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[ Silver Fiends | Werewolf's ]

By Cursethewhitecat

Replies: 6 / 358 days ago

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[!index ]

[center [i Feel free to request access. This is just my way of locking out a certain user who has been plaguing Es.]]
[center [i You are welcome to post your Werewolf skellys here and chat]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153534 [pic https://i.imgur.com/7tJMPuX.jpg?1]]][center [h3 [b [size20 Hierarchy]]]][b 1-2 | Alpha | [#bfbfbf Leader.][hr ]1-2 | Beta | [#a6a6a6 second incommand.][hr ] 1-2 | Gamma | [#bfbfbf Elders oldest & wisest of the pack.][hr ] 1-4 | Delta | [#a6a6a6 Messengers & negotiators. Risk task delivering without offending.][hr ] 1-4+ | Epsilon | [#bfbfbf Guardians of the pack. They keep an eye out for trouble, ward off intruders, and are responsible for the safety and well-being of the pack.][hr ] 1-4+ | Upsilon | [#a6a6a6 Spies. They infiltrate other packs territories to simply keep tabs. Reporting back to Alpha. High risk duty that often results in death in order to protect the pack.][hr ] 1-4 | Zeta | [#bfbfbf Generals that take direct orders form the Alpha during times of war or crisis. They lead small parties of Eta.][hr ] 2-8 | Eta | [#a6a6a6 Warriors of the pack. Led by Alpha, Zeta or Epsilon during skirmishes and wars.][hr ] 1-5 | Theta | [#bfbfbf Menders Master healers of the pack. Menders in general requires very advanced regeneration skills, as well as extensive knowledge on such things as herds, medicines, poisons, and most importantly the human/ beast-man/ wolf bodies.][hr ] 1-5 | Lota | [#a6a6a6 Healers in training.][hr ] 1-4 | Pi | [#bfbfbf Pack Therapists metal and physical.][hr ] 1-2 | Omega | [#a6a6a6 Troublemakers often used as scapegoats by the pack or have offended the pack in some way as to be treated less than a dog. ][hr ] 0 | Lone | [#a6a6a6 Lone wolfs either have no pack or have been excluded for good reason. Some are New-bloods who've yet to be claimed by a pack.][hr ]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Ancestry]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/LHW80wq.jpg?1]]
[b Breed | [i Info] | [i Parent]]

[b Pure ]| [i -[#a6a6a6 They are the result of being born from two werewolf parents.] | [i Werewolf + Werewolf]

[b Half ]| [i - [#bfbfbf They are the result of being born from one werewolf parent.]] | [i werewolf + human ]

[b New ]| [i -[#a6a6a6 They are the result made from being bitten/scratched by a werewolf on a full-moon.]] | [i Cursed ]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Nature]]]]
[b Werewolf's all possess extremely accurate senses allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel more than normal creatures. But their individual nature is different. - Two natures max -][size10 [b

Strength | [i - [#bfbfbf Possess strength beyond that of a normal person. Examples lifting up vehicles with ease, smashing through walls, or crushing bones like a toothpick. Control is import as not to accidentally damage the environment/living things without meaning too. ]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NfD7Avk.jpg?1]]

Speed | [i -[#a6a6a6 Speed nature’s can catch-up or even outrun moving vehicles, they are highly likely to beat you to the finish line even if you had a head start and was half way to it! Werewolf's of this nature should avoid sudden stops and making contact with objects/lifting things to avoid self injury.]]

Regeneration | [i -[#a6a6a6 Are often the healers of the pack. They can recover from minor injuries in the blink of an eye and broken bones within a few hours. ]]

Prowling | [i - [#bfbfbf The stealth ninja of the pack. You won’t see or hear them coming until they’ve already hit ya! Their great at camouflaging themselves in their environments without trying and can hide their presence from every rank except alpha. Its highly suggested for Prowlers not to get caught and in case of getting caught to simply get out of sight!]]

Leaps | [i -[#a6a6a6 Jump longer and higher distances than normal humans. Leapers can jump the height of three story building and land safely without the aftershock. However that aftershock can be felt with anything higher than a three story building so Leapers should take heed as not to accidentally cripple themselves]

Reflexes | [i - [#bfbfbf Drastically affects how werewolf's can dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch thrown/falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others have no time to react to. Examples such as dodging bullets, catch flies in mid-air,ect]]

Durability | [i -[#a6a6a6 These werewolf's can sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. Durable enough to be bullet proof or get hit by a moving vehicle and walk it off.]]

Howl | [i - [#bfbfbf Howlers are werewolf's who can freely manipulate the tune and freely of their voice. This allows them to easily imitate various sound or noises create by the world around them. Howlers are capable of emitting sound strong enough to damage hearing, cause fear, or paralyze.]]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Phasing ]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/XTQL1nm.jpg?1]]
[b [#666666 The transformation process is more often than not involuntary, since new members of the pack have not yet learned to control it. Phasing generally speaking, should naturally occur around the time a werewolf child turns nine. Again late-bloomers and those recently turned are the expectations.

A Werewolf’s appearance varies in both human and wolf forms.

Human from - They are indistinguishable so long as they don’t give in to their inner wolves nature and their heightened senses.

Wolf from - Their pack traits tend to stand out along with their massive body and height.

Were-beast from - although it is a from usually reserved for under the light of a full moon some werewolves are capable of Phasing into this double edge monstrous form.

Beware of Partial-Phasing: Partial-Phasing is when a werewolf new to Phasing gets stuck in shifting mode. You know that sudden and violent process? It makes ones senses almost unbearable and the pain. Well there's a reason Partial-Phasing often leads to death... That being said. . .It is crucial for those new to Phasing to learn as fast as possible how to properly shift between their forms.

[center [h3 [b [size20 Pack Skeleton]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lvTv2Ir.gif]][hr ]
[b Puppeteer: |] [i -[#a6a6a6 Username of pack creator.]][hr ][b Clan Name: |] [i - [#bfbfbf What is your pack called?]][hr ][b Founder: |] [i -[#a6a6a6 What is the name of your packs maker?]][hr ][b Origin Story: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Who, what, when, where, why, how?]][hr ][b Territory: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Anyway claimed territory to defend?]][hr ][b Relations: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Is the pack Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive towards Humans, Hunters, and Other Packs?]][hr ][b Pack Traits: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Eye, Skin,Fur colors?]][hr ][b Curse:|] [ i [#bfbfbf Anything notable about your clans werewolf curse? ]][hr ][b Members: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Who's apart of your pact?]][hr ][b Extra info: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Extra extra read all about it!]][hr ]


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[pic https://i.imgur.com/rmWzq7q.jpg?1]

[b Puppeteer:] | [i Lynn8818]
[b Clan Name:] | [i Midnight Silva(meaning forest), more commonly referred to as the Silva pack]
[b Founder:] | [i Aspen Edward Nox]
[b Origin Story:] | [i An innocent boy was born under the moon with unusually vibrant teal eyes, fair skin, and onyx hair, that boy being Aspen Nox. He was shunned, his family slaughtered, and forced into the woods by the people of his village for being different and therefore evil. In the woods Aspen learned from the wolves to survive. When the villagers came for him and slaughtered the wolves Aspen begged the gods to grant him the strength to take revenge. So the gods granted his wish, allowing him to get his revenge but his payment would come each full moon in the form of full-moon madness. Aspen’s gift became a curse and to share his pain and ensure protection for his future loved ones Aspen created a pack primarily of cursed ones and pure bloods.]
[b Territory:] | [i The ‘Onyx Hills’ nature reserve. A chilly northern territory of forest covered hills/(small mountains) that is covered entirely with snow and ice during winter. On which ‘The Village’~includes the smaller houses that majority of the pack inhabits and small shops ran by pack members~, the ‘Night Falls’ ~a secret hot spring/ small waterfall said to have mystical healing properties~, ‘Silva Lodge’~ Where the Alphas, betas, and their main family members live and where very important guests stay while visiting.]
[b Relations:] | [i Normally neutral toured humans and hunters, aggressive toured certain packs.]
[b Pack Traits:] | [i Members vary in appearance though the common fur colors are grey, white, and brown all tending to have black mixed in. Eye colors tend to be unique, though only the Nox family bare the vibrant teal eyes. Skin tones tend to be tan or pale.]
[b Curse:] | [i Mate Bonds - A link between two wolves that become mates. It allows mates to feel each other's emotions in moments of danger and causes them to feel an attraction/ pull toured each other. Strong bonds can have the potential to share all emotions and feelings, even without the mates knowing.

The bond is natural between two ‘destined’ mates and can be felt much like a crush from the start. Destined mates tend to occur between enemies and pairs that consist of 1 member of Silva and an outsider. It’s because of this that ‘destined’ mate bonds are less common and stronger.

Bonds can also be created when two wolves become mates. Step 1~ the marking: at least one of the pair bites into the curve of the others neck Step 2~ consummation: the two wolves physically join

But the Bond, like the werewolf transformation itself, is as much a curse as it is a gift. The curse reveals itself when a mate dies. For most the left over partner either dies, commits suicide, becomes mentally ill, or becomes a feral loner. Sadly destined mates meet worse fates, becoming violent, crazed, and often losing their humanity. Destined mates will destroy anyone, anything, and themselves all because of the remorse and pain they feel after losing each other. Only 25% of wolves survive losing their mate and only 10% recover afterwards.
Members: | Anyone's welcome, ranks are first come first served except Beta(s) and Alphas, since the Beta(s) will be whoever is closest to the alphas and Alphas have to be mates. Positions can be challenged since it’s only fair.]

[b Extra info:] | [i Most of the pack are the Pure and the New.

Hybrids born in high ranks tend to be frowned upon and bullied.

To be fully accepted as an alpha in the pack the wolf must be a male. Heirs are the first born male of the Alpha unless all that is born are females, then the eldest daughter will act as Alpha until she either finds a mate or is challenged and defeated. The daughter can choose to join her mate’s pack instead but must then choose the next alpha herself, though this has never been done before.]
Lynn8818 / 91d ago
[center [b [u Werebeast Form]]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/oa1W51D.png]

[h3 [center Character Skeleton - Raul Moore]]
[b Puppet Master: ADragonsHoard/Dragoncita]
Puppet: Raul Moore
Alias: N/A
Age: Appears to be in his mid 20's
Actual age - 87
Gender/Identity: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Werewolf
Personality: Raul is cautious, but also friendly. Though there are times he may become completely submissive, especially to those he senses are more powerful and hold a higher role than himself
Bio: Raul's childhood was near non-existent. His mother died giving birth to him, and shortly after his father fell into a deep depression. He was born weak, and completely blind. It truly is a miracle that the young pup managed to survive past such a bleak outlook.
Raul managed to grow, though he remains on the weaker side. Despite these setbacks, the young werebeast has managed to make a living in the forests outside the villages. He as come to be known as a friendly hermit in the woods, often helping both human and werebeast alike.
He has become adept at herbalism, having no vision, his other senses have become honed beyond what would be considered normal for even a healthy werebeast.
2 Fatal flaw(s): Completely blind
Raul is most certainly not the strongest of werebeasts, being born earlier than he was meant. So pure muscle can easily overpower him

Pack: N/A
Rank: Loner
Mate: N/A
Pedigree: Half - one parent was a pure the other a mix
Shifting: Controllable except full moon
Nature: Reflexes & Regeneration
[center [b Character Skeleton]]

[pic https://pic8.co/sh/o4h7i7.jpg]

[b Picture URL: | ]
Human form - [b [#990000 https://pic8.co/sh/o4h7i7.jpg]]
Wolf form - [b [#990000 https://pic8.co/sh/sxXkdz.png]]
[b Puppet Master: | - [#990000 NorthernWolves] -]
[b Puppet: | [#990000 Nim Airedalle]]
[b Alias: | - [#990000 None] -]
[b Age: | [#990000 22]]
[b Gender/Identity: | [#990000 Female/She]]
[b Sexuality: | - [#990000 Mostly straight] -]
[b Race: | [#990000 Werewolf]]
[b Personality: |] - [b [#990000 Blunt]] , [b [#990000 Callous]] , [b [#990000 Restless]] -
[b Bio: |] [#990000 After several [b botched fights] with other packs, the [b last one] removing [b vision] in her [b right-eye], outright [b left] her pack and [b live] among the [b humans]. Currently [b attends university] while [b aiding] those [b recently bit] in [b teaching] them proper [b shift-control] whenever one of them [b pops up]. Keeps a small piece of [b land] as a [b graveyard] for people who [b fail] in killing her; so far two [b hunters/huntresses] had failed.]
[b 2 Fatal flaw(s): |][#990000 Enjoys a good [b drunk night] every once in a while, tends to make her [b shift forms] much easier. [b Blind] in the [b right eye].]

[b Pack: | [#990000 None]]
[b Rank: | [#990000 Loner]]
[b Mate: - [#990000 Possibly] -]
[b Pedigree: | [#990000 Half]]
[b Shifting: | [#990000 Controllable]] - [#990000 except during the full moon]
[b Nature: |] [#990000 [b Prowl]] & [#990000 [b Howl]]

[pic https://pic8.co/sh/sxXkdz.png]
[center [i Pack Skeleton]]

[b Puppeteer: | ][http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80791 [#cc0000 [i Cursethewhitecat]]]
[b Clan Name: | ][i Hollowbane]
[b Founder: | ][http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408576 [i Werin Creed]]
[b Origin Story: | ][i A warlock once known as the Werin was betrayed by his own kind and tricked into becoming a monster. He was forced to do the bidding of others until he eventually broke free. Hunting down all who wronged him before he forged a pack of his own design by inflicting his curse upon wolves and mankind alike.]

[b Territory: | ][i The ‘Blue Patch’ nature reserve, Blue Garden Inn, and a founding house known as the ‘Old Den’.]

[b Relations: | ][i Generally Neutral towards humans, Aggressive towards Hunters and Passive-Aggressive depending on the Other Pack.]

[b Pack Traits: | ][i New Members eyes tend to vary in color, Fur is commonly black(Pure/Half) or shades of grey(Half/New). All members share the same trade marked blue skin in wolf from. They get their blue skin pigment from the blue flowers they ingest.

Poisons. Members are generally immune to all sorts of poison. This is because they feed on wolfbane flowers regularly and even sleep in large patches of these poisonous flowers because of this their bodies have come to naturedly excreted/secreted poison through their body fluids(Blood, Sweat, Tear, and saliva/spit). Thus it is dangerous for other beings to come in direct contact with any member of hollow bane as they can easily be poisoned.

In human form, a members' cursed inflection mark(bite or stretch) tends to resemble a blue tattoo. While those few born into the clan share remarkable blue eyes and black thick wavy hair. ]

[b Curse:| ][i
Silver allergy - An itchy rash that appears when their skin comes into contact with sliver.

In human form is spreads like a wildfire, can cause pain and fever
In wolf form there skin blisters and melts with a rising faint blue steam. This steam contains poison of which if it is breathed in or makes skin contact with another- It is capable of paralyzing, causing hallucination, or even death.

Members must proceed with caution. When interacting with other non-members. This is because their bodies produce poison and this poison can be or exchanged through bodily fluids(Blood, Sweat, Tear, and saliva/spit) such as being most commonly absorbed through simple skin contact. Thus members can easily poison non-members. Whether this be on purpose or by accident.

Amnesia all members run a high risk of getting amnesia. This can be temporarily or permanently depending on the individual. Those who forget that they were ever human become known as the ‘Blue pelts’ that roam the mountain. They mindlessly follow commands of their alpha.]

[b Members: |] [i [b I welcome anyone to join my pack. Positions are first come first served but may be challenged later through roleplay. ]]

[b Extra info: | ][i Birth rate is exceedingly low and it is rare for nature birth to take place within the pack. Which is why members are usually targeted and turned. It is also not unusual for members to adopt lone werewolves or lost pups.

It is highly recommended that any member attempting to court a non-member do so on the new moon.

Their Poisonous bodily fluids are absorbed through the skin
Blood = Death within 24hrs unless they receive the clans cure.
Sweat & Saliva/spit = Causes anything from temporary paralysis, hallucinations, or even unconsciousness.

In the case of accidental poisoning. Members are to bring the poisoned individual to either one of the Lota or Creed himself to receive the cure. Anyone poisoned must receive the cure within 24hrs.

His clan are known to the townsfolk as the “Blue pelts” a native wolf species that existed before the town was even built. ]
Cursethewhitecat / 101d ago
[center [i Character Skeleton]]
[center [i 'let sleeping dogs lie']]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408576 [pic https://i.imgur.com/qi1LqPU.png?1]]]
[b Puppet Master: | ] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80791 [#cc0000 [i Cursethewhitecat]]]
[b Puppet: | ][http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408576 [i Creed Wiren]]
[b Alias: | ][i Wiren]
[b Age: | ][i Unknown]
[b Gender/Identity: | ][i Male]
[b Sexuality: | ][i unknown]
[b Race: | ][i Lycan]
[b Bio: | ][i He was betrayed by those he once trusted the most. Tricked into becoming a monster(a lycan). Forced into centuries of servitude. He endured it all while carefully plotting. Eventually he overthrew the bastards. Felt the crunch of their bones between his canines and the warmth of their blood grow cold beneath his feet.

He sought out like minded individuals and inflected his curse upon them. Created his own clan that became infamous as man eaters. Skilled in hunting Hunter, even more so when it comes to anyone who dabbles in magic of any kind.

Today he is known to reside within the mountains of a nature reserve called the ‘Blue patch’. It refers to an area of the forest where blue flowers bloom all year around. It's quite a tourist hotspot in winter as both towns folk and visitors can view the flowers from the safety of the park's trail system.

His clan are known to the townsfolk as the “Blue pelts” a native wolf species that existed before the town was even built. Folklore tells of a loyal dog that died to protect its master, saddened by the loss of their beloved pet and friend the master weeped such deep emotions transformed the flowers blue and after many moons of watching the master faithfully visited the grave of the loyal dog. The local forest spirit felt pity and brought the dog back as a black wolf. The wolf of course ran to their beloved master who hugged them and cryed tears of disbelief and joy. Those tears fell onto the wolfs plet and transformed it blue.

[b 2 Fatal flaw(s): | ][i Falls prey to fullmoon madness. Silver]

[b Pack: | ][i HollowBane]
[b Rank: | ][i Alpha]
[b Mate: ][i Seeking a worthy one.]
[b Pedigree: |][i Lycan]
[b Shifting: | ][i Controllable with the exception of full moons. ]
[b Nature: | ][i Regeneration & Prowling.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/1y922TK.jpg?1]]
Cursethewhitecat / 101d ago