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ES Originals


Replies: 1546 / 2 years ago

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  1. [Allowed] Gardner
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  3. [Allowed] MythicNightNeku
  4. [Allowed] Colorful_insanity
  5. [Allowed] _Elena_White_
  6. [Allowed] d1gn17y
  7. [Allowed] WinterWonderland-
  8. [Allowed] JakefromStateFarm
  9. [Allowed] SheDevil
  10. [Allowed] Oshamaru
  11. [Allowed] Bloody_Eve
  12. [Allowed] SeamsAreBreaking
  13. [Allowed] -PureImagination
  14. [Allowed] _Wolf_
  15. [Allowed] Aaron
  16. [Allowed] porter15311
  17. [Allowed] animegirl123
  18. [Allowed] -PUNK-BLOOM-
  19. [Allowed] Creep-
  20. [Allowed] WolfPrinceNick
  21. [Allowed] darien
  22. [Allowed] Maxim
  23. [Allowed] Jaybird
  24. [Allowed] Junkyard_Dog
  25. [Allowed] -MorbidLullaby-
  26. [Allowed] Vilkacis
  27. [Allowed] sinssbinss
  28. [Allowed] Xchicka
  29. [Allowed] MeisjeKelly
  30. [Allowed] Kudaketa
  31. [Allowed] Namjoon
  32. [Allowed] normalpeoplescareme
  33. [Allowed] FallynAngel
  34. [Allowed] Fushen
  35. [Allowed] Otter
  36. [Allowed] Omio
  37. [Allowed] Yuuka
  38. [Allowed] Aangskate
  39. [Allowed] SnowJin
  40. [Allowed] Taekwoon
  41. [Allowed] Nullification
  42. [Allowed] Primadonna-
  43. [Allowed] SoYeon_Khazio
  44. [Allowed] NorthernWolves
  45. [Allowed] Vossler
  46. [Allowed] MythicMallow
  47. [Allowed] Archbitchop
  48. [Allowed] Seka
  49. [Queued] kenbloodmoon

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZBNm3Em.jpg]]
[center [size14 Welcome old friends.]]
[center [size12 Let's see who's left.]]

[center [size12 For those who don't remember who I am. Acid_Tears/Avarice is all you need to know.]]
[center [size12 The past is in the past, don't beat a dead horse. I'm not interested.]]


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Holy shit. I swear I visit, once every 5 years it seems like.
I wanna join the ES discord server ^^, i do need to get back into roleplaying tho.....maybe ill work on one here like old times. Cant believe 10 years have passed for me. thats crazy
Im still here. Didnt even think of the discord thing though honestly

Mainly it's the veterans like Amy and company but we mostly moved to an ES discord.

I got rid of thw app so you'll have to contact Osha for it.
HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 219d ago
Holy fucking shit, I have once again returned from the dead. Is anyone still alive on here?
Yes, it's beautiful. Full of chaos! Lots of fun
MythicMallow / 1y ago
I've got like 2 wars and a never ending one going on

The elves of tbe crescent isle are at their war season...wood elves and moon elves are fighting off an orc invasion and dark elves are in a never ending power struggle with one another...and that doesnt even include the drow who fight everynight. Or the constant raids from the corrupted and chaos elves into other race lands or evem the war the dragonborn elves are trying to prevent..

That and the moon elf High priestess is trying to summon a demon into the world using the moon elf eternity tree...I.e. Give up all the moon elves immortality just to bring this thing into the world.
Keep it going, it's a war. Wars are epic. I fell asleep again.
Mythicmallow / 1y ago
I is alive...trying to figure out if I want the war season for my elves to last another several months...as their year compaired to ours...is MUCH different... or if I want to skip right to the end of it.
Good morning humans! How is everone? I jus woke up.
MythicMallow / 1y ago
I have a bunch going on...roght now writting on here for my elf characters. Its an interesting process as its not turned out so far how it should have lol
I still write if anybody wishes ro know.

Not as muxh though. I write more in my mind. I actually finished all the stories in my head it's sad XD
HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y ago
I used to use photo bucket for most of mine. I now use online photo editor
d1gn17y / 1y ago
Ah Tinypic and Photobucket...My two main sources of pictures when I first joined ES in 2009.

Man oh man where have the good times gone.
HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y ago