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The Tavern (CLOSED)

By Ravanya

Replies: 25 / 295 days ago

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(#3a1256 (b (i A single tavern alone in the woods, not near any town lines, city limits or villages. The forest is thick with trees and vegetation, and the only lights are either from the bit of sun that filters in, or the moonlight. But, the tavern has its own lamps, so you can see it when it comes along your path. It's not a well-known tavern, except by its patrons that frequent all the time. It's here that many a creature of any race and species can gather in peace for a bite to eat, ale and mead to drink, and songs to share. This tavern has also started a few marriages, and divorces, but it has lived for a very long time. What should happen when two wayward souls happen to meet at the tavern and end up needing to travel together?)))

(#3a1256 (b (i ALeera is an elf that plays by her own rules. She's not the overly prissy type of elf that would wear draping silks, and have long ribbons and beads braided through her hair. She was a fighter, a tough female that traveled the lands without a home. Except for perhaps the old tavern. It was more than likely where you would find her if she wasn't on some hired job. She was skilled in magic, bow and arrow, daggers, and staff. She could fight with some of the best of them, and even out hunt a ranger. She was liked a hired bounty hunter, but she was lazy. She'd rather spend her time drinking unless you appealed to her senses of morale and honor. If she thought the job was worth something, she'd take it, and that didn't mean worth money.)))

(#3a1256 (b (i What will happen if you come across this tavern and find Aleera? Will you ask her to journey with you on a quest? Share a drink? Come find the tavern and find out!)))

(#3a1256 (b (i Aleera Moretti)))
(pic https://i.imgur.com/4A4PU9b.jpg?1)


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He looked at the woman then back at Aleera in utter confusion, he backed up by two steps and gestured for Aleera to come his direction for a private conversation. When he close he began the discussion. [+red [b "Alright.Look I don't even know what the hell is happening any longer...this truly perplexes me. What does she mean by the two who will stop people who harm them? I mean like this is baffling. I can't be the only one who feels the same right?"] ]He asked while turning around to view the woman once more, her golden hues met with his red ones before he quickly turned back to Aleera.
[font "Times New Roman" She was still fuming when he followed her out, and she glanced to him as he tried to calm her down. She raised a brow at him as he tried to explain that if it was going to stop it would have happened by now and she narrowed her eyes at him, opening her mouth to retort back at him in her still fuming anger before the ground shook, nearly knocking her off her feet before she braced herself in a stance and looked around.

The sky filled with light and her sensitive ears pricked at the roaring boom that echoed all through the town. She winced and brought her hands to her ears to try and block some of the sound as her ears started ringing. The large beast flew down in front of them in the square. Aleera reached for her staff at her back and narrowed her eyes before the beast transformed and took the form of a woman before them. The woman dropped to one knee before them and Aleera stood up straight before looking to Tatsumi confused and taking a step back from the woman. [#000580 [b "U-uummm..... what are you talking about?"
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 128d ago
Tatsumi stopped listening to the woman after the physical evaluation, he walked away with his hands behind his head. He kept walking not really caring about anything else other than the training room. Sure what they were doing was wrong....but it was expected to occur soon. It was bound to happen and none of did or is doing anything to stop it. Slowly he walked up to his partner and patted her shoulder. [b [+red "This town blows....it's dull and uninteresting..And you know...them hunting the mystic beasts and gathering useful information was bound to happen. So don't get too worked up about what happened in there. You do know that if it was going to be stopped someone would have attempted to and even if they were successful at first they would vanish suddenly either by assassination or plain murder. We should keep looking for some---WOAH!"] ]

The ground suddenly began shaking as a bright golden lighted shined in the sky, soon a loud roar rang out as a dragon bursted into flight, it stared at the town with murderous intent before flashing a look towards Tatsumi and Aleera. It seemed to have stopped and transform into a woman....a dragoness to be exact. She was a towering 7ft 5inches and looked to be an hourglass figure, nothing more than 225lbs. She walked towards the pair and got on a knee. [b [+gold "You...two...are the connection between the mystic beasts..and humanity...the ones who will stop those who wish to harm us.."]
Aleera followed the woman listening to all she had to say on all of this. At least they weren't sending out [i ALL] the hero dreamers out to their deaths, but the feel of this people wanting to learn and possibly exterminate certain species made her sick. Tatsumi seemed all but intrigued about the training rooms where the warriors were ranked based on skills, but she frowned and crossed her arms under her chest as she stared.

This was why she hated guilds. Heroes for Hire. Slays for Pay. Sure some of them held honor, but in her opinion, that honor meant nothing when slaughtering something they didn't understand simply because it could be dangerous. Most dangerous creatures stayed away from people. The rare and occasional idiot would go out looking for it and then would be harmed or die, and others would go chasing after it to kill it in revenge. Humans were idiots sometimes.

When the woman went on about all the evaluations one would have to go through Aleera had had enough. [#000580 [b "You cannot be serious..... you don't know half of what is out there, and you have a comprehension test to go up against creatures you don't know or understand? This place has maybe a couple of years left - and that is being generous - before the creatures get tired of your shit, and come attacking you and all the people in the villages. And you have no one else to blame but yourselves for bringing such travesties to innocents....."]] With that she growled and stormed her way out of the building and outside where she turned her face to the sky with a few deep breaths to calm her anger.
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 141d ago
Tamika looked up at the elf woman, clearly she had been upset about the missions. Clearing her throat she spoke up with pure honesty. [b [+lime "Actually ma'am we evaluate our dear warriors who try to take on these types of elite missions. We try to deploy those who have amazing combat skills and quick thinking abilities. Just to save some lives we also try to eliminate those mystic beasts that are dangerous overall, like those that would attack a passing man or woman. But for the more netural and peaceful mystic beasts we gather information from observation missions."] ] She said with full professional energy, as if she actually knows what she's working for.

Tatsumi thought about this and rubber under his chin. How would they evaluate warriors who tries their hand on these certain missions? He tapped his foot trying to think about this. [b [+red "There is one thing on my mind however, how would you be ranked for those missions? And what type of evaluations will be done?"] ] Tamika got up and started to lead them to the evaluation guild soon pulling a lever, a door swung open revealing a combat training room. [b [+lime "This is the combat training room where we will be evaluating your combat skills such as magic,hand to hand,weapons of any sort."] ] Next she led them to a gate which opened when she pulled another lever. Inside was a mannered room for body evaluation and paper test evaluation. [b [+lime "This room is for body evaluation for your height and weight, to see how long you can endure certain climates with our mage helpers in the next chamber. And our on paper evaluation to see if you are intelligent enough to handle any given situation thrown at you!"] ]
He seemed annoyed that she took her time getting to the gates. She frowned looking to them, and as they walked through the town looking for the local Guild's building, she realized this was a trading town. Her nose told her that many species were in this town, some under magical glamours, some out in the open. What concerned her was that the flyers were all over the place, seeking information about rare and magical creatures. As an Elf she had a rather sour taste in her mouth about such a thing. She knew about many, many rare magical creatures, some that the world needed to continue to think extinct lest more hunters wipe them out.

He walked up to the golden haired human, his excitement like that of a child as she introduced herself. Aleera simply walked up to her desk and sat the flyer down at her question of their business. [#000580 [b "I have to ask..... do you really think this is safe? Sending any idiot that comes needing gold on a quest for information about things that can pick humans and demons alike from between their toes?"]] she asked as she shifted her weight to her hip.
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 146d ago
He stood at the gates and smirked looking around, he looked behind him and waited till she was there. Which took about 15 minutes for her to get there. Sighing he looked at her. [b [+red “So I’m thinking we head towards the guild building, that’s where it told me to head for the mission on the flyer” ] ]Tatsumi held his bags and looked around at the town, full of numerous types of people. The poor,the wealthy,knights,blacksmiths,assassins,hunters, the list goes on actually...With a bright smile on his face he walked in and headed towards the guild building and awaited for an open worker.

[b [+lime “Next warriors please!”] ] A angelic voice said from behind a desk, it was a human woman. Golden long flowing hair, lime green eyes, soft peach skin, and a pair of glasses. It hadn’t been hard to tell that she had been a paladin rider, using either a saber or a lance and riding on land or air creatures such as a horse or griffin. She looked at the pair and smiled while holding her hand out with politeness. [b [+lime “I am Tamika Ryoja, It’s a pleasure meeting you two...what business do you two have today?”] ]
She watched as the animal moved past them, unknown to her companion that she was using a little magic to mask their scent so as not to set off the creature. They didn't normally get this close to the tavern and this concerned her. She didn't acknowledge his pouty demeanor when she chided him for rushing into a battle, she simply waited.

They held still and watching until the hog was far enough out of ear shot that they could come out of hiding. She dusted a couple leaves from her hair as he claimed that they had a job. She followed his direction in walking as he handed over the flyer and read over it carefully before her pace slowed and she frowned. She didn't say no to the job, but something about it was off. There were some creatures and beings that didn't need to know about certain mystic beasts, too many chances of the increase in poaching and hunting that would threaten the order of that beast's life.

They walked a good while before he started speeding up and then eagerly running to try and clear the last mile. She stopped a moment before shaking her head with a sigh. [#000580 [b "This man is gonna get me killed..... I can just feel it.... short tempered, over excited..... doesn't think things through..... he's almost like a child.... I did not sign on to be a babysitter....."]] she grumbled to herself, keeping her walking pace. She was glad he was eager to save his people and home, but there were smarter ways to go about things than simply diving in head first and praying for the best turn of events. She wondered if he would be able to learn this, or if he was going to risk and possibly fail his mission simply because he didn't like being chided and couldn't take criticism to better himself and his skills.
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 149d ago
Tatsumi sighed, clearly annoyed he was getting disciplined for being on the guard. But he put away the fire before watching the Swamphog pass by, it did just as she said it would and impaled a near by tree while looking for food. [b [+red "Hmph....fine ill tone it down a few notches."] ]

It took some time for the beast to unstuck from the tree but as soon as it did...It took off running full speed. Which gave them time to jump out and continue on their journey. [b [+red "Alright well we can go now....We are headed to Steelsworth (And yes I thought of that on the spot), They got some good work there. Look."] ] Handing over the flyer he kept walking getting semi lost internally with his thoughts.

With a growing smirk forming back on his face he started to speed up with his walking. Soon becoming a power walk going into a jog. [b [+red "We aren't that far. We are close like a mile or so."] ]
She frowned and tilted her head raising an eyebrow as he got up off the ground. She looked to the tree in front of him and she snickered. He then spoke up of Goblins and Golems and how his village lacked the proper defenses. It was always hard for smaller villages to progress when they were so easy to pick off by all kinds of dangers. She thought a moment before a roar cut through their silence.

[#000580 [b "Shit... Not good...."]] She looked to him as he mentioned being quiet and she rolled her eyes. He lit his hand and readied to fight. She reaches gor him to pull him into the trees as she hissed a whisper at him. [#000580 [b "Never..... Jump into a fight.... Learn your opponent... Asses their skills, then attack if necessary.... If you just charge into a fight without gaining some kind of upper hand, you're lunch..... That's a Swamphog.... The size of a Bear at least and the tusks can impale you and a tree and never stop it when it charges... Stay low, stay quiet.... And put out the fire.... Let it pass. Its just looking for food...."]] She frowned at him, obviously not thrilled with the willingness to just jump a beast simply because it could be dangerous.
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 149d ago
As Tatsumi got up to grab his belongings, his bag,weapons,and food. He could’ve sworn something caught his eye. A piece of paper flew to his feet and it read. [b [+red “Mighty warriors for hire! Job:Retrieve information about mystic beasts. Pay:6 bags of gold!”] ]He looked at it and thought to himself. [b [+red “Hmm...I guess this is our first job.”] ] Glossing over the details as he walked out the tavern he caught up with Aleera.

While the tough elf had been speaking to a completely distracted Tatsumi, he bumped into a tree and rubbed his face. [b [+red “Damn what in the blazes!?”] ]He looked up, chuckling to himself before getting up to brush himself off. With the last part she said coming back to him he answered. [b [+red “Oh well, uh where could I start? A terrible goblin attack happened about 15 years ago, Golems attacked 3 months ago, a thief tried to steal all the women and make them uh slaves. Overall my town is pretty weak and useless without me and the knights.] ] Tatsumi said while walking with his hands behind his head.

Now looking up to the sky he began to sigh as he heard the next part of the first question. [b [+red “You want know what I’m wanting to do for my village? I want to get them defenses..and proper ones aswell. I also wish to expand the size of the village so that visitors may come through while giving us more land to grow crops,build,and get some knights.”] ] He said while smirking, until he heard a sudden growl then a roar followed after like follow the leader. He looked towards the woman and nodded before gesturing for them to silence, so that they may be ready to attack if whatever in the forest decides to pounce at them. With a smirk on his face his fist began to glow a bright fiery red as he stood in a fighting position.
When he didn't argue and decided to eat, she gave a soft nod and left him to his task while she finished her second plate, then sipped at some water waiting for him to finish. She paid for the meals when they were done, and she lifted her bags and snatched up her staff as he called her a tough cookie. She smirked and tilted her head a moment as she looked to him. [#000580 [b "You must take care of yourself if you are to care for others. You're no good to them dead."]] She gave a nod of her head and she headed for the door.

It was warm outside, a bright late spring day. There was a soft breeze that kept the day cool, and she took in a deep breath in the sun a moment before turning to him and leaning her hip on her staff. [#000580 [b "So... Tatsumi..... while you lead the way... tell me what has happened to your village and what you plan to do to make things better. Never go in half cocked, or you'll get innocents killed...."]]
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 149d ago
Tatsumi's jaw dropped open just utterly stunned at everything that she just threw at him, unable to even think of a single comeback to argue with her. He decided it would be best to not even ask how she knew he had gotten little to no sleep, so he sat down then just grabbed his plate. [+red "Alright Ma'am, I'll eat"]

He chuckled a little thinking about how much she reminded him of his mother back at home, a wonderful woman indeed she was. Able to cook up an entire feast just for dinner, be able to say every counter attack to any excuse. Especially her attitude.....able to make a grown man cower in his boots if he dare even talk back after being told to do something once.
After about 10 minutes the male finished his through 3 plates, he got up a stretched before grabbing his bags. [+red "You my good madam are a tough cookie."]
She heard him approach and gave him a glancing once over before she turned back to her plate. At his words she paused midbite and looked to him. She was actually on her second plate of breakfast. Usual thing for after a night of drinking for her. She glanced to herself then before looking to him with a raised eyebrow. [#000580 [b "You are insinuating that I do not eat?"]] she asked curiously before scooting his plate closer.

[#000580 [b "If you travel with me, you'll need that. Not traveling on an empty stomach, especially with someone of magic. You burn through too much energy when you don't eat. Sleep also helps, and I'm not talking the meger few hours that you got.... you need more than that. I can see that you are doing well and all, but you don't care for yourself the way you should. And if you want my help in helping your village, then you need to learn when to take care of them, and when to take care of you....."]] her tone brook no room for arguments or discussion as she went back to eating, scooting his plate an inch closer in silence.
Aleera Moretti / Ravanya / 152d ago