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•love undone•

By MeisjeKelly

Replies: 16 / 277 days ago

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The party was a spunky one. One that everyone was having a good time. A few smiles here and there, a few couples making out in the corners, you know, the usual. Alex watched over the crowd gauging as he drank his beer, enjoying the lights out here. The cool breeze, and the view that he had paid millions for. It was a look over the city, the sparkling lights just distant enough that they wouldn’t be bothered by the city life, but close enough to where they could enjoy the view just at the perfect angle.

He was lounging, almost like the girl who he didn’t think would show up. Goofing off with the guys, making small talk, Alex pressed the beer to his lips and then tossed it into a recycling bin as he was done with it before being handed another from a friend. He nodded, toasting to him quickly and taking a drag. They were always looking out for him. As the friend was the waitress. She never let him go without a drink in hand, whether it be beer, liquor, or even down to his water and sports drink, he was not to leave without being hydrated in some sort of fashion.

He looked around, letting the music carry through the upbeat, it was when he was looking around, noticing the crowd stop and look at something that was coming through them. Parting them as if they were parted by Jesus himself. He lifted a brow, sipping his drink. The music continued to play and as the wave of people split, they soon returned to their own conversations, sure to fill it with the person who was walking through. It wasn’t until the people parted and her beautiful face came into view. He lifted a brow and stood up, opening up his arms. [b Ana! You decided to join us. And what a beautiful dress.] He smiled at her.

Stepping up to her, he held out a hand. [b Not sure if you’re the huggable type, if so, I shall drape my arm around your shoulders and we can take a full on tour of the house!] He said, giving her the option. [b Otherwise, stay beside me or the men will fall at your feet and trip you into the water!] He chuckled, taking another swig of his drink. he glanced back for a second, and immediately his waitress was right there. [b Before we go though, what would you like to drink?] He asked.

His buds nodded at him and he smiled back before returning his attention to her. [b While we wait for your drink, we can discuss the importance of your appearance. I really am surprised you actually decided to show up. ] He smiled at her.

[b I thought the woman I met today would rather sink her claws in to destroy any humanity I had left in me, but it is pleasant to know you have already done that just by showing off those beautiful legs in that dress. I will do my best to keep the men from crawling all over you.] He smiled cheekily at her, a grin spread over his face.

After they got her drink, he walked forward, [b As you may see, this is the pool area, with the view of the Los Angeles strip, but the best view is a little bit higher.] He pointed up toward the roof where there was a balcony. It connected to his bedroom, but he wouldn’t push anything. It was simply for touring purposes only. She could take it as what she wished.
Ana was a busy girl.
Days filled with meetings, interviews, photo ops for magazines or - simply working on a new movie.
Scripts of movie were often presented to her and were collecting dust in her home as she had not gotten to any of them due to her schedule being incredibly hectic.

Growing up, Ana often witnessed actors and actresses falling apart at the seems and always wondered on why they would?
Being famous was everything.
They had money and fame. Why would they break?

Being on the other side now, Ana finally understood.

Never had she had time to herself.
Work. Work. Work - all the time and was constantly followed by vultures behind the lens wanting happy snaps in hopes of the actress fucking up and humiliating herself.
Finally she understood on why people broke.

It was a night finally she had off and couldn't finally sleep in her own bed.

Secluded in her own private villa, Ana lounged by the pool and answered a phone call that took her by surprise.
How in the world did he get her number?
A question soon answered along with an invitation.

A night filled with drinks and a damn good time.
Ana would be lying if she did not find it tempting.

"I'll think about it.." she replied, listening on the other end, Alex sending the directions to her cell and to do with them whatever she wanted.
That came the moment she hung up and stared at the screen with a raised eyebrow - seeing the text come through with the address clear as day.

Hours had gone by.
Day had turned to night and with hours of contemplating - Ana had her glam squad come to her home and did her up too look damn respectable.

Body brushed bronze.
Long hair down straight- her make up appropriate for night, it was not long until she put on a spaghetti strap black Gucci dress.
Short to show off legs that were again - brushed to look tan.
Strappy heels upon dainty feet, it was not long until she was spritzed with fragrance and made her way to her car.
A simple Maserati and got it, driving herself to the home of the party, in a gated community of Hidden Hills.

Parking the car, Ana got out by the house and knocked upon the door loudly to be heard as the music was loud.
The door opened.
A male answered and ushered her inside - someone gobsmacked on who she was.

"Miss Kozlova, follow me, Alex and the crew are out by the pool.." he spoke, Ana giving off a smile and walked through the house while looking around.
Heels clicked against the floor.

"Excuse me, Alex. A guest is here..."

Ana came into view.
A look upon her face towards Alex.

Alex was a busy man, always one that was set on setting up the next grand event to go to. Some called it childish, but he called it some get togethers, something that people could relax at and just have fun with whatever they chose, and even some came to network, and others came to just have fun. It was a thing back and forth with many different views, as everyone’s opinion was [I so] important in LA, that it didn’t really matter what you did, some one was going to have a comment or opinion about how you should do it differently.

And Alex was not one who was going to sit there and just let them control his life. He was living it, and he worked hard to be here. He didn’t give a fuck what they thought.

As the phone rang, she actually picked up, having sounded like she was sitting up and moving around rather frustratingly. [I How did you get this number?] The words came out of her mouth as if it were poison, as if she would kill him with her eyes if he were standing in front of her. [I What is it?] She asked, the words of frustration sure to kill him.

Alex chuckled and shook his head. [b Alright baby girl, cool it. I’m having a party if you would like to come. I’ll send you the directions if you choose to.] He said with a smile on his face. For a brief second, he thought about hanging up and just sending her the directions, but even while he was waiting for a response, he sent her a drop pin over the iphone and immediately put the receiver back up to his ear. [b Hell, I just sent it to you. Do with it whatever you choose. Just know you’re welcome to a good time here.]

He smiled again into the speaker. [b Have a good time lounging, darling.] And he hung up.

It was a short conversation, but he knew if she wanted to come, then she would show up. Maybe show that sweetheart face to those who wanted to see her in a more relaxed state.

Later on in the night, Alex was sporting a button up flannel that was opened up all the way, revealing his six pack with a beer in his hand as he walked around, seeing many different groups that he was apart of at one time. His most recent crowd smiled at him as they reminisced about the scenes where they fucked up and had a good time anyways. Others were catching up as they worked together previously in other shows, and then there was some networking that was always going on. A hustler was always hustling.

He walked around the party, dipping his foot in the pool here and there as he drank his beer, listening to the music that was going on. A love interest in the past paved her way through the crowd to find him. Layla Louis looked up at him through her blonde bangs. He smiled at the blue eyes and the sharp smile that she gave him. [I Hey what are you doing here?] She played. He chuckled and leaned into her. [b Unfortunately not you, baby girl.] He said with a chuckle and she leaned into him, her arms wrapping around him for a moment.

[b Oh no baby. Don’t play these games with me right now.] He said, pulling himself from her arms. She frowned. [I Don’t do that to me. ]
[b "I am not going to do that movie if they are going to include such a ridiculous scene, Albert. What woman in her right mind would watch it?.."]
[+red "Women would, Ana.."]
[b "It is a romantic movie. A romance novel coming to life on film and not one shred of a plot is in that book."]
[+red "It will be a hit.."]
[b "Not with that plot line. A hurt and broken woman who cannot conceive or ..lost a child, watches this - they would have so much heartache and I do not want to be the woman who portrays this ..if it is not needed."]
[+red "Ana.."]
[b "No. Hell, even Alex - the buffoon of Hollywood agreed with me.."]

Albert stared at his client as the pair sat in the back seat of the SUV, listening to the woman speak of Alexander as a buffoon, and his look of the face made Ana sigh.

[+red "Buffoon, Ana?.."]
[b "He is a man whore, sleeps around. Sure he makes great movies, but he makes a complete idiot of himself in the public eye. A buffoon.."]
[+red "All of this coming from a woman who has a few secrets herself. Bed is always untidy and smells like sex. Bottles of alcohol laying around - despite no visitors. Shit, sometimes its like Guns n Roses came to your home. I'm surprised you aren't wasted right now.."]
[b "Watch it, Albert..."]
[+red "I'm being serious, Ana. If this gets out..."]

The car has parked the moment he spoke those words and all Ana di was shake her head and left the car with a slam of the door.
No more.
She could not bare the sight of Albert for another moment, so with entering the door - she locked up and growled loudly that caused an echo from the large foyer.

As time went by, Ana had kept her promise by lounging outside by the pool - basking in the sun where she got distracted from resting with her eyes closed by a sound coming from her cell.

Turning to her side, wearing nothing - hating those blasted tanlines, Ana looked through her sunglasses and saw a phone call coming through that was surprising.

[b "The hell..."] she muttered, accepting the call.

[i Hey, It’s Alex. Remember me?]
[b "How, did you get this number?..."] she spoke, removing the glasses from the bridge of her nose - sitting up on the lounge chair. [b "What is it?.."]
As he was walking out, he lifted his eyes to the woman who was walking out with her manager. It was typical that the manager was criticizing her. He rolled his eyes as he looked the other way and just called his manager. Her and her kids were busy today at the water park that he was sure that she had things to do. When she picked up on the first ring, he could practically hear her voice smiling. [I Did my boy get the part?] She asked.

He was sure that she was going to be disappointed. [b Well, not exactly. The girl had decided to go against the script and say that it wasn’t going to work, because this light hearted romantic comedy had a child thrown into it, and she didn’t feel that it would be good to have it thrown out that they had wanted to terminate the pregnancy. ] She growled. [I And how does this affect you getting the part?] Alex looked down as he leaned against the car. [b Well, I agreed with her.] He could hear the phone drop on to the cement before she picked it up. [I Well shit. You are right though. I am a mom and I wouldn’t want to watch it.] She said. He nodded. [b So yeah, I agreed with her and they said they would be in contact.] She sighed. [I I’ll find you another part.] He smiled into the receiver. [b I know you will.] And he hung up, letting her get back to her kids.

He got into his car, started the engine, letting his music blast through speakers as he did so. Without another thought, he started texting people. [b Let’s have a party.] He texted. A few of his friends responded back quickly, and soon he knew that it would get around to other soon. As he was pulling out, he stopped and went inside to the casting call. With a few sweet talking of the receptionist, he was able to get the phone number of the woman he auditioned with that morning.

Later that afternoon, he was lounging, hooking up all of the necessary bartenders that he had at his parties as he was setting up for everything. He knew what to close off, what to leave open, what rooms to practically lock, and which ones to leave open that would be easy to clean later as he dialed the woman’s phone number.

He hoped to get her on the first few rings.

[b Hey, It’s Alex. Remember me?] He said if she picked up.
Ana had sat their, opened up he script and began to read the highlighted words, only to feel a sense of urgency that she needed to stop. Reading of the child and her wanting to terminate was something she did not want to be shown in a movie - especially one being so romantic.
It would ruin the lustre.
It just did not fit in.

Perhaps it was the wrong thing she too but Ana could not bite her tongue anymore.

It was taken on board, but not lightly.
Saying her peace, Ana listened as the Producer turned and asked Alex for his opinion.
Oh, this oughta be good.

[b "Heh..."]
[i I actually agree with her.]
[b "You do?..."]
[i This is not right for the type of atmosphere you are portraying. I read the script, options included and I felt that the happy ending with brief disagreements worked better than throwing a child into this. Today’s society will throw this movie to the wind if we are apart of this.]

Ana smirked, turning her head from Alex to the Producer and shrugged.
[b "I couldn't agree more.."] she replied, and the main man did not like that, neither did her Agent, who placed a hand on her shoulder - motioning that it was indeed, time to settle down.

They took it into consideration and Ana nodded.

[u We will be in contact.."]
[b "Alright. I look forward to it."]

Standing up slowly from the seat, Ana leant over and shook hands with the people that wanted nothing more than to see their creation come to life on the big screen, before turning and looked at Alex.

Spoke nothing to him - just kept her eyes upon the man who people considered one of the best Actors in Hollywood, before taking her leave - following Albert toward the exit door.

[+red "You have just potentially ruined your chance to be in this movie."]
[b "Oh well, plenty more."]
[+red "No, seriously.."]
[b "I wasn't going to go along with a story line like that. It's nonsense..."]
[+red "To you, its nonsense - to them, its a movie. Big Hit! And, you maybe ruined an opportunity to work with Alex O'Connell.."]
[b "Psst, who cares. No loss there. We will see what the next few days bring."]

Albert sighed.

Yes, Alex was hot and for a brief moment in the room - she thought about nothing but being naked underneath that heaving body of his - but that was all imagination.

Not a reality.
What a shame.

Back now to her home in the Hollywood Hills - drink by the pool and wait for a phone call.
Maybe she to give a call to someone to keep her body warm.

Ana could have whatever she wanted.
Instead of playing the part, instead of moving on in the movie, the woman did the opposite. She did what one would not think of doing. She actually criticized the producers for showing them that the child would not fit into this romantic scene. It was to be a love and romantic filled show, one that made hearts melt, and she had a point that the fighting over a child would not fit well within the script. The producers looked almost like they were in shock that the woman was dictating what should and should not be on their script.

Alex lifted a brow, turning his attention to those across the room and it felt like hours before what the producers even spoke. [u We respect your thoughts.] One of them said. [u However, that is not the main take of the movie. It was an optional set of scenes that we thought would work. We have another one in mind that would fit more of the summery type of love feeling you are portraying.] He said simply. [u Alex, how do you feel about this set of scenes.]

He pursed his lips, taking a deep breath and trying to let go of the anger that he was showing the small crowd of people around them. [b I actually agree with her. This is not right for the type of atmosphere you are portraying. I read the script, options included and I felt that the happy ending with brief disagreements worked better than throwing a child into this. Today’s society will throw this movie to the wind if we are apart of this.] He let the words come out. He was thinking as clearly as he could. The producer set his hand on the counter and looked at them. [u Either way, our ultimate decision will decide on the direction of how this movie goes. We take into consideration that you guys will not want to participate if we decide to take this movie as you had read it.]

[u We will be in contact.]

Alex lifted his brows and nodded. [b Alright.] He stood up from the table and he shook hands with the producers and the others that were involved with the reading. His polite side was going to show as he was not going to be rude, and show his gratefulness toward everyone within the production company. it was what kept his career alive.
It was a script she did enjoy, but it was one thing reading it and another with speaking the words out loud.
She had never played a part of a mother and never did she ever have a child actor by her side and all of this was brand new.

It would be her biggest challenge yet, but there was something about this that did not seem right.

All of her pent up anger of knowing it was him that would star along side her - Ana spoke the words of the script, slamming it down and keeping eyes on Alex, playing the part and tried to make it all seem real.
Acting was pretend.
Acting was trying to make it look real even though it wasn't and from the look on Alex's face, it seemed real enough, despite secretly letting out her fury.

Once done, Ana bit her lower lip and lent back on the chair - raising an eyebrow, turning head and looked at the Producer who nodded his head, quite impressed on what had just transpired but did not speak as it was Alex's turn to read his lines that were highlighted on the page.

Could he spit fire like she?
Ana waited.

[i We are parents and we have to give him the best life, but no, of course I’m the only one thinking about him. You push all the blame on me, when you are the stupid slut of a woman who couldn’t close her legs.]


Alex spat fire and for some reason she could not help but feel that his words had some truth behind it.
Yes, Ana did not have a child in real life, but she did keep her legs open. Hollywood was a smorgasboard of men.
She would of been foolish not to share her bed with men, but how did Alex find out or even have a sense of knowing?

[b "You know what? … This isn't working for me..."] Ana replied, turning her head from Alex and once again looked at the Producer. [b "The movie, its...too romantic to have a child involved. It's a wrong move to make, no one wants to watch two people fight and speak on "should" of terminated a pregnancy. It's not a good idea..."] she muttered, eyes flickered from the Producers to the writers. [b "It has to change..."]

It did.
The movie was romantic, a boy wanting a date with a rich girl at a country fair. A ferris wheel involved and a summer they would not forget.
A pure hearted love story.
A baby did not fit into it. Perhaps later on in the movie, it was known for the to have babies throughout their life together - but as part of the story - it did not work.

[b "It either gets fixed, or I cannot do this movie. Not even with him as my other half..."] she spoke, pointing the finger at Alex.

A little rude, yes - but Ana needed to be honest.
Alex was a little taken back by the script they had him reading. Bringing a child into the mix? He had never had a part where he had had a child. He never played that kind of role, so this was new. With this in mind, he didn’t know that his promoter had asked to put him if. He wondered what she was thinking when she wanted to have him playing this role. He would have to call her when this was all over and ask her to see exactly what she was thinking about when this role came across her desk.

This woman sitting across from him, he was sure had a past. One that would allow him to play this part with a manager that probably knew more. But then she was mentioned to be America’s Sweetheart. Why would she play the part where she was cursing her own child? Oh right, had to be grown up sometimes, and not all parents were ones that wanted their child.

Maybe that was why his manager wanted him to play this part. With the words that were splayed on the page, it showed that he could be responsible, but again his temper would always get the best of him. It hit a little close to home. His mom had walked out on him, and he was left with his dad and his dad was not very well versed when it came to fatherhood, but he did his damn well best. While he wanted his son to do more than act, it was a tough conversation to have, he was still there for him at every turn. It wasn’t every day that he could do as many movies or tv shows like he had. He was very versed in many different genres, and from his childhood he had grown into the ability to pull his anger from the very bottom of his heart to show his pain.

Like always, hurt brings some good emotions on the tv screen.

With a deep breath, he watched gather all of her pent up anger. It was as if it was a solid moment, after reading the worst magazine article about him, or any man that she had ever come into contact with. She had definitely pulled this anger from someone that had hurt her badly in the past. He would have to ask her also what the hell she was thinking of when she decided to pull this anger and throw it at him. It was something that he didn’t really think that was that important, but he knew this was an interview, you had to put you all you had into it or they might think you’re not really interested and cast you to the side.

He swallowed carefully as she yelled at him, releasing all the anger in one motion.

He hesitated. It was read in the script that he look at her for a moment and gawk. [b Don’t even bring him into this. Because it’s not his fault that we don’t deserve to be parents.] He narrowed his eyes, looking down for a moment, gulping slightly. [b But look at us now. We are parents and we have to give him the best life, but no, of course I’m the only one thinking about him. You push all the blame on me, when you are the stupid slut of a woman who couldn’t close her legs.] He spat and turned around, shoving the papers down.

If they wanted a fight, it was there. All out there on the table. It was going to be fiery. He was going to come back and rip into everything she ever had. IF she wanted to come at him just like that, he was going to return it. The directors were not expected it to be like this. Like real lovers they fought, tearing at one another, but only to come and apologize later because they knew they would need each other in each other’s lives.

But this was real life. That didn’t happen. It only happened in movies.
Alex was not too bad.
He was actually quite good when it came to reading off the book, so perhaps there as potential on the first day of filming.
First and foremost however - the Producer and the Director needed to see if there was a connection between the pair.

They had already showed that they were fine with being civil and somewhat acting affection for one another, but next off the rank, came anger - the fights.
The scenes where the pair had to exchange saliva and kiss - intimate scenes were the ones she was most worried about.
If there was no connection with that, then really - there was no movie. This film, was hot - heated and needed that spice whether if it was with the fights or with the simulated sex.

As the scene came to an end, Ana pulled back her hand and moved it under the table where she wiped palm on her jeans.
Not because of her touched Alex, but it was the clamminess - the sweat of the woman being somewhat nervous.
Despite being a famous actress, she was often nervous when it came t readings like these.
It was an interview for a job, one she needed and money came..and it went like seasons.

One of the next scenes, happened to be one that was important.
A fight.
Pent up anger - both to point fingers and be down each others throats.

It was her turn.

[+red "That was great. Great read from the both of you. Now, Ana..read here. We want to see how heated the argument can get..."]

Ana raised an eyebrow and turned the page, seeing words again highlighted yellow.
Ana breathed in deep.
It was now or never.
Time to show what she was made of.

[b "You are an empty, empty hollow shell of a man. I mean, what the hell are you doing in my house if you hate me so much? Why the hell are you involved with me? Why...why did the choose to keep your child? I mean, why didn't I just get rid of it when I had the chance, because listen to me, listen to me, John! I got news for you, I wish to god that I had!.."] she screamed, pointing a finger - trying to get her point across.

Leaning back on the chair, Ana breathed a sigh - pushing the script forward, keeping quiet but kept her eyes on Alex, knowing full well it was his turn. She had put in a little of her anger at the fact it was him to play her opposite, that pissed her off.
They wanted a fight, it was time to give them one.
[font “Abel” Oh, how the woman herself was something of another kind. She was one who knew that she was talented, that knew she would be able to get any part she pleased. She had grown up into this industry, and it didn’t take her much fighting to get to where she was. Him, on the other hand, had a little bit more of a fight to go for. The girls had to be one of a kind, but the guys…they were all the same to some directors. You had to say the lines just right otherwise you were cut. There was always another pretty and handsome face that could be just as manly as the last. He had to fight where he was, and as much as a playboy as he was, he lived a pretty humble life. He was not one that would brag too much…he let his acting skills, things, and lifestyle speak for him. Which exactly, as he thought about it, was not much better.]

[font “Abel” He was just her in guy form.]

[font “Abel” He sighed inwardly and turned his head as he looked at her, having read his lines, he had waited for her to do so. It wasn’t long until the woman was clearing her throat and looking briefly at the lines in which she read perfectly in the velvet voice that escaped her lips. [I I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.] She said softly. She had hesitated anyways like the part ensured she would upon the reading of the lines. He could see out of his peripherals that the director was grinning more so than what he was expecting. [I The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.] She said and there, just like that, she had reached out her own hand and placed it within his own.]

[font “Abel” He gave a slight squeeze just as was described and immediately responded without a second. He smiled, grinning almost, just as was directed. [b Great! You won’t regret it.] He said, and the highlighted part was done. He released her hand and took both of his hands and placed them on the paper once again, pushing away the thoughts of how her hands felt. He glanced up at the director and he was already whispering to he thought was the producer of the movie. Together they were chatting animatedly as if they were creating the movie right then and there in front of them in their minds. They were picturing it, they were coming up with lines, and chuckling about the ideas that the other had. It wasn’t always like this, but it was nice when the atmosphere wasn’t strictly about money or seriousness. It was always much better when the people around them were laid back and wanting to create something great without the pressure because they knew what they had in their hands was something that people would want to remember.]

[font “Abel” He could see her eyes look at him briefly, and she was just as disappointed as he was about the part. He was already knowing the words before they were spoken as they were moving on to another scene. He thought that the reading was over, but as the directors moved across the table, they took his script from him and pulled up another highlighted part. It was later on in the movie, and as he looked at the words, it was something that he had read over that night before. They were to be fighting. His playboy lifestyle would make the girl jealous. Girls had been around him, specifically one that did not like the main female lead. ]

[font “Abel” [u Read here. We want to see how heated the argument can get.] The director stated.]

[font “Abel” This time, it was to be Anastasiya that started the argument, having caught him off guard. It wasn’t a public place from what he understood, but it was on the beach, it was to be when he was coming from the hotel where he had been at a party. He had been slightly drunk from drinking, and she had seen him with another girl hanging on his arm. Feelings would be crossed and betrayed, and he had to play the drunken part in front of him…Oh my, it was going to be super fun doing this sober.]

[font “Abel” The night was dark…the waves were crashing along the shoreline…and they were to be alone…]
America's sweetheart.

That was the title given to Ana and it made her happy knowing this - but deep down, she lived in fear with desperate hop they never found out about the dark secret.
Everyone had skeletons in their closet.

Alcohol just happened to be hers.
Night after night, although having everything - Ana would drink herself stupid which led her to pass out. It took alot for the actress to black out as her body was used to the drink and she could play it off straight well.
Two movies, Ana just so happened to act in them on the influence. Some people knew; and yet some were completely fooled.

Alex was known for being a man about girls.
He was single and was not committed to anyone or anything so the world, was his playground and he played it well. Ana knew what he was like, having dated a few men herself that had his similar persona.
It was an easy tell to notice someone who was a tramp.

Sitting down slowly upon the chair that was pulled out due to her Agent's hand, a script was placed down infront of her.
A script with the title heading as well as her name in big...bold letters.

Lines she was to read were highlighted in yellow fluro highlighter but it was Alex that would begin without a simple greeting, not even a hello.

What a nice way to meet one another.

Ana remained quiet, listened to the Producer and turned the page to the correct number and waited patiently for the so called "actor of the year" to open trap and speak the few lines that would apparently make her speak a reply.

[i "You can see the ends of the world up there! Feel like you’re flying. Please, take my hand and trust me."]

Alex had read the lines well and even shifted arm to hold out his hand, palm facing upwards towards the ceiling.
Quite theatrical.

Ana was caught a little by surprise, but cleared her throat none the less and began to read her lines.

[b “I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.”] she replied, hesitate on what Alex was saying, but sure enough, Ana had to sigh and breathe in deep to change her mind. [b "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”] she spoke and held out her hand where they palm's soon met and connected, just like the script wanted.

Out of all the Actors, it had to be him.

Why him?

What was so wonderful about him?
[font “Times” Alex was known for being a playboy during his single and uncommitted life. To think, Alex was always a playboy. His devilish good looks always caught up with him one way or another. He was the perfect guy to play the part. It fit him well. He would play the part of getting the girl with something up her ass to become a little more carefree. He was only curious as to hwho was going to play the girl part. ]

[font “Times” He was almost for Lucy, the one that had played in a notebook movie not too long ago. She was hot. He stiffened and twitched at the thought, but immediately it was put down as the woman herself, Anastasiya walked in through the door, late as usual as he was used to. He had read so many a paper saying that now after getting into the Marvel movie, she was famous enough that it didn’t matter if she was 2 hours late. As long as she showed up to a reading, they were going to cast her. He pressed his lips together. [b Oh fuck.] He whispered as she walked in. ]

[font “Times” Her same attitude matched his own as he leaned back in the chair. He was already in the room, script in hand. the words displayed on the page just for him. He was also told that someone was going to be reading for him. Playing the girl part. He could play better with a wall, and than someone who hated his guts. It was going to be quite the part of being close to her if she was going to give him attitude all the time. ]

[font “Times” He sighed heavily. At the table, he laid the script down, sure to watch her. She was something to look at. The way her hair fell, the way that she smiled, the smoothness of her skin, and the peep of her collar bone and easiness of her demeanor. It was easy to fall in love with a face, and it wasn’t until she opened her mouth, despite the lovely smooth voice that she had, it all fell down the drain. He had to find something that he liked about her to be able to play this part if he were to get it and she were to be the female lead.]

[font “Times” [u Okay guys, I can already sense some tension, take a deep breath. It is a chance that we are wanting to take putting you two together. Start from the top, Alex, you start off first.]

[font “Times” He didn’t say another word for a moment as he picked up the script reading from the top. Turning toward Anastasiya, he smiled for a moment. [b I can’t believe you are going to turn me down to ride on the ferris wheel! You can see the ends of the world up there! Feel like you’re flying.] He reached out his hand, just as directed in the script. [b Please, take my hand and trust me.] He asked. ]

[font “Times” It was in her turn that she would hesitate but the accept not completely heartedly, but she would finally begin to love it after they would be on the Ferris wheel looking over the ocean. It would be easy to do in their location. Apparently it would take them to florida for this movie script to take place. It was either Florida they were going to take them or Australia. Either way, he hadn’t been to either one.]

[font “Times” As he waited for her to say her lines, he kept his smile on his face, not letting it falter too much. He had to play the part. He had to be the man that the script wanted. However, while deep down he had thought it was going to be some blonde bimbo that was a rising star reading the other line. He could only imagine how this was going to play out. The woman could push away any out feelings and play the part just as he could. They were both undeniably great actors. They were both someone that could play a part that would be completely out of their comfort zone. ]

[font “Times” It would only be a matter of time to see how this would unfold.]
It truly was a complete and utter turn around.
During the course of three years, Ana had gone from a run down apartment, a home that always had trouble with the radiator, no air conditioning and a landlord that always had his silk shirt open to show off the chest hair and spoke in an accent, one of Jersey when they lived in LA.
The rent was cheap which Ana was thankful for, as she was a struggling actress and worked at a diner that made hardly nothing.

It was one movie of the Marvel Universe that put her name on the map in tinsel town.

Three years later, she was living in a mansion home, widows from floor to ceiling.
A pool with sparkling blue water with a tiny waterfall at one end that was surrounded by chairs that she loved to lounge upon.
It just so happened that on one particular day, sunny with the wind casting a beautiful breeze that Ana laid upon the lounge cushion by the pool and closed her eyes behind sunglasses.

She was America's sweetheart.
Worth millions.

And yet, there was rumour that she in fact was a diva onset.

[+red "Ana, do I have an offer for you!...."] a voice came from inside the home as it travelled outside to where she was.
[b "Albert, you are blocking the sun.."]
[+red "Oh.."] he spoke and shifted to the side, holding a script in his hand that he was ready to hand over to the Actress, his friend an client. [+red "I have a new script for you. You'd be perfect for it..."] he replied, watching as Ana slowly sat up and removed the sunglasses from the bridge of her nose.

He was right.
It was a good script and if she wanted the chance to be in the film, she would have to be at a certain place tomorrow morning at 8am sharp.
Ana was interested, but her being on time was not exactly what she was known for.

Anastasiya was there at 8:15am.
Sure, she was a little late - but when the movie would be deemed a success, her being late they would no longer care.

Stepping into the reading room, it was the sight of a male that she had read about and often saw in movies and gossip that she knew exactly who he was.
Was he going to be her partner in this new film?

Were they kidding?

Turning her head, she looked at Albert and raised an eyebrow.
[b "He is my opposite? I thought this read was for me today?.."]
[+red "Change of plans a little late Ana, but this will be good. Trust me, okay?...."]

Ana sighed and wandered in, taking a seat at the round table.
The script in front and ready for a new movie adventure, despite it being with a male who she felt was completely wrong for the part.