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WoF rp for other fans

By HydreigonMaste

Replies: 371 / 1 years ago

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A mysterious skywing is standing in the middle of a large dark place “Welcome one and all to the silver mountain school” he says “here we will learn about how to accept other tribes and o5er things that you normally learn in normal schools. You will be paired with others from different tribes in groups, and bond and learn together” he said, before turning to an icewing, and a RainWing. “I am maroon,” he points at the icewing “that is shard,” he points at the RainWing “and that is shimmer! We are your school leaders, and we’re here to make you happier than ever before” he said

RainWings: (0/5)

SkyWings: (0/5)

IceWings: (0/5)

NightWings: (0/5)

SandWings: (0/5)

SeaWings: (0/5)

MudWings: (0/5)

Animus: (0/1)

SilkWings: (0/5

HiveWings: (0/5)

LeafWings: (1/5)

Guardians: (3/7)


Name: Dew
Tribe(s): leafwing
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Shipping?: yes
Appearance: a light golden green, with amber underscales and burnt umber horns
Personality: she is flamboyant and fun, but doesn’t particularly like tribist’s or homophobes

Appearance:deep red scales like slicing your hand off and staring at it for a bit. Very dark satan underscales, and golden lined horns. He also has orange wings
Personality:Very excited to be a teacher, loves the students with all his heart, and doesn’t tolerate bullies in his school

Name: shard
Appearance: a crisp white like brand new printer paper, crystal blue underscales, and darker white speckles on her back
Personality: A cold, see-who-they-are-from-a-distance type, who doesn’t hate the students, but wouldn’t die for them

Tribe(s):RainWing, Nightwing
Gender: non-binary
Sexuality: pansexual
Appearance: grey underbelly, greenish black scales, and color changing wings
Personality: they aren’t very socializing, with a very deep and gravelly voice, the gender they were at birth was female. Shimmer doesn’t do much other than teach, and socialize with only their friends


-if you are homophobic in my rp, I’m kicking you

-no violently romantic things and no killing without consent

-romance is allowed, no breeding

-swearing is aloud, no bombs such as c*nt and slurs, but the f bomb and the other swears are fine

-hate the characters not the person (unless the person deserves hating)

-maximum of 3 students and 1 guardian (I’m an exception becuase I made the rp)

-that’s all! Hope you have fun in my rp! Also, I MAKE THE PLOTS, not you
Oh my children, I don’t think you should feel ashamed reliving my rp. It is what I would’ve wanted
HydreigonMaste / 134d ago
Oh, thank you!
ArialWasTaken / 197d ago
Ikr, but it looks really good! Great job with the description!
[https://roleplay.cloud/role_play_155529 Here it is, just click here.] I get that feeling a lot, like, "Should I really make this rp?"
ArialWasTaken / 197d ago
ok, link pls? Also, thanks, i was actually thinking of doing one but i wasnt sure if i wanted to
It's been created, I just need to work a bit more on the description. I might change the name as well to match the general plot that I've been thinking of. It still revolves around the extra backups though.
ArialWasTaken / 198d ago
yay! I'm sure it will be fine, considering how basic the original one ws.
Okay, that actually works great, Last but not least, the description. Ugh, this is gonna be a lot..
ArialWasTaken / 199d ago
Hmm. Hoping For Destiny? Idk it sounds cool and fits.
Darn it, I'm stuck on names to use. The 'best' thing that I came up with so far was "Wings of The Bound." I mean, it sounds great, but it just doesn't fit the whole "Plan B replacements" thing.
ArialWasTaken / 200d ago
Alrighty, will do.
ArialWasTaken / 200d ago
Mmkay. Just pm me when it's out. I'll be using Starfish, as always.
I would probably say around a week or so?
ArialWasTaken / 201d ago
Yeah, I know, right! So, when does it start?
Yup, weird how I actually remember the names of the winglet, plus Tarantula.
ArialWasTaken / 202d ago