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New Chapters 1x1 (bubbles12)

By SmileBright

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[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/83/d4/06/83d406d982f5d99ef4e8f6defcc074bf.jpg]

Scout loved books, constantly reading something new whenever she got out. She hated where she lived, and wanted a new adventure. When she turned 18, she left London for America. Her plan was to open a book store, which is what she had always wanted to do. For three years, she worked her butt off to get enough money to lease a place for her store and to fill it. She put a down payment on a place and named it [b New Chapters]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/97/3f/83/973f8338f6ddf8e0990c2da856bcbe68.jpg]

Now 23 years old, Scout was so happy to be living her dream, and it seemed to be doing really well. She was so busy working, she hadn't much time to date. Her friends had set her up on dates all the time, but no one clicked with her. But that changed when [b he] came in. [You] are famous around these parts, everyone always asking for pictures or autographs. [You] ran into Scout's store to ditch the paparazzi just as she was closing, and ended up looking around. Scout and [You] bumped into each other, and because Scout didn't recognize [You], he started a conversation. [You] came back every day right before closing, just to see Scout. Scout had no idea of his fame, and he really didn't want her to think differently of him. They end up exchanging numbers, talking all the time. They go out a few times, but he always presses to go to her place or the bookstore after hours. He didn't want to go out, in worries of being seen, and he didn't want to go to his place, because she would know he was rich/famous from looking at it.

Scout asks him to help her stock the store early one day, and he agrees. People come in and flock around [You]. She finds out everything and kicks everyone out. Will he be able to make it up to her? Will their chapters be over?

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The famous singer's eyes followed the gaze of Scout, tracing the outline of none other than a bird that seemed to stretch upwards in the sky, unaware of it's never moving state. Landon never would have even thought to look for it before, but it was mesmerizing now that he could see it. A small smile played on his lips as he slowly turned his eyes to take in the sight of Scout next to him. Something was on her mind, he could tell. His eyes began to shine in that boyishly charming way they did, almost mischievous. [b My star sign? You mean like zodiacs? Those silly star signs that go with your birth month and tell you when you're supposed to get married and what your personality is and.."] He almost said more, but he trailed off. Laughing, Landon could tell she was a Zodiac girl. [b "Oh come on, Scout. You believe in em' too?"] Landon ran a hand through his hair, his back still on the ground.

[b "Alright then. I don't believe in the signs or whatever, but, I was born in August... What does that tell you about me? Lay it on me. I want to know what the stars say about me."] Landon waited patiently. The woman likely knew all about it, so he couldn't wait to see her face brighten as she went on and on about it. After all, he'd always secretly wondered what his Zodiac meant. What did it say about [i him?] Or... was he only asking her specifically because he wanted to see what the girl could make up about him. Who could tell? The grin stayed on his lips.
Scout couldn't help but giggled at him mentioning himself being dense. She knew it was hard to find a spot in the place they were in to see the stars as bright as they were, considering the lights that lined the city. In the area she loved and where her shop was, the lights were so bright, she saw the stars less than she ever had. It was a huge change from the small town in the UK she was from.

"I took a few classes in astrology while in University, and I worked in a planetarium while in secondary school and during college. I had to know this stuff, but it is interesting nonetheless." Scout smiled. "My favorite? Oh, Phoenix. You can see it, over there! See, it looks like a body and two wings." she pointed out to him. She rested up on one elbow, using her other hand to point to the stars in the sky to him. She looked down at him, smiling as she pressed her lips together tightly. He was very handsome, and this was one of the most romantic things she has done. This was always a date she had wanted to go on, but none of the guys she dated wanted to do this. They preferred a dinner where they would flaunt the money they had, but Scout cared about none of that. She preferred a simple date with a person whom she believed she was starting to get feelings for. "Any constellation you are curious about? Or maybe your star sign, I can show you that constellation too!" she smiled, adjusting her glasses as she looked at the male.
Scout was so excited to see the stars and for him to see them as well that he wondered just how beautiful they could be. Landon wasn’t the kind to appreciate stars and nature. He’d always lived in big cities with pollution and smog that blotted out the small sprinkles of light in the night sky. He never stopped to admire just how unique and interesting the stars were. Landon knew almost nothing about star signs or zodiacs, but Scout’s pure excitement had him excited to see what she did through those endearing, large glasses. As her hand took his, Landon just laughed and had to pick up his pace to keep up with the tiny girl. [b “Alright, alright, I’m coming. Don’t drag me.”] He said with feigned sarcasm as a joke. As they hiked up a hill and moved ever closer to the deep abyss of the sky, Scout abruptly stopped at just the right spot.

Around them was a large meadow with a few trees and a rocky drop-off in front of them with a dizzying height. Of course, perfect for stargazing. Then, he saw them. Following the direction her finger pointed to, he just stood there in awe. Millions of twinkling stars filled the deep night blue sky. It was something he’d never seen or paid attention to in real life. Oh, how much he regretted that now. As Scout moved to a certain spot to lay down at, Landon simply smiled and obliged, resting on his back next to her. [b “This. Is. Incredible... I never noticed them before. Man, I’m dense.”] He made a stab at self-deprecating humor and laughed as they settled in. It was a peace he hadn’t remembered feeling in a long time, if ever. No longer did he have to be famous or known by everyone on the street. No longer did he have to worry if the paparazzi was following him or if he said the wrong thing. No one was here but Scout and the stars and him.

[b “How do you know all this? Oh... wait I see them! Wow. They’re stunning.”] Landon said, hearing the excitement filling her voice. It was infectious. Smiling himself, Landon brought both arms up behind his head to act as a sort of pillow. [b “Which one is your favorite, star girl?”] He said it jokingly, looking over to her.
When Landon told her she was cute, she felt her cheeks flush and her stomach go in knots. She saw the boy give her some grin that she could have fallen over for. She never realized how this boy made her feel, until now. Now, he was taking her somewhere. "Okay, let's go." Scout said, following the boy, locking her apartment. He walked her down many side streets, a scenic route to his destination. The pair ended up at a boardwalk, a very empty one at that. He motioned for her to lean over the post with him. Scout rested her arms on the posts as well, looking out. The sea seemed like it went forever. "Wow, I haven't been here in the three years I've been in North Carolina." she smiled. She went back to the time she awkwardly hopped onto a plane with a book and a dream. Now she was living her dream in America, and she finally felt like she accomplished what she wanted. Now, she just wanted someone to share it with.

Scout watched as the sun finally disappeared from view. "Wow, beautiful." she smiled. She looked over as it was her turn to take him to see the stars. Scout smiled, grabbing his hand and started walking with him to the spot her friend told her about. They had to walk up a hill, and the farther the walked, the darker it was around them. "This is a good sign, the stars will be amazing if it's darker," she said. Once they got to the drop-off, she stopped. "Here! Look up!" she smiled. When she looked up, you could see millions and millions of stars above them. "Oh wow..." she said, amazed. She found a spot that was grassy and took him over. "Its gonna be so much easier to see them if we lay down." she smiled. Once she lad down, she started pointing out some constellations to the boy. "See those stars there, that is Ursa Major...or the Big Dipper. And the little dipper is right over there. And that over there is Orion!" she smiled. She loved stars so much.
Landon looked at the little fireball of a woman, smiling towards her. [b “Of course we can. I want to get out too.”] Instantly, his mind went into overdrive thinking of places to go that she might like. It was late enough not to worry that others might recognize him, but he wouldn’t take many chances. [b “Sure, go get ready. We’re going for a walk.”] He grinned and stood, checking some things on his phone as she went back to her room. Figaro begged for attention, so he picked the black fur ball up and scratched behind his ears some. When Scout returned, Landon did a bit of a double take. She looked incredible in just a crop top, shorts, and vans with that hair of hers pulled up in a silky, loose ponytail. Smiling, he complimented her, [b “You look cute.”] He said then gave her that boyish half grin all the girls went crazy over, [b “Absolutely. But first we’re going somewhere I love. Come on.”]

Walking out of her apartment, he took the scenic route towards the boardwalk. It was a series of boards and docks that lined restaurants and the water of course. It was peaceful, and the sound of the water rushed up to greet them. With his hands in his pockets, he looked over towards Scout as they arrived, leaning over one of the wooden posts to stare out at the seemingly endless sea. [b “I come here sometimes just to think. People used to come out here all the time, but it seems to die down this time of day. You can just stand here and think about everything. Come on... try it.”] He motioned, smiling. He’d hoped this would work ease into her schedule.

He stood there a while, not saying anything. His eyes just scanned the water as small gusts of wind blew through his hair. Briefly, he took a glance at Scout, admiring the look of sunset as it faded to darkness, making he rhair then from golden brown to a chestnut. Standing straighter, he finally looked her over, [b “Let’s go see those stars, then. A little birdie told me they’re extra beautiful tonight.”]
Scout finished her plate up and took the boys when he was done too. She quickly finished up her dishes, and let them out to dry. "Landon, can we go somewhere? I don't care where we go, I just want to get out of the house. I promise I won't drink!" she smiled. She remembered being worn out from the day but just being around Landon and eating some homecooked food gave her a second wind. "I'll go get changed and then we can go!" she smiled.

Scout ran into her room and shut the door. She ended up pulling her hair up into a high ponytail, pulling a few pieces down to frame her face. She didn't want to add any makeup to her face, it was late and she wasn't going anywhere crazy. She wanted to be a little more casual than normal. She had worn a dress to work today, so she took that off. She put on a pair of black tight cloth shorts and loose crop top. She slid on her black slip-on Vans and grabbed her glasses. She went back out into the common area of her room. "Hey, after we go wherever you have planned, can we go look at the stars? There's a place my friend told me about, hikes a lot and she told me about that is really great for looking at stars." she smiled. Scout loved looking at stars and really wanted to be able to do this with someone.
When Scout turned him towards her and took his hand in her own as if his cut was life threatening, Landon caught the way she looked at him. He caught his breath somewhat, trying not to show it. Suddenly, there was some kind of tension there, sitting between them. Her eyes seemed to fall lower as she wrapped his finger. [b "Thank you..."] He worded breathlessly then pulled his focus back to the food when she backed away. They hardly knew each other. They really weren't much like each other, but he still enjoyed her. It was chance, fate maybe.

[b "Sure... but it's just a cut."] He tried to act tough, getting the pan out and helping her cook. Her little title of sous chef to him made him smile. He took turns helping her stir and cook the food until it was perfect. [b "Oh, don't apologize. I could tell you needed a pillow. I just didn't know I was that soft. Maybe I should work out more."] He joked, winking at her then took his seat and began eating. The flavors popped like nothing he'd had in a while. Landon hardly had time for homemade cooking. [b "This is wonderful, Scout."] He worded as well with the food in his mouth, forgetting his manners. Laughing alongside her, Landon shook his head. [b "You're rubbing off on me."] He went back to eating, enjoying every last flavorful bite. He didn't want it to end.
Scout faced formed a smile as he continued to shower her with niceties. They weren't things she heard often, or really at all. "Well, thank you." she replied until she heard the wrong move. She looked up as heard him curse. "Oh I'll grab you a bandage," she said, reaching in a cabinet nearby. She stared at the male as he spoke to her. "Landon, I really don't think there is anything you could do that would make me hate you." she said. She turned the boy toward her, taking his hand. She dried it off and put some cream on it to clean it. She wrapped his finger in a bandage and smiled. She looked at the male again, "Are you okay?" she asked, smiling. She almost wanted to kiss him, but she barely knew him. Why would she even think that?

"No more veggie cutting for you. Do you want to get my big pan out? It's in the bottom cabinet there" Scout said, pointing toward the left of the island. She continued to prepare chicken as she waited for him to grab her pot for her, she was just about finished. It was oddly quiet in her kitchen, so she decided to start speaking. "Landon, I never got to apologize. I'm sorry I fell asleep on you last night. I can sleep anywhere in any condition. When I am in pain or hurt, sleeping is usually my remedy." the girl giggled. She went into the fridge and got a few more things she needed. "Want to be my sous chef? " she asked, calling him over. The pair worked well together to prepare one hell of a dish. She turned off the heat and smiled, "We did it!". Scout hugged the boy, pulling back to look at his face, her arms still around him. She let go quickly and rubbed her hands on her pants uncomfortably. [i Why was she always so weird with him around?] "And we did it was only a small casualty. She grabbed two plates, filling them with the food and bringing them to the island where the stools were. "Bon Appétit" she smiled, taking a huge bite of her food. "This is the best I've ever made, oh sorry." she said, trying to talk through a full mouth, then realizing how rude it was. She started laughing, swallowing the bite she had.
Landon worked the onions and other vegetables, not going near as fast as she but working efficiently. When she stopped cutting, Landon kept on. There was a small silence between them after his question, and he began to wonder if he'd struck a particular nerve. Scout seemed to wait on it, turning it over and over in her mind like a book she had reread for the tenth time to try to find out the true meaning of. Landon looked at her with a side glance, temporarily pausing his cutting as she began to form words. Blinking, he simply kept cutting. With a deep sigh at her next question, Landon bit his bottom lip. Part of it was the sting of the onion, but the other part was the question itself. Why did she keep asking him things like that? Did she doubt him? Maybe she was right...

[b "That's not a bad thing, Scout. To know truly who you are. But I don't mind shaking things up."] He said with a small smile before returning to the other question. He didn't look at her either. [b "Why shouldn't I, Scout? You're so genuine. You're more real than anyone I've ever met. And I envy that. You're someone I wish I was more like, but I know I can't be. I just..."] As Landon was cutting, his hand slipped, and the knife knicked his thumb ever so gently. Letting the knife go and cursing, he sucked on the thumb. [b "Damnit I'm clumsy..."] Landon then turned his attention to her, looking at her this time. [b "I keep seeing you because I like to. I want to. I suppose I could ask you the same of me. I'm just some guy who basically stole one of your most expensive books. You should hate me."] He shrugged and went to wash off his thumb. Why did his chest feel like it was tightening?
Scout washed her hands and got all her ingredients together. Peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli, snap peas and carrots. She grabbed her cutting board, knives, and a sharpening block. She started to sharpen her knife and then began cutting veggies. She saw Landon grab an onion, and start cutting. "Oh, thank you." she smiled, biting her lip.

Scout stopped cutting when she heard Landon's question. What else did she do? She didn't do anything else. "I, uh, don't really do anything else. I don't have time, the things I already do are fun for me." she sighed. "That's why I like hanging out with you, you are excited to be around. I like you." she smiled, her cheeks flushing. She started to cut her veggies again.

"I'm really sorry I'm boring. I told you what I used to do as a kid, I read. I never liked to do anything else." Scout responded. She never was asked what she enjoyed doing. This question really hit her. People never really wanted to dig deep into who she was, except him. "Landon...why do you keep seeing me?" she asked, nervously. "I do nothing but read and fall asleep on you. I'm boring." she responded, focusing hard on her vegetables and not on his face.
Landon walked with her to her flat, more aware of why she picked the place. It was of close proximity, and there was plenty around to satisfy her needs. It was perfect. They joked and made small talk, teasing each other as always. Once they got there, Landon laughed and leaned down to pet Figaro. [b "No... I'm alright. I'll just watch the chef at work."] Landon took a seat at the island then took to examining her. She looked like she came right off the pages of one of the books she read. She was so silent, so much in her own mind. It was like she never got out of the fantasy world, and it was a sweet sentiment.

[b "So.. What do you do when you aren't at your store or here with Figaro and reading a book? It was the question I was going to ask you when you went to sleep. What else do you do for fun?"] Landon asked, standing to help her with chopping vegetables or anything she asked of him. He wasn't completely useless in the kitchen. As he took an onion and chopped, he waited for Scout's answer.
"Oh, okay." Scout smiled. She could tell there was something off about what he was saying, but she didn't know him well enough to push him about it. She laughed he mentioned Peter Pan. "I know, I know. I was just joking. Do you need a new book? I have a few." she joked as she pointed to her store.

Scout smiled brightly when he said he would come and have dinner with her. "I like to cook when I have the time. And I don't think tequila shots will be involved this time." she smirked, hitting his in the arm lightly. "I know, I know. I got too drunk, I'm small!" she said, pouting jokingly.

"Oh, please. Stop that. I wanted you to have it." Scout smiled. He was right, her Peter Pan book was expensive. It was one of the most expensive books in the whole shop. But she knew when someone needed a book, and he did. "To read is an awfully big adventure." she smirked, winking at him. "Are you ready to go?" she smiled.

Scout and Landon took the short walk to her flat. She opened the door, scooping her small dog up in her arms, just as she always does. "Do you want or need anything? A drink? Otherwise, make yourself at home." she smiled.
Landon rushed in, placing his hands on her front table. There was a clear reason why he always showed up right around closing time, but telling her now would shatter his reputation. [b "Oh uh... I just walk here on my way back to my car. I can't make it here much any other time."] Landon bit his lip, hoping she wouldn't ask more of him. He wasn't the greatest liar anyway. [b "It's not that, and you know it. I've been reading Peter Pan like you asked. I owe it to you."] He didn't elaborate exactly why. Blinking when Scout asked about if he wanted to go to dinner, Landon simply smiled.

[b "No I'm not busy. That sounds great."] Smiling to himself, Landon waited for her to get ready. Landon didn't have a lot of time to cook, even though he wished he did. [b "Chicken and veggie stir fry? Sounds lovely. Are we adding tequila shots this time?"] He joked, finding himself more and more comfortable with Scout. Landon worked to help her with any finishing touches at the store, having left his guitar in his car. [b "I really do feel like I should pay you though. I've looked up that version of Peter Pan. It's awfully expensive, and you need it for a living."]
Scout woke up on her couch, confused about what happened. As she woke up, she remembered. She got a little too drunk a little too quickly, hung out with Landon and she didn't remember too much after that. She remembered her head was bothering her, oh she must have fallen asleep on him. She got up to get a drink, some ginger tea to help her upset stomach and saw a note. She smiled as the note, thinking it was sweet.
After a second, she looked at the clock. 11 AM! WHAT?! She was late for work...well good thing she owned her business.

Scout quickly got ready and headed quickly to New Chapters. She opened the doors and she didn't have a chance to sit down all day. She rushed around the whole day, trying to drink as much ginger tea as she could that day. She had to lot of stuff to do after her day off and helped everyone who came in. As the last person, she thought would come in, she went to the back of the shop just to sit. She heard the bells on the door ring and started walking toward the front desk when the bell on her desk started to ring. She heard a familiar voice and started to smile.

"Hi, Landon. I'm okay. Why do you always end up here as I am just about to close up shop? Embarrassed to come to a book store?" Scout smirked at him, joking with him. "I'm going home and cooking dinner but I have enough for two if you'd like to join me? I've had a long day and haven't felt amazing so I'd like to get home." she smiled. "I'm making chicken and veggie stir fry if you're wondering." she laughed. "It won't be any trouble for you to come, so don't worry." Scout said. "Unless you are busy..." she said, looking down.