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All It Takes Is A Spark [Closed]

By nomey1

Replies: 12 / 3 years ago

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[center Spin-off of [i Fireworks]. Closed 1x1 for Darcy and I only.]


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The only thing that came from his tutoring was Kenji learning that neither of his students was going to pass. Anything. Maybe ever. Thinking back to when he was the first year, he couldn’t recall having [i that] many problems. Then again, he really didn’t have any problems when it came to school. It was more of the social aspect of it that made his tongue tie and his brain start thinking of dancing pandas.

Quietly, Kenji drummed his fingertips against the wood of his desk while the teacher tiredly went over the same problem for the fifth time. How people didn’t understand math the first time around was beyond him. Instead of resolving the problem in his head like he had done before, his mind wandered to the note that he left in Hitomi’s shoe locker. A pint hue started to spread on his cheeks while his stomach clenched and unclenched nervously.

[i Dear Hitomi,]
[i I really don’t know how to start off this letter, because I feel if I were to tell you everything it might be the end of our good acquaintance, or, if I am lucky, the realization that you hold a small flame of love for me in your heart. I’ve convinced myself to take the risk because it is the only remedy that I could think of to unburden this feeling in my heart.]

[i Hitomi, I really like you. I know you may find it hard to believe if I tell you just how much you mean to me. Truly, I hardly understand what this feeling is if I am being completely honest.]

[i I have never felt like this for anyone before. I just don’t know how to convey my feelings to you, because words start to elude me whenever we speak. I have often wondered what kind of words I would actually say to you if I could manage. Would they be something poetic? I’m afraid it is no use.]

[i Yours,]
[i KhikaS@es.com]

Kenji’s brain froze for a moment as he recalled the letter once more. He hadn’t put his name. He.had.put.his.email. Dread washed over him. It had taken him days and countless amounts of paper to finally get it right and he went and put his email on it! He didn’t even put a time to meet if she had actually felt the same way!

Glancing at the old hand clock above the classroom door, Kenji quickly did the math in his head. If he ran out of the class as soon as the teacher dismissed them, he would have maybe three minutes to get to the lockers and grab the letter before anyone could question just what the hell he was doing. Even if he had a sliver of athletic ability, there was no way he was going to make it down two flights of stairs that fast. Unless he fell. Which at this point he was almost tempted to do. The sound of the teacher clearing her voice snapped him back to the present.

[b “Class.”] Noooo, his mind screamed out in terror. [b “Dismissed.”] With just two words, it was all over. It wasn’t like Hitomi could call him out for his letter, but another attempt would most likely make his heart burst. With a heavy sigh, Kenji stood up while shakingly putting his books away into his bag. Best case scenario, she would message him. Worst case, well this [b was] the worst case for him.
[font "Consolas" It was not uncommon for Hitomi to get very lost in whatever book she was reading. Because of that, it wasn't until the book was placed clearly near her that she even noticed that any other person was in the area. She took in a very sharp, audible gasp of air as she returned to reality. It took every ounce of self-control to not outright cuss in response to being surprised. Looking up, she realized it was a student from her class. Seriously, what was his name? She should probably know, especially since they had talked earlier that morning (though the interaction itself was nothing of note), but all she was drawing was blanks.

[b [#3bef65 "Um..."]] was all she could intelligently get out of her mouth in response.

That's when the student, apparently named Sawachika, was called. It sounded vaguely familiar, but maybe it was just one of those names. Regardless, he apologized and left to go join those that had called for him. She didn't know what else to do other than smile politely and wave him goodbye.

It wasn't until after he was gone did her eyes grow wide in panic. He was in her class. That meant it was very likely that he had heard her when she told her "friend" that she was going to a modeling job. Did he realize she was lying? What would happen if he told anyone else in her class? [#3bef65 [i 'Calm down,']] Hitomi quickly scolded herself. [i [#3bef65 'You are starting to get into paranoia land for no reason; fucking chill.']] She let out a very long, tired sigh. It seemed to have calmed her for the most part. She would cross any bridge that was needed when she got there and burn it behind her once it's no longer necessary.

Glancing down at the book that Sawachika had placed on the table, she closed the book she had been reading and looked over the new one. [i [#3bef65 'I'll love this one, huh...? That's a pretty confident statement to make.']] Her curiosity was successfully piqued. Opening the book to the first page, she began to read.]
Hitomi / nomey1 / 3y ago
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5hxOXOO.png]]
Everyone seemed to be in awe of the new student, though Kenji couldn’t figure out why. There had been no heroic stunts or amazing adventures that he told the class - at least not that Kenji heard. He had stopped listening after the introduction and had been stealing glances at the one that made his heart race. It wasn’t long before the teacher finally released them for lunch and Kenji was gone. Grabbing his bag, he was out the door and down the hall, those long legs of his taking two stairs at a time. It took him minutes to get from the third floor to the first floor.

It had taken him a few days to find out exactly where Hitomi’s shoe locket was. He was not about the let his love letter fall into the hands of some ruffian. Or worse, some younger girl that he had no idea existed until she threw the letter in his face. A shiver travelled up his spine as his mind spun with all the different scenarios that could come out of this. Carefully, making sure that no one else was around, Kenji pulled out his letter from the side of his bag. He had gone to three different stationary stores to find the right paper. One couldn’t confess their love on market brand paper. Kenji had done some research, when it came down to it eighty percent were rejected with market brand paper. The other twenty was that the other party had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Taking a deep breath, Kenji carefully fit his letter into the locket. His stomach knotted itself up onto a tight ball as he walked away. [#9bcd9b [i ‘What if she doesn’t like green paper? What if she doesn’t like guys with glasses?’]] hundreds of more thoughts of doubt started to pour in. Shaking his head, Kenji started up towards the third floor. During more lunches, he tutored others in the library. By others, it was normally one or two people that were told they weren't going to make it unless they got over a fifty on their next exam. It wasn’t for the money, for the most part, it was either because the student had stalked him down and pleaded that they needed his help or the teacher had asked him to step in. Either way, nine times out of ten, one of his pupils always brought him a snack and that was good enough for him. Truthfully, Kenji was sure that he couldn’t eat anything even if he went to the cafeteria now.

Upon entering the library, those green hues of his soon landed on a beautiful sight. Hitomi’s golden hair seemed to glow softly in the sun. A small little sigh slipped through his lips and a cough from deeper in the library snapped him out of his intense stare. The lanky brunette had planned to just duck his head and walk past until the book she held caught his attention. Well, caught a little bit of his attention. Quickly, Kenji dug into his bag until he produced the hardcover book that [#9bcd9b [b “If you enjoy that, you’ll love this one.”]] Without hesitation, he sat the book downside her. He wasn’t about to hand it to her since there was a small chance that their hands would touch and his heart wasn’t fully ready for that kind of affection yet.

[b “Sawachikkkaaaa.”] A whine arose from a row of tables where his two pupils sat.

[#9bcd9b [b “Yes, yes.”]] Kenji waved his hand towards the duo as he turned his back on Hitomi. [#9bcd9b [b “Sorry.”]] He looked back over his shoulder towards her before fully giving his attention to the ones that were promised it. Why he apologized, he wasn’t quite sure. However, he felt like it needed to be said. Once he sat down at the table, his mind was no longer on love, but on the multiple subjects that the two were failing. At this rate, he was going to have to be tutoring them until they were both thirty.