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Her guardian crow~closed to liz~

By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 426 / 1 years ago

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she blushed but smiled at him. "you're welcome."
Itachi nodded softly then poked her forehead gently. "Thank you, my angel..."
She came back with some spare clothes of akira's and said. "They're akira's, i think they'd fit you."
Itachi sat down on the bed and relaxed slowly as his sore muscles stopped hurting. He closed his eyes and sighed softly.
She nodded and kissed him a little bit. She brought him back to the bedroom and went to get him some clothes.
Itachi went to her and leaned on her for support. "I also need clothes still."
"of course, ita-kun." she said and smiled at him.
Itachi relaxed and waited for Kara with a tired look. "Kara, may I rest after I dress? I'm feeling a little dizzy," he called out to the redhead.
She swallowed slightly and blushed seeing him now. "I'll be back."
wingedwolfy120 / 285d ago
Itachi nodded and wrapped a towel around himself. "Thank you, Kara..."
she smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "i'm sure akira won't mind sharing with you."
Kisame smiled softly. "I needed a shower...I hope I'm not interrupting something." He casually stripped then got in the shower to clean up.

Itachi hugged her carefully then relaxed and finished drying her off. "I don't have any spare clothes, Kara."
She smiled at him and looked at Kisame. "Hi."
Itachi kissed her forehead once out of the shower and carefully leaned on her for support. "Thank you."

Kisame knocked at the door for a moment then stepped in. "Kara?"
She smiled and said. "I love you too." She turned the water off and helped him out.