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Frozen(need Elsa)

By Lunatic19

Replies: 217 / 3 years ago

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So I have an idea where what happens when Elsa comes across a child with powers just like hers does Elsa reach out to her or does she turn the child away? This is more of a mother and daughter relationship or a teacher and student relationship nothing more. I am willing to play two OCs one being the girl with the powers and a love interest for Elsa if you want one not mandatory. This can take place with the events of Elsa being queen or we can say that Elsa is immortal and fast forward in present time. I can do either or. I can rp on here or I can rp through email I will probably faster through email because of the alerts I can get but I will try to check the rp at least every few hours if we don't have a schedule.

Major rules for me:

NO ONE LINERS I like to post a lot so please don't give me a one-liner.

Tell me if you want to leave or if you are going to be away so I won't spam you wondering where you are. I usually will give a person a week to respond if I don't hear anything I will send you a pm.

This is not first come first serve I will lock this thread when I have a person but if you see this and want to rp send me a PM.


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Michael watched Diamonds facial expressions after she heard him speak and he couldn’t even hold back a grin if he had wanted too. [b “Oh don’t start that bowing supar, Miss Diamond. It is I who should be bowing to you.”] he said. [b “Have you found any interesting books yet? My reading list is quite low.”]

Maria squealed as she felt the impact of another body run into her. Her cheeks grew hot when she realized it was Prince Andrew. [b “Hi Your highness.”] she said as she bent down to curtsy. [b “Surprised to see you here.. Are you finally going to read all those series Diamond and I suggested to you?”]

Elsa smiled softly as Choal had given her his jacket. [b “Thank you.”] she said. She laughed as Choal mentioned the daggers. [b “Books can’t kill someone.”] she said. [b “Books keep her alive. Books are her safe place. While I’m glad you’ve taught her to protect herself, I’m glad she also has escape from the real world.”]
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 109d ago
Andrew blushed at the mention of his feels "My birthday really doesn't seem to be the right time to be selfish and ask to court her and besides this is about you and how, let's see how did you put-" Andrew was cut off as Maria ran right into him and Michael slipped away "Uh hey Maria," He said catching her with ease.

Diamond jumped at someone sneaking up on her as she whips around trying not to freeze the shelf her blue eyes widen swirling like she was trying to contain herself. "Good morning, sir." She said as she bowed slightly.

Choal sighed as he took out her jacket from his bag and draped it around her shoulders. "Oh sure, I get yelled at for helping her pick out new daggers but you get to spoil her with books." He teased his Queen slightly as he escorted her around the town.
Daitan / Lunatic19 / 140d ago
Michael looked at Andrew and just grinned. [b "I can't just visit at the drop of a hat, I had to finish Father's trainings before he would let me visit. So I had no choice but to interact with Diamond with Maria. Not that Maria minded or anything. What about you? Are you finally going to confess that you have feelings for M?"]

After they had snuck into the bookstore without either of the girls noticing, he quickly seen Diamond find the series that he had recommended to her. [i "No better time than the present."] he thought to himself as he walked up to her. [b "That's my favorite series... I think you would quite like it."]

Elsa smiled brightly as she looked up at Choal. [b "This was certinaly not the plan but I could tell she was itching to get that bookstore."] she told him. She shivered slightly as she felt a cold gust blow through the town, one that sent the leaves sprawling.

Maria followed Diamond into the store and nodded as she heard her. [b "We can always re-read. But I'm sure we'll find something else that will drawl us in!"]
Queen Elsa / boobear96 / 141d ago
Andrew laughed at him "You better hope so! And since you are properly meeting her this time are you going to send them through the proper channels or just keep making Maria do your leg work." He said to him as they saw the girls he smiles as he saw his cousin smiling with small snowflakes dancing around her. As they walked into the store "Come on."

Chaol smiled at Elsa "You had this planned all along so that I wouldn't threaten anyone those two came across." He pointed out sighing weakly as he kissed her head softly. "Fine. Dinner but I was promised breakfast so I'm getting us proper food."

Diamond smile "I'm a little disheartened but at the same time we are going into a bookstore we can find another series!" She said as she tugged her friend inside as they got their books and Diamond began to scan the isles looking for a new series to read stopping when she said the next one in the series the Prince had mentioned to her.
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 155d ago
Michael listened intently as Andrew told him about himself and Diamond. [b “Ah! I’m so glad she enjoys them.”] he said quickly. [b “I’ll have to send her some more when I return.”] He was slightly nervous as Andrew said they were almost to the bookstore, but he was excited too. [b “Eh. Parents usually love me. I doubt your aunt and uncle will be any different.”]

Elsa looked at Choal and huffed after Diamond had ran off. [b “She obviously would rather spend time with Maria. Choal, I don’t blame her. I was even worse when I was a teenager. Besides, did you not hear me mention dinner? We’ll send for Anna and Kristoff too!”] she said. [b “When was the last time we got to spend together? Just the two of us anyway.”]

Maria squealed as Diamond running came into view. [b “Oh I was getting worried! I thought you weren’t going to make it!”] she said. [b “I’m kind of sad that the series is ending.”]
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 155d ago
Andrew smiled at him slightly "Anytime besides Maria is staying because of Diamond and it was only fair that I was allowed to invite you. Uh just one thing, my aunt might not be aware of you sending Diamond letters, my soon to be uncle does and he is not thrilled." Andrew said laughing as he rubbed his neck as he smiled at him. "I'm good nervous about asking Maria but you know me I'll think of something. Diamond is well she enjoyed the books you recommended to her she still rereads them when she isn't busy with her other lessons." Andrew said as they walked the town "We are almost to the bookstore so you can properly introduce yourself."

Chaol looked like he was going to protest but Diamond's smile silenced it, "Just make sure you eat something you are too thin." Choal said surrendering knowing he wasn't going to win. Diamond's smile grew as she hugged them both before running off into the crowd. He sighed holding Elsa "Family gathering ended rather quickly." He said looking at her with a huff.

Diamond raced to the bookstore smiling as she waved to Maria "Hey sorry I'm late!" She said to her pushing her curl out of her face as she looked at her with a huge grin. "I can't believe we finally get to finish the series!" She said with a smile her navy dress twirling around her.
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 155d ago
Prince Michael waved as Andrew came into view as he was walking from the Castle. [b “Thank you for inviting me to stay with you. I feel as if I put the Earl out when I visit.”] he told him. [b “How is the Princess? How are you?”] he questioned as Andrew mentioned Diamond and Maria. [b “Well let’s go.”]

Elsa couldn’t hold back a giggle as she listened to Diamond come back at Choal. [b “While he shouldn’t be sneaking around, I’m the Queen and we’re both adults.”] she told Diamond with a grin. [b “It is quite funny to see when he gets caught by a maid though.”] She looked up to Choal and smirked. [b “Here’s the bakery!”] she said.

[b “How about you run along to meet Maria. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be held back by your parents. We can catch up together for Dinner. There is a new tavern I’ve heard that it really good. It would be nice to get out of the Castle, yes?”] she asked.
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 155d ago
Diamond looked at her mother thinking as she looked at her "She said we would meet at the bookstore first before heading back and grabbing Andy so he can go to the cafe with her in my stead." She said to her mother as Choal huffed at her.

"Andy is right you shouldn't worry about what those old bitties think of you they just like their gossip," Choal said to her as he watched Diamond walk ahead of them. She turned light on her feet having taken up dancing as another lesson to be added to her already busy schedule.

"Oh, you mean like how you listen to the others about you sneaking into mom's quarters?" She said as he raised a brow at her as they walked Diamond smiled at the locals waving to those that greeted her.

Andy was coming out as he saw the Prince "Hey Michael you are early!" He said running over to him with a smile "Come on Diamond and Maria are heading to the bookstore before going to a cafe." He said to him as he started to walk back to town a little happier knowing he wasn't alone now.
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 173d ago
A little while later, she was walking with her fingers intertwined with Choal's on the path down toward the Village. [b "So I told Anna that we would stop by the bakery and make sure Andrew's cake is a go.. Diamond, what time are you meeting Maria?"] she questioned. [b "I heard you tell Andy that she was going to be staying at the Castle until the day after the birthday party. That will be fun, you and Andy having someone to spend time with besides each other."]

Prince Michael looked around as his ship docked in Arndelle. He hadn't visited in a little over six months, but he was excited to be back for the next few weeks. The Earl had so generously offered to let him stay with them during his stay. [b "Which way is the Castle again? It's been awhile since I've been there."] he asked a dock hand as he walked. [b "Thank you."]

It wasn't a long walk to the Castle from the Docks. He was surprised by all the guards though. [b "Prince Michael from Rembelton to see Prince Andrew please."] he told them as he was stopped at the gates.
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 174d ago
Choal nodded to her as he kissed her gently "She talking to Andy." He said telling her location as he stood up and went to get ready. Of course, he strapped the dagger Diamon had given him to his belt after being scolded for walking around with his sword in the village. He leaned on the gate knowing he was probably going to be waiting a while.

Diamond smiled at him weakly "You and her say that all the time but we still need to be careful about the public image. He went to these length but I still don't know his intention we are just talking in the letter." She said to him as she saw her mother. "See you in town Andy." She said to him with a smile as they walked to the gate.
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 176d ago
[b “I know. You’re right. Sometimes I wish I was just a normal girl.. But then I don’t know if I would’ve met you. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten Diamond... There are so many possibilities.”] she told him. [b “I think that would be a wonderful idea... You should adopt Diamond the day I found her and then we can have a Summer wedding.”]

[b “I’m going to go find our daughter. I figured she would be down here by now.”] she said as she leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b “How about we get breakfast in the Village? Meet us at the gate.”] She turned and headed for the children’s wing. [b “Diamond? Are you ready to go? Choal is waiting for us.”]

Andrew laughed softly and nodded. [b “Maria doesn’t care what those nosey old women say. You shouldn’t either, Diamond. You’re the princess of Arndelle. You don’t have to answer to anyone. Especially the old women.”] he told her. [b “If the prince wasn’t interested in you, he wouldn’t go through the lengths of getting the letters to you.”]
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 176d ago
"You are the Queen so everything they do will be their business any way they can use something against you will be used against you." He said to her as he blushed weakly "Then how about this on that day I ask Diamond to let me adopt her so she is officially ours the day of the wedding?" he said to her trying to work this out knowing he didn't want Diamond panicking to help with everything.

Diamond smiled weakly at him "I love Maria but every time we go to the cafe's women tend to whisper more about her in a negative light when I am there. 'No one is going to want to be with her if she has such opinionated friends,' was whispered last time and you know Maria, she would fight anyone to defend me but nothing for herself." Diamond said chewing at her lip as Andy mentions the Prince she blushed "Andy I don't even know if he would want to go with me."
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 176d ago
Elsa rolled her eyes when she listened to Choal explain what Anna had meant. [b “I’m the Queen. You would think who I sleep with is no one else’s business.”] she said with a sparkle in her eye. [b “We’ll just have to be more careful so the maids and the guards don’t see you.”] she told him.

Her heart fluttered when he told her he wanted to wed on the day she found Diamond. [b “Thats coming up soon.... Four months from now.”] she said soflty. [b “You.... You want to adopt Diamond? Choal. She would love that.. She already feels like you’re her Father, but that would make her so happy.”]

Andrew looked at Diamond wearily when she said he could go to the cafe in her place with Maria. [b “That is a good idea...”] he said softly. [b “You wouldn’t mind? You don’t want to go to the Cafe?”] He looked at her and grinned slightly. [b “I don’t think you should ask Matthew to be your escort. We want to have fun right... You should ask the prince!”]
Queen Elsa / BooBear96 / 176d ago
Choal smiled at her softly "She means until we are married it wouldn't be good until we are fully married for them to know we are sleeping together." He said to her softly as he leaned back. "I want to do it the day you found Diamond." He said to her weakly as he sighed "I also want Diamond a big part of the ceremony as well I'm getting married to you but I'm adopting her." Choal said as he ran a hand through his hair.

Diamond smiled at him softly "You could always go to the cafe with her in my stead?" Diamond said as a way to get out of being in the public and hiding in the library. "As for the escort thing just ask her she really wants to go with you. I still need to find Matthew." Diamond said making a face as she sighed weakly she really did not want to go with Matthew she wanted a break from politics at a party.
snow 2 / Lunatic19 / 176d ago