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Creatures among us

By Husky-of-snow

Replies: 25 / 1 years ago

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Cloud nuzzled Thalia out of affection. He was a kitsune and was a really affectionate one at that. He loved affection so much that he would bug people for affection. He was happy and let out an affectionate yip as a sign of happiness. Ace was watching from a distance and yawned from boredom.

Once they both were settled, Ace and Cloud felt at ease and smiled at each other. They were both content and Ace had a squirrell in his mouth. Cloud was nuzzling Thalia in order to get attention from her. He was rather persistent.
[i I sat there surprised but also played it off as nothing happen and started wondering who my group was and slightly stood up. not enough to be actually up but my but left the chair slightly. I started searching for any hints about groups from conversations. I found nothing so I moved my head around to hear better. it looked like I was looking for someone]

[i My color came back as I was becoming calmer but then started wondering] [s did some just freaking kiss me? oh god no. crap. who was that? I usually have my sister with me but she decided to go to a different school. I guess she forgot I was freaking blind~] [i I thought as I again got worried but not panicking. I sat back down so I could calm and picked up my pencil again. I fiddled around with it but also stayed focused on the conversations of others]
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thalia smiled nervously as she sat down next to snow again, she felt fidgety as she answered "my name's thalia, i'm fully human" she explained to snow in a quiet voice. She liked snow, he was kind to her unlike other people. He didn't laugh or bully her for not having a proper place to live. She looked around the room and wondered if anyone else would be coming over to sit with them. She hoped none of the bullies were in there group, she didn't want to cry.
Thalia / MythicMallow / 1y ago
Ace was watching from a distance and waits to bite someone for fresh blood. He was a vampire and he only feeds off of humans so whenever he sees one he bites it. He has been known to drag humans into his lair in order to keep them for feeding purposes. He sets his goal to feed off of a individual named Snow. Every human he encountered so far was the same as they all fled from him in terror. Ace was hoping that Snow was different in a way that he would be able to properly introduce himself. He approaches Snow from the shadows.
Ace / Catlover33 / 1y ago
Alfa sighed, "Well at lease there isn't a problem with me being with a familiar" he walks to them and realizes that one seems to be have a panic attack and walked to her frowning, "Let's see hmm" he taps her shoulder making sure she wasn't just freaking out about the points, "you ok?"

Once he got the confirmed look he looked around and just looked for an inhaler. He thinks, 'please let there be an inhaler somewhere' sadly he couldn't find one and he was being a bit bouncy before he kissed her breathing air into her and pulling away quickly looking away like nothing happened.
[i I hear the information and then think about it. spacing off in class was one of my skills] [i i pick up my pencil and holding in the space under my nostrils and above my lips, curling my upper lip a little bit then let go of the pencil with my hand and then the pencil falls to the desk or floor. I carefully navigate my hands over the smooth surface so I can find my pencil]

[i I stop spaeing out after an interruption in my mind. I hear then sound of chalk scraping against a chalk board] [s isn't this 2020. why are they still using chalkboards? thats so annoying] [i I think after lightly covering my ears. it didn't really look like I was covering them eather. I could still hear and still had the wince from the sound but it wasn't too bad. I looked around effortlessly just to seem normal and my heart ached.] [s I don't even know what these people look like. Is it safe] [i I thought again? my anxiety kicking in full strength. my breathing became quieter, liter and faster as I tried to stop freaking out for no reason]
With lunch over, students returned to their classes. As it turned out, Thalia's and Snows next class were the same. He smiled at her. "The smess is fine," he said kindly, right before he sneezed again. "Just tickles my nose. Its a little sensitive." Entering class, he sat next to her, still wanting to chat. "My name is snow, by the way. Whats yours? You seem realy sweet."

More students entered the classroom, including Alfa and arikashika. Then came the teacher. They explained that a major part of the class was going to be a group project, and that groups have already been randomly determined. As it turned out, alfa, snow, Thalia, and arikashika were all grouped together.

The desks in the room had been aranged in groups of four, so each group could be together.
Husky-of-snow / 1y ago
[i I get on my way to school. hoping that I wouldn't be picked on for being blind and they wouldn't find my wings. I didn't know that school is for people like me. I listen for echos so I can navigate my way to the door and open it and a wave of sound, noise and constant chatter, fills my ears]

[i I make my way to my locker after what it felt like, hours and successfully opened the lock]

[i I pile my stuff in the locker then take time to organize it my texture so i can get the right items. I don't know how many halls there are because of the noise and I felt like I was gonna break down]
Thalia's eyes widened in shock and astonishment when the dog-neko spoke to her kindly. For a good minute she just stood there fidgeting, unsure how to respond, and when she did respond she dumbly said in an extremely quiet voice "sorry about the smell" instead of answering the question. She went quiet again as she stared just past the dog-neko at the wall as if she could see something there, even though to others there was nothing there. She quickly averted her gaze from the wall and looked back at the boy "i can't help it you know" she added in that same quiet voice.
Thalia / Myth- / 1y ago
Alfa walked to a table and sat down. His tail was nocking a few people down on accident on the way there. He sat down with a huff and frown, "Why did I have to be an experiment" He looked up seeing the strange person/dog or whatever it was talking to the girl who sat in the middle, "Hmm maybe I can talk to-" He yelped as people petted his long tail. He looked back at the people who were petting him and one hugged him. He chuckled, "Well at least I can help others stay calm but really... Oh this one seemed to have an interest but I need to get to the others before I miss them" He tried to get up but couldn't because of the feelings he was getting was enjoyable, "Damn it"
Smow was pulled back to reality, away from his book, by that same smell. Placing a bookmark in the book to keep his place, he closed the book and looked around, head tilting side to side as he did, listening. Not too far away, snow saw the same girl from clase. Getting up, he walked over to her. "Would you like to sit with me?" he asked, reaching out a hand as a sign of good faith. That smell though. Snow sneezed. He heard kids now making fun of him. Snow tried to ignore it. But whgt en you have great hearing, its hard to ignore something. Even though hes been dealing with this gir years, thevwords still cut deep.
Husky-of-snow / 1y ago
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thalia waited until everyone had left the classroom. Once she was sure everyone had left she slowly got out of her seat straightening her dirty clothes. She then carefully packed her belongings into her bag before slinging it over her left shoulder walking out of the classroom heading for the lunch hall. When she entered the lunch hall people once again moved her bags to stop her sitting by them, a thew of them pointing and making fun of her unwashed clothes loudly.
Thalia / Myth- / 1y ago
Alfa was still in line his long tail was getting stepped on more and more but most just petted it forcing him to tense up at the feeling grinning, "Please... stop... touching... my... TAIL!!!" he ended up roaring it louder than he realized it and the entire cafeteria went quiet. the kids closest to him backed away as they more feared him than anything. He was looking around him before running away.

As soon as he got done running he held his legs breathing heavily, "I don't want to go back in this form anymore" he shifted to his original and walked back to the cafeteria his hight was tall ad was making him feared my some others just took him as a big target.
It was time for lunch....great....being in a big room...full of people who hate him...

Snow shifted from one small tae to another as students forced him out of his seat. The cafeteria was filling up, and empty tables were getting harder and harder to find. There was, however, one in a corner. A small table, with three chairs, and just enough room for three students to eat without knocking elbows.

Absent mindedly, snow ate whatever food was in front of him. In all honestly, he didnt taste any of it. All he focused on was his book that he was reading
Husky-of-snow / 1y ago
"not re-" thalia began cutting herself off realising what she was about to say could be seen as rude. Her hands were very fidgety as she placed her very old bag on the table as quietly as she could not wanting to attract any unecesary attention. "i don't... I don't have a choice" she said instead walking around to pull out her chair. sitting down she then took her book out of her bag along with a pen and began to do the work for the lesson as she tried to ignore the people who turned around to look at her while laughing quietly and whispering nasty things about her.
DarkMythic / 1y ago