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Love At First Theft (CLOSED)

By Ravanya

Replies: 48 / 1 years ago

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(#39116e (b NOTHING brings people together like a good party. In the Victorian Ages Masquerades and Costume Balls were the most sought after parties and soirees to look forward to. The thrill of meeting up with anyone under the mask, and a chance to be risky and not get caught. That was exactly the thoughts of two thieves. Unknown to one another, yet they each had the same idea. Wearing their masks, they would attend all the Noble Balls and parties, they would be the most charming and coy, yet playful and mysterious, and then when no one was looking, they would steal away from sight and loot what they could from the home in terms of money, jewels, and other valuables that they could sneak out.))
(#39116e (b HE was ever simply known as Sir Prize. A devilishly handsome man, hidden behind his mask. Making every Lady swoon over him at the mere flash of a smile. He would make them feel like the most beautiful woman that ever lived, and before they knew it, their hearts and their jewels were stolen away into the night, never to be seen again.))
(#39116e (b SHE was a dark-haired beauty, pale skin, dark lips, and eyes like Sapphires. She only gave the name Miss Fortune. She could draw the eyes of any man, with her hourglass figure cinched in a sweetheart corset that gave a daring view of her assets without breaking any modesty rules. She could draw a man to blush, smile and bat her eyes until he thought his heart would give out, and he would try to claim her as his own. Then all at once, she and his valuables would be gone, like a Midnight Mirage.))
(#39116e (b WHAT would happen, should these two thieves meet at the same party? Would they get each other caught? Try to steal from the other? Could it possibly be one of the best love matches one has ever seen? Only Fate can tell......))


(#39116e (b Lady Natalia Demonas A.K.A Miss Fortune))
(pic https://i.imgur.com/zKLuiNl.png)

(#39116e (b Sir Alden Williams A.K.A Sir Prize))
(pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/05/05/8c/05058c9ee396f52a38b552bcba998ca4.jpg)


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[font "Times New Roman" She found herself wanting to become lost with this man, almost uncaring if she lost who she was with him completely. He was so different from the other men in her life, she wondered if he would be the only man in the world to understand what she felt and went through. After all, he was in the thieving game as well, was he not? Surely he understood something that she lived for.

He pulled away softly from the kiss and she would have sworn the world around her was more vibrant in colors. The moon was almost singing above them. Or she was just imagining that it was. Something about this man just flipped her world into a new perspective. She didn't care for the party or people beyond the doors of this garden. She just wanted to stay here and learn who this man was. She thought for a moment and decided, that maybe a game was in order. She smiled to his compliment then pouted at the thought of returning to the others.

[#0000FF [b "Actually....."]] She stepped back from him and held up an item she had swiped from him in the kiss. [#0000FF [b "How about a game, dear Prize? In place of what I have stolen from you, I have left something in its place. Let us see who can figure out whom the other is first? What say you?"]] She purred as she held his item for him to see but not within his reach in case he tried to swipe it back. She had left a ring in one of his pockets in place of what she had taken.
How was it that the woman before him, the woman known among them as Miss Fortune had cast such the spell on him? Never had he felt such warmth towards a yoing woman as he did towards her. In his "normal" life he would act the part and be polite. But never had such flames been ignited in him. Never had he had the want or the desire to be so close. Her smile and sparkling eyes had been enough to draw him in. But now being as close as they were, his lips softly pressed to her, Sir Prize felt a warmth, felt a fire within he had never before. It was all but consuming. Both fantastic and terrifying. She was an enigma to him. Brought out in him things no other before her seemee to manage.

What was she really like behind the mask? Who was she really? If she knew that he, Sir Prize was Sir Alden Williams would she tell the world? Would she even give him another passing glance? All things he wondered. And yet, all thinhs that washed away as she had taken that step closer. All things washed away completely as her warmth against him and her kiss seemed to overcome him. For the time, Alden could allow himself a form of freedom. Allow himself to become lost to her kiss and to her closeness.

There was no telling that there had been others around. Or at least one otjer who jad decided to follow and to watch them. Like Miss Fortune, Sir Prize did not know of their spy or that they had been seen beneath the moon's light sharing that moment. Sharing their kiss.

Was it a moment longer or moments? The man could not be sure but he did find himself withdrawing with a smile gracing his lips. [b "You have very soft and sweet lips, madam. And I had very much enjoyed the kiss."] Came the man's soft words as a hand lifted to brush stray strands of her hair back from her face once more. [b "As much as I would love to spend the rest of the evening out here with you.. I fear we must be getting back inside and amongst the other guests."]
Thief~ / MourningGlory / 134d ago
She would be lying if she ever said that his closeness had no effect on her. He truly was someone far different than she had ever met, and it was both thrilling and scary. He was all but pressed against her now, and he leaned in close. She could smell him under the scent of his cologne. It made her heart flutter as if she were a younger lady once again. His lips softly pressed to hers, and it was like a jolt to her nerves. She felt a deep settled heat in her belly that she'd never felt around any man in all of her life, and she wanted to feel more, but she had to be careful until she learned more about this mysterious Sir Prize.

With a soft step to lean into him a bit more, his taller stature had her lifting her chin, tilting her head back so that she could return the kiss to his lips. He was warm against her, that warmth seemed to almost embrace around her and draw her closer. If she wasn't careful, she would end up losing herself with this man. Would that be so bad? To finally let someone in after all this time? Or would he think less of her once he found out the true woman behind the mask? Would he turn her in? Would he consume her completely until she was no longer Miss Fortune? No longer Natalia? For now, she let herself float on the kiss, the warmth and blood flow to her lips making them fuller and swollen to his kiss, something she'd never had with any other man she'd targeted before. It left her lips almost tingling in response. Unknown to them, they had had an audience, and the moment their lips met, their watcher stalked back off into the party.
It was more of an unspoken understanding that had him pose his question that he had asked of her. Her words not spoken spoke volumes louder than those spoken. For within their conversation which by now came as more serious and raw as opposed to the earlier flirtations and banter did Sir Prize think he was coming to understand more. The woman that most knew as Miss Fortune seemed to want what he did. To be known for her and to not be judged so to speak.

He was thoughtful as he listened, the small smile still upon his lips. [b "Not many a woman would have courage enough to admit such a thing. But then as you so eloquently have put, not many a man would happen to accept if she did. They would feel threatened and at a loss if their wives or daughters were upon an equal ground. I, for one would not. I happen to find the ways of old quite daunting and unreasonable. I understand the physical aspects to a degree..but I think one should be recognized for their talents and their strengths even if it would put all on even ground."] It was the first he had ever admitted to thinking in this light. She was somehow the only he felt he could. But she was open herself and so why should he keep such notions completely hidden?

Her soft words in response to his request of a kiss..no of stealing one was a welcome surprise to him. Because he had not expected for her to be so willing. To even offer one. [b "No, I suppose if offered, it would not be stealing at all my dear. And might I add that it is an honour to be the first to be given a true kiss from the lovely and mystifying beauty who is Miss Fortune?"] He whispered as she moved closer. The moon's light settling a glow that made her look almost celestial. Angelic and even more beautiful than she had all night if ever such a thing was possible.

And after he had brushed her hair, Sir Prize leaned down and closed the space between them. Brought his lips gently to hers and kissed her. Really kissed her and as was for her, this was the first true he himself had given away. There was just...something different about this young woman.
Thief~ / MourningGlory / 155d ago
She thought over his words a moment or two before she answered his question. [#000580 [b "An equal..... yes... that sounds wonderful. Not all women are so fragile and need to be hidden away. I'd rather stand my ground and fight for what I need to, but in this society women are held back from anything that might blemish their skin or ruin their prim and proper figures..... Not very many men can handle when a woman might be on equal grounds with him..."]] She sighed a moment as she thought of the possibility of spending the rest of her life alone and unmarried but his next question had her looking to him with a surprised expression behind her mask.

A soft flush colored her pale features as she soon smiled and turned to face him. The lights glittered around them, but the moonlight was stronger and cast an almost ethereal glow over them as she met his gaze. [#000580 [b "Is it really considered stealing. if its offered to you? But... don't tell the other men... they may become jealous and come after you..... no man has ever been graced with a true kiss from Miss Fortune.... until tonight.... you, Sir Prize.... are not like any other man I've encountered...."]] His hand came up to brush back a bit of her hair, and she stepped closer, her skirts brushing along and around his legs to allow her closer to him.
The lightest of chuckles slipped from his lips and he gave one small nod. [b "Yes, a minx is what you appear to be my dear. For you to find the name of interest I would have to assume you have never been likened to one before?"] Sir Prize ventured. Though there was the faint tease to his words in calling her the minx and her responding words, the man very much meant all else he had said. The given compliments as he did to his surprise rather enjoy her company. Enjoy their light banter and the flirtations of conversation they had. But then he chose to ask her what she may like..no what would draw her to a gentleman as she had asked him of his preferences for a lady. It had been a question for a question and he found he was so very intrigued and genuinely wanted to know.

Silence befell them after his question. It appeared that the infamous Miss Fortune had needed a moment to take it in and to think about it. Or that was his take until that playful little smirk once more graced dark lips. But he was silent and let her speak, soft cbuckles slipping from him. Well at the first of her words as she described the means of still being a lady with desires. But he became more sobered with the next part. So she seemed long for an equal so to speak. One that would give and take but with balance. Not much to ask for in his books. Yet, it seemed almost too much in the times they lived in.

[b "So what you long for in short it for a man who is not afraid to take you as an equal. Tame you when needed but not to cage you in and make you feel small in both the home or the world?"] Came soft words as he was seeing if he had understood the comparison that she had made to having "the soul of a gypsy". And bright gaze remained locked upon her, locking with her blue-green eyes when she looked up at him.

[b "Would it be too scandalous for me to 'steal' a kiss in this moonlit garden with you my dear?"] Alden asked quietly, his eyes never straying as a gloved hand reached to brush back some stray strands of her hair that had come loose.
Thief~ / MourningGlory / 155d ago
[#000580 [b "A minx am I? Interesting to know."]] They continued to walk along the garden's vast path, enjoying the breeze of the night that stirred the perfume of the flowers around them as they continued on their flirtatious conversation. She almost felt a blush along her pale features as he complimented her still. He then asked what would draw her to a gentleman. Usually it was wealth, or some other hint of something valuable that she could take from him. But she was sure that was not what he had meant, nor did he need to know.

[#000580 [b "Perhaps.... for one, a strong body. I may have more brain than many of the Ladies in society, but a Lady does enjoy to feel safe in the arms of a gentleman.]] She smirked playfully, her dark lips giving way to her ever white teeth in pure amusement. [#000580 [b "But also.... someone that is able to carry on conversation with a woman without downsizing her. Brushing off her thoughts as merely girlish fantasy. Someone who can truly see the woman. A man that can let a woman be brave and bold to her heart's content, but is not afraid to also catch her should her wayward adventures catch her in a bit of trouble."]] she was smiling more now, her eyes watching the lights and stars twinkling along the fountain's water a ways off form them.

[#000580 [b "Perhaps I never choose the same man twice, because I'm always burned and betrayed when they feel like they can try and tame me to be their..... "little pussycat" when I long to be something more.... something larger and more freeing.... There is an old saying..... Gypsies do not do well inside stone walls.... perhaps the same is true for Gypsy souls and society cages."]] she feigned a sigh of sorrow as she lowered her gaze from the glimmering lights. The feel of eyes upon her had her own blue-green eyes looming up to meet his. Such strong features beneath his mask. His eyes alone had her in a heated shiver of excitement.
[b "Many a Gentleman or Lord would so choose to have a lady who fits into our society's ideals. What they know and are told you and the others must be. Quiet, polite, polished, prim and proper, and might I add a beautiful face and gifted figure. That the young lady is able to bare them a son or many. But tis what we have grown with and what we know."] The words were quiet and thoughtful as he spoke them. But then he went on. [b "There are few who would welcome the educated mind and the challenge. That would willingly ask for conversation and the views of a young woman...However, I have come to see that you are more than just a beautiful bodice. Clever and so very on your feet. Some might even think to call you a bit of a minx with that wit and charm."]

Again he fell to silence. Or he had after his complimenting her to be more beautiful than the garden which they found themselves walking through. There were lights and floral arrangements special to the party, but he had not been lying when he had said he found her all the more enchanting.

Blue gaze did fall upon the woman at his side for a moment as he did let his eyes trail. Her words had taken him off his guard if not only for a second. And a faint smirk of his own graced his lips. [b "My words may have come across as teasing, but I can assure you my dear they had been fully meant. And as to what I find beautiful even in not seeing as a whole was what I mentioned earlier. Your wits, charms, and the fact that you are so very much more than other young women. Not at all shallow and have a mind..I am one of few who happen to enjoy the challenge and the intellect. So, if I may, Miss Fortune..what would draw a young lady such as yourself to a gentleman?"] Two could ask questions and she did so very intrigue him. Keep his attention so very nicely and he did want to know more.
Thief~ / MourningGlory / 200d ago
She smiled at his words as he claimed his belief in her and her considered tastes that were not like those of the other Ladies. [#3a1256 [b "Too many of the Lords and Gentlemen wish for what society has decided is a proper Lady. Quiet and demure, polished, poised, a beautiful face, a gifted figure, and the ability to bare sons. They do not often care much of her interests or how much she is learned unless they are attempting to court them, and even then it is still with one goal in mind. I'd rather be taken more seriously as a person. I'm more than a bodice and lace...."]]

She let him lead her through to the gardens. They were decorated in many floral arrangements and lights for the party, and she had to admit it was very beautifully done. He claimed this to be one of his favorites but that it paled compared to her. [#3a1256 [b "Such teasingly sweet words you bare. But do tell me, Sir, how do you know when a woman is beautiful if you cannot see all of her face? What makes a woman beautiful to the mysterious and widely coveted Sir Prize?"]] She smirked teasingly as they wandered along the gardens.
[b "A young woman who prefers the finer things in life. Or more so the comforts of the well learned. Not many would take you seriously if you were to tell them such. But I do and happen to find your tastes rather admirable."] Came his soft words, the easy smile once more over his lips. This smile was perhaps the realest that he had given, as were the words that he had spoken. Perhaps a little too close to the real him. But he was more than sure that still it was hard to piece it together.

When her arm became tucked within his own, Sir Prize as he had given himself the name of began to lead Miss Fortune with him towards the garden. Her company was rather nice and enlightening. When they weren't flirting or speaking, there was an air of elegance and refinement about her. One that would or could even speak of a purity that her actions and words did not hint at. Not that he was one to purely point it out. The mystery and mixes in personality were far too intriguing and such a brilliant game to him. Made him even wonder if to a sense she was like him and played a part. One to play off what they were called and how they happened to draw others in.

[b "This is one of my favourite gardens I have seen. One of the most beautiful. But I must say my dear that it happens to pale in comparison to your beauty, especially within the moon's light."] He said as he stopped by the white roses and plucked one, handing it to her while he gave a light bow.
Thief~ / MourningGlory / 270d ago
[#3a1256 [b "Indeed, you are right, and once the gentlemen begin to satisfy themselves with pipes and cigars, the room just becomes stuffy anyway. I prefer the scents of books and old leather with a fireplace filled with applewood."]] She purred as she took his arm and produced a fan from a clip at her hip and began to gently fan herself softly for a breeze as she let her other arm tuck into his, resting her hand atop his. She allowed him to lead her to the garden, ignoring the hushed whispers, giggles, and snickers that began behind them. Let them speak, they didn't know who she really was, Miss Fortune was known for being that of a "Wandering Lover", finding her target and toying with him all night. If one was to believe the rumors. None of them were true. If any knew the real Miss Fortune, she was still virtuous in all aspects with self-respect. Just because there were rumors, didn't make them true. Most men that tried were drunk and never given the chance, they would drink until they blacked out, and any dreams they had was their own choices to tell or not. When the rumors first started, Lady Natalia was appalled, but then she thought about it. What better way to keep things from being led to her than to think that Miss Fortune was a rather well-known vixen and Lady Natalia was the shy, pure, Quiet Lady of the Demonas fortune that kept to herself ever since her family had known tragedy. She didn't attend too many parties, and she was only seen in public when she needed to be. If anyone was ever to piece the two together, they would be one dazzling and dangerous mind, and perhaps even very seductive.
A real treat was the only he could think in the way of describing the young woman in ehich he found his company most taken with. She was elegant and well mannered as were most the young ladies he had come in contact with. But she was so very different as well. She could hold a conversation and seemed to want more out of life. A delicious little mystery and he could very much say he wanted to find out just what she hid. There was a danger and edge to her. One that called his name and made him not draw back as one with "a brain" would do. No, it simply intrigued him all the more.

Sir Prize had yet to try and steal anything. Oh he very well could have with how close they had been near the other all night. He just hadn't seen the need as she kept him so very drawn in.

An arm was held out to her at the end of the dance and when he heard those softly purred words. [b "My thoughts exactly, my dear. And the ballroom is a little warm. Some fresh air could do us some good."] Scandalous for sure, but entirely exciting. A new thrill to be had. And yet another chance for the pair of them to be alone. He kept the arm held out, waiting for her to take it and to take the lead.
Thief~ / SheDevil / 1y ago
He was a puzzle wrapped in one gorgeously delicious package. She wasn't sure what it was about this man, but she found herself wanting to know more. Wanting to see what all he was capable of. Though he was ever the most mannered, as well as skillfully talented in dancing, he still held that slight edge about him that claimed he could be dangerous and fun as well. Miss Fortune had yet to even try to pluck anything from his person as she most normally did with someone she spent this much time in one evening with.

The song ended and she gave the appropriate applause for it when he asked if she would like another dance or perhaps a walk in the garden. Others might think it scandalous should they escape to the garden, but it only excited her more. [#3a1256 [b "I think a walk in the garden would be lovely. It's such a beautiful night tonight, no reason to spend all of it indoors."]] she was nearly purring, no man had ever kept her attention so easily before and she rather liked it.
The young woman before him definitely had captured his attention. The light banter between them had a natural and fun feel to it. Not something he could say there to be with many of the young ladies he had been in the company of. She was by far the LEAST boring young lady he had met. Easily she kept up with him and she had a sharp mind. It was not one of silly dreams and desires. Not a girl at all wishing to simply grab the attention of a man just because she could.

At that playful smirk that came to her lips, the man found a small one coming to his own lips. [b "Ah but that is not very fair. At least one hint or thing is all I ask for, my dear. Though I can very much see the point. What is a night such as this without the mystery, the fun, and the surprises?"] Came soft words as the smirk soon found itself turned into one of his more real and genuine smiles.

[b "And as to knowing the man beneathe the mask as you happened to say, I do not believe either of us know that about the other. I just know that you happen to be a treat compared to all others I have met."] The man said as yet again the music stopped. He did take a couple steps back, bow, and bring her gloved hand to his lips as he kissed the back of it. Though he did not let it go after. [b "Did you happen to care for another dance? Or perhaps a walk in the garden?"]
Thief~ / SheDevil / 1y ago