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New Chapters 1x1 (Navino)

By SmileBright

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[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/83/d4/06/83d406d982f5d99ef4e8f6defcc074bf.jpg]

Scout loved books, constantly reading something new whenever she got out. She hated where she lived, and wanted a new adventure. When she turned 18, she left London for America. Her plan was to open a book store, which is what she had always wanted to do. For three years, she worked her butt off to get enough money to lease a place for her store and to fill it. She put a down payment on a place and named it [b New Chapters]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/97/3f/83/973f8338f6ddf8e0990c2da856bcbe68.jpg]

Now 23 years old, Scout was so happy to be living her dream, and it seemed to be doing really well. She was so busy working, she hadn't much time to date. Her friends had set her up on dates all the time, but no one clicked with her. But that changed when [b he] came in. [You] are famous around these parts, everyone always asking for pictures or autographs. [You] ran into Scout's store to ditch the paparazzi just as she was closing, and ended up looking around. Scout and [You] bumped into each other, and because Scout didn't recognize [You], he started a conversation. [You] came back every day right before closing, just to see Scout. Scout had no idea of his fame, and he really didn't want her to think differently of him. They end up exchanging numbers, talking all the time. They go out a few times, but he always presses to go to her place or the bookstore after hours. He didn't want to go out, in worries of being seen, and he didn't want to go to his place, because she would know he was rich/famous from looking at it.

Scout asks him to help her stock the store early one day, and he agrees. People come in and flock around [You]. She finds out everything and kicks everyone out. Will he be able to make it up to her? Will their chapters be over?

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Scout smiled when she heard her phone buzz. She hoped she knew it was the boy from earlier and smiled when she saw his name.

[i Hi Ryan! Don't worry about it, whenever you finish them. I really hope you enjoy them, that's all I ever hope for! ]

Scout hit send, letting the message send to him. She got up and brushed her teeth for the night. She returned to her bed, keeping her phone nearby, waiting for a reply back. She hoped he hadn't fallen asleep yet. Ever since she left him in front of her store, she couldn't get the thought of him out of her mind. The boy with his chocolate brown eyes, who loved her tea and wanted to read. He seemed just as interested in her as she was in him. Scout, of course, was a little more direct, giving him her number right away. While he messaged her first and offered to teach her music, just like in those romance novels that lined her bookstore walls. She wanted to get to know him. Why did he enter her store? Who was he?

--This is such a short post, but I am super writers blocky right now. But I really wanted to get a post out for you!-
Ryan chuckled at her reply. "Well, maybe I could teach you something sometime." He offered. If he was going to be spending more time with Scout he would have to ensure that he didn't give his real identity away. He didn't want her to find out and one wrong word could result in her searching him up on the internet a d finding out that he wasn't just some guy. He liked not having to live up to her expectation or have her freak out because she was talking to a celebrity. He'd also have to make sure that when he came back, that he wasn't going to be followed by paparazzi. They would for sure question and harass her and he didn't want that to happen. He had gotten used to this lifestyle, but, it wasn't easy to say the least.

He took the card from her and immediately typed the number into his phone, he also pocketed the card so that he knew where to go once he came back. He then quickly texted his driver the address so that he would be able to go quickly. He looked back up at her and felt a small, disappointed sinking feeling. He wanted to talk to her more, but, she did have a life and he would at least be seeing her again within the next couple of weeks. He had laughed with her at what she said. "Well, that wouldn't be good... I should probably get going as well... It was a pleasure seeing you too and I look forward to returning." The last part was said when they shook hands and he had smiled at her one last time before leaving to meet his driver around the corner.

That night he explained to his manager where he had ran off to before going about his night as usual. He had something to eat, a pizza he had picked up before returning home, then showering. He could imagine that he drank of the bar he had played the gig at and grew embarassed slightly. He hoped that he hadn't smelt too bad whilst he was with Scout... Eventually, he ended up in bed and decided to text her. He bit his lip nervously as he did so.

[i 'Hey! It's Ryan, I'll probably have those back to you within a couple of weeks. A month at the most.']
"I'm....musically challenged. I could never hit it at the right time, I was always like a beat off." Scout stammered out. She hated how bad she was at music, she liked to stick her head in a book, where she could just listen to music. After getting out of the band, she was able to work in the school library which gave her the skills she still used in her own store.

"Yeah, actually, I'll give you my number. Here." Scout offered a small card, her business card for her store. It read
[i [center New Chapters. ]]
[i [center Scout Rose Wallace - Owner]]
[i [center 514 Maple Drive]]
[i [center 555-9876]]
"It's actually getting pretty late, I have to get on home. My dog needs to get out before he pees all over my flat." she laughed, grabbing her bag from the floor. She went into the back of the store, turning off the lights in the back. She ran up to the front, turning her sign from open to closed, and walked outside of her store. "Text me whenever. I have a hard time sleeping so I'm usually up late anyway." she laughed. "It was such a pleasure...Ryan" she smiled, shaking his hand before walking toward her flat.

Scout's night was nothing but ordinary. She finally received her dinner, a Chicken Caesar Salad, and enjoyed it while curled up with Desmond reading her current book she had set down in her living room. She finished her food and decided to shower to calm herself down from the wonderful day she had and all because of the mysterious man who came into her store as it closed.

Scout smiled as she felt the warm water hit her body. She cleaned her body and washed and conditioned her hair. She wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and brushed her short brunette hair out. She placed her glasses back on her nose and got dressed in a pair of long sweatpants and a loose tee-shirt, pulling her hair into a ponytail on the top of her head. She took her phone, plugged it in next to her, and grabbed her book and continued reading. It was getting dark and Scout was still reading by the light of the Christmas lights strung around her room. She looked over out her window, hoping she would hear from the mysterious man from earlier, either tonight or tomorrow.
"Well, you don't need to make it better on my end." Ryan replied, matching her smirk with his own. He then nodded his head at what she said next. "Thanks, I have a pretty busy lifestyle so being able to return them whenever possible is a big relief. I think it's nice that you do have that offer for people. But, are you not afraid of them stealing your books?" He asked her. She was beautiful, obviously smart and caring. He had already made the decision to come back and see her but now he was making sure that he was. Maybe in a couple of weeks so that he didn't seem too eager, but eager enough to show her that he was interested.

She looked adorable when she poured and he felt bad for teasing her, though, he did laugh with her at her admitting how bad she was at playing the instrument. "But it's a triangle? It's easier than singing, how can you be bad at it?" He asked her teasingly, digging into his pocket to get his wallet. "I do both. I sing and play the guitar." He told her, slipping out the needed money and handing it over to her. It was old fashioned but he liked to at least carry a little bit of money around.

He felt rather happy that she wanted him to go on a hike together. It gave him hope that she liked him for more than just a customer, but, that could mean just friends. He wasn't sure. He didn't even know if he was ready to date yet. But, he nodded his head with a bright smile. "Y'know, I could always give you my number so then we can arrange a time for us to hike." He said this with a small, cheeky grin on his face but quickly added on. "If you don't want it that's fine, we could just arrange something the next time I'm back."
"I did ask. I just made it better on your end." Scout smirked. "But if you really want to pay me, okay. It's $15 dollars, five dollars for each. And they are yours as long as you need them. I don't like places that have strict due dates and late fees, so it's really not needed." she smiled. When Scout was younger, she never had money to purchase her own books, so she'd rent them. She'd owe so much in late fees because she would forget when she would rent books and would always return late. She never wanted another person to be in that situation ever again.

When he made a comment about a triangle, she pouted. "I did try! The triangle was my sworn enemy in middle school, my school made everyone try band." she sighed. "I got a note to get me out for the second half of the year because I was so bad." she laughed. She wanted to try and get maybe someone else out of him. "What kind of music do you do? I mean do you play something, or sing?" she asked.

"Oh! Yay, I hike every Saturday, you should totally come and bring Bagle!" Scout smiled. She hoped she could hang out with this boy more, he was so interesting and someone she'd never expect to show up in her store.
Ryan noticed how her cheeks grew slightly red, but, he just placed it down to the bookshop being warm. Though, the idea of him making her do that did make him rather pleased of himself. Due to his particular job and lifestyle, he didn't date that much. At all in fact. He hadn't had a proper girlfriend in three years and the last time he went on an actual date was well over a year ago. He was just so busy and he wasn't that interested in any of the girls he had seen. They just seemed fake and that was definitely a big off put.

However, there was just something about Scout that was real. The two had only just met and so it was expected that she was giving all of herself away, but, that just made him want to get to know her more. He was definitely going to return, maybe in a couple of weeks. He didn't want to appear too eager after all, that would only make things awkward. The likelihood was that she just viewed him as another customer was very high, she probably sat down and made tea for her other customers a lot.

He chuckled at the offer she made."If you wanted me to come back, all you could have done is asked." His tone was playful but then he shook his head with another small laugh. "i was going to come back anyway... I like talking to you." He admitted softly. "But let me pay to rent them."

"I think everyone is musically inclined, you just need to find your instrument. You might be good at the triangle." He teased her but couldn't help but perk up as she mentioned that they could go hiking at some point. "I'd love to! I have a beagle called Bagle."
Ryan Bishop / Navino / 268d ago
Scout's face went hot when he said her name was beautiful. "Thank you. No one has ever told me that before." she smiled. She zoned out for a moment as she thought about what he told her. It might not be a big deal to a lot of people, but to her, it was very kind. This stranger who wandered into her store was kinder than most people who took her on dates, which was a bit odd to her. When he spoke again, she snapped out of her trance. "Oh, okay!" she smiled. She took three of the novels, scanning them and placing them in the cloth bags her store used. "I'll offer you a deal...if you come back and talk about the books with me, I'll let you rent them for free." she smiled. This was a perk she could do as an owner of her own store, and she wanted him to come back.

"You make music? Wow. I've always wished I was more musically inclined, but I don't have any rhythm at all. Maybe we could hie with our dogs sometime. What kind of dog do you have? I have a two-year-old Corgi, his name is Desmond." she smiled. She absolutely adored her dog, and would sometimes bring him into the store with her. Kids loved him, and he loved people.

"Really, don't worry about it! I'll not let you endure the tea anymore!" Scout smiled, taking the cup from him. She poured the remainder of the tea out and dried the cup off. She took her cups home with her each night, so she placed it in her bag to bring home with her. She looked back at the man, smiling.
Ryan listened to her and he didn't think that he could stop. She had such a soft, sweet voice and he couldn't help but be attracted to her London accent. He just wanted to ask her question after question so that she could keep on talking. Though, he also didn't want to pester her and so he would just stick to the structure of their current conversation. "I think you have a beautiful name." He complimented with a slightly shy smile.

At her question, he smiled brightly and nodded his head, but then paused, now that he was thinking about it properly, he probably wouldn't have time to read all six before they were due. "Actually, I'll just rent three of them." He replied with a small embarrassed laugh. Plus, it would give him the excuse to come back here and have another conversation with her. But, he found that it was rather nice of her to offer both options. From what he remembered, not a lot of bookshops did offer that and the only place to rent a book would be the library.

He found himself just wanting to know more about her as she told him her hobbies and what she liked to do outside of running the bookstore. He gave a short hum of thought at the questions she asked him. "Well, I like music. So, listening to music, writing music and making it... But, I also like hiking with my dog whenever I have the chance." He answered

Ryan was hoping that she wouldn't have seen the reaction to the tea and he gave her another sheepish smile and laughed in embarrassment when she asked if he did like the beverage and then further apologised. "No, its fine! I spoke quietly and then I didn't have it in me to tell you otherwise... Sorry that its going to waste..."
Ryan Bishop / Navino / 269d ago
"Father was a teacher, mother a librarian." Scout smiled. "I love when names are related to the family. The women on my mothers' side have the same middle name, Rose. So Scout Rose." the girl said, sighing.

When he told her not to apologize, she smiled. He then told her he would take all of them. Scout looked up at him, surprised. "All of them? Are you sure? Wow, okay." she said, couching slightly. "Would you like to buy them, or rent them? I offer both options here." she smiled. She started as just a store where you could buy books, but she was always getting books donated back that she sold. This way, people could take something home and love it and then let someone else love it. Her renting policy was lenient, as you could bring books back when you wanted. You could take an as long or short amount of time with the book. And if you loved a book more than you thought, you could pay an extra $5 dollars and buy the book.

"What else do I like to do? Well, I read, which is kind of obvious. I like to cook and hike with my dog." Scout smiled. "What do you like to do? I mean, besides, you know, run into bookstores before they close?" she smiled at him, laughing a bit.

Scout looked at him as he sipped the tea, his face twitching a little. "Ryan, do you like tea?" she asked. She then remembered he had told her he didn't really like tea, but she poured him the cup anyway. Her eyes widened, "Oh my gosh, you said that. I'm sorry, I can get rid of it if you'd like" she said, her eyes apologetic as she looked up at him from her short stature.
Ryan listened to her explanation and nodded his head with a small chuckle. "Yeah, I can tell. I'm guessing your parents work in literary jobs too?" He asked. "I was named after my grandad." He had replied back, after letting her answer his question. "He passed away when I was a baby and my mom was really close to him. So, hence Ryan." He added on with a small smile. He had never got to know about his grandad, but he had heard plenty of stories about him.

He wasn't sure if he was amused or slightly offended that she hadn't heard that he was doing the small gig. It had been all over the news since he didn't usually go to places like this to perform, but, he had chosen it as a way to feel some nostalgia. He had started out as a student doing small gigs for parties and such, eventually he worked his way up to doing opening acts and after recieving more and more attention for his music, he worked his way to the singer that he was currently.

"I don't go out that much either to be honest." That was true, but it would have been for very different reasons than Scouts. He looked at her and he smiled as he saw her eyes light up. He hadn't seen anyone so excited to recommend some books, he couldn't lie that he found her reaction quite adorable. He let her ramble on and give him the different books, he just simply watched her go back and forth. He had chuckled at her apology and shook his head. "Please, don't apologise. It's nice to have a book store worker that can suggest a wide variety of books."

He gently set the books down onto the counter and took the tea. "Cheers." He said back to her. At her question, he looked back to the books and his eyes scanned the titles. He honestly didn't know which one to pick, Scout obviously had good taste and they all sound so interesting. So, when he turned his attention back to the gorgeous woman, he said. "I'll take them all, if that's ok?" He may have been wanting impress her by reading that many books, but he did want to read them too.

He took a seat next to her, but didn't sit too close to invade her personal space. "So, what do you like to do outside of running this place?" He asked curiously, taking another sip of the tea and resisting the urge to make a face of disgust.
Ryan Bishop / Navino / 269d ago
Scout thought about her name. Well, her father was an English professor and her mother, a librarian. They loved books and named their daughter and son literally names. "Scout, from To Kill A Mockingbird. I mean, my brother's name is Sawyer, like Tom Sawyer. Very literary family." she smiled.

"Oh really? I don't hear a lot about stuff that goes around. The only friends I have around here live in other cities. I don't go out much." Scout smiled, her European accent finding it's way into her words. Scout had moved from London to America for almost 3 years now but spent all her time and money in her store. She really made friends through other booklovers who helped her grow her ever-growing collection of books. She didn't really go out, except for a slew of terrible dates from dating apps. Maybe the store was her new dating app, considering the gorgeous man who wandered in before closing.

When he asked her for book suggestions, Scout's eyes lit up. "Well, it depends what you are looking for? Mystery, I would say this one," she said, handing him one book from a shelf. "Or romance, this is one of my favorites," she said, handing him another. She ran to the other side of the store, "And my favorite thriller/horror has to be this one! And here's my favorite YA fiction!" she said, running over and handing him the books. "Oh!" she said, turning around. "And this is my favorite poetry book!" she handed him the last book. Kinsley realized she just handed him so many books. "Oh, wow. I'm sorry. I just get excited when people ask for my suggestions. Usually, people tell me what they want." she smiled, biting her lip.

Scout placed a black tea bag in his cup and brought her own cup and his to him. "Cheers." she smiled, taking a sip. "So, anything of the five books I brought over interest you? Or could you be more specific in what you'd like" Scout smiled, taking another sip of her tea and sitting into one of the many couches placed around her store? "Oh, please. Sit!" she smiled, offering a spot next to her.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/m55HjVD.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg]

Ryan smiled as she stated that she liked his name. He still couldn't get over that she didn't know who he was. He chuckled as he replied. "Thank you, though I will say that I much prefer your name. I don't think I've met anyone called Scout before. But, it's nice to meet you too." He studied her beautiful features for a moment longer before his attention was took by the paparazzi and reporters.

He had froze slightly as he thought one of them was going to enter the shop, but, he relaxed again as they quickly left. He knew they were looking for him and he chuckled again as Scout further proved to him that she truly did not know who he was. "I heard there was a small gig about half an hour away from here? They must have escaped." He wondered how long he would be able to keep this up. This image that he was a perfectly normal person. He only hoped that she wouldn't ask personal questions, he didn't want to lie to a woman as beautiful as she was.

He watched as she moved and he smiled at her poking him. "Hm, I'm not sure... And no thank you on the tea, I'm more of a coffee person." He replied as he watched her, slowly following after her. His eyes going from looking at all the different books to looking at her. He couldn't help it. She was gorgeous and she treated him like he was a regular person off the street. Not even his family treated him like he was family any more. It certainly was refreshing. "I haven't read in a long long time, I wouldn't know where to start... Could you recommend me something?" He asked.

As he neared her, he soon realised that she had not heard him say that he didn't like tea and he didn't have the heart to tell her again since she had already filled a cup with a hot water. So, with a soft smile, he answered with. "I'll have black thank you."
Ryan Bishop / Navino / 241d ago
Their hands touched and she looked up to the man. "Ryan Bishop..." she said, thinking. "I really like that name! It's a pleasure to meet you." she smiled, her London accent filling out her words. His voice was deep and smooth, beautiful. When Scout really took a look toward the man, she realized his beauty. [b My god, he's gorgeous] she thought to herself. She broke out of her thoughts when she heard a ruckus outside of her window. She peered outside to see reporters and photographers piled together at the end of the street. She laughed and turned back to the boy, "I wonder who they are looking for. Must be someone famous! How exciting, a famous person!"

Scout looked to the boy, smiling. "What are you interested in? I have almost anything you might want?" she said, poking him in the shoulder while walking past him. "You want some tea, I was just going to make some and I don't mind sharing. Lavender or Black?" she asked, filling her tea kettle with water. She bent down to her small fridge she kept in her shop. "Don't worry, I have milk!" she laughed.

Scout walked from behind the counter to help the male who wandered in her store. "So, nonfiction is here, while fiction is over here. And way back there is the young reader section. Anything in particular. Or I could give you some recommendations?" she asked.

If you asked Scout about books, she wouldn't stop. This was the girl who read the dictionary in her spare time as a child. Books made Scout feel alive, they took her on all the adventures she needed. After leaving London and spending all her money on the bookstore, she didn't have much money to spend on non-essential things. Books gave her that thing she needed to keep going.

Scout heard her kettle go off, filling two cups with hot water, placing a lavender tea bag in her cup. "What kind of tea did you want?" he called to him.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/m55HjVD.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/9bs4kfG.jpg]

Ryan panted as he ran away from the paparazzi and other crazed fans that never seemed to leave him alone. He had finally had enough and after doing a small gig, he slipped around the back and ran. He just needed air, he wanted to feel alone. Eyes were constantly watching him, there was always someone in his ear or on his shoulder and he just couldn't take it. At one point, he had slowed down to a walk once he was far away enough and he strolled the streets to appreciate the scenery. Something he hadn't done in awhile.

However, he then began to get the feeling that he was being followed. By who? He did not know. He just knew they were following him. So, after taking some quick, sharp turns and temporarily he dipped into a bookstore and hid in-between the shelves. He saw the stalker run past and he let out a small sigh of relief. He then looked around and couldn't help but feel warm and comfortable in the bookshop. It felt like home. A small smile appeared on his features and he felt a sense of nostalgia. Through out childhood and his adolescence, Ryan had loved to read. He read countless of books and he had much preferred them than interacting with other people. However, as he rose to fame by posting videos of himself online singing, he hadn't been doing much reading and he thought that he should take it up again.

Just as he was thinking about leaving, a woman appeared before him. A beautiful woman at that and he almost didn't hear it answer her questions. He was surprised to hear that she didn't recognise him, he was quite the famous singer and his face was almost everywhere. "Hi, no we haven't met. I'm Ryan Bishop... I was just looking... I haven't read anything in awhile and I wanted to start to get back into it." He told her with a smile, placing his hands into the pockets of his jacket.
Ryan Bishop / Navino / 241d ago