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harry potter~closed to ganon~

By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 457 / 2 years ago

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She blushed and wiggled. "I love you... My Vinny."
He pulled her close. "Of course you are enough but fantasies are beautiful." He said.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
She blushed and pouted up at him. "I'm not enough?" She asked and squirmed. "Dad might be at work... I guess it could be okay."
"shame. It would have been fun having a mother and daughter service me." He said smirking.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
She nodded and blushed. "Yeah." She said and kissed him.
"in here? Your mother would be affected too?" He asked.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
She went to him and kissed him deeply. "I have to keep you in here."
He nodded and locked the door and crooked a finger at her beckoning her.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
She licked her lips and blushed squirming. "Keep the door locked."
"oh." He said and watched her smirking slightly at her.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
"You might be ambushed by those of the opposite sex..." She siad and blushed squirming a little.
"and that is?" He asked watching her tilting an eyebrow up.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
She watched him and bit her lip. "It does have a small side effect...."
He poured himself a glass and drank it. "Yeah yeah." He said.
Vincent / ganondorf / 2y ago
"Told you the tea would help..." She said and pouted at him.