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Heart & Seoul ☀


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[tab] David passes the paper flower to Frances with mild exasperation, although he quickly learned to feign indifference at their antics his seatmate’s palpable delight at being sent [i origami] of all things was reminiscent to an excitable child. Frances was a bit surprised (in a good way) to see Seoul’s number at the bottom of the unfolded note, she didn’t think he’d want to share something like that with her anytime soon, but, cool. She added his name to her list of contacts and types out her message.

[center [size16 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=PT+Sans+Narrow] [pt+sans+narrow Thanks for the number, now I can bug you outside of school too!]]]
[tab] Unsatisfied, she stares at the text before the deleting the whole thing and trying again. The little back-and-forth they had on paper eased her into familiarity - his prior social awkwardness threw her off-balance so it was a comfort that he seemed to be opening up to her, if only a little. But with that in mind she’s suddenly conscious of doing anything that would make him retreat into his shell again, not that she saw him as a skittish person but his introverted nature was a stark contrast to her own, for the most part, extraverted inclinations.

[center [size16 [pt+sans+narrow Thanks for the number! This is so much more convenient. So carrying on from where we left off, Snail’s House is EDM but like, more bubbly and cutesy? Okay well that sounds pretty vague but I know that it's definitely future bass and chiptune.

Sorry, can’t say I’ve heard of Keshi either >.<“ But y’know what? Yea, that sounds good! We should totally hang out during lunch! It'd be cool to swap songs with you.

And awh, that's nice of you to offer! How 'bout you show me how to make them instead? We can bop to some songs and do origami at the same time hehe. It'll be so chill!

David's telling me off for texting in class as I’m typing this out whoops, but don’t mind him, he doesn’t really get angry as much as he acts like a mother hen, because you know, he cares and all that :p He’s not wrong though, I’ll stop distracting you for now and we’ll talk after class!]]]

[tab] She sends the message, an animated sticker of her choice popping up on screen sent directly after, and manages to stay relatively focused for the rest of the lesson. When lunch time finally rolls around she pries herself away from a few friends to linger outside of Seoul's classroom since they didn't share the other electives - she makes a mental note to check in on how he's fitting in before anything else.
[google-font https://fonts.google.com/?selection.family=Shadows+Into+Light]
[size16 [shadows+into+light It's alright.
Snail House? No, I can't say I've heard of him. :( Is he any good? What is the genre is Snail House?

I like to listen to Alternative/Indie music...Have you ever heard of Keshi? His music is really good. Maybe at Lunch I could show you a few of his songs? And maybe you could share some songs of Snail House with me? I mean only if you want to?

And You're welcome. I can make more if you like?

Do you mind if i give you my number?...your friend seems to be getting angry at us passing notes...

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Seoul smiled a little as he started to fold the note back into a flower. He peaked up to the front of the class to make sure he wouldn't get caught. The teacher's back was facing him. He tapped David's shoulder once more giving him the note quickly giving him the note.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 321d ago
[tab] Frances was pleasantly surprised to see that Seoul's message returned to her in the form of a pretty paper flower. She cradles it in her palms as if it were the real thing and whispers eagerly to her seatmate, “David look, he made a lil’ flower out of it-!”

[tab] David just gives her a withering expression and presses a finger to his lips. His whispering was almost inaudible, “Just, remember to keep it down. You don’t want to be caught passing notes.”

[tab] Fran only nods absentmindedly at David's stern tone, propping up a textbook in front of her to hide behind before she gently unfolds the flower. She was almost reluctant to open it just because it'd be a shame to ruin it. She supposed she could just follow the creasing and try to fold it up again herself (or ask Seoul later, if all hope is lost and it turns out she can't fold paper flowers as good as he can - she honestly hadn't expected that from him, but the small gesture brightened her otherwise dreary morning). She struggles to hide the small smile when she reads over his message - [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Shadows+Into+Light] [shadows+into+light [size15 "That makes me happy"]] - good to know his spirits lifted somewhat. When she sees the Korean writing in the note she tilts her head slightly. [i 'Hrm, well.'] She subtly slips her phone out her pocket. [i 'I think I have an app for this somewhere...']

[tab] Once she had run a picture of the text through a translator, she steals another sticky note (much to David's annoyance) and writes up her response before the folded up note makes it way back to Seoul again.

[hr] [size16 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nothing+You+Could+Do] [nothing+you+could+do Okay, so, if my translator isn’t being wonky I think you asked me about my taste in music? In any case, I’ve been listening to a lot of Snail’s House lately- have you heard of him? Idk if you're into all that moe stuff but I'm kind of a sucker for it hehe.

What about you? What kinda songs do you like, Seoul?

And thank you for the paper flower btw! That's sweet of you ღ]][hr]
[tab] Fran doodled a little snail in the corner of the note this time.
Seoul stared at the piece of paper that suddenly landed in the middle of his text book. He knew it was from Frances.He looked around quickly before taking the folded piece of paper into his hand and opening it into his lap so no one would see. He quickly read over the words as a small smiled appeared on his face. [i 'She's so kind...'] He thought as he placed the note into the back of his notebook as he started to write his own little note.

It took him a few trys on trying to get the right response on paper, but he finally managed to do so. Once he was satisfied with his words he fold his note into a flower. He softly tapped the guy in front of him and passed him the note, but the guy the not move. So he tried again, this time tapping a little bit harder than last time. Finally turning around the guy took the note from Seoul and started to pass the not back to Frances.
[google-font https://fonts.google.com/?selection.family=Shadows+Into+Light]
[size15 [shadows+into+light It's alright.
No need to apologize for something you have no control over, but i'm glad you think it's cool. That makes me happy :)

Old habits die hard i guess.

어떤 음악을 듣습니까?]]
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 335d ago
[tab] Frances found herself saying ‘whoa’ for the second time that morning. Mr Callahan himself seemed to be thrown off-balance by the show of respect, but he recovers quickly enough to scold the rest of the class. “Alright, alright, that’s enough! Open your textbooks to page 189, today we’re reviewing the topic on hormones and homeostasis.” And with that, it was back to business. Fran watched, with a sort of self-imposed guilt, as Seoul finds his way to the seats at the very back. Being new was one thing, but to be laughed at openly for something as personal as one’s own cultural norms was quite another… Truthfully, it was an experience foreign to her growing up, for the most part, though her parents may have experienced something similar when they first came to America.

[tab] She momentarily felt unsure as to whether she should just leave him alone to cool off, or… It was probably for the best to sit wth him regardless, practically, if he needed help with work or anything else at the very least she’d be a familiar face he could rely on (even if Biology wasn’t exactly her strongest subject, but the plan was to ask another student and relay information back to Seoul so he doesn’t have to do it himself. In theory, it’s a functional temporary solution - in [i theory]). And anyway, she was supposed to be his ‘buddy’ - she needed to commit to that. Just as she was shrugging her bag off Mr. Callahan points a finger at her. Fran has to bite back the ‘[i What now]?’ that rests on the tip of her tongue.

[tab] “You have no reason to change assigned seats unless I’ve given you specific intructions. Return to your seat.”

[tab] Frances has to refrain from looking irritated, “But-“

[tab] “Return to your seat.” He repeats it more firmly and Fran presses her lips shut. Somewhat sulkily, she moves to sit next to David Hartmann, who looks up at her with an expectant expression. She mouths ‘later’, so he shrugs and returns his attention back to the mini diagrams he’s scribbling on a bunch of colored sticky notes. What a nerd. But hey, there’s an idea.

[tab] Sometime during the lesson, Fran steals one her seat mate’s brightly-colored notes and quickly scribbles down a message before folding the paper up into a tiny square. She waits until their teacher has his back turned to the class, before reaching over to pass it to the girl on the table adjacent to hers. “Pass it to the new kid.” She whispers. Without looking, the girl plucks the note from her fingers and passes it back to the student sat behind her, who then carelessly tosses it over his shoulder where the folded-up note bounces unceremoniously on Seoul’s open textbook.

[hr] [size16 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nothing+You+Could+Do] [nothing+you+could+do Sorry about the rest of the class being insensitive jerks. For what it’s worth, I think it’s cool that you still do that! Cultural integrity and all, y’know? Don’t let them stop you from doing what you do. If you’re willing to indulge me a little, maybe you can write something to me in Korean? Pretty please? ✿

[right PS: Just toss the note back over to Elliot - the guy in front of you.]]]
[tab] She also included a messy little doodle of Mr. Callahan breathing fire, in the corner of the paper. It wasn’t in any way related to the contents of her message whatsoever.
Seoul nodded slightly still smiling as she told him he was now stuck with her. And in that moment Seoul didn't mind at all. Somehow she made him feel at ease, in which he found a bit confusing since most people tended to make him feel highly uncomfortable....but she was different.... and he liked it.

Seoul followed Frances out of the hallway and into the hallway which was now filled with students, making his anxiety rise as he tried his best to follow her, muttering 'Exuse me...sorry...' from time to time before she grabbed his arm with her hand, which he was mentally thankful for.

He chuckled silently as he watched her hollered at some freshman. It was cute.

She finally let go of his arm as she pushed open the class room door., only to be met with a classroom filled with students and a middle aged man in the front of the class. He was not happy....

[b "It won't happen again sir..."] he spoke softly as he bowed to Mr. Callahan in an apologetic manner, which made the classroom full of students laugh at him. He could feel his face start heating up because of it. He sighed deeply forgetting that he was now in the states. I was uncommon for people to one another as a sign of respect. But old habits die hard he guessed. [i 'This is going to be a long day...'] He thought as he looked around for an empty seat. He found one towards the back of the class. He slowly made his way there and sat down, his face still burning red as he pulled out his text book, notebook and pen.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 342d ago
Frances grinned when he returned the high-five, feeling much more at ease herself to see him smile, which she had to admit, suited him much better. She chuckles slightly at his question and the shyness with which he asks it, "You [i are] stuck with me now newbie - and we've got bio together. C'mon, our class is this way." She nods to the door and leads him out and down the hallway. Students were trying to find their respective classrooms so the halls were packed and crammed, though many just loitered in front of their lockers. Instinctively, she reaches back to hold Seoul's arm so he doesn't get swept away by the sea of students.

"These freshman are so... Tch, move it people!" She hollered impatiently, voice drowned out by the rest of the noise. She tries to weave her way through a group of younger teens all the while being careful not to grip his arm too hard. Fram leads him down a set of stairs, and this time only senior students occupied the space so it was relatively more sane. Fran lets out a relieved breath, and lets go of his arm.

She pushes open the door, but stiffens when she sees that Mr. Callahan was already there. Great, and with Seoul in tow too. They weren't [i that] late were they-?

"Frances Yang, and..." The teacher squints down at a sheet in his hand, "A Mr. Seoul Kim? Frankly I'm not very impressed with what I'm sure is my first impression of you. Miss Yang, you ought to know better."

Frances sighs inwardly - he does the same thing all the time, so she simple nods, eyes already scanning the room for empty seats. She clearly wasn't all that bothered.
Seoul was glad to hear that she didn't take his shyness for rudeness. Nine times out of the most people did, only because he never got a chance to explain his disorder to people. So it was refreshing to see that she was patience with him. He smiled softly as she held up her for a high five instead of a hand shake, honestly that made him feel much better.

He give her a quick high five before placing his hand in his pockets, wondering if he should like her in the know about his mutism, to make things much easier on her.

"Could...mmm you show me to class...I mean if you want to..." He asked her looking at his shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the room.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 1y ago
[tab] "Ah, Mr. Callahan." she nodded slightly in acknowledgement. That guy was kind of an ass on his bad days, but the day just started so he's not likely to go off on another student early in the morning. Fran was considering whether she should tell Seoul that this particular teacher could be, ah, difficult to deal with at times, until the boy beat her to it and spoke first.

[tab] She honestly hadn't been expecting him to talk to her anytime soon, especially after that careless comment she made, and hearing him switch over to Korean part-way through caught her feeling off-guard and more than a little curious. "Whoa." she says absentmindedly, then remembering herself and the part he did speak in English, she stumbles distractedly through the rest of her words, "Wait, I- my... Uh, handshake?" she manages to pick up the single obvious word up that actually registered to her, but his Korean was completely lost on her. He mentioned something about not wanting to be rude before that and- Oh. Well, it could've been anything for all she knew, but was that an apology?

[tab] "Oh. Ahah, [i oh]... that." Now it was her turn to avoid his gaze quickly, chuckling airily to herself at the childish relief she feels over making a big deal out of nothing. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure you didn't mean anything, you know, mean." She noted his timid mannerisms and the way he seemed to struggle with forming the words - it was, admittedly, kind of sweet that he was worried about offending her even when he looked like he had a hard time trying to address it. Or maybe there's more to it than just simple concern, because that would explain a lot about him.

[tab] But he's still standing there looking fretful all the while she thinks to herself, so she tries to remedy the whole thing by making light of the situation, "Wanna try again? If you're not one for handshakes," she raises a hand and wiggles her fingers, "Maybe you're more of a high-five kinda guy?" she jokes lightly.
Seoul watched his classmate gather their belongings as the bell rang, and made their way out of the classroom. He slowly started to pack up as well. He placed his notebook and pen into his bag as he slowly stood up looking around the class room. He picked up he's schedule to see what his next class will be as the girl beside him asked him who was his bio teacher.

He looked at her and then back down to the paper in hand.

"Mr.Callahan ..."He spoke softly as adjusted the messganer bag on his shoulder, trying to rid him self of the anxiety he was feeling. He had hope she didn't take offense to him not shaking her hand. Social interactions were not his strong suit as well as social cues.

He rubbed the back of his neck lightly as not looking at her."Mmmm...I wasn't....trying to be rude...mmm..your handshake...나는 사회적 단서가 좋지 않습니다 .... 저를 용서해주십시오 ...." He told her softly as he bowed slightly. Feeling very embarrassed that all of his English left out of the window.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 1y ago
[tab] Seoul's response wasn't the most reassuring to her, she couldn't gauge if she had [i already] offended the poor boy or if he was just trying to put it behind him, since he didn't give away much. The more she looked the more Fran was convinced she'd already scared him off - if the way he avoided the handshake was any indication. She looks down at her open palm, a bit awkwardly, "Well, I-" then the bell rang.

[tab] Mrs. Jones gathers her things, bids the class a good day and takes her leave. Frances lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding in before dropping her hand, feeling slightly rejected.

[tab] She didn't really know what to expect when their teacher walked into class with Seoul in tow. She had met a few students who shared a similar sort of reservedness but she was terrible at composing herself in front of them. It put her off, not being able to get a read on anyone on the get-go - what if she said or did something to put [i them] off? She supposed that's why most of the people she socialized with were all fairly... straightforward, for lack of a better term. Not that she didn't have her more reticent friends, but they came around eventually. She supposed it was a similar case with Seoul, that he'd come around eventually too. She just needs some patience, and, hopefully, all would be well?

[tab] [i 'It's only been first impressions after all.'] she thinks to herself

[tab] The students start filing out of the classroom and Fran wonders if she and Seoul shared any classes. It would be convenient for her if they did, but, hopefully, she wouldn't say anything completely unnecessary next time or else he'll never come out of that shell. Anyway, moving swiftly on from that, she was sure they had Biology first. "Hey, so, on your schedule-" she pauses to slip her bag on before turning back to the boy, "Who did it say was your bio teacher?"
Seoul nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he got settled into his seat. His ears turning slight red from embarrassment due to the girls comment. He didn’t want people thinking he was a helpless child. His only downfall was that he had a social disability . But once he got comfortable around the right people  he was just like any other teenage boy his age, just a bit more reserved…he nodded slightly not looking at her.

He sighed lightly taking he took out his notebook and pen as Mrs. Jones went on with the morning announcements, nothing that  interested him in that  moment. So, he tuned it out just like he did with everything when he was in an uncomfortable setting. He was silently trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t draw anymore unwanted attention to himself. He just wish he was normal, able to hold a ten  minute conversations with his fellow classmates. No one knew him. 

This was a fresh start. 

A new beginning.‘I can do this...i just need to stay calm down…’ he t

hought as he tapped his pen on the desk lightly, this was something he could be caught doing from time to time. It was sort of a way of calming down. If he wasn’t tapping a pen, it was his fingers, if not his fingers then he would bounce her leg up and down.

It wasn’t until he heard something drop that he snapped out of his thoughts, only to have his attention caught by the girl who was assigned to show his around and help him if he needed it.

He found himself watching her closely as he introduced herself and apologize for her comment. He found some comfort in the fact that she wasn’t trying to be mean or anything.

“Uh….nice..to meet you…” Seoul told her softly as he looked at her hand and then back down at his desk. He actually suprised himself back saying that.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 1y ago
[tab] She couldn't help but notice the way he stared at the floor the whole time he was stood in front of class, looking very much like he was a million miles away - maybe he was, in his mind. As the boy made his way over Frances does a quick, discreet once-over of him; his posture betrayed his nervousness, which she noted right away - first day jitters, or an inhibited personality? Even his appearance was incredibly subdued, all-black and bundled up in a hoodie. [i 'Time will tell I guess.'] She was certain 'Kim' was a Korean surname but he had more mixed features, the blue eyes being the most obvious giveaway of course.

[tab] Seoul hadn't even settled in his seat yet when Mrs. Jones started addressing Fran, "Miss Yang."

[tab] Fran's brows shoot up and she stiffens ever so slightly at being put on the spot so soon, not so much out of embarrassment but surprise, "Yes miss-?"

[tab] "I will..." Mrs. Jones pauses as soon as she starts, momentarily trying to find the right word, "You could say I'd be 'assigning' Seoul to you, I suppose. Only for the first week, just make sure he gets to the right classes, receives support- you know the drill."

[tab] "You mean like that buddy program they do for the kids?" she pipes up, which she almost immediately regrets because that is [i not] what she meant to imply- but the damage is done, Mrs. Jones is already giving her a stern look, and someone directly behind her is snickering. So much for not scaring away the new kid- what if he takes her for a jerk for thinking him helpless? Damn. Fran mutters a quick apology under her breath she's certain no one can hear but she does it anyway.

[tab] "... If that's your only point of reference." Mrs. Jones says finally, with an air of weariness. Frances shrugs sheepishly. Their homeroom teacher shakes her head slightly and Fran knows when she's dismissed. When Mrs. Jones addresses Seoul, though, she noticeably does so with a tad more gentility - and traces of concern, if she's really looking. "Don't hesitate to ask Frances for help, should you need it. But enough of putting my students on the spot, I'll do the register and then it's on to morning announcements."

[tab] After ticking off the present students Mrs. Jones briefly discusses the upcoming pep rally approaching one of the football games with Hearst, mentions the Homecoming committee at one point, opportunities to help fund raise for something or other... Fran listens intently for only one specific announcement... and is a tad disappointed she doesn't hear it.

[tab] She was hoping to hear any news about play auditions, but she supposed she's better off asking one of the theater students for that kind of information. After all it was from one of them that she heard they might do a play off of, either a novel or one of Shakespeare's this year. If it was the latter, she was hoping it's Hamlet - as overdone as it is, but there's a reason why it's often regarded as Shakespeare's greatest. And anyway, it's arguably not as overdone as Romeo and Juliet. She's sure the tech team would up and barf if they so much as hear another 'Wherefore art thou Romeo?'

[tab] Mrs. Jones drops something, and that snaps Frances out of her daydreaming. She continues her somewhat monotonous droning and Fran decides she's heard what she needed to, so, she moves on to other matters. She eyes Mrs. Jones carefully before leaning over to whisper to the new kid. "Hey, the name's Fran, but I guess you already know that." she smiles, a bit sheepishly at her own lame introduction, "Um, yea, ignore my comment about the... the whole kid-y buddy-program thing, didn't mean to imply anything- I promise." She demonstrates her candor by tracing the area over her heart with a finger, "Cross my heart." she jokes, though she was serious about not intending to imply anything condescending. She merely hoped to put him at ease.

[tab] "So, Seoul, right? Nice to officially meet you." she says, and holds out a hand for him to shake.

Seoul groaned lightly as he slowly reached over to shut off the alarm clock. He really hated being jetlagged, but it was the first day of school, and he didn't want to be late. Slowly sitting up he started ran his hands through his black hair as he scanned the room, which was filled with boxes that he would soon have to unpack. He yawned lightly as he got out of bed turning on some music and made his way into the bathroom turning on the warm water to take a shower. He and his parents just moved to the states after his dad got a job promotion.

He sighed as he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist body as he stepped out of the shower and walked into his room going over to a box that was labeled ‘Clothes’ and picked out a few things. He walked back into the bathroom and he looked into the mirror at his black hair he had gotten from his dad and blue eyes that he had gotten from his mom. He turned around and started to get dressed himself in a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans with his biker boots and of course his black hoodie. He ruffed his hair slightly as he grabbed his tooth brush. Once that was done he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his messenger bag his phone and his headphones as he made his way downstairs to find his mom making scrambled egg with cheese and some toast. Seoul quietly made his way into the very large modern kitchen trying to go unnoticed by his mother, but he seemed to have failed because she caught him. Her blue eyes lit up seeing her son. " Oh darling, good morning! " She asked with her thick English accent. Seoul muttered a quick good morning to his mom. He had found it weird to see her in the kitchen making breakfast with her blonde hair pulled into a messy bun ,since she was a model and was never around much.

But never the less he found it nice.

She smiled happily as she handed him a plate with eggs and toast giving him as kissed on the head. "Your father left early for work and won't be home until later tonight. So, it's just going to be me and you for supper. Maybe we can make something together? "she asked him softly.

Seoul looked at her and nodded giving her a soft smile. He hadn't made dinner with his mom in such a long time. He really missed her.

Cassandra smiled back."Okay, finish eating love. I'll dropped you off at school."she told him as she started to clean up her mess.

"Mom... I can...drive my...self..." he told her not looking at her and he pushed around the eggs on his plate with his fork. " I just want... to blend in..." he told her.

The beautiful blonde nodded slightly understanding." Okay love" she smiled. " Don't forget your English tutor is coming today at six."

"Okay..."Seoul said softly still not looking at her as he picked up his phone, looking at the time." I have to go...love you mom." Seoul told her as he stood up, grabbing his messenger bag."Be careful love!" She told him as he made his way out of the house, but not before grabbing his keys to his jeep wrangler his father bought him when they moved to the states. Unlocking his door, seoul quickly got into his car. He sighed nervously as he bought his car to life pulling out of the drive away.

He looked around the courtyard of his new school. It wasn't as big as his old school in south Korea but it was still pretty big. ‘Now where is the office…’ He thought looked at the map that he got off the school’s website. Finally making his way to the office, he sighed as he opened the door walking in. "Ah! You must be Seoul Kim. Don't worry I been informed about your situation. Wait right her dear."  The lady behind the front desk smiled at him as she got up and walked to the back of the office. Seoul didn't say anything as he nervously played with his hoodie trying to clam himself down. Now he was regretting not having his mom here with him.

"Mr. Kim. On behalf of the faculty and students, Welcome to EastRidge High. I'm Mrs.Jones your homeroom teacher." She told him with a smiled. He stared intently at the ground before working up the confidence to look at the lady before him. She was pretty plain-looking. Pale skin, Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'5, she world thick rimmed glasses and wore a light blue button up with black slacks.

He nodded slight not saying anything as she handed him a folder."In here is your schedule, school supply list, list of all school activities and clubs, a map, and your locker number and combination." She told him softly as she waited for him to take it.

Seoul slowly took the folder away from him.

"Now if you will follow me. I'll take you to her homeroom."she smiled walking over to the door.

Slowly but surely Seoul followed behind her.

On their way to the classroom Mrs. Jones gave him some what of a tour of the school, but it was long before they were in a hallway. Seoul could feel his heart starting to race and his muscle tense up. He hated this feeling whenever he was about to meet to new people. Mrs. Jones looked at him worriedly but gave him a reassuring smile, which almost made him relax a bit, until she opened the door to the class room.

In all honesty he could have just ran away in that moment, but something clicked in him. He didn't want to be the same person he was back in South Korea.

He ran his fingers through his hair as he slowly started walking into the classroom, keeping his eyes on the floor and he stood next to Mrs. Jones.

"You'll be sat next to Frances Yang." 

Was All Seoul heard as he peeked up at his new classmates. He saw a girl smile and waved at him.' She must be Frances...' he thought as he nervously started to make his way over to her.
Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 1y ago