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Entrapment (closed!)

By HydreigonMaste

Replies: 1475 / 293 days ago

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An rp based on prisoners of war. There had been an epic war between the predators and the prey of 65 billion years ago, during the Cretaceous period.
You, a f/m blank dinosaur, and me, a f/m ankylosaur. You must be a predator, and they will be the same gender. Just thought maybe a dinosaur era rp might be nice
he sighed, "What are you doing here aren't you supposed to be with someone?"
The tiny prince wrinkled his nose, and climbed up his leg
HydreigonMaste / 153d ago
He walked away sighing, "Okay!" His tail flicked fiercely as he heads back to his brother
“I am offended” she said “go away, racist!” She barked
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
He sighed, "He sighed, "I wouldn't have if I saw them come on, be more reasonable you only want to hurt him because he is an enemy!"
“You almost killed three babies isn’t he eggs!l she roared
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
He sighed, "Even though he is asleep he still packs a punch silly do you really think I'm going to let you hurt them anything but that I'll give you your desire too but no harm since I didn't spill blood!"
“So words!” She said “I’m gonna go bite your bf” she said, walking past him
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
he sighed, "So you're an outcast like me hu but he doesn't count since they were eggs when I almost ran over them!"
“I killed them” she said, yawning “so that wouldn’t happen”
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
he sighed, "not them the parents!" he threw a valuable shot at her know that if either side has a reason to team up this would be one of them.
“What?” She asked confusedly “they would never hurt me, they’re my babies” she said, as they walked around a Nd played
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
He sighed, "Really now do you know they can really have your head if they work together to fight you?"
“They are now” she said, pointing at a T. rex baby, a triceratops baby, and a raptor baby “I stole the eggs”
HydreigonMaste / 155d ago
He sighed, "He doesn't count after all he is hatched your's aren't!"