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The Beast of the Bay (CLOSED)

By Ravanya

Replies: 4 / 300 days ago

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(#990f15 All the stories and legends say that if you go out to he bay with anger, malice, and evil in your heart you will meet the Beast of the Bay. Those that have been said to survive were left in quivering, sniveling messes as they coward and whimpered in fear. When all the lanterns are turned down for the night, and the waves can be heard crashing softly in roaring hushes against the docked ships, in the stillness of the night, listen closely and you might just hear the Beast. Some say he calls out for revenge, that he was cursed to be a Beast to atone for sins he has committed. Some say he wails for a lost love that was swallowed by the bay, and to this day he pines for her return. It's unsure which of the many, many stories and legends are true. Though one thing is certain.... if you go out with ill intentions into the night, you had better beware......)

(#990f15 (b (i BEWARE THE BEAST OF THE BAY.....)))

(#990f15 (b Jemalla (i "Gem") Thorn) had heard of the stories of the Beast of the Bay and wasn't sure what she thought about them. She wondered if there was really a Beast, or if it was some locals and townies just making a joke as to bring in more tourists. She was traveling with her guitar and thought she would pay the little fishing town a visit as she wandered through to see if the Beast was true. Maybe she could make a new song out of it. What will she find in this little town?)

(#990f15 (b Jemalla "Gem" Thorn))
(pic https://i.imgur.com/KaSFXWQ.jpg)


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Gem listened to the stories that filled the tavern, many stories of an animalistic creature that roamed the woods along the bay. No one held the same story. Some claimed it was a monstrous beast, some claimed it was like a dragon, dark and dangerous. She was wondering where they got all their stories from, nothing was adding together even if you added the stories together. She sighed and went to pay for a room and took her things up the stairs, snatching another purse or two on the way, to place them in her room. Her guitar case she sat on the bed, then tossed her bag beside it with a stretch.

She thought a moment and looked to her door. She'd already caused a stir down in the tavern, seemed to cause the locals distress with barely mentioning the beast's legend. Best they thought she was up in her room all night. She moved to the door and slipped out the 'Do Not Disturb' placard on her door, then locked it from the inside. Blowing out the candle she moved to the window and pulled it open and slipped out.

It was a steep drop, but thankfully her being an elf helped the blow as she landed on her feet and crouched low not to be seen. She looked around the backside of the tavern and when she saw no one she stood straight. Most of the stories spoke of the forest, so she decided to head that way instead of the water. No sooner did she take a few steps towards the forest did she hear voices coming towards the back of the tavern. She winced and ran through the moonlit darkness to hide behind a tree as a couple turned the corner. They must have thought they were alone, because they started laughing, and making all too unmistakable sounds. [b "Geez, at least get a room..."] she grumbled as she followed through the trees away from the paths.

She'd been walking a good while without seeing anything and she was wondering how large the woods were and if she was getting herself lost. [b "Or maybe the stories are full of shite and I'm a fool because I'm chasing it..."] she muttered to herself. It was then she stopped as a hard chill ran down her spine at the haunting howl that filled the night around her. [b "Dear Gods..."] she said wide-eyed as she looked around the dark forest. Being an elf she had wonderful night vision, but it didn't help in the forest here. She wandered more into the forest against all of her instincts telling her to run. It was then she realized she could no longer see any of the paths, and the forest had gone silent. [b "Gem... you're one right daft piece of shite..."] she chided herself pushing some of her hair from her face, the pale color bright beneath the moonlight that barely filtered in past the canopy above.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/cbo0CRh.jpg?1]] Hunger was the first thing that approached the creature as consciousness returned. As the sun set, it felt as if the chill in the air was rushing in, filling a hollow body, moldering in its huddle, and brought it back into the current of things. The sounds of the night sharpened. The birds changed, slowly, as they do. And the nighttime creatures started to move.

It was these night creatures that Gem heard, mostly, as she left the bounds of the town and moved into the wilderness. The sounds of the water died behind her the deeper she went, not even a dull roar, until it was only the trees that enveloped her now, looming, indifferent about her. She was big game now, for the predators in these places. There were paths where she started, well worn and clear, and she had the option of staying on them or departing.

The dry dirt underneath long fingers puffed up softly, bringing the scent of the soil into the creature's nose. But beyond it came the scents of the bodies that moved above ground, a fluttering heart of a rabbit, ever watchful, and the hungry beat of an owl's. And so, it slithered out of its place and into the open air. It needed to eat as well, feeling that clawing, howling feeling, and so it ducked its head to enter into the dappled semidarkness.

It was a still, wet night. Not raining. Damp in that the earth had a layer of dew on it already, and it hung in the air and in the nose. It had a breeze on it, that was chilled but not as cold as would be expected. Something balmy, and expectant.

The little lights danced in the corners of the woods, and the feeling of soil changed to that of leaf litter and needles, for the creature as it shifted to stand on creaking bones, cold from the sleep and stillness.

It tipped its head back, opening wide the maw, and on that breeze Gem could hear the high, keening cry of something echoing through the trees. The creatures in these woods quieted, listening to the sound that echoed up the ridged hills that led away from the seaside town.

With that the thing moved like one of the many shadows, and made its way down towards that town where it would seek out things, and feed. Hunger drove its thoughts, currently, little else. Until something came to its attention, large enough to suffice for a meal.

A woman. She wandered alone outside in the night, skin exposed in such a way that made the beast's throat tremble, thinking of what parting that envelope would give to it, of tearing it open.

Gem would note, as she drew to a pause, that the woods had gone quiet around her.
Tweedy / 292d ago
The sun was setting over the town, and it was a beautiful sight of blended Orange, Rose, Indigo, and Mauve as the town was winding down with suppertime. The smells of so many homes and taverns cooking caused a stir. The slenderly curved female stood at the edge of the town, and with a deep breath of the evening air, her stomach growled hard. She groaned placing a hand to the bare stomach her cropped blouse showed, causing the jeweled chain there to jingle softly. She resituated the guitar strap over her shoulders and decided that first, she needed dinner, then she would see if the rumors here were true.
She wandered through the streets on foot, her boots thumping along the dirt and stone of the streets as she passed closed up shops and homes. This seemed like a good town to try and earn some coin, but what really drew her to this town were the stories of the beast that plagued the Bay nearby. She made her way into the first tavern she found called The Mermaid's Keep. She smirked at the name as she knew this would be more of a sailor's Inn, and she prayed the walls were not thin here. Making her way inside she looked around at the scattered tables, all nearly filled with men and women alike. A stone bar also nearly filled, complete with a cheery, pudgy faced barkeep, some ladies of the night looking for their spoils. Jemalla Thorn - more commonly known as simply Gem - made her way to a single set table in the far back of the inn's main hall and waited for the barmaid to come to her. She placed an order for food and drink and paid up with what she could. Frowning as she stared into her coin purse past her alabaster hair that swung in her face, she groaned. [b "Gonna need a lot more coin at this rate..... I barely got enough for a room tonight, but breakfast will be a bust...."] she sighed to herself.
The woman came back with her order and before she could leave, Gem asked the woman about the Beast of the Bay. The woman gave her a once over before smirking. [b "And why would you want to know? You don't look like much of a fighter..... unless you have an armory in that little guitar case, you won't be much use around that Beast..... except to feed it....."] she turned on that note and let Gem to her thoughts. Gem blinked at the woman's bluntness and decided that she no longer felt guilty about swiping the woman's purse from her pocket before she left. It was then she noticed the air in the inn changed due to her bringing up the topic of the Beast. Stories began filling the air, and all she had to do was listen to them.