made their way into the portal of Mirador. But Sophie is no average human she comes to figure out.

As the story of her lineage of royalty unfolds, so does realization of a war that has been brewing between the elves and goblins for centuries: a determination of the creatures to come into full power of Mirador. Sophie is determined to join alongside, the head knight, second to the king as he and his men make their way toward the front line for what seems to be the last attempt at showing the goblins who will have power over Mirador.

Along the ay Sophie begins to discover a lot to which she had attributed to childhood imagination as a startling reality and a kingdom that will soon be in need of a true leader as the health of theKing deteriorates.

What she doesn’t count on is making the hard decision of who will remain the holder of her heart, and where.
kshahidx / 194d ago