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they were my guard dogs

By bitter

Replies: 14 / 2 years ago

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A little over a month ago, the boys began to understand what made Yvette so dangerous, as a spokesman, and an agent.

After the night in France, it was a lot of hard work, and a lot of publicity stunts. This almost exclusively included being babysat by a member of Overwatch Alpha, to ensure that the changes were being properly inducted.

They weren't.

But the missions they accompanied Blackwatch on were simple stakeouts, or intel gathering.

And Yvette was good at convincing not only the public, but the mother organization, that it was gong to go much smoother under her care.

To be fair, it was certainly a lot easier to hide all of this with her on their side.

She was a terrifying power, and Jesse found himself more intrigued by he than he cared to admit.

Reyes, however, would openly admit his attraction to her darker side. Regularly.

Reyes and McCree were watching from a window nearby as Yvette started her interrogation with the man. It was elevated, so they could see everything from above, with a tinted window so only they could see from the outside, and no one could see them in.

Jesse lit up a smoke, barely placing it between his lips as he'd watch her.

He didn't realize how easy she would take to this kind of work. Then again, he didn't realize how easy he would take to it, either. People could certainly be surprising.

She was a lot different here then she was in a public setting. She was meticulous, and calm, while she yanked out small, but important things from the man. His wails of pain let Jesse know she was doing a good job.

Too good.

"I'm Impressed." Reyes said lowly next to him. Jesse eyed the man without really moving his head, noticing the way the smirk on his face spread while watching Yvette do her work. Jesse scoffed.

"Yer impressed with much less, Gabe." He was about to turn on his heels when suddenly Yvette leapt at the man, causing both of them to press against the glass. The guards were able to pull apart the two, and Jesse noticed the way Yvette suddenly looked feral, with a fearful look in her eyes.

What had the man said to her?

McCree gave Reyes a tentative look, and they nodded at each other, leaving the safety of the room to go to the floor below.

[i "Reyes will be in to deal with you shortly."] Said the guard as they finished descending the stairs, and the door slammed behind him.

"Guess It's time to work." Reyes went over to a table to pick up a pair of gloves and Jesse turned to the girl.

All the color had drained from her face, and she was concentrating on her thoughts so much that the knuckles of her clenched fists were as white as her hair.

He took a slow step towards her, putting his hands in his pockets and careful to stay in her line of sight, at the very least.

"Darlin'." He said as soothing as he could. "Let's get some air in ya." He motioned to the door with his head as he stepped to the side slightly. "Reyes'll handle it fer now. You ain't gotta worry."

The suggestion was lost on deaf ears, and yet she headed that way anyway. Almost as if she came to that conclusion herself. He opened the door for her, and as she stepped out into the next room, McCree took a look back at Reyes, who met his eyes with the same look.

They nodded at each other before going their respective ways.

Jesse followed Yvette to the other side of the crumpling building they were using as an interrogation room. Light leaked through the cracks of the ceiling, revealing below the destruction of the floors and statues that had once been here. Paintings were torn to shred, and priceless pots were broken in pieces.

What once was a museum was now nearly the perfect place to hide the underbelly of Blackwatch: Right under the noses of everyone, in the middle of the destruction itself.

"Yvette," Jesse called out gently as he approached her, "Ya wanna talk about it?" He rounded to be in front of her with a sympathetic smile. "No pressure. C'n just sit 'ere in the rubble 'n cool off, if ya like."
[size12 It had been a little over a month since the Yvette first spoke about Blackwatch at a large event in France. It was the beginning of a journey filled with things that Yvette never believed that she would do. Not only was she the spokesman for an organization known to do horrible things, but now, she had to physically be a part of it. She wasn't just a spokesman, she was a soldier again. She was an assassin. A torturer. Their missions were for the betterment of humanity, or so the populace thought. Really, things were more dark and deadly than anyone would ever think.]

[size12 The first one was always the hardest for anyone. The first time doing something awful to a human being was almost physically sickening to Yvette, but she knew that people who did bad things deserved things like this. But the people who kept secrets about people who do bad things were even worse.]

[size12 Things weren't perfect right now, especially in France. Small Omnic Relief Camps were being targeted. Large bombs were being placed in central locations in the camps, by who, no one knew. Yvette's job was to find out why. Not only were Omnics being effected, but her own people were too. Yvette was unintentionally taking this personally. Her blood was boiling.]

[size12 Yvette looked at the man, who was half slumped over. He was wheezing heavily. She shook her head, [i [#778899 "why is it so hard for you to tell me who did it?"]] Her voice was even, she had done this a few times by now. It took a few tries for her to be comfortable doing something so inhumane, but honestly, they wouldn't break any other way.]

[size12 Yvette grabbed the man's hand roughly, a pair of pliers in her hand. Her eyes met his, she gestured to his hand with the pliers. [i [#778899 "I can start taking nails until you talk, huh?"]] She grasped the left pinky nail and yanked in one fluid motion. The man screamed out, tears pouring down his cheeks. Yvette [i tsked] quietly, rolling her eyes.]

[size12 [i [#FF0000 "Please! I don't know!"]] the man cried out, shaking his hands violently in the straps that tied him down. Yvette gripped his hand even harder, holding it in place as she grabbed his ring finger nail. She yanked that one off as well and continued until the man broke. The guy finally screamed out, [i [#FF0000 "okay! Okay! Officer Drakar Boucher!"]] The man cried out loudly. Yvette's eyes widen.]

[size12 Yvette's hands shook violently, she threw the pliers to the ground and ripped the man from his seat. She shook him viciously, screaming profanities at him. [i [#778899 "You're fucking lying!"]] there was no way that this man was telling the truth.]

[size12 Officer Drakar Boucher was a police officer from the place Yvette was from. An old family friend of Yvette. Someone that knew almost everything about her because she considered him more her father than her own father. This explains everything, someone who personally knew the layouts of the city and the camps.]

[size12 Two guards ran into the room, yanking Yvette off of the man before she killed him in a blind rage. One of them pulled the bleeding man off of the floor and placed him back into the chair. [i [#FF0000 "Reyes will be in here to deal with you in a second,"]] the guard sneered, before following the other guard and Yvette out of the room.]

[size12 By the time Reyes and Jesse got there, Yvette looked like she had seen a ghost. Her pale face was even more translucent than it normally was, her eyes widen in shock to learn of her family friend's secret life. [i Was he really a part of this?] Yvette kept thinking over and over to herself.]
yvette / bitter / 260d ago
McCree's interest peaks as he gazes up at Yvette. She spoke easily over the crowd, and everyone was enthralled with her presence. Jesse found it hard to tear his eyes from her but when he did, he saw Reyes standing in the entrance, looking directly at her, with his arms crossed as he leaned in the doorway.

He let his eyes scan over the rest of the crowd, but everyone seemed to be paying close attention, hanging off of her every word. Jesse didn't notice any movement out of the ordinary shuffle of an uncomfortable standing position, or moving of hair out of faces.

Jesse was lucky he could use his height to his advantage.

All at once, the speech was over, and the clapped around him made his head snap towards his charge, as she was descending the stairs. A rush of reporters began to swarm her, and before he could reach her, she quickly excused herself.

He cursed at his lack of decorum, and shot a look at Gabe. He nodded, making his way towards the gaggle of flashing lights and scribbling pens, ushering them to stay where they were with a simple, annoyed look.

"The lady asked to be excused." He heard him say in the mic gruffly, and there seemed to be a hush over the crowd, although a lot of pictures seemed to still be taken. Perhaps of Reyes.

Perhaps of himself.

Jesse exchanged another look and a nod with his partner before striding after Yvette, catching up with ease.

When he caught up to her, he merely chuckled. "If yer lookin' for the ladies room, yer goin' the wrong way." He mused, gently taking her elbow as not to scare her. He pointed towards a door with an obvious bathroom label above it, and grinned. "I'll be here when yer ready." He took a step back and turned himself away to view the rest of the room, making sure no one had slipped past his counterpart to tail the woman into a corner.
[size12 Yvette would hate to publicly admit it, but she was enjoying this Jesse Mcree fellow. He was charming to say the least. Gabriel was more of a sour puss in most situations involving Jesse and it was quite funny to witness.]
[size12 She did, very much, enjoy these men's interactions, even giggling quietly at the god awful noise that came from Gabriel near the end of the conversation.]
[size12 Yvette took Jesse's hand, she kind of liked being treated like a lady. Most of the men that she has worked closely with in the past did not treat her as kind. It wasn't like they were discriminating against her, by any means. She could hold her own and everyone knew that, who had ever worked with her in the past. But, honestly.. She envied normal women. Women who had the doors opened for them and a gentleman offering a hand, like Jesse did for her.]
[size12 She stepped out onto the platform. Cameras were still flashing and people were asking questions at overwhelming speeds. Yvette cleared her throat and stepped up to the microphone with grace and confidence. Her eyes scanned over the crowd with an intent gaze, picking through the people for a moment. Questions were still being thrown at her. She leaned into the microphone and smiled, [i [#778899 "once more, all your questions should be answered by the end of my speech."]] Yvette really hated the media more than anything else.]

[size12 Yvette spoke with such passion. Her voice carried over the large crowd of people, even a few people had begun crying when she went in depth about her time in Overwatch, during the Omnic Crisis. She was not a believer in that Omnics were bad. She wanted equality for everyone, no matter who you were. She never was one to have bias, nor judgement in how she spoke to someone, whether directly or to a group of people.]
[size12 The speech went over well, though she was several glasses of wine in. She kept her composure as always. She gave a large, award winning smile as cameras started flashing. She was definitely what Blackwatch needed. Someone to smooth over the edges. Everyone who has listened to her speech seemed to agree with her point of view on Blackwatch.]
[size12 She did not necessarily believe that its methods were correct in how they received some of their information, or even how they deal with people in custody. But she knew that sometimes it was a necessary way to gain important information that no one else can retrieve in a normal manner.]
[size12 But people still believed that Blackwatch was necessary on a grander scale and Yvette's work was done, for now.]
[size12 She stepped off of the stage and was met by reporters, once more. She did not quite look [i as] happy about it this time around. She was actually quite tired from talking to people and was ready to leave. She excused herself to look for a restroom.]
yvette / bitter / 267d ago
Jesse felt his hand being pulled slightly, a reassuring squeeze as she gave him a small grin warmed his heart, but he made a note that she was ready to pull out of there. He took an extra long step to keep up, gently pulling his hand from hers and looping it into her arm, as not to make it seem too obvious to the camera men that she was definitely in charge here.

He slowed to let her turn and make a quick speech, grinning ever so slightly at her new found tone, which was much less soft than her speaking voice in the car.

Damn, she really [i was] good.

McCree, watching her, had a small glimmer of hope bubble up from deep within himself that, just maybe, she'd actually pull off this gig; That she might actually reform Blackwatch. The notion was swallowed hard as they stepped inside the building, and he relived countless moments with Gabe losing his temper, or Moira's experiments, or--

[i "This will help."] A voice interrupted his thoughts as he was handed a glass. He smiled at her as her arm gently slid into his.

"Well thank ya, Darlin', but..." He saw another waiter and landed his drink on it with more grace than expected of a cowboy, "I'd like to have as lil' distractin' as possible. Yer already enough fer me." He teased gently, giving her a small wink before she pulled him into the direction she wanted to go.

As people approached her, McCree began to feel her tension slip away, like she was naturally falling into the place she belonged.

Or it was that she was now picking up her fourth glass.

"Woah there, partner." He said, snaking it from her. "Take it easy... I can carry yuh, but it ain't gunna look good, likely." Jesse laughed, setting the glass down on a nearby counter before leading her to a bench.

"Ya nervous?" Jesse said as he had her sit down for a moment. "I can come up with some dumb jokes if ya fancy. Take yer mind off it." Jesse smirked slightly before he heard a cough over their intercom.

[i "Please. Don't."] Gabe said over the earpiece, more pleading than demanding.

"Aww, c'mon now, Reyes. I seem to recall ya laughin' at many of 'em."

[i "I will admit to no such thing."] He grumbled. Jesse leaned in slightly to her with a grin.

"He relay's my puns to other teammates when he thinks I can't hear 'em." He mused, to which Gabe protested to over the earpiece with a noise McCree could only describe as a deer dying.

[i "Are you quite done?"] He sighed heavily. [i "Everyone's beginning to gather in the hall for the speech."]

"Right... Sorry." He stood and held out his hand to her.... again. "We'll have to rain check on that." He shrugged slightly. "Its yer time tuh shine, Darlin'."

McCree didn't want to admit it, but he'd stalked her on the internet for a few days, watching several videos of several of her speeches, and it was certainly awe-inspiring. He wondered if that was a learned skill, or if she had a trick up her sleeve. He was nervous to discover her secrets, but overall, excited to watch the events of the night unfold.
[center [size12 This was what got Yvette hired in Overwatch. Being good with people and smiling for cameras. Pretending things were okay when she actually hated what she was doing in the moment. She was good at faking things, which wasn't a particularly healthy things to be doing.]]
[center [size12 Yvette watched Jesse get out first before helping her out of the vehicle as well. She took a deep breath before projecting this award winning smile that would making millions of hearts melt at one glance. Her eyes cut into every camera man for a split second before she took Jesse's hand. As her feet hit the pavement of the road then the sidewalk of the building with a million questions being asked and cameras flashing every five seconds. She was able to take all of this in and not feel overwhelmed, thankfully. She squeezed Jesse's hand in an attempt to assure him that things were okay before she actually took the lead and pulled Jesse along with her through the crowd.]]
[center [size12 Yvette did stop for a moment, turning on her heels to face the crowd of people, who stopped when she turned. [i [#778899 "All your questions will be answered tonight during my speech, so prepare what questions you want answered and hopefully, I can get you your answers. Have a grand night,"]] Yvette's voice was loud over the crowd who were still talking, asking their stupid questions that secretly, Yvette did not want to answer.]]
[center [size12 Once inside of the building, Yvette paused for a moment and exhaled. [i [#778899 "I am not a huge fan of crowds and I can tell you feel the same way,"]] Yvette glanced up at Jesse. She stopped a waiter, who had been walking around with a tray of drinks. Taking two of them, she handed one of them to Jesse. [i [#778899 "This will help,"]] Yvette winked at Jesse before looping her arm into his and began to led him around.]]
[center [size12 From time to time, people would approach Yvette, asking her questions about her work and what she was planning on doing for Overwatch. Simple things that were answered in quick responses. Yvette was probably three glasses of wine into this evening so far and she hadn't even been in the building for an hour. But that speech was coming up.]]
yvette / bitter / 2y ago
McCree took note of her particular interest in the art exhibit coming up and put the tidbit of information away for later. Good that she knew of such existing rooms... Although it'd would've been nice to know ahead of mission time.

Yvette then mentioned something about moving to the Overwatch headquarters, which gained a small grin from the resident cowboy.

"Settin' up shop with the rest of us riff raff." He mused, shutting of the phone and shoving it back into his pocket. "Glad tuh know you did yer homework fer this." He nodded. "Although, ya know more about the buildin' than I anticipated." He leaned forward slightly, leaning on his legs. "Ya must come 'ere a bit." That much was obvious, but he enjoyed making small conversation. It was rare of Jesse to be the silent type. That was more held in Gabriel's favor.

Speaking of the devil, the man's voice came over the small mic built into the ear piece, and Jesse straightened up.

"We're pulling up. There's a crowd of camera's and reporters." He seemed to sigh. They had both anticipated as such, but it was still annoying.

"Copy." Jesse said, taking a glance out the window. Sure enough, the big red carpet that led in was swarmed with flashing lights and handheld microphones, and the smiling faces of prudes who only wanted the scoop. Jesse grumbled slightly before turning to Yvette with a smile.

"Well... I hope you're ready." He shrugged has jacket slightly and adjusted it at the waist. "I'll go first to help you out. If ya wanna just push through, I can oblige. I'll stay close to ya, so... Depend on me." He gave a small chuckle to her before the car pulled to a slow stop, and the photographers, previously engaged with another entrepreneur attending the ceremony, turned on them, like a pack of hungry wolves with flashing teeth.

Jesse didn't much like being in the spotlight. That's why he chose blackwatch as his primary occupation. But he promised he could do this; Promised he would protect her at all costs, even if it meant from bozos hiding behind lenses.

This would be the first time he purposely stepped out into the limelight.... He wondered if it showed. She shook the feeling off and opened the door, stepping out first, the cameras flashing and voices roaring in his ear. Did he suddenly have a migraine? He tried to hold back his grumble as he leaned into the car, hand held out as he smiled.

"M'lady." He smiled at Yvette. Everything from this point on would be up to her now.
[center [size12 To be completely honest, Yvette wanted to ask both men why they ended in a mess where she had to come in and clean up after them, but she decided against that. A perfect timing with the hologram popped up and she sat up at attention to glance at it with a thoughtful expression. She had completely forgotten about that exhibit, but she knew that she wasn't going to be in the country when it was coming anyway. She was planning to move to the states to work a lot closer with the Overwatch/Blackwatch group.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Oh, there is an art exhibit coming in the next month and that particular building is used for a lot of speeches and exhibits. There isn't much in those rooms, other than some art pieces and sculptures right now,"]] something that she used to be before getting into politics. She was a huge fan of art exhibits, especially hosting them. [i [#778899 "Too bad I am going to miss it,"]] Yvette actually seemed upset about it, but she quickly wiped that expression off of her face.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Oh, I don't know if Morrison told you two, but I am moving to the states in the next couple of weeks to work closer to the organization. Apparently, it costs too much to send people out here to bring me to the states,"]] Yvette was, of course, inconvenienced by it, but it was her job. [i [#778899 "So, don't think today will be our last encounter, boys,"]] Yvette smiled, leaning back into her seat. She flicked her now finished cigarette out of the window with a last exhale of smoke.]]
[center [size12 Yvette wasn't particularly excited about the move. She preferred her home country. She knew that eventually she would have had to move, but she didn't think it would be this soon. She was looking at all her things that she was going to take with her and realized that she had to take even less. She wasn't going to be living in her own house anymore. She was going to be living on base with all of the other Overwatch and Blackwatch agents. She didn't like the idea of it. She was a very reserved and quiet person that did not really like being bothered by anyone. She knew that she wasn't going to get peace when she moved in there. She was going to have to accept this.]]
yvette / bitter / 2y ago
Jesse couldn't say he wasn't impressed by the way Yvette held herself, even though she was clearly uncomfortable. He was even more impressed when she walked straight up to him, asking for a cigarette herself. The smile faded from Reyes as she bypassed his offered hand, and plastered itself on McCree's face in the form of smirk as he took the pack out of his tux pocket.

"Mah pleasure, Ma'am." He said formally, both for her greeting and for the small token he had handed her. She lit it with ease before motioning to the car.

Jesse climbed in the back with her, and Gabriel stood outside the door as she spoke, [i “They are made if the worst case scenario happens, which is like me being kidnapped or something happening to either one of you."] She opened a metal case and handed them an earpiece, both of which the two boys were familiar with. They both slid it easily into their ear, as if it was just as easy as breathing.

"Guess I'll get my part of the job done." Gabe grumbled with a slight smile, to which Jesse smirked.

"We can switch off if ya like." He mused, but Reyes gave him a look that said "don't fuck up the plan", and Jesse shrugged in defeat. "Your choice." Gabe closed the door gently. A few moments later, the luxury car jolted forward, and they were off.

Jesse sat across from the woman, Yvette, who seemed lost in thought for a moment. He took that moment to survey her. She was sleek, but curves in all the right places, but that perhaps could've been the dress shaping her.

Maybe both.

She seemed straight forward, even slightly intimidating, but Jesse had a sensation that she was hiding more than what appeared to him at a glance. He also noticed how smooth her accent was: French, but very lax, like she'd adapted a slight American tone to it. Perhaps to ease people into her speech-giving. Jesse noted that it was a pretty good tactic... So far.

He pulled his phone from the same pocket the cigarettes came from, tapping it a couple times before a hologram of the place she was to give the speech came up in a 3D picture.

"Hey Reyes," Jesse said as he tapped his ear piece, "Do ya have the original blueprints of the buildin'?"

"Those [i are] the original." But he didnt sound too sure.

"I dunno... There's a gap here where there are some new installments in rooms they're openin' up for exhibits. Maybe an update?"

"Maybe." Gabriel agreed. Jesse pushed the Holo aside to make room for a new search, scouring for plans that either previously existed, or something that was updated recently. Luckily, Jesse had done this a time or two, seeing as he liked to survey the land he was walking into beforehand, so finding the print was a cakewalk and he pushed it to merge with his original hologram, showing the exact gaps he'd been missing.

Jesse smirked, mostly to himself, at a job well done before spinning it slowly, memorizing every room the best he could without actually being inside it.

Whatever rumors she may have heard about him, he hoped she was at least [i slightly] impressed with his ability to actually get some work done... Because, in reality, regardless of how a plan panned out, he always got his work done.

Jesse's smile faltered at the thought.
[center [size12 Yvette wasn’t much for appearance. By society’s standards, she should be wearing a dress and wearing makeup, but she opted into the more comfortable approach to her job. She actually hated talking in front of people, but damn, she was good at it. It was how she got to where she was today. She wouldn’t complain too much, until it became too overwhelming for her. If she could handle the Omnic Crisis and the after effects of it, then she could handle anything.]]
[center [size12 When she opened the door and saw, both, Gabriel and Jesse, she sighed quietly. She was actually relieved that she got to meet both of them at the same time. Yvette was still new to the Blackwatch program and she knew that she would be walking on a bit of thin ice until they got used to someone like her being around. It wasn’t every day that someone offered to clear the name of a very infamous organization that was known for it torture and imprisonment of people against their will. Yvette definitely took on a big job here, but again, it was something that she could handle.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 “Ah, good evening, Gabriel,”]] Yvette smiled before glancing over at Jesse. She could smell the smoke coming from him in particular and she chuckled. [i [#778899 “Unlike most people that you two have worked with, I don’t mind if you smoke. Actually, if you have a smoke on you, it would be great,”]] she held out her hand to Jesse.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 “And good evening to you too, Jesse McCree,”]] Yvette added once she had the cigarette in between her lips, lighting it with her own lighter that she had stashed inside of her pocket. [i [#778899 “Just remember you two, we only know each other from forms about this mission,”]] Yvette looked at both of them before shutting her door behind them. She did not like formality of forms and paperwork, for as much as she did forms and paperwork. It made things more complicated than it needed to be. Yvette has learned that forms and papers tell small truths and massive lies.]]
[center [size12 Yvette, with cigarette between her lips, walked down the small steps from her porch. [i [#778899 “Come on, boys. We have a speech to give,”]] Yvette was feeling a bit better about the two men now. She could tell that Gabriel was the man in charge and he was definitely going to keep Jesse in check. It was nice having someone watching over her back, so she could have a moment to breathe.]]
[center [size12 Once inside of the car, Yvette sat back into the seat. She glanced around before reaching into her inner coat pocket and pulled out a small, metal case. [i [#778899 “So that we can keep in better check with one another, I had some pretty cool things made for a situation just like this,”]] she clicked open the metal boxes and there were three, individual metal ear pieces. They tucked right into the ear, in either ear of your choosing. [i [#778899 “They are made if the worst case scenario happens, which is like me being kidnapped or something happening to either one of you,”]] she handed each of them one of the ear pieces. They were used to communicate between the three of them, they even had a tracking chip installed in each of them, as well.]]
yvette / bitter / 2y ago
Gabriel snapped his phone shut with a sigh. The events of the evening were going to go swimmingly, even if Jesse somehow mucked it up, he could make sure that it was flawless.

In. Speech. Out.

Her attitude wasn't uplifting his mood, however.

McCree sighed in the back of the room. Reyes turned to view him, even if he was making it difficult to through the thick haze of smog coming from the cigar securely strapped to his lip. His suit was unbuttoned and his tie was loose, like he'd just gotten off of a job. If only that were the case.

"Straighten up, McCree. We're heading out soon."

"Ain't so sure I wanna." He said lowly before taking a puff of the cigar, then releasing its contents from his throat, a wave of smoke rising into the air and making patters in the dim lights.

"Jesse, We've been over this. This is to correct our image."

" 'N who's fault might it be? Our image bein' dissected 'n reevaluated? " Jesse leaned forward and flicked the ashes into a tray on the nearby end table. The cowboy raised his eyes up at the man, who returned his gaze with a glare.

"I don't like your tone."

"And I ain't likin' rumors, but they seem to happen anyway." He sat back in his chair with a sigh, looking off into a corner of the room. Gabriel observed said room, noting the burgundy carpets and black accented furniture. The tables were a dark oak, and the lamps were low lighted. It was the perfect hotel room for a brooding captain and his less than cooperative subordinate. "...She hates me." He finally said after a minute of silence between the two.

"How can you discern that? You haven't even met her yet."

"I hear the rumors too, Reyes. About you... About me. If anyone believes they're even remotely true, Well..." He sighed quietly, leaning forward to put out the cigar, meticulously, while watching. "...I think i might keep my distance, too." Gabriel stared at him for a moment, watching him twirl the piece of rolled up tobacco until it was nothing more than smashed paper. Then, he stood, straightening up his suit. Gabe walked over with a shake of his head and helped him with his tie.

"Anyone who's worked with you knows you; knows that it cant be true."

"Oh, that's [i real] rich, comin' from you." McCree scoffed. Reyes made to tighten the tie just a tad too tight, gaining a cough from McCree.

"Don't forget your place, McCree."

"...Yes, sir." Gabe straightened the tie out.

"Any questions on the mission?"

"Nah. Think I've got the gist."



Gabe tapped on the door with the back of his hand, standing with his hand in his pocket and leaning to one side as he waited patiently for the woman behind their new image to appear before him. He took a peek over his shoulder to check on Jesse, who was leaning against the frame of the house, one hand stuffed deep in his dress pants, the other holding cigarette to his mouth. The end burned slowly, but Jesse had hardly touched it since the first puff.

Where was his mind?

"...You gunna smoke all night?" Gabe said quietly. Jesse flicked his eyes over to the man before smirking.

"C'mon now, ya know I don't smoke on the job." He took a puff before putting out the remainder of his vice via the rubber of his shoes. Gabe smiled slightly before hearing the latch of the door. Gabe turned his attention to the woman as the door opened wider, revealing the form of her in a well mannered dress. Gabe gave the best comforting smile he could give while offering his hand.

"You look lovely, Yvette." He greeted.
[center [size12 Yvette wasn't your normal Military Brat. She grew up in the war torn streets of Paris, France. Omnics were treated much like how they were treated in London. The Omnic Crisis was over and the Omnics were still treated like outcasts by most everyone, except a few good souls. Yvette took to the Military to build herself into a strong, political leader that she was today. Yvette knew the difference between the Omnics that killed her fellow soldiers to the one that she watched walk down the street in fear of being brutally beaten or worse, killed. There was no reason why an Omnic should feel this way and that was why she fought for them viciously.]]
[center [size12 Yvette was a five foot five, short, blonde haired woman with piercing, green eyes. Her face wasn't immediately inviting until she spoke. Her voice was light, care free almost. She had a thick, french accent with a brilliant smile to match with it. She was always dressed very nicely with a large dog that followed her most anywhere that she went. She did not really take shit from anyone and she didn't bullshit either. She was very matter of fact and honest with most everything in life.]]
[center [size12 Yvette's life as a Political leader has led her to many parts of the world, but her home was back with Overwatch. The original organization that allowed her to speech for them once they rejoined back after the Omnic Crisis. Her face on Overwatch helped make this organization thrive once more. When Blackwatch started getting heat though, she was moved from Overwatch to Blackwatch.]]
[center [size12 Blackwatch was Overwatch's counter partner. It was like a balance between good and evil, it was almost necessary. Yvette hesitated about the decision, but Jack insisted on her to join them. He knew that she did not particularly fit in with them, but her face would put them in good light, if she was a part of them. Blackwatch was a notorious organization that took pleasure in the torture and intense integration of anyone that was in their hands. It was ethically not okay for what they did and are currently still doing, but Yvette was here to fix it, right?]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 Yvette was awake no later than 4 A.M. and she was sitting at her desk with a cup of coffee. She often choose to stay at her home in France and if Blackwatch really needed her, she would make a trip to Overwatch without hesitation, but for now, until she got comfortable with the idea of working for them, she decided to stay in her own home. Jack, and even Gabriel, understood that. Plus, she was officially moved to the Blackwatch Organization anyway.]]
[center [size12 Yvette glanced over to her phone and sighed quietly. Today was the day, it was her first speech after joining up with Blackwatch and two of the Blackwatch boys were supposed to be her bodyguards tonight. Naturally, it made her a tab bit nervous, but she would soon brush those feelings aside.]]
[center [size12 Upon trying to brush those feelings off, her phone began to ring. It was Gabriel calling, she could only imagine what this was about. She answered and said, [i [#778899 "Gabriel, you better have a good reason to be calling me during my morning coffee? You know that this is my time to really think about the mistakes I have made by agreeing to fix your problems."]] Yvette wasn't too nice about what she was basically forced into.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Now, Yvette. You know that were are not in the wrong for what we are doing. We are getting very valuable information out of everyone that we have held prisoner here,"]] Gabriel started before Yvette scoffed. [i [#FF0000 "But, I called about the formal meeting tonight. I wanted to make sure we have all the details correct, so nothing goes wrong tonight. You know how Jesse McCree is,"]] Gabriel sighed softly, Yvette sighed as well.]]
[center [size12 Between the two of them, the details got squared away and Gabriel explained at what time him and Jesse would be there to pick her up. Jesse McCree was to be her escort and Gabriel was her personal driver. To be honest, Yvette would prefer Gabriel being her escort and Jesse being the driver, but she wasn't going to question Gabriel when he would do everything possible to keep her safe. Which means, Yvette had to deal with Jesse McCree, she has definitely heard stories about him.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 Yvette stood in front of a mirror, in her bathroom. She was never too partial to wearing a dress, pantsuits was definitely her style. She looked killer in a nice pair of pants with a tie. Some would mistake her a body, being as slender as she was, but that never stopped her from looking the way she does.]]
[center [size12 Tucking stray of hairs behind her ears, she finished getting ready. As if was on queue, there was a ring of her doorbell, Yvette slipped on her shoes and began walking towards the door. It did make her a bit nervous with how things might go tonight.]]
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