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RP for Alfa279escaped

By Catlover33

Replies: 2110 / 1 years ago

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he sighed, "Answer the question where am I who are you and who am I?"
"You have amnesia don't you... the stress of remembering things has gotten to you." Yoru said to Vanguard before he sighed.
He tilted his head, "Where am I who is he... who am I?"
Shio had fallen asleep through all of his crying and just laid there.
he laid there for hours before waking up and looking around confused his mind had been overloaded and fried
Shio started to cry and ended up curling up on the floor next to Vanguard.
He fainted onto the ground being too big to hold up
"DAD! ARE YOU BUSY RIGHT NOW!" Shio yelled out when he found Vanguard.
Vanguard had been sweating so he was completely wet and making a puddle
Shio walked off in order to find Vanguard and hug him.
Alfa continued to sleep keeping Nine covered in his wing as he slept
"Alfa, Nine... you two are making me feel sleepy." Shio said to Alfa and Nine.
Alfa nods laying him on himself curling around him and falling asleep
"I understand what you did there and we should wait for him to wake up." Shio said to Alfa.