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A Love Like This

By yazookun

Replies: 2 / 1 years ago

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A roleplay for tigress and I :D I think we know what we're doing :3


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[b In the year of 1891 in the Meiji era:]

Demons were known to be mischievous creatures, they would wander off to the human world to plunder, and to wreak havoc. Showing no mercy to those who gets in their way, be it their own kin or a wandering spirit who hasnt entirely moved on from this world, They would devour the humans' souls, some had done it cleanly but others had a rather goresome method; not only were they satisfied with the souls; they would take pleasure in ripping the flesh from a mortal's bones, the sound of skin being peeled by sharp cannined teeth. A band of powerful Humans, had taken it upon themselves to revolt at being oppressed by demonic forces, in these lands native tongue they are known as [b "onmyouji"] people who practices unorthodox ways of summoning spirits and the supernatural to aide them in battle. After all, the only one who can defeat demons are other immortal beings. As the bloodshed continued, lives were lost but the [b "onmyoujis"] did not despair , knowing that they have full control of the battle, their loss must have been grave but the demons losses are greater.

As the lands of Kyoto was soaked in blood---both mortal and immortal, the sounds of blades clashing and battle cries can be heard, when mere mortals had the advantage, the general of the emperor summoned the greatest, onmyouji that ever lived. The man was as beautiful as the stories made him out to be, long silver hair, his fringe parted neatly to accentuate his face, he was wearing a white yukata that was accompanied by a blue hakama--it's band wrapped tightly around his waist. With one swift movement of his hand, he held a spell charm to create a portal for the demon wretches to go back to whatever hole they crawled out from--- It took all of his strength to keep the portal open as a huge gush of wind, coming from the portal itself had used it's wispy tendrils to wrap around the demons body and pulled them into the black abyss.

Once the battle was overand the humans have rightfully earned their freedom, they had signed a pact to the friendly spirits that helped them---which is now known as [b"Youkai"] and lived in peaceful harmony.

[b 20 years later:]
The peace maintained throughout the city of Kyoto, it had been roughly a decade since the Demons had terrorized the human race. At the time of Peace, Inari's descendants the [b "Kitsunes"] lived among the humans, albeit they were very fond of the mountains and some even lived near abandoned shrines---in which these Kitsunes never go hungry for the abundance of food that was offered as offerings by the villagers in the town just below the foot of the mountain. A certain Family of Kitsune lives in the mountains, near kyoto a placed called [b "Otsu"]. They are very particular of strangers and tend to be overly territorial, as one could call them [b "hermits"].

Other's call them as the Guardians of Mt. Hiei, keeping the travelers safe and would even offer them udon and ramen to warm their belly during the winter season. After the war had been settled, their Father--Inari had given them the white mask as a family heirloom. So People can differentiate them, as stewards of Inari and not some vagabond or roguish Kitsune heading towards Mt. Hiei to plunder or raid an unaware traveler. Hiroki, Hisato was born and raised in Mt. Hiei, his family was the last one to guard the ancient relic--- afraid that it might fall into the wrong hands. The silver Haired Male had enjoyed his afternoon cup of tea, with his older brother Hikaru. Hisato is no aficionado in the art of swords, he would rather make tea and read knowledgeable books and enhance his hand in craft making than brute strength. He cupped the steaming cup of green tea, his amethyst orbs narrowing at the green liquid. Last night, he couldn't sleep properly as he dreamt the streets of otsu was covered in blood---he had hoped it was nothing more than a nightmare and not some bad omen. He raised the cup to his lips and sipped the green liquid as it went slithering down his throat.
[+blue " You seemed drained today, is something the matter?"]

He heard the baritone voice of his older brother, laced with worry; amethyst orbs turned to look at Hikaru lazily leaning his back to one of the wooden poles; which holds the ceiling of their hallway, he was dressed in a mixture of red and orange Yukata, with black autumn leaves imprinted on the clothing, his hand limply stayed above his knee as his precious halberd leaned on his right shoulder. The tip of the handle indenting the warm earth. He could see, those brown eyebrows furrowed in complete worry, creating a crease on his tanned face in between his brows. This made the younger male smile softly, his older brother had too much on his plate, he couldn't possibly add more fuel; he didnt want to be a burden.
Shaking his head, silver strands following his every move.

[+red " It's nothing to concern yourself with, Hikaru."]
It was curt but polite, he was a man of few words after all. The brunette gave a rather annoyed sigh before watching the birds perching on a tree branch, wondering when his parents would arrive. The silence was ruined, when the wooden gates were opened in a rush, as hurried footsteps hit the earth alerting the two brothers, Hisato had tensed---wondering if it was an intruder, Hikaru on the other hand had quickly stood up in a defensed stance ready to attack those who aimed to harm them. As the intruder came into view, Hikaru's cerulean orbs dilated in anger and sadness upon seeing one of his friend's being heavily injured, his arm had a nasty wound and needed to be stitched and treated before it comes infected.

Hikaru relaxed his arm muscles and his whole body was emitting murderous intent, his friend was suffering from the pain, his ragged breathing and the trouble of standing up was a sign, he was losing blood. The man had felt light headed, his visioned blurred but was able to make out Hikaru's form, [+pink "hi...Hikaru..."] he wheezed, and started moving his legs, but every movement felt like a thousand needles prickling his aching muscles, he wobbled before his legs gave out on him, and fell forwards--- Hikaru had let go of his halberd, and ran towards the injured kitsune, catching him before he fell to the earth. [+pink " be..beware.. of the black..."] The man had lost all consciousness, he was still breathing albeit, lightly. Hikaru gritted his teeth, as he held the unconscious man in his arms, the warm liquid seeping through his fingers, he snarled as he stared at the opened gate; pure hatred evident in his cerulean colored orbs. [I whoever did this will pay!]

The brunette turned to the direction of the room, his younger brother was in [+blue "Hisato!"] he bellowed, and the silver haired kitsune knew his brother was enraged, he stood up from his seat placing the cup on the table. He opened the shoji door and turned to look at his older brother---slightly annoyed for ruining his tranquility, yet the sight of the injured man had melt all the annoyance he had for Hikaru, Hisato had hastily walked towards the man, gently taking his unconscious body and placed him on his back. Seeing the horrible gash on his shoulder down to his waist, amethyst orbs could only pray this man had done nothing wrong, his ears twitched before pressing two fingers on the side of his neck, checking for any sign of pulse. He was relieved to know, this man will be okay but he needs to make haste less the chance of healing would be lower if left in his current state.

Nodding silently in his brother's knowing gaze, [+red "i will do my best to heal him..."]
Hisato's face contorted into a mixture of worry and sadness, he placed his hand on top of his older brother's tanned ones, [+red " promise me you wont do anything stupid..."] He knew, the older male wouldn't keep any promises, he would appreciate it, if he came back alive and not a cold corpse. Hikaru remained silent, asHe squeezed those pale fingers in his, before taking his halberd and running off towards the gate, without looking back; failing to notice the silver haired kitsune giving a rather grim look at the man's retreating back. Hisato stood up and dusted off any, dirt particles that clung to his Yukata, before bending his upper body and reached towards the bleeding male, he slung the male's shoulder on his left shoulder blade, having his right hand on the unconscious male's right shoulder. Supporting the male as he lead him towards his own room, where his tools and medicines lie in wait for him. [i please watch over him.. inari-sama.] even as his older brother left, he couldn't shrug the foreboding of dread.