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The Demi-god Support Group Closed

By prophetessofdelphi

Replies: 108 / 2 years ago

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[b[center Welcome to the Demi-god support group!]]
[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/2b578bc5ebc1db789363950454e7d435/tumblr_nagu9hH6pQ1sgiv7wo1_500.jpg]]
Look, none of us asked to be demi-gods, but we have to deal with the hand we're dealt. When you are young they create “camps” and “schools” for people like us. But what about when we are all grown up? Where do we go when monsters won’t stop attacking our gardens? Or when father keeps trying to send you on quests? What do you do when mother is too busy being a god? And is your neighbor Jörmungandr?

Greek, Norse, Chinese, who-ever your godly parent is we are here to help!
Stop by the Sunspot cafe for a warm cup of tea or coffee and tell us how we can help.
Gorgons are welcome too!
We meet every day at 5 pm, as needed.
Hello! So, you are interested in this RP. Here is what you should know:
This is a mythology based RP for adult characters.
Yes, this is loosely based on the Rick Riordan universe.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI0lTBrYFDA]

[h3 Character Creation:]

Character creation:
Please be creative! Use any mythology: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Japanese, Celtic, etc. Don’t be afraid to branch out.
I just ask that you please do not use Hindu, Christianity, Judaism or Islam. This is out of respect to those religions.
Do your research! There will be no gods or goddesses who have taken a chastity vow that would suddenly have a kid. Also, some of the gods in their mythos are VERY faithful to their significant others and would not cheat on them. Hades for example only has one child outside of his marriage to Persephone. Loki, on the other hand, has many kids, not from his wife.
Yes, you can be the child of famous humanoid monsters, such as Medusa.
If you have any questions or concerns about which mythological figures I will accept, don’t hesitate to ask.

[h3 Profile:]

[b Appearance: Drawings/paintings or Anime only
Age: (18 & up)
Mythical Parent: Here please also list which mythos they are from and title
Abilities inherited from Parent: As they are only half-god they will only inherit some abilities and not all
Occupation: Yes they can work for the Sunspot if you want!
Personality: 3 positive, 3 negative
Extra: Just any facts that don’t fit anywhere else! You can even include songs or font colors here.]

[h3 Accepted characters:]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/bHzWyb7.jpg?1]]

[b Name:] Alice Delphine Gniewek

[b Nickname:] Sunspot
[b Age:] 20
[b Gender:] female
[b Sexuality:] Bisexual
[b Mythical Parent:] Apollo-Greek god of the sun, healing, music, archery, poetry, and prophecy
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] Healing, music magic, archery
[b Occupation:] Manager of the Sunspot, a Karaoke Cafe where you can get coffee, tea, baked goods, sing karaoke, hear live music or poetry readings. Home of the weekly meetings of the Demi-god support group. Works on the side as a healer, emergencies only.
[b Likes:] Music, singing, archery, snacks (especially sweets)
[b Dislikes:] Lima beans and peas, math, messes
[b Fears:] Disappointing her parents, failure, snakes (Python being defeated by her father)
[b Personality:] +Loyal, Outgoing, Generous
-Indecisive, Gossipy, Forgetful

[b History:] Alice grew up in a loving household. Her mother always cheered her on and praised her. For as long as she could remember, she remembered knowing who her father was. It was simple, he kept visiting. While Apollo was not allowed to stay all the time, nor was he allowed to have direct intervention in how she grew up, he did visit all the time. Alice can remember him singing her softly to sleep when he gifted her a guitar, and a huge grand piano (her mother was not pleased. It took up so much space.). When Alice graduated high school she knew she wanted to help other Demi-gods that did not have the great life she had. Many gods don’t visit their kids or having a loving mortal parent. So, she started to work at her mother’s cafe where she started the Demi-god Support group. With this club, she hopes to foster relationships and help where needed.

[b Extra:] -She has a black and white cat that hangs out in the cafe. He just showed up one day and has not left since. So, she feeds him and lets him live in the cafe when he so chooses. She named him, Purrcy. Purrcy is a Hemmingway cat, which means he has two extra toes on each paw. He used those toes as a thumb.

-Her favorite sweets are lemon flavored.

-Every Wednesday night she performs at the cafe and most nights you can catch a blonde gentleman listening in the back.

-She is left-handed

-One of her best friends growing up was a child of Aonghus (Celtic god of love and beauty) who had abandoned him and his mother. His mother blamed him for Aonghus leaving her and threw him out of the house. Alice lost track of her best friend and was inspired to help Demi-gods.


[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/105xm47.jpg]]
[b Name:] Nim Airedalle
[b Nickname:] Grey Eyes
[b Age:] 24
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Bisexual
[b Mythical Parent:] Anubis, god of embalming and the dead - Egyptian Mythology
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:]
Shapeshifting - the ability to change shape from jackal to human and any other form
Duat Portals - create portals in-and-out of the Duat
Death Magic - reduce things to a pile of dust by touching them
Occupation: Self-contracted lighting technician, volunteers at the Sunspot from time to time
[b Likes:]
* Seafood
* Spending time with Anubis despite the rarity of his visits
* Cats
[b Dislikes:]
* Prophecies
* People telling her how to do her job
[b Fears:]
* Set, Egyptian god of war, chaos and storms
* Light fixtures falling on people
* Lightning not working as intended
* Ragnarok
* Accidentally turning someone or something into dust
[b Personality:]
- Humourless - The inability to find humour in things, and most certainly in themselves
- Stubborn – Unreasonably, often unyielding; bull-headed: Determined; resolute
- Apologetic - Apologizes all the time, even when not at fault

+ Blunt – Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion
+ Fortitudinous - the courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of pressure
+ Patient - remaining calm and not becoming annoyed when dealing with problems or difficult people

[b History:] What it was with any god or goddess involved in death and them being outcasts amongst the gods and goddesses was a completely unexplainable trend. Anubis was no exception, keeping to himself and deathly duties deep within the Duat. But on rare occasions, once every so hundreds of years Anubis would manage to find a romance with a mortal. This is basically how Nim came to be. Anubis popped into the real world, met a woman, went on a few dates, and after a year Nim was born.
Nim grew up without her father. Her mom had to have known who the father had been, otherwise, no woman would be able to put up with a child who occasionally spontaneously teleported around the house, turned into a dog and then back into a human, or inexplicably made objects turn to dust by a mere touch.
Until Anubis first visited seven years after she was born, these powers made her feel powerless because they were unexplainable. Until Anubis explained everything, Nim never felt confident in herself.
Anubis popped in every five or six years to check up on her, seeing his daughter grow older and more talented. And because of Nim’s interests, he learned quite a lot of information concerning lighting.
And this is where Nim is now. Running her self-contracted lighting tech business, doing the lighting for all sorts of performances.

[b Extra:]
* Font Colour - [#003366 #003366]
* Even though her eyes are green, most people see grey


[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lRhRfXJ.png]]
[b Name:] Margaret Alexis Winters
[b Nickname:] Molly
[b Age:] 23
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual
[b Mythical Parent:] Veles (Slavic God of cattle, commerce, earth, forest, magic, poetic inspiration, sight, the underworld, waters, and wild animals)
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] Commercial Talent, Farming Prosperity, Inspiration, Magic, Sight
[b Occupation:] CEO of an Investment Company
[b Likes:] Music, Reading, Sweets, Trivia Contests, Video Games
[b Dislikes:] Boredom, Discrimination, Hard Drugs, Manual Labor
[b Fears:] Thunder
[b Personality:] +Curious + Diligent + Polite
-Hedonistic - Secretive - Vengeful

[b History:] Molly is the daughter of Veles and an accomplished young witch. While her father was rarely around her mother stepped up and pushed her from a young age in both her practice and her schooling. This effort paid off though as Molly became an accomplished witch herself. She even managed to graduate at the tender age of fourteen.
Despite only seeing her father a handful of times in her life; he gave her a considerable fortune as a graduation gift. One that allowed her to start her own investment firm. A firm that she has since grown to a ten-digit valuation, however, she has kept it a private company for the time being.
She joined the Demigod Support Group mostly for the connection more than anything else. While a private person there was more she could share with them than she could most. They would also be the most understanding of having an absentee parent by virtue of the parents' divinity.

[b Extra:] -Lives life by the motto 'work hard, play harder'.

-Has a mandated work culture of no more than 40 hour work weeks that she enforces on her acquired companies as well

-Her mother is believed to be a distant descendant of Trivia

-One of her properties is a record label with such famous acts as Breaking Days Grace

-Rarely sleeps alone

-Still practices her magic at least an hour a day


[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/7K2Ssdh.png?1]]
[b Name:] Argeos
[b Nickname:] N/A
[b Age:] 24
[b Gender:] Male
[b Sexuality:] Straight
[b Mythical Parent:] Mushussu - Giant, guardian draconic beast - ancient Mesopotamian mythology.
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] Has a human form, Heightened senses and strength, can harden his skin into scales, can only breath a scalding smoke instead of full-on flames
[b Occupation:] Owner of a Library
[b Likes:] reptiles, goat meat, reading a good book, the small 'hoard' he owns
[b Dislikes:] Very loud disruptive noises, when the books are disorganized, when the supplier of his goat meat is unable to provide it
[b Fears:] Severally injuring or even killing someone by complete accident due to his immense strength, changing to his true form in front of humans, the loss of his library and all of the books
[b Personality:]
+Gentle and caring
+Wise, having learned many things from the books he reads
+A calm individual
-Can become very aggressive/overprotective of his 'hoard'
-Is hesitant when helping someone, especially if it involves using his strength
-There are times he may seem aloof, the draconic nature taking over and seeing itself above the rest

[b History:] It is unclear how Argeos came about. His father, the dragon beast that guarded the great gates of Babylon so long ago, and killed by poison, somehow managed to pass on his power to a youth, a child who was none other than Argeos.
His mother is even at a loss. However, she raised him just as any mother would their child. Argeos grew up, living a relatively normal life, other than the fact he was often outcasted when he went to school. Most were due to other children and students being fearful of getting hurt by him. Even at such a young age, little Argeos showed incredible strength.
It was out on a camping trip when he took to his true form for the first time. He had been very frightened, but who could blame him? Suddenly transforming into a giant, draconic beast. It took quite a while for him to calm down, with the help of his mother who didn't run when she saw his new form, only shook her head and sat holding his head as he cried.
Though the years passed, and he learned to control his abilities, to some extent. There were still times when strong emotions would trigger his abilities, such as fear or anger. Argeos now owns his own library, happy with the books that make up his 'hoard', as well as a few other things, but those only he knows about and keep well hidden.

[b Extra:] Can willingly make his horns and tail appear
Argeos has a pair of glasses he occasionally wears, though he doesn't need them


[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vbze2aD.jpg?1]]
[b Name:] Feng (his name means peak or summit)
[b Nickname:] big brother, big bro, party pooper, etc. (mostly by his twin sister)
[b Age:] 20
[b Gender:] male
[b Sexuality:] bisexual but mostly straight
[b Mythical Parent:] Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, The Great Sage Equal to Heaven, etc. Chinese
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] transformation and some magic.
[b Occupation:] Odd jobs here and there
[b Likes:] fruits and vegetables, meditating, training, keeping his sister safe and studying.
[b Dislikes:] meat, his sister getting hurt, and protecting his sister sometimes.
[b Fears:] losing his sister the same way they lost their father.
[b Personality:] +loyal to his family and friends, kind, and generous. -stubborn, medium length fuse but scary when angry, and too overprotective of his sister.

[b History:] Feng was the firstborn of Sun Wukong's twins. he loved his father and was proud to be his son but saw the many flaws his father had and where it would always get him in trouble with the supreme Buddha. after sun wukong was sealed in the five finger mountain a second time, Feng vowed to always follow the rules of Buddhism and become a good person. he still loves his father greatly and is still proud of being his child and all but doesn't want to suffer the same fate. he listened to the monks he and his sister were left with and watched as her sister went down a destructive rebellious path.

[b Extra:] he's come a long way in his journey to enlightenment and loves his family very much. he has 42 transformations and his magic is quite powerful. he also gets a bit jealous when his sister spends a lot of time with other people. he will be speaking with red text

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/QwOJ5OB.jpg?1]]
[b Name:] Zhen (her name means valuable, genuine and innocent)
[b Nickname:] Zenny, little sister, shorty, etc. (mostly by her twin brother)
[b Age:] 20
[b Gender:] female
[b Sexuality:] bisexual but mostly straight
[b Mythical Parent:] Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, The Great Sage Equal to Heaven, etc. Chinese
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] transformation and some magic
[b Occupation:] Contractor and Entertainer!
[b Likes:] foods, trying new things, meeting new people, playing pranks, and bugging her brother
[b Dislikes:] when her brother starts being overprotective, being punished by her brother, studying, being a stick in the mud and boredom.
[b Fears:] losing her brother. she's always had her brother by her side and she wouldn't know what to do without him.
[b Personality:] + kind, funny, and loyal. -stubborn, mischievous, and short fuse temper.
[b History:] Zhen is the younger twin and loved her father very much. she even started to imitate him from time to time much to her twin's dismay. she was extremely distraught when her father was taken away and sealed in the mountain again. she rebelled against the supreme Buddha and refused to listen to the monks that she and her brother had been left with.

[b Extra:] she stopped her destructive rebellious path but still hates the supreme Buddha for taking her father away. she loves her brother dearly and is a bit overprotective of him, even getting jealous when he talks to other girls. she will even go as far as transform into a friend of the girl to make sure they're good for him. she can do nearly 50 transformations but unfortunately has to concentrate very hard to hold them up for long periods of time. she's also more like their father while her brother is more like their mother. she will speak in orange text.

[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/11r7yc9.jpg]]
[b Name:] Lilith Rogue Zabinski
[b Nickname:] Lily (Only from her mother)
[b Age:] 22
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Bisexual
[b Mythical Parent:] Nyx- Goddess of the night
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] Shadow Manipulation, Telekinesis, and capturing light (Only when wearing her moonstone gloves from her mother)
[b Occupation:] Server at the Sunspot
[b Likes:] Gossiping, reading, math, singing, and sweets
[b Dislikes:] Authority, insects, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Ares
[b Fears:] Disappointing her mother, darkness, and letting her powers take over her.
[b Personality:] Loyal, Apologetic, Gentle, Shy, Scared, Angry

[b History:] Rogue was loved very much by her father, up until her father was hit by a drunk driver when she was twelve years old. She was sent off to a group home for delinquent children after he passed, where she met her best friend Ash. She did not meet her mother until she was sixteen years old. She knew that she was different. Once Ash told her about her own parentage and the symptoms of being a demigod, she realized she was one as well. She opened up to Ash about her abilities, though they were very unstable. Through the years she trained with Ash to try to gain some sort of control. On her sixteenth birthday, her mother made an appearance, offering her a pair of black gloves with three hidden moonstones attached to it. She told her that they were to help her with control. She also taught her how to capture light in the gloves, something she still has trouble with.

[b Extra:] She has been addicted to cocaine for a year, though no one is aware of it. She never takes her gloves off. She calls Hephaestus hepatitis. He does not appreciate it. He doesn't like her at all.


[center [pic http://i63.tinypic.com/2s832o5.jpg]]

[b Name:] Ashlyn Rue Taylor
[b Nickname:] Ash
[b Age:] 22
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual
[b Mythical Parent:] Hephaestus, the god of fire, masonry, the art of sculpture, and metalworking in Greek mythology
[b Abilities inherited from Parent:] A nack for craftsmanship, control of fire, not able to be burned by fire, strength
[b Occupation:] Runs a weaponry/armory close to Sunspot
[b Likes:] masonry, reading, animals, archery, metal weapons
[b Dislikes:] children of Aphrodite, vain people, brown
[b Fears:] loss of a loved one, heights
[b Personality:]
+ Dependable
+ Determined
+ Encouraging
- Tempermental
- Finicky
- Impulsive

[b History:] Ashlyn has pretty much always been on her own, family wise. Her birth mother abandoned her when she was 2; she had only met her father a select few times. He showed up the first time when she was 12. It was right after her last foster home burned to the ground. She was the sole survivor.
From there she went to a delinquent home, where she met her best friend, Rogue. It wasn’t long after their meeting that Ash discovered she wasn’t different. Different in the same kind of way Rogue was different.
She had a better handle on her powers than Rogue did, but her hair still burst into flames when she gets angry sometimes. To control her anger, she began making weapons and armor out of a rented space close to Sunspot.
Extra: Ash forges her own weapons and armor.
Her font color is [#97040A #97040A]


[b A few rules:]
-Don't post again unless everyone has posted
-Follow site rules, all R-rated things will need to happen off-site
-I am not setting a character count, please don't make me add one.
-Let the group know if you are going to disappear for a bit.
-We will be going on a few quests, so this is not fully a slice of life style RP.
-If you have read all this, please send a PM with the title “Mythology” with your photo URL and written out profile.


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

[pic https://pic8.co/sh/rUhTpO.png]

She'd definitely learned a lot of new things. One of the more curious things for Nim was how Chinese mythology had some ties to Buddhism. Now Nim knew nothing about Buddhism except for that the monks, supposedly, were extremely enlightened folks, which meant that this Sun Wukong guy most likely had some of the monk's enlightenment shenanigans.

And then some guy walked out. Now Nim didn't actively check out guys to go out on dates on but this guy, this guy had that [i 'go out on a date fast'] atmosphere which not only surrounded but propagated throughout the entire room. With Nim in jackal form instead of expressing interest with eye glancing and face-blushing it came out as eye glancing and tail wagging.

Then came the fact that the guy was no other than Apollo. Yes, Nim had just expressed the idea of going on a date with a god, instantly stopping the tail-wagging and eye glancing. To be fair Nim had not known that guy she'd started mooning over had been a god. But what was a date like with Apollo?

[b [#003366 "Lord Appolon, if by a doozy you mean a prophecy, then I'd rather not hear it. IF by a doozy you mean some musical number or epic poem, then I might just listen."]]
Molly kept a calm smile on her face even as the clone of Zhen got a little sheepish. Given her apparent embarrassment she wanted to be sure to put the woman at ease. She was entirely too interesting to drive away this early into the meeting and so even if she required a bit of careful handling Molly was happy to oblige.

[b “How nice of him. You two probably get along decently then I presume?”]

It was a somewhat absentminded thought as she looked closer at the work that went into the unique outfit. The fact that it was her own design made more sense given how outgoing she seemed to be based on her use of clones, or at least how outgoing she wanted to be. Not many others would use their magic to hold more conversations at once. Although Molly had considered it on a few occasions.

[b “The work looks pretty good to me. So I have to ask, are you a fashion designer by trade, or just doing it as a hobby?”]

There was more that she could say, but her train of thought was interrupted by the late arrival of a chiseled young man. One who seemed to ooze an unnatural level of confidence based on his movements. However far worse than that was his seeming comfort around their host as Molly was able to guess at the connection even before Alice began to lecture him. It made her shrink back a bit from that scene.

While Alice lectured her father about deities not being welcomed there; Molly's hands moved instinctively to weave a few extra protective spells. If Alice's well adjusted facade was worth anything then Apollo was probably not a threat. Molly was not about to take any chances though when she could do something to protect herself.

She was only able to relax her hands when Apollo explained that he had a 'doozy' of a reason to interrupt their inaugural meeting. Her hope shifting from survival to this not being some kind of divine multi-level marketing scheme. Molly was not going to be the one to ask him about it though as she did her best to make herself less interesting than the crowd around her. While not dressed to blend in she could hope her conversation partner would stand out more at the least.
Molly / Tesla / 1y ago
[#FFD700 "Rogue, please just call me Alice. We are not that far apart in age..."]
Alice was about to reply to further the conversations. She was glad everyone was seeming to do well. She was rather surprised at how well Zhen was furthering things along. That was very sweet of her and helpful. Alice opened her mouth to say more when a young man who appeared in his 20's walked out of the kitchen. The 20s was his preferred age, it wasn't that he could not appear older...it is just that he chose to appear around Alice's age. Which made things complicated when he would show up at functions she was in.
He was tall with a deep tan, lots of muscles, all topped off with shining blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Yes. This man would definitely be considered handsome, which was his preferred description. He grabbed a scone and made his way over to the group. He pulled up a chair and situated it next to Alice. Alice was mortified.
[#FFD700 "Papa, you know that there are no gods allowed at these meetings!"] She lectured.
Apollo took a bite of the scone with a smile. Lemon, his favorite.
[b "Am I not allowed to visit my darling daughter and her new friends?"] He asked sweetly.
Alice narrowed her eyes, "You promised to not bother us."
Apollo patted his daughter with his free hand, [b "I have a reason to bother you all. And it is a doozy!"]

Apollo paused looking around at the group of young people. He was waiting for dramatic affect. He, of course, wanted to be asked, [i Lord Apollo why are you here?]
Then he would dramatically tell the answer to their question.
The zhen clone talking to Molly smiled sheepishly and blushed. [+Orange "I actually made it... My papa helped me get the fabrics from his travels."] She said a little embarrassed and looked up at her.

The real zhen smiled at Nim excitedly and told her everything about her father, how he became the monkey king, how the disciple of the supreme Buddha helped him be a good person, etc.

The clone with argeos smiled giggling slightly and said. [+Orange "You're the first who hasn't tried to eat me. Most dragons from my home are really territorial and try to eat me."]

The two clones in front of the best friends looked at Feng for a moment and nodded. [+Orange "Yes, but he's very shy, he'd rather talk to one person at a time or not at all... He's also a big stick in the mud and doesn't really use his powers much... Especially when it's for fun or... Um..."] One clone said and blushed slightly.

[+Orange "we don't have very many friends... The monks our father left us with are very protective and are afraid we'll get hurt if we get too close to people... Which is why I'm.... I was excited to come here to maybe make a friend or two... Maybe more?"] The second clone in front of them said a little nervously.

Feng watched his sister and her clones and smiled gently. [+Red "i am sorry again, she doesn't have many friends..."]
Rogue looked over at Alice, blushing faintly as she thanked her for helping at the store. [#9932CC “Yes ma'am..of course.”] She said with a smile, looking to Ash after the comment about her father. She didn't so much as laugh internally but to laugh out loud. It was hilarious. She truly felt bad for Ash because her father was so very shitty.

Social hour. Something herself nor Ash were very good at. She sat there, kicking her feet. She was open with Ash, but that was about it. She knew that she needed to open up to others though. She needed to make friends. To rely on others. It wasn't just her and Ash against everyone now. Her mother's orders. The longer she shut everyone out, the more dangerous she could become.

Rogue placed her hand lightly on Ash's knee to calm her down, offering her a small smile. She could tell she was more nervous than she was. She looked to the other girl, who they had just been making fun of. [#9932CC “I um..sure..you can talk to us..”] She said quietly before giggling at Ash's comment. [#9932CC “You don't hate me...”] She said with a giggle.

She nudged Ash gently. [#9932CC “What she means to say is, it's nice to meet you, will your brother be socializing as well?”] She asked, trying to be more kind.
Ash found herself laughing a little too hard internally at Alice’s comment about Hephaestus. But on the outside, she just smiled and exhaled a chuckle. At least someone besides herself and Rogue knew he was shit.

[#97040A Social hour?] Ash thought. She’d never been very good at that sort of thing. At least Rogue was there. She hated to admit it, but Rogue was definitely part of her security blanket. Especially here, since she was tricked into coming to this meeting in the first place.

She found herself staring over at Rogue for a few moments before the Zhen clones appeared. Ash’s hair set ablaze momentarily, but not out of anger this time. It was out of fear. She wasn’t very good at socializing, let alone being startled by it.

The number of people in the room had essentially just doubled. Ash glanced over at Rogue once more. “I really hate you for making me come here,” she muttered to her friend. But for the monkey twin in front of her, she was at a loss for worlds. So she just sort of stared at the monkey clone in front of her, hoping to be saved from this by [i anything.]

After a few moments, she gathered the sense to nod in the direction of the twin. “I-I guess,” she stuttered. “Can he do that too?” She was referring to the male twin. She sincerely hoped not. Six of them was more than enough.
[h3 [center Argeos]]
Gray eyes flitted to the side as the two girls, both appeared to be close friends, took their turns to introducing themselves, as well as their parents. The girl who preferred to be called 'Rogue' was a daughter of Nyx. A rather interesting choice, as well as the little info tid-bit she added at the end.
His gaze then soon came to land upon the one who called herself 'Ashlyn', or simply Ash. It seemed the relationship between daughter and father was not in good terms. It was just the tone of voice and the way she spoke. Well, Argeos could sympathize with her, he himself having never met his godly parent.
The male took note of her gaze, having noticed her glance his way. He once again moved a hand to readjust his glasses. His forked tongue flicked out again, testing the air. These were all new people, but who knew what could happen in the future.

Argeos' head turned back, looking to Alice. He raised an eyebrow at her comment of 'shatter proof' kitchenware and a 'Hellhound'. Well, that was certainly something one did not see every day, even for godly children. Though the male would take the young woman's word.
He took a step closer to the table, hand reaching down. Argeos hesitantly wrapped his fingers around the handle of one of the cups, slowly lifting it upwards. The steaming liquid smelled interesting, picking up the strong scent of spice.
Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, did the male turn his head. His gaze soon came to settle upon one of the twins of Wukong, Zhen. He blinked a bit, as he happened to also glance up, seeing several other 'Zhens' moving about. It was a bit confusing, but the male wasn't going to let it bother him too much.
[#006400 [i "I am indeed. This is just my human form. Easier for me to blend in and not worry too much about causing a panic. Though lots of people I suppose believe in the creatures called 'cryptids'. So I could actually see myself being mixed up for something like that, but I'd much prefer not having some random stranger take an image of me while out in the forest just minding my own business."]]
-:Demi:- / Dragoncita / 1y ago
Originally Nim dismissed the possibility of anyone in this group being surprised at a talking dog, if gods existed then why not talking dogs as well? After beginning to introduce herself Nim could but not notice at least two people whose facial expressions gave away at least some surprise; the formal clothed female indicated it with a slight jaw drop which she quickly corrected and even followed up with a friendly smile and half wave, and the brightly dressed female whose gaze was filled with fascination. As to the others, no reactions indicating that talking dogs were something new.

Nim knew nothing about any other mythology than Egyptian mythology. Useful for when talking about Egyptian mythology, but the moment one switched to another culture's mythology Nim would be hopelessly lost. While interesting as it was to listen hear who had which godly parents, most of them Nim knew naught. Nim knew about gods and goddesses like the big 12 of Greek mythology, but only what they were a god or goddess of and nothing much. Instead Nim focused on matching names to faces, it was easy given her expertise in having to do lighting while keeping track of people moving about on a stage.

After individual introductions concluded Alice invited everyone to partake in tea and snacks, adding a quip about the indestructibility of the china. It was completely possible for a hellhound to pop out of nowhere, for Nim could do that herself, the question then became which one. Kind of hard to believe that Cerberus would abandon his Underworld duties to visit a café shop.

The time for mingling had come. Nim had wanted to talk with Molly, some deep curiosity in finding more about her, but before she even lifted a leg Zhen approached her. Nodding her head to show she had heard Zhen, [b [#003366 "It is a pleasure to meet you as well Zhen"]], extending her front right paw for a handshake, or was it a paw shake, [b [#003366 "Would you mind explaining who Sun Wukong is?"]]
The talking dog was enough to get her jaw to hang open, but it was the children of Sun Wukong that had her beaming with excitement. Sure talking dogs are cool and all, but how often do you get to meet a child of the god that inspired the legendary super saiyan? Especially two of them? There was no doubt in Molly's mind now that she made the right choice clearing the schedule space to make an appearance.

She was even more sure of her decision though when Argeos explained that he was the son of a dragon from ancient Mesopotamia. Not much more famous than her own parent she surmised, but definitely a cooler name to drop. It made the smile on her face even more natural as she was sure her heritage would continue to be upstaged. The less association they had between her and her father the better. All anyone needed to know was the she was just as divine as the rest of them.

The friend of the woman with flaming hair took up the difficult task of following the Monkey King's children and the half-dragon by announcing her mother was Nyx. That was another name that she recognized, although the one she knew least about. Her being possibly related to vampires was a neat bit of trivia though, and something that she had not heard before. Molly's brow furrowed as she made sure to commit it to memory.

Then was the person Molly most looked forward to hearing about as she hoped to learn about their hair care routine. Although their first line was a playful threat of violence she did explain her origin well. Ash daughter of a distant Hephaestus, a fact that drew a commiserating look from Molly. While her father made a nice child support payment he was not at all hands on. It was not exactly something she was keen on talking about though and so she would be careful to avoid mention of it if she approached Ash. She was at least happy to have complimented her unique hair.

With the last introduction out of the way Alice announced that it was nice to meet everyone; and more importantly an invite to partake in all of the goodies that were presented. The note about the china being shatterproof was surely a benefit to some of them, although Molly had none of the difficulties of super strength. She had heard some stories about it from her mother. Apparently the birth of such children can require some rather heavy sedation.

It was seemingly suggested at that point for everyone to mingle and Molly was quick to turn towards Nim given their similar heritage. Before she had a chance to approach her though she was met by a clone of Zhen who was quick to compliment her outfit. A perfect opportunity that she was not about to let go to waste and so she made sure to respond with a warm smile. [b “Thank you so much. That means a lot since I love what you have done with yours. A delightfully daring top and a super stylish skirt that makes it all pop. Did you design it yourself, or should I be asking for your stylist's number?”]
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Zhen smiled and summoned several clones of herself to talk to everyone.

Feng sighed smiling slightly and went to get himself some tea. He looked at Alice apologetically. "I am sorry for my sister's high energy. It's just been a very long time since she's had friends."

The real Zhen went over to Nim and smiled. "Hello, it's nice to meet you."

Zhen clone number one went over to Molly and said. "Hello. I love your outfit. It's really nice."

Zhen clone number two went to argeos and grinned. "Hi there. So you are half dragon?"

Zhen clones number three and four went over to Ash and rogue and sat in front of them swishing their tails around. "Hello. Do you mind if we talk to you guys?"
Alice smiled as each of the attendees introduced themselves. She had of course been a little shocked at the fact the dog could talk, but really should she be? There was a god in her kitchen and a talking dog surprised her?
[#FFD700 "It is a pleasure to meet you all, please partake in the snacks and tea. And don't worry the china is shatterproof. One visit from an overly excited hell hound and you learn quickly to get china that won't break,"] Alice said, pouring herself a cup of tea.

Alice glanced over at Rogue, [#FFD700 "It's nice to finally meet your friend, Rogue. We do appreciate your help in the store."]

She smiled at Ash, [#FFD700 "I am glad to add another Greek kid to our growing club. I think my father has a similar nickname for yours."]

Alice scanned the room. It seemed as if the girls outnumbered the boys in their little club. She would allow everyone to mingle for a little bit before she asked if anyone had any pressing issues to discuss. It was, after all, their first meeting. In order to help one another, it would help to build trust. How does one build trust? By getting to know each other and come to an understanding. Out of the corner of her eye, she kept a watchful vigil on the god in the kitchen. She hoped everything was alright.
Ashlyn continued to glare at Rogue intensely until introductions began. She knew this would probably be a good thing, being that the only demigod she’d ever met was Rogue. But she would never admit that.

When Rogue made the comment about the male twin, Ash’s face went red, and she elbowed Rogue in the ribs. [#97040A “You already know who I’m thinking about,”] she whispered, glancing at the guy with the glasses, who had introduced himself as Argeos. Rogue often knew who Ashlyn was interested in before she even knew. But it still felt too early to even look at anyone in that way, since they all had literally just met.

She sat through the introductions, and she tried to absorb the details, but she was never very good at that. Being around this many people was foreign to her. She’d met Alice a few times since Rogue worked at Sunspot. But she’d never met the jackal, the business lady, the twins, or the guy who seemed to keep to himself. She knew she would probably forget their names several times.

When Rogue nudged at Ash, she glared at her once again. [#97040A “I will set you on fire,”] she muttered, not knowing or caring if anyone could hear her. Then, she shakily waved towards everyone. [#97040A “Hi, everyone. I’m Ashlyn, but if you’re my friend or just cool, you can call me Ash. Acquiring demigod status means you’re cool in my book, though. My deadbeat is Hephaestus, or as Rogue likes to call him, Heppy or Hepatitis. He’s the Greek god of fire, weaponry, and ugliness. That last one’s just a theory, though.

“I cope with humor, if you can’t tell, so if I make a joke at the wrong time, that’s why. I haven’t seen my father in years, and I don’t care to. If you see your godly parent regularly, I’m sorry for you. I hope you have a much better relationship with yours than I ever had with mine. Anyway, that’s another story for another day.

“Last thing. As I’m sure most of you noticed, my hair occasionally sets on fire. Just ignore it. It’s normal.”]

Ashlyn hung her head. Public speaking was never her strong suit. She knew she had said too much, and she just hoped no one would say anything about it.
Rogue sighed as she walked to the seats with Ash. She sat down in one of the chairs with two empty chairs on each side of her. One for Ash and one to stay empty. She didn't like people getting to close to her. She knew Ash was pissed off at her, but what else was new? [#9932CC “Fine, you can have the one over there.”] She whispered into Ash's ear, nodding her head toward the male twin. She giggled softly before shaking her head. They were so very mean some times.

She tilted her head as the jackel began to speak after the awefully pretty girl did. A talking dog? How cool. [#9932CC “Maybe keep her as my pet?”] She asked Ash very quietly. She used humor to settle her nerves. She hated being around all of these new people. When her nerves acted up, so did her powers. The shadows under her chair began to quiver with excitement. Could they go out to play?

After all of them, other than Ash, had introduced themselves. Now it was her turn. [#9932CC “I..um..I'm Lilith Rogue Zabinski, but I go by Rogue..My mum is Nyx..The Greek goddess of Night..There are rumors that she is the mother of all vampires..I don't even know if those things exist so I can't say yes or no on that...”] Too much..Slow down and breathe.. She took a deep breath and looked down. [#9932CC “Ash..Your turn..”]

As Ash introduced herself, Rogue looked around at all of the people. Dragon man, dog girl, death girl, monkey twins, and the sunny Alice...That girl was a goddess..She quickly looked to her feet and bit her lower lip. She had to keep herself calm. Why did she even come to this place?.. She needed a fix to calm her nerves, but she couldn't slip out of the group without drawing to much attention..Soon...she could calm her nerves soon...
[h3 [center Argeos]]
Argeos had stepped to the side, allowing any last minute arrivals to make their appearance. Hey, least he wasn't the last one to be there. This being answered as what appeared to be a pair of twins. Least the male was assuming that they were, simply by the way they looked and how the were interacting with each other.
His head lifted at the voice of their Hostess. Argeos' eyes shifted towards the side, coming to land upon the set table with said snacks and drinks. The young man seemingly started to remove a hand from his pocket, but then paused. He really didn't want to break anything, but then he also didn't want to seem rude. The woman, who had introduced herself as Miss Alice Gniewek, must've worked hard to get this ready for them.
Argeos lifted his head, fully removing a hand to push his glasses back up his nose. He honestly didn't need them, but he wore them anyways. Guess it was one way to feel a bit more 'human' in a way. It was rather hard to explain something, when even he was unsure why he did it.
Grayish eyes landed on a now talking jackal. Hm? A daughter of Anubis. There was some shock to a few it seemed, as for Argeos, he hardly seemed affected. He only bowed his head slightly towards the creature, then looked to the next to speak.
An elegant woman, daughter of a Slavic God. He had only skimmed through a few books of such deities...he probably should've paid a bit more attention...
Then it was the twins who introduced themselves next. Sun Wukong? Ah yes, the Monkey King. He had come across that as well in a few books in his library.
Argeos gaze shifted back and forth, remaining in his spot a bit away from the rest. Though, it didn't seem anyone else was going to step up, and it was only a matter of time, before he would need to introduce himself as well as his parent.
[#006400 [i "Um...Hi...I'm called Argeos…"]]
C'mon, this wasn't that bad was it? He had dealt with customers back in his library with ease, but that was on home turf. This was new territory so to speak.
He swallowed the growing lump in his throat [#006400 [i "My Father was the great Draconic Guardian Mushussu of ancient Mesopotamian Mythology..."]]
'Was', yea, about that since it was said he was killed by poison. Plus, Argeos was still unsure if he'd classify as a 'demi-god'. He'd just have to wait and see.
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