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Painted In Red ~*Closed*~

By Ukimaru

Replies: 30 / 1 years ago

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Yuzuki turned wide eyes to Sky when he told him he could pick out a cat. His ears raising to stand straight up in both surprise and excitement. [#009476 "Really? You mean it!?" ] He asked voice raising just slightly in his excitement. Eyes already gravitating back to the cats though when their food came he carefully moved the tortoiseshell to the floor and turned his full attention back to Sky and the amazing smelling food.

Their meal passed in mostly silence though when Sky flinched shifting next to him Yuzuki turned to look up at him nodding when the other said the tea was hot. He wouldn't doubt it was hot after all he could see the steam rising from both his own cup and Sky's. When they had both finished their food he stood when Sky pulled his chair out for him smiling at the other as he let him take his hand to lead him to the cat playroom. Hearing him say he wasn't going to take no for an answer he smiled and moved through the group of cats to sit in the middle of the floor. [#009476 "This is something I'd never argue over. Thank you Sky." ] He said softly as he played with the cats as they wound their way around him. Eyes turning to Sky when he brought up how he'd wanted a pet but had never had the chance he hummed softly. [#009476 "My home town was always full of animals. Cats dogs even some wild animals. There was never a shortage of furry creatures to play with." ] He said as he reached out to pet one of the many cats.

As time past Yuzuki kept being drawn back to a pale cream colored cat. he didn't know if it was how mellow mannered she was or the jewel colored green eyes, but when Sky asked if he had a cat in mind he nodded and moved to carefully lift the young cat into his arms. She was fluffy too which just sealed the deal for the neko. [#009476 "She's perfect; though I swear I'd take them all if I could." ] When Sky nodded and they headed out he watched them put the cat in the carrier before he moved to pick out everything the cat would need. Yuzuki had tried to pay for at least the supplies for the cat, but had found that Sky refused to let him. lifting the carrier into his arms he moved to stick one of his fingers through the hole happy when the cat rubbed against it purring.

Once everything was done he followed Sky out to his car the cat being set in his lap as he purred himself. Sure the sweet thing wouldn't be coming home with him, but it meant he'd get to see Sky more often too if he came over to see the cat. Yuzuki looked up at the other home when the pulled up head tilting as he took it in. When Sky asked if he'd come in and help him set everything up he nodded. [#009476 "Of course I will." ] He said as he climbed out of the car the cat carrier still secure in his arms. Following Sky up to his house he looked around once they were in side and the door was shut behind him. It smelled the sun warmed sheets and Sky here and it put Yuzuki at ease as he followed the taller male through his home. Once they had everything set up in the living room for the kitty Yuzuki settled down on the floor and carefully opened the carrier as he smiled at the cat.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 362d ago
Sky smiled and picked up a cat and scratched it behind his ear. [+red “You know all of these cats are up for adoption. I want you to pick one out. I know you apartment says you can’t have one. But I have my own place. So, until you move, I will keep them.”] He smiled and patted the cats head in his lap.

The food came and Sky placed the cat on the ground. He took a sip of his tea, he flinched. It was hotter than he expected. He stuck his tongue out and looked at it. It was a little sore. He laughed when he saw Yuzuki looking at him. [+red “Heh. Tea was hotter then expected."] He blew on it this time before taking a small sip. They ate their food and drank their drinks, witch where actually very good.

When they where finished Sky stood up and pulled out Yuzuki’s seat. [+red “we can now go in the playroom with the cats and you can pick one. And I am not taking no for an answer.”] He grabbed her hand and lead her to the room with even more cats. There little meows filled the room. It was so great seeing Yuzuki so happy. It made Sky’s heart race. He got that wicked feeling inside again. He pushed it off as he sat on the floor and picked up a string toy and started playing with some of the cats. [+red “I never had any pets growing up. I always wanted but with being in and out of the system that was not possible. And my last foster parents where allergic.”] He shrugged then giggled as the cats jumped trying to get the toy.

Time flew by as they talked and played with the cats. [+red “Do you have a cat in mind?”] He smiled up at Yuzuki. He nodded at her choice. He walked up to the lady up front and settled the bill. You where able to purchase all you needed for the cats there. So, he let Yuzuki pick out everything and sign the adoption papers. He carried everything while Yuzuki held the car in their small cardboard carrier that turned into a cat bed castle.

They pulled up to his home. [+red “Would you mind coming in and helping me get this little one all settled in?”] He smiled as he got out and walked over to open the door. He grabbed the rest of the things from the back-seat wand walked up to the door. He struggled to get his key in the door for a moment then finally pushed the door open. His house was clean and smelt like summer. He closed the door with his foot. [+red “Welcome.”] He kicked his shoes off and headed into the living room placing the things down and putting away his weed box he left sitting out.
Sky / hach1k0 / 363d ago
When Sky looked at him and waved Yuzuki couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as he lifted his hand to wave back at the other. He couldn't help getting into the game cheering for the other as he played and booing with the crowd when the other team scored. When the game was over he waited until most of the crowd was gone before he headed down the bleachers. He was almost to the parking lot when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Seeing who it was from he quickly opened it and read over the others text. [#009476 [I I'm glad I came it was a lot of fun. You were really impressive I dont think our school would have won without you on the team. ] ] Climbing into his car he headed home to his own canvas that had already been drying. It wasn't anything to special just a small cottage in a snowy forest, but if one looked close enough in the snow past the house were three figures all with distinct cat ears on their heads. The smallest of the figures was playing in the snow throwing it up into the air.

Sighing as he paused to look over his half finished piece he shook his head clearing his melancholy thoughts. He wished some times that his parents were still around there was so much he didn't understand about his kind and still more things that he wished they could give him answers to. walking away from it for now he changed into a pair of paint stained clothes and went back to his little art corner where he picked up his paint brush and went back to working on the piece adding shadows to the forest and small creatures here and there in the snow or trees. Hearing his phone go off he put down his paint brush and grabbed his phone seeing what the other had text him he thought for just a moment about what to say before he replied. [#009476 [I That's fine I have a few projects that i need to finish myself. This weekend sounds great to me. I can't wait. ] ] He sent back before he turned back to his painting finishing up the little details he'd been working on.

The week seemed to fly by and before he knew it, it was Saturday and he was rushing to get dressed and fix his hair that had been a mess when he woke up that morning. Hissing quietly when he pulled on a particularly big knot he quickly slipped into the long sun dress he'd picked out. looking at himself in the mirror he turned this way and that before he nodded happy with how the pale pink looked on him and the flower pattern on it was really pretty too. Shaking his head he hurried out the door to see that Sky was already waiting on him. walking over to the other he stopped in front of him smiling up at the other. When Sky leaned down to kiss his cheek Yuzuki slid his arm around the others neck in a quick hug. [#009476 "Thank you I bought this dress a few weeks ago and never got around to wearing it. You look handsome yourself." ] He responded as he slipping into the car once Sky opened the door for him. Settling down his hands moving to straighten out his dress. Once they were on the road he turned his eyes to the other. [#009476 "You know I've never been one for sports, but you did amazing at the game and it was so easy to get swept up in the excitement of the crowd." ] He said as he watched the other noting the color that rose in the other cheeks.

Looking to the cafe when the pulled up his head tilted just slightly to the side. Stepping out of the car he followed the other in a happy little noise leaving him when he saw all the cats. If it weren't for the strict rules of his apartment he'd have a cat or two, but at least for now the rules stated no pets at all. Looking to Sky once they were seated he turned his smile towards the other. [#009476 "This is amazing. My apartment doesn't allow cats so I've really missed them." ] He said as he reached out to pet one of the group of cats that had gravitated to their table. When it was his turn to order he looked at the menu chewing on his bottom lip before he decided. [#009476 "I'd like a mocha cappuccino please and a Italian panini." ] He told her before his attention was captured by the cats again as he moved to lift a fluffy tortoise shell into his lap. He wouldn't tell the other he could understand the cats after all most nekos now a days couldn't. But listening to them all bickering over who should get pet next was to funny and he chuckled the tortie in his lap who's collar told him her name was Jazz looked up at him blinking as she simply purred content with being paid attention. Leaning slightly into Sky's side Yuzuki didn't even notice that he'd started purring himself.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky always flirted a bit with some of the cheer leaders but today was different he didn’t really way them one mind. As soon as he saw Yuzuki in the stands he waved at her softly. The cheerleaders turned around and rolled their eyes. Sky ran into the center of the field as the game began. It was a good game. They won like always. Thanks to Sky, who seemed to be a hundred times better than everyone else. As the game ended, he waved again at Yuzuki. His expression changed though. Between the bleachers, he saw the Detective. They met eyes. Sky’s teammates pulled him back into reality as they patted him in the back.

Sky texted Yuzuki as he grabbed his phone out of his locker. [I [+red “Hey thank you so much for coming and cheering me on. I hope I was impressive.”]] He smiled and sent the message. He took a quick shower rinsing off all the sweat and ground from his game. The water felt good. He was always the last to shower. He preferred to shower after the others were done. No real reason why. He had the heat up all the way. Again, it still was not hot enough. He was stressing over the Detective being at his game. [+red “Fuck man.”]

After his game Sky stopped by the art supplies store. He hated that he had to paint a picture of Yuzuki for someone other then himself. But it would get her off his back, and he is a man of his word. So he got a large canvas and everything he needed. He pulled out his phone after he put everything in the seat next to him. [i[+red “Hey Yuzuki. I am busy for a little while, but do you want to plan on next weekend? I have somewhere I would like to take you.”]] He pushed send and headed home.

He took a few hits from his pipe while he waited for his base coat to dry. Once it was finally dry, he started. No sketch just straight paint. His music was loud in the background. It was early the next morning before he finished painting. He stepped back and admired his work. It was Yuzuki, looking beautiful. In a satin robe, lightly hanging off her shoulder as she sit on her side with her legs next to her. He grew with rage as he pulled his phone out to call the Gallery owner. [+red “Your painting is ready.”] Before she could even respond he hung up.

No matter what he did the rest of the week the Detective was always in the distance. Sky did his best to pay him no mind. He took a deep breath and sighed as he waited outside Yuzukis place to pick him up for there date. Well for what he considered a date. He was leaning on the side of his car smiling big at her as she walked up looking perfect. [+red “You look beautiful. I really hope you enjoy what I have planned.”] He kissed her cheek and opened the door for her.

They made usual small talk about there week and he couldn’t help but smile his cheeks getting a bit red when Yuzuki was talking about how good his game was. He pushed a strand of hair behind his ear. His hair was in a messy bun today. It was to hot out to have it down. He pulled up to a little café. Like always he opened all the doors for Yuzuki. They where greeted at the door by a smiling face and a bunch of cats. [+red “Just two of us.”] The lady smiled and nodded and took them back to the cat room. This was a brand-new café in town. The only cat café in town. They sat down in love seat. [+red “Ill take a chai tea latte and a turkey club please.”]
Sky / hach1k0 / 1y ago
Yuzuki smiled when the other told him he'd look cute with earing his hand moving up to touch his own ear. [#009476 "I've thought about them, but never gone through with it." ] He let the other know as he stepped out of the car when Sky hurried around to get the door for him. Leading the way in he turned to look at the other eyes bright as he smiled. [#009476 "The food here is amazing." ] He said as they followed their waitress to their table. Ordering himself a glass of water he walked to the buffet with Sky. He wasn't sure what the other would like, but he told the other what he had tried and liked. Taking their plates back to the table he settled into his seat. He found that it was easy to talk to the other and before he knew it the others phone caught it his attention drawing him out of the conversation.

When Sky excused himself from the table Yuzuki stayed seated fingers twirling the chopsticks he'd been using to eat. He wondered briefly what the call was about, but he knew it was none of his business and pushed it from his mind. Head turning to Sky when he came back the smaller males nose picked up on the fear that was clinging to the other now. Head tilting slightly to the side he nodded and moved to stand. [#009476 "Of course." ] He said as he easily slid his hand into Sky's and followed him out of the resturant. Slipping into the car Yuzuki started up a light conversation just so the only noise wouldn't be the music. Once they were back at the gallery where he'd left his car he stretched. Hearing the other mention his game he nodded his head quickly. [#009476 "Of course I'll come." ] He assured the other. Leaning over the center console before he lost his nerve he lightly kissed the other cheek before slipping out of the car and heading over to his own quickly. Seeing Sky waving from his car Yuzuki waved back before he pulled out and headed back to his apartment.

The rest of the nekos day was spent scetching and painting. They weren't as vibrant as some of his other pieces, but it was to be expected when the thought of what had cause Sky to be scared circled his mind. Did someone know he was a demon? Had they called and told Sky and that's why their day was cut short? He knew that wasn't the case because Sky had asked him to come to one of his games. He wouldn't do that if he knew after all while supernatural beings were protected by laws it didnt eliviated the fears humans still had. Sighing to himself Yuzuki found that he'd tied his stomach in knots thinking about all of it. Changing into his pajamas Yuzuki curled up in his bed and drifted off.

The next day had Yuzuki waking up late. Hurrying through his morning route he decided to jog to school instead of drive. Wearing a simple pair of sweat pants and a paint stained t shirt he headed out backpack slung over his shoulder with some of his art supplies in it. Classes were boring and he barely paid any attention in them except for when his art teacher let them know they would be throwing some pottery next week. He perked up at that excited to be doing more work with pottery, he wasn't the best at it mind you, but he found it just as interesting as painting and drawing. Writing down some of the tips she gave them for next week his focus drifted off when she went back to talking about this weeks lesson.

Classes after his art class seemed to drag on and he figured it was because he had something to look forward to. Once he was out of his last class he headed towards the sports fields. Seeing Sky out on the field with the rest of his team Yuzuki found a shady spot on the bleachers and pulled out his sketch book settling it over his lap. There were a few of their school cheerleaders near by and he could hear them talking about some of the players on the field. When they brought up Sky a low growl rumbled in his chest causing even Yuzuki to pause. He knew it was jealousy that had caused him to be mad about them talking about Sky, but what right did he have to even be jealous? It wasn't like they were together and as far as Sky knew he was a girl so that was a big problem too. Sighing he looked back out to the field where the team had gathered together eyes finding Sky he couldn't help watching him. He knew he liked Sky; he was easy to talk to and made Yuzuki feel safe and comfortable around him. The problem was there was so much Sky didnt know about him so much Yuzuki was scared to let anyone know. It was a worrying thought. Could he tell the other male?
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky sped off to the destination in the gps. He Smiled as Yuzuki touched his ear. His ears where always sensitive. [+red “You know.”] He looked over at Yuzuki. [+red “You would look very cute with an earring or two.”] He smiled softly then looked back at the road. [+red “I’m sorry again about back at the gallery. That lady just drives me nuts.”] He sighed as he pulled into the driveway of the restaurant. [+red “Oh, I have been meaning to try this place!”] He parked his car and stepped out and hurried over to the others side. He opened the door for her.
He once again opened the building door for her and followed in behind. They got sat down at a table. It was not to busy as it was a Sunday and most people in this town where at church. Or just all around busy. He ordered a Tai Tea before getting up with Yuzuki and following her around the big buffet. He grabbed a bit of this and a bit of that. They say back down, and chit chatted about small things. Projects coming up in class, the teachers they like, so on. Before they knew it two hours had passed. His phone buzzed in his pocket. [+red “Oh, excuse me one moment.”]

Sky stood up and stepped outside and answered his phone. [+red “Hello, Sky speaking.”] His voice was stern. The voice in the other end sent a shiver down his spine. [+green “Yes, Hello. This is Officer Derik of the Polk County Police. I was wondering if we could have you come in and answer a few questions for us.”] The hair on the back of his neck stood up. [+red “Oh. Of course.”] The officer agreed and they both hung up. [+red “Fuck. Fuck.”] He took a deep breath and stepped back in.

Sky smiled softly. [+red “I am so sorry I have to cut us short. I got a call, and I must attend."] He bowed his head and offered Yuzuki a hand. He walked her out to the car and once again opened the door for her. He smiled and let go of her hand. He drove her back to where her car was parked. [+red “I have a game tomorrow. How about you come cheer me on!”] He waited for her to get in his car and he waved at her with a soft smile.

He sped off and headed to the police station. He parked and sat outside. He took a deep breath and push his thoughts out of his head and headed in. He walked up to the lady in the front. [+red “Hello. I am here to see Officer Derik.”] The lady nodded and pointed for Sky to sit in the waiting area. Sky sit there and scrolled through his phone. A tall man stood in front of him. Sky looked up. He was a handsome man. The name Derik did not fit. He looked more like a Victor. Tall and skinny and elegant. [+green “Hey Sky. I am Officer Derik.”] Sky stood up and shook the officers. [+red “Hello.”]

He followed the Officer to his office and sat down in front of the large desk filled with papers. [+green “So I am guessing you are wondering why I called you down here?”] Sky nodded his head. [+green “Well I would like to ask you a few questions about a incident that happened the other day in the park with your friend. The Neko.”] Sky raised a eyebrow. [+green “How long have you known them? How much do you know about them? And what can you tell me about what happened in the park. With the man.”] Sky sighed. [+red “We just med the other day at a school art show. I do not know much about her. And that creep put his hands on her. She had every right to defend herself.”] He nodded. The detective smiled. [+green “Of course. Thank you for clearing that up.”] Sky tilted his head. [+red “Did the guy file a report or something?”] The detective still smiling. [+green “No. I am afraid he was murdered.”] Sky faked being surprised. [+red “Oh.”] The detective stood up and walked Sky out of the building. [+green “We will be in touch. Thank you.”]

Sky sped off and drove home quick. He ran in the house. [+red “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”] he was pissed. Pissed at himself. Yuzuki was going to be blamed for what he did. [+red “Fuck!”] He punched the wall next to him making a dent. His knuckles starting to bleed. He took a deep breath and went over to his couch after locking his door. He lit a incent then pulled out his lock box and loaded up his pipe. He took a big hit. He laid back on his couch. He was so stressed out and ended up falling asleep not even finishing his pipe.

Sky awoke the next morning when his alarm went off. He yawned big. [+red “Damn I really slept that long.”] He looked down at the pipe still in his hand. He laughed at himself. He put everything away and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower before headed to practice before his game. He got out and grabbed all of his things. Making sure to grab his phone before he left.

He was at practice trying to forget the meeting with the officer yesterday. He practiced hard and planned to play even harder hoping that Yuzuki would be in the crowed cheering him on. He sat on the bench waiting for the match to begin. It was a nice day out. Not to hot or to cold.
Sky / hach1k0 / 1y ago
Yuzuki led the way through the gallery chattering away about this piece or that. he stopped here and there to get a better look at some pieces. The show honestly had some lovely work and it had his tail flicking back and forth in excitement every now and then thumping against Sky's leg. Asking Skys opinions on some of the pieces he listened with interest though his ear fell back when he heard the womans voice from their schools art show. watching her snatch Sky away had a small frown forming.

Alone now in the crowded building Yuzuki suddenly felt crowded and quickly spotted a corner with sculptures that he could look at while also avoiding most of the crowd. On his way over he spotted Sky on the far side surrounded by art critics and the lady close behind him. How close she was set Yuzuki on edge but his attention turned back to Sky. He could see how tense the other was if it weren't so crowded he'd try to get through to Sky instead he hurried on to the sculptures.

As he was looking at the last sculpture Yuzuki hadn't expected Sky to show up near him and he jumped slightly large eyes looking to the other as he nodded his head. [#009476 "Yeah let's get out of here." ] He said easily letting the taller male lead the way out of the gallery hearing him talking about the lady he smiled and stepped closer to Sky's side. [#009476 "Its okay she makes me a bit uncomfortable too." ] He said when he apologized.

Once they reached the others car he slipped into the passenger seat humming when Sky told him he could pick and offered him his phone he took it carefully and looked up the hibachi restaurant he'd found when he moved here. On the music front Yuzuki quickly went to youtube and pulled up a techno band he'd found a while back. His music tastes were really all over the place so what he listened to depended upon his mood for sure. setting the others phone in his lap he looked over to Sky shifting just slightly so he could reach out and fix the others earings which had gotten tangled. He'd thought about getting his ears pierced, but had never gone through with it.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky felt his face grow a bit flush when his hand was taken. He nodded and followed into the gallery. It was busy, like any gallery opening in a big city like this. He walked with the other still hand in hand. He could feel the stares of the other people as they saw the neko. He shook the feeling off as they would move from painting to painting. He smiled at Yuzuki would talk about the different paintings. Sky just smiled and nodded

He then heard a familiar voice in the near distance. [+red “Oh no.”] He tried to turn away before being notice. But it was to late. [+green “SKYLAR!”] The lady from the school art show waved at him and yelled his name as she ran over. [+green “I didn’t think you where going to come! I left you so many voice mails!”] Sky smiled awkwardly. He never listened to her voice mails. She grabbed his arms and pulled him away from the little neko. Sky tried to reach out to Yuzuki, but she was just to fast, and he was pulled away.

[+green “This is the amazing man that painted this piece.”] She pointed to Sky then to the painting he gave her from the school show. Suddenly he was bombarded with questions about his inspiration and feelings that went into the painting. It was all over whelming. He flashed his smile and gave them some generic answers. They idiots seemed to be pleased.

When they walked away sky attempted to get back to Yuzuki, but his arm was grabbed again. [+green “I know what I want you to paint me.”] She smiled big, her eyes wide. [+green “Paint me your pretty little kitty.”] Sky felt a twing of rage. [+red “No. I’ll paint you anything else.”] She put her finger over his mouth to shush him. [+green “Now now Skylar. You made a promise. Anything I want.”] His eye twitched. He was a man of his word. [+red “Fine. But you can not display it in your gallery. Any gallery.”] She smiled and patted his cheek. [+green “You got it.”] He turned away and walked back to Yuzuki.

[+red “I’m so sorry. But do you think we could leave.”] He grabbed Yuzukis hand and made there way out the door. [+red “I’m sorry. That lady is just. Oh, she drives me crazy.”] Sky walked around to the passenger door. [+red “Why don’t we go get a late lunch? Your choice.”] He opened the door and let her get in before closing and walking around and getting in the drivers side. [+red “Here you can punch in the address and pick what ever music you want.”] He smiled and handed over his phone witch was hooked to his cars blue tooth.
Sky / hach1k0 / 1y ago
Yuzuki had taken his time in the shower for once making sure to scrub himself from the tips of his ears to his toes. While it was usually a much faster shower he felt the need to take his time enjoying the warmth of the shower. When he was done he hopped out of the shower hands reaching out to pull his fluffy pink towel off the hook he hung it on the day before. Wrapping it around himself he grabbed a smaller pink towel and started towel drying his hair his eyes shifting to his phone screen causing a smile to form. he had a text. There was no telling if it was Sky or not, but the thought that it might be was enough to have butterflies forming in his stomach.

Hanging his hair towel up once his hair wasnt dripping anymore he picked up his phone and unlocked it. [I Sky ] it seemed he hadn't been excited for nothing. When asked what he had in mind he hummed before he remembered the art show that was opening at noon today. [#009476 Theres an art show opening in the Sulivan Gallery near main street at noon. ] He text Sky as he walked to his room pushing the door open with his free hand. Looking through his clothes Yuzuki chewed on his bottom lip. He knew it wasn't really a big deal what he wore, but he was having a hard time settling on a outfit. Huffing he decided on a long pleated red skirt and a simple size too big light gray sweater that fell off one of his shoulders. Slipping into his flats he called it done for the moment and picked up his phone. Seeing that Sky had agreed he smiled and slipped his phone into the hidden pocket in his skirt before he headed out grabbing his keys as he went.

The walk to the park was uneventful for Yuzuki though a few people did look back when he past them he ignored them. He figured he should get his car home after all it wouldn't be good if it got towed. Looking into the park flashes of the other day danced through his mind. He wondered if he'd be okay to go back to the park again after that. He shook his head and started his car pulling out to head home. His radio was playing quietly as his fingers taping along to the music on the steering wheel.

Once back to his apartment he spent the last bit of time before he was supposed to meet Sky unloading easel and art supplies. When he was done he checked his phone for the time seeing it was close to eleven thirty he headed out choosing to walk since he was close to a thirty minute walk from where the Gallery was located. Getting to the gallery first he stayed tucked to the side of the building out of the way of people passing by and others who were headed into the gallery. When his phone chimes in his pocket he hummed when the other said he was running late. [#009476 No worries I'll be out front when you get here. ] He text back before slipping his phone back into his pocket.

When Sky parked near the Gallery Yuzuki moved to meet him at the edge of the side walk. Watching the other head dip in a bow dark hair falling in a soft looking wave to cover the other face for just that moment. When green eyes met his own again he smiled. [#009476 "No need to apologize I dont mind." ] He said eyes drawn to the motion of the others hand his eyes skimmed over the tattoo before they drifted back to the others face at the compliment. [#009476 "You look amazing yourself." ] He said in return before he reached out to carefully catch the others hand. [#009476 "Let's go check out the show I'm interested in what might be on display." ] He said as with a gentle tug on the others hand he led the way into gallery.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky finally fell asleep at a ungodly hour. He awoke to his phone buzzing. He rubbed his eyes and yawned big. He grabbed his phone and smiled when he saw who had messaged him. He typed back. [i[+red “Nothing that I know of. What do you have in mind?”]] He clutched his phone in his hand and stood up and stretched. His back cracked. [+red “Fuck.”] He rubbed his eyes again.

Sky turned the hot water on in the shower. Burning hot. He stepped in and the water steamed on his cool body. It seemed as of late that his showers needed to be hotter. He was always cold. He needed to be hot. His skin was red, but he still didn’t feel hot enough. He scrubbed his scalp and down to the ends of his hair.

He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his slim waist. He grabbed his phone off the sink. He smiled when he saw he had a message. [i[+red “A new art show? Sounds good to me. I will meet you there.”]] He smiled and sent the text. He brushed his long hair and pulled out a pair of scissors. He needed to trim his dead ends. He trimmed off his split ends and rebrushed his hair. That made him feel refreshed.

He looked through his cloths in his closet trying to find something nice to wear to the art show. He pulled out a few options. His phone chimed. It was a reminder to go get his allergy medications from the pharmacy. Even though he had not been having and trouble with his allergies like usual. He nodded and threw one some gray sweatpants and a white tank. He had sometime before the opening so he figured he would just go get his meds now before he forgot.

He drove down and got his meds. He took the backroads home, windows down and radio on. That’s when he saw him. The creeper from the park. He was jogging with a splint on his wrist. Sky flew into a fit of rage. He slammed on his breaks and sat there for a moment. This was the perfect spot. No houses. No cars. Just a empty road and a empty bike trail. He did a quick U-Turn. He slowly pulled up next to the man. The mand stopped and turned around slowly. [b “You. What the hell do you want?”]

Sky got out of his car not saying a word. The man backed up slowly. Sky smiled. A wide smile from ear to ear. Showing, what looked like, fangs? Yes fangs. [b “What the fuck back get back!”] Skys eyes began to glow a faint red as he moved closer to the man. The man stumbled back wards and fell on his behind. [b “Get back! I’m warning you!”] Sky laughed. [+red “Oh, I’m so scared.”] He pounced on the man. He looked him in the eyes. His eyes not a shimmering red. Before the man could scream Sky took his hand and with power he didn’t know he had he stabbed right through the mans throat pulling out his wind pipe. The man gasped as blood gushed all over Sky. While the man was still figuring for his life he took his already bloody hand and shoved it through the mans chest ripping out his heart. By this point Sky was fully erect. He took the man’s heart and took a huge bite out of it then spitting it out. Sky tilted his head back let out a long sigh and smiled. He wiped his face with the back of his hand, just smearing the blood all over.

Sky got off the man and pulled him off into the tall dead grass as small mice ran away. He kicked him down into a natural made ditch. He walked back to his car and grabbed the wet wipes he kept in his glove compartment and cleaned off his face and hands. He drove home unnoticed. He looked down at his phone. [+red “Oh, fuck.”] He was running low on time to get to the Gallery. He ran to the bathroom and turned the hot water on all the way and jumped in fast. He scrubbed all the blood off of his bad. He looked in the mirror to triple check that he was clean. He still felt kind of dirty even though he scrubbed and scrubbed. He grabbed his phone and sent a text. [i[+red “I am running just a little late! I will be there soon!”]] He brushed his hair and decided to leave it down. He grabbed one of the outfits he chose. A nice pair of black skinnies, that hugged in all the right places. A nice simple sweater. He rushed out the door.

He smoked a cig on the way. Spraying some cologne as he pulled up to Yuzuki waiting out front looking as stunning as ever. Sky jumped out and walked over. [+red “I am so sorry I am late.”] He bowed his head, his dark hair falling in his face. He looked up and smiled. [+red “You look lovely.”] He pushed up his sweater showing the tattoo on his left forearm.
Sky / hach1k0 / 1y ago
Hearing the other say hed spend everyday with him had him smiling as he nodded his head. It was a frighteningly amazing thought that Sky wasnt going to run. Then again Sky had done nothing but the opposite of what he'd figured he'd do. Watching Sky walk around to his door Yuzuki smiled and reached out slipping his hand into the others and stepping out of the car. When he was offered the chance to go to one of the others rugby games he nodded his head though the kiss to his cheek stilled him completely as a blush lit up his cheeks. [#009476 "I would love to go to one of your games." ] He said softly as he watched Sky walk back to his car golden eyes tracing his every move of the others. He take the other up on texting him for sure. He didn't head in until Skys car was out of sight a hand reaching up to touch his cheek lightly. He could almost still feel the brush of the others lips against his skin.

Heading into his apartment he found himself humming an old tune from his home as he headed into the living room his mind on settling down with his sketch book. With Skys face still clear in his mind he grabbed it and settled down with his pencil in hand. Taking his time he slowly drew the other hair slightly messy and a smile lighting up the others face. He was so fascinated by the other and it was a strange feeling to have someone taking up so much of his thought and for once he was truly glad he'd left his home to come here.

The night seemed to fly by as he finished his drawing of the other even go so far as to add color with the colored pencils he had on his end table. Looking at the finished drawing he let his fingers slide over it carefully before he shut the book and headed to the kitchen to start something to eat. Phone sitting next to him on the counter he looked over at it hand itching to text the other, but he didn't know what to say if he did. Sighing softly to himself he finished his small dinner and ate in the quiet of his kitchen before going to his room. Changing into his pajama bottoms his fell into bed the tshirt he usually wore as well forgotten as he fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning Yuzuki rolled over grabbing his phone from where he'd actually plugged it in in the room last night. unlocking it he pulled up his texts from the other a hum leaving him. His dream was still fresh in his mind and it had him typing to the other. [#009476 Good morning Sky. I was wondering what you might be doing today? ] He text the other before he climbed out of bed and headed to his bathroom for a shower.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky smiled as he watched Yuzuki take the shot, he took one himself. They made small talk the rest of their lunch date. Sky was relieved that the topic of his past was not brought up. He wanted to ask so many questions, but after what happened in the park, he wanted to make sure to keep the conversation light. Mostly talking about art and books. Just like his own art the things he enjoyed were also dark.

[+red “How about I drive you home.”] He laughed slightly seeing the small Neko sway a bit. Sky drank often and had a very high tolerance. He found it pretty cute that Yuzuki was such a lightweight. Granted she didn’t even look old enough to be drinking. He finished up his last bit of sushi. Threw some cash on the table and stood up. He walked around and pulled Yuzukis chair out and helped her stand up.

The drive was quite and nice with the radio playing softly. He couldn’t help but play what happened in the park in his head. How powerful yet delict all at the same time. So beautiful. Sky smiled as the pulled up to the apartment. [+red “I would gladly spend everyday with you.”] Sky got out of his car and walked over to Yukuzis door before she got out. He pulled open the door and offered his hand out.

He walked her up to the door and smiled. [+red “Maybe you can come to one of my rugby games.”] He smiled and kissed Yuzuki and the cheek and turned and headed back to his car. He stopped at his car and turned around. [+red “Text me anytime.”] He waved and got in the car.

The drive home was fast. He lived closer to her then expected. He pulled into the driveway and parked the car. He sat there with is eyes closed and rested his head back on the head rest. It was still light out but for some reason he is just exhausted. The good kind of exhausted. He turned his car off and finally got out of his car and walked up to his house. If anything good came out of being in foster care, it was his last family. They where the best he ever had, loving and caring. They took him in when he was sixteen, very old to be adopted. They where very old in age. In there 70’s. They passed away shortly after he turned 18. Age 18 was a very traumatic age for him.

He stepped in the big house is foster parents had left him in there passing and took a deep breath. He locked the door behind him and stripped down to his boxers and laid down on the couch. He turned on the t.v for some background noise. He pulled out his phone and looked at the screen. He shook his head and set his phone on the coffee table. He closed his eyes. But he couldn’t sleep. No matter how exhausted he was.
Sky / hach1k0 / 1y ago
Watching the others eyes travel over the other people in the park he turned to look ears shifting forward he could hear some of them were indeed on the phone with the police. Some actually knew what had happened and others had different stories to tell. Either way he knew the story and so did that man anyone else could butt out. Watching Sky quickly packing away their food he could tell the other was ready to leave. He couldn't blame him after all he'd just broken someone's wrist like it was nothing. When Sky grabbed his hand and pulled him free from his seat his eyes stayed glued to the others back.

Watching the other set the food on top of the car the apology had his head tilting to the side slightly. Yuzuki felt like he should be the one apologizing. When his hair was brushed out of his eyes he couldn't help leaning just slightly into the comforting touch. What a strange human Sky was and Yuzuki was defiantly happy to have met him. [#009476 "I don't feel bad at all... at least not about him. I'm sorry I ruined our day in the park though." ] He hadn't even processed that he'd been called amazing until after and it had his mind reeling. [#009476 "A drink sounds pretty Good right now." ] He said as he followed the other into the resturaunt his hand holding onto Sky's tightly.

Once they were settled at the table he fidgeted slightly though he did reach out to take his food. When the other ordered sake he smiled slightly at the other. As the shot glass was slid in front of him and filled he hummed softly. Running his finger around the edge of the glass Yuzuki picked it up and took a small sip savoring the taste and burn before he drank the rest and set the shot glass down.

It was a few glasses later and the rest of his food that had him resting his elbow on the table his chin propped on his palm. He was just this side of drunk and it was clear to see he hadn't drank in a while. They had talked most of their meal though it was mostly small talk after that man interrupted they hadn't gotten back to their previous conversation. When Sky offered to drive him home Yuzuki gladly accepted He didn't live terribly far and he could always jog back and get his car later.

When they pulled up to his apartment building he turned to look at Sky a small smile on his face. [#009476 "Thank you for spending the day with me. Maybe next time I can pay for our food?" ] He offered hand resting on the door handle as he watched the other curious on if he'd agree to meet again.
Yuzuki / Ukimaru / 1y ago
Sky watched in awe as Yuzuki took care of the man. Sky stood there not moving. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Her. The Glowing eyes. So beautiful. So powerful. His attention was drawn back when Yuzuki looked back at Sky with her normal soft face. Sky just smiled. He noticed all the people staring. There where a few on the phone. They were on the phone with the cops. Sky hated cops. He packed up all of there food that they had not finished and grabbed it in one hand then grabbed Yuzuki’s hand and pulled him running away from the park and back to his car.

They got to the car and Sky set the food on top of the car. [+red “I’m sorry. I just for one hate cops. Two, the cops here are pretty prejudice.”] He brushed the hair out of Yuzukis face. [+red “Don’t feel bad about that dirt bag. You were amazing.”] He smiled big and grabbed the food of the top of the car. [+red “Let’s not let him ruin our lunch.”] He grabbed the soft hand again. [+red “I think you could use a drink; they have some amazing sake.”]

They walked in and the lady up front tilted her head. [+red “Ran into some problems at the park.”] He chuckled and the lady nodded her head and showed them to a table in the back. He pulled the chair out for the neko, after she sat down he sat across from her. He pulled the food back out and handed her what was left of hers. He flagged down the waitress. [+red “I’ll take a bottle of fiji apple sake please.”] The lady nodded and walked away.

Sky could tell that Yuzuki was still bothered by what happened in the park. Sky offered a nice smile. He was never very good with comforting people. He slid Her a shot glass and poured her some Sake. [+red “If you don’t want to drink it, you don’t have to.”] He smiled and pored himself a shot.
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