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₪ deѕperaтe мeaѕυreѕ ₪

By RecklessDreamer

Replies: 11 / 3 years ago

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Ven is complicated and Jasmine is insane.


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She was right. She would always be his Sea Monster. Just like she was Daddy's Monster. But Ven couldn't help but think that he had somehow hurt her feelings unintentionally. It wasn't something he did often, but sometimes he did. And it always ended up hurting him more than it did to her... Just because he didn't want to hurt her in any way.

The sweet kiss told him otherwise, leaving a warm feeling upon his cheek, and making his hand reach up to touch his cheek. She continued to speak, explain how he wanted to be normal and how she didn't fit in that category. She was once again right, she wasn't ever going to fit in such category, but that didn't mean that she was still pretty normal to him... Her brother on the other hand... well. He was another story.

Victor watched as she held hands with his own brother and lead him out of the room. Leaving him to wonder what the hell he was supposed to do now. Should he follow him? Like Alice down a rabbit hole? Or would he stay behind and be...normal...

Ken looked at the young blonde and smiled softly. "Think it'll work?" He questioned, but soon shook his head. "Well, I don't think it will. He is too prideful to follow the crowd. Well, the odd crowd that is." He chuckled before wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Well, we could always just go over to Irene and bother the living shit outta her." He suggested with a wide grin.

A few weeks later...

"I am NOT doing that." The boy bitterly spoke, crossing his arms. Aion simply smiled and nodded. "You are definitely going to do this. Come on, it's for my sister. And she's been kinda down lately... You know how bullies always get you do--"

"FINE! Fine. I will do it. But I will be ruining my reputation even further thanks to you guys." Ven snarled as he snatched the paper out of his brother's hand. Aion and Ken Jr. simply grinned as Ven stormed out of the janitor's closet. The evil shadows simply following behind. And one with a camera...

Jace, dark hair, blonde highlights. Average height, brown eyed. Asshole in the making. Ven sighed as he locked eyes the boy at his locker, the male looking at him and raising an eyebrow as the grey-eyed boy began to approach him. "What the fuck do you --?" Ven leaned up and closed his eyes. He could hear the kids gasping around them, laughing, snapping pictures. Fuck... Ven held his breath as he simply continued to kiss the boy. Kalvin who approached behind Jace, Ven quickly walked up and kissed him as well as he could hear Jace spitting out, nearly puking. Oh how he wished to join him on that... This was beyond what he wanted to do, but if it would help...

Ven broke off the kiss only to feel him being shoved to the ground. "What the fuck!" The boy screamed as he wiped his mouth, Ven only smiled as he got up and dusted himself off. "Guess I am a school slut now ain't I?" He chuckled before walking off. Aion soon taking a picture of the two young boys. "Rumors are quite more interesting when they have proof to back them up, right?" The boy winked at them and walked off, the blonde that was behind him simply recording as he followed behind. The three boys ran off, laughing hard as they soon reached the school's soccer field bleachers. Smiling Ven soon looked over at Aion and chuckled. "That... was quite fun let me say..."

"You're not turning gay, now, are you?" Ken questioned with a sly grin, making his brother smirk. "No. I just said it was fun to get revenge."

Aion chuckled soon hearing familiar footsteps approaching them. "Hey there, sis. Liked the view?"
Jasmine didn't pay any mind to his words. They were humans, apart of the animal species. It didn't matter if they were different genders. They were human. And she had already seen naked boys, well... her family and Victor, some of their friends, they were family too.

Jasmine blinked twice, watching as he glanced at her. He was feeling self cautious again. Though, girls matured faster than boys... he had no reason to look at her and feel bad. He was supposed to feel comfortable. They were friends, best friends.

There was something in his tone. He was bothered by the rumors. He was always bothered when people spoke lies of her. Listening to others, caring about what others thought, wasn't her thing. She cared less for such things, unlike him. He still had much to learn.

Why not us? Well that was simple, she made sure that they didn't speak of it aloud. Sure, she was aware some rumors spread about them, but she made sure they wouldn't get back to him. She knew how important his image was to him.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders. Shaking her head as he said he didn't mind seeing her naked. He did mind, he had just argued that factor a moment ago. But she kept quiet, listening to his words, accepting his hug. There was no normal, just what society viewed as normal and well, she couldn't be that. She wasn't normal. Not one bit.

She wasn't what everyone said she was. And as long as her friends knew it and never doubted her was all that mattered. "I'd still be a sea monster." A kind smile formed upon her lips. He was sweet. Very sweet. There was no questions as to why she had a crush on him, yes a crush. She enjoyed his company. Wouldn't trade him for the world. And if there was anyone she'd want to cross any line with or try anything with it'd be him.

Jasmine glanced over towards the door. A smirk over her face. She knew Kenneth was still around. It was hard for her not to notice others around. Jasmine shrugged her shoulders. "Twelve year old boys and girls. Wanting to be popular, insecure about themselves. Jace, Chad, Kalvin; just a few. Besides, me and Aion have a date tonight." She winked over to him. "Shouldn't you be sneaking into Irene's room?" Jasmine chuckled soon looking to Victor.

"You can be a normal kid, I can never be one." Jasmine leaned in, pressing her lips to his cheek. "It's not who I am. But you can be one." She smiled at him, taking a step back before she turned and left the room, taking Ken's hand and dragging him out with her. "Let's go and play."
Did she really think this was a joke? That it was funny? Had she any idea how bad this looked? They were just kids for damn sake! Yes, just kids. But Jasmine was no kid, no ordinary kid thanks to her parents. They were messed up at it was. And Jasmine was WAY too mature for her age... Then again, Victor couldn't say much either since he was about the same... Except his parents were completely normal. Well, mostly normal. His father was a giant with many piercings and tattoos. Oh, and he was also a Pediatrician... Yeah, very normal...

Victor shook his head. He didn't give a crap about his brother at the moment. Now he was more concerned about his image, not only to his parents, but to his surroundings. The eyes of others. And it wasn't because Jasmine was the towns psychopath's daughter, but because they were just kids. And sex was a bit of a taboo subject for everyone. And he had to learn quickly because, well, Vendetta's.

"Judge or not, clothing is still necessary, Jasmine. I can't just be naked around you. I am a boy. and YOU ARE a girl." He explained as he quickly reached for his boxers upon the bed and slipped them on. Soon turning over to her, his eyes soon trailing down her body. She... she was growing up. Her figure was defining, she was taller than him now. And he was still.... He sighed soon looking up at her. Her statement grabbing his attention. "Everyone has seen you naked in school?" He questioned a bit bothered. Her words only making his blood boil. She wasn't her mother. She wasn't a slut. Even though her mother... it wasn't her mother's fault how she turned out to be. And thankfully Xavier had helped her out a bit. Though it was more of a mutual help...

"Why...not us?" He did not dare to ask, but the words had seemed to easily slip from his lips. "I mean we hang out together more than with anyone else. You are known to be my best friend in school. To be very close to me. How could they not thin--" Why was this even bothering him? Victor then took notice of the change of her mood. He shook his head and sighed. "I don't mind seeing you naked." He spoke softly, reaching out and grasping her hand gently. "You're pretty, Jasmine. But right now, all I want to be is kids. NORMAL kids." He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly. "And if I have to be weird every now and then I will. But for now, how about we fix the lies? After all, you are nothing of what they say you are." He chuckled soon letting her go. Lifting her chin up, he smiled at her. "If you were, you wouldn't be my Sea monster."

"So cute." Ken spoke mockingly. Ven glanced over at the blonde who leaned against the door post, a wide grin on his lips.

"What do you want now?" Ven questioned bitterly. His brother chuckled and looked over at Jasmine. "Over heard a little. Who are the liars? SO we can smoke out the little crap heads."
Doesn't want to see her naked? Oh now that was a lie. He was just a gentleman. And she... she was a lady, a bold one. She smiled, reaching over to his hand, trying to uncover his hand from his face.

Though, she too had heard the door open, unlike him, she simply turned with a smile on her face. Her eyes stared over the blonde boy, older than they were. See, he was fine with it all, why couldn't Victor be? Jasmine shrugged her shoulders, Victor be a man? Well that wasn't exactly her intentions, but... if Victor seemed like he wanted to, she would. She did like Victor, a lot and for him to be her first....

Jasmine blinked upon feeling Victor pull her behind him. Oh, he was such a gentleman, not wanting anyone to see her naked. The blonde chuckled as he spoke, making things sound far worse. "Just because I start doesn't mean he can't finish it." She waved to Ken jr as he left.

Jasmine sighed glancing down at the towel he wrapped around her. She grabbed her clothes as he pushed them to her. Jasmine bit her lip, oh how she wanted to laugh, but she wouldn't laugh in his face, not when he was already embarrassed.

"Ken thinks we're going to do something, there's a difference." That cheeky grin plastered over her face. Jasmine glanced over to the door, then over his body, just wanting to make him feel uncomfortable.

"You're father knows I like to be naked, he's my dads best friend. And your mom... she'll give you the sex ed talk." Jasmine chuckled, but she sipped her pants on under the towel.

"Being naked isn't anything to be embarrassed about Victor. Clothing is just materialistic items that others use to judge." Jasmine shrugged pulling the towel off her body and pulling her shirt over her head. She walked over towards Kenneth's bed and sat down.

"Besides half the school has already seen me naked, or well says they have. They started up new rumors." Jasmine glanced up at the ceiling knowing he still wouldn't have liked for her eyes to be on him.

"I am my mothers daughter. I gave Jace a hand job under the bleachers, sucked off Chad in the boys bathroom. Let Kalvin touch my boobs for money." Yes there were lies being spread around the school, but Jasmine paid no mind to most of them. Only when someone tried to act upon them, thinking she would actually do something like that. "Us having sex, no one thinks it yet, so you don't have to worry."

Jasmine was ready for the bullying. She was already being harassed by the girls, but she refused to do anything in return. The girls were simply insecure of their own selves and lashed out on her because the boys gave her attention, the good and bad kind. Not that it mattered, Jasmine only had eyes for Victor. "Do you really not want to see me naked?" She glanced over to him.
“I can get naked too.” She murmured, though ignoring any possible responses he’d give her, Jasmine tugged at the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She knew he wouldn’t look or well stare, Victor wasn’t like that. He was usually a gentleman. “I saw you naked, it’s only fair right?” Jasmine lowered her pants, slowly taking everything off.

Victor sighed, shaking his head. "Just because my door was open, Jasmine, doesn't mean that it was an invita--" The boy's words fell short as his eyes glanced over at the now naked friend.... His face flushing a bright tint of red. He should've known her better. She was always capable of doing such things. And to be honest, lately it had gotten worse. Jasmine... had just gotten bolder. More... open about everything. And Victor only felt more and more afraid of his own limits. And to how much more trouble he would get into.

The boy simply stood in place, frozen as his eyes instantly stared up at the ceiling. Even after he felt the towel slip from his waist. One of his hands going down to cover himself up, and the other covering his eyes. "Jasmine... Get dressed, please. I don't want to see you naked. Be a lady." He murmured. His ears soon perked up at the sudden sound of footsteps, and the door knob turning.

"Victor, I'm going to go see Irene wanna co--" A blonde boy entered the room, blue eyes staring directly at his brother. Victor stared at his brother. Kenneth's eyes soon changed over to the family friend. A bright grin formed on his lips. "Hi, Jasmine. It's nice to know that my little bro gonna be a man sooner than me. So lucky." He chuckled, making Victor narrow his eyes at him. The dark haired boy then reached out and pulled Jasmine behind him. "Get out! She's naked. And this is not what you think! She started it!"

"Kinky." Ken Jr said with a grin. "Well, don't hurt her too much."

"Out!" Victor shouted, his face now tomato red. Watching his brother leave, Victor turned to face the blonde, and snatched the towel from her hands, and wrapped it around her. Tying the top to make sure it remained in place. Grabbing her clothes from the floor, the male pushed them into her arms and smirked. "Get. Out. Now." He said as he pointed to the door. "And get dressed! Now Ken thinks we did things when we didn't. If my father sees you... or worse... my mother... Just... Just go."
Jasmine smiled mischievously as he tried to hide himself from her. There was really no need for him to do that. She was used to seeing guys naked, well her family naked. Clothes was really optional in her house. Why being naked embarrassed others, well she’d never know. Still, Jasmine slid inside, closing the door behind her. She stood there against the door. Aqua green eyes watching as he complained.

“I didn’t sneak in. Your door was open.” She shrugged, “that was an invitation.” Jasmine shook her head at his next words. “Being naked is nothing to be ashamed of Victor.” There really wasn’t… especially since.. well, he was really handsome to look at with or without clothes on. Then again, she also just really liked getting under his skin.

“I can get naked too.” She murmured, though ignoring any possible responses he’d give her, Jasmine tugged at the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She knew he wouldn’t look or well stare, Victor wasn’t like that. He was usually a gentleman. “I saw you naked, it’s only fair right?” Jasmine lowered her pants, slowly taking everything off.

She walked over to him, quietly and reached out, pulling the towel from him. She cocked her head to the side. Her eyes on his with a smile. “You’ve never seen a girl naked before have you?” She chuckled slightly.

Oh, she was only messing with him. And to be fair, she felt much more comfortable undressed than clothed, though… that was usually. For some odd reason, being there… in front of Victor, it felt different. It was a good feeling though. As if she’d been hiding before and now he’d seen all of her, bare and exposed. Even if he didn’t want to.
Victor smiled softly. Intimidate. Who could even do so? She was a Vendetta. Fearless family. Psychotic bloodline. Yet lovable at heart. No, the were not normal at all. And Victor sometimes feared to end up being like one of them if not careful enough. But she was right about one thing, ‘revenge is never an option… only a choice’.

His eyes followed her to the door. His feet soon following her same footsteps to close the distance. There was the Jasmine he knew. The rather scary side of Jasmine. The kind that kinda made his stomach turn, and not in the good way. "Jasmine, I like you, but you scare me sometimes." He admitted a bit boldly. Soon shaking his head. "And no one can treat you how they want to. I won't allow it. Or I will try for it not to happen, you know that. "

Victor reached out, taking her hand and smiling softly. "I am whatever I need to be. And I like to dip my feet into the darkness sometimes to be able to understand that in which is very misunderstood. Sometimes what it believed to be dark is actually quite bright." He said softly as he placed a hand upon her cheek. Cupping it, and smiling softly. "I guess what I am trying to say is that... if I have to go insane for a little bit to be able to understand you, I will." He chuckled, soon letting her go and opening the door for her. "Now, let's go before we REALLY get in trouble. Please?"

About four years later...

"Jasmine! Get out of my room!" He yelled as he wrapped a towel around his waist. His face red from embarrassment. "You can't just barge in like if it was your room. Besides, can't you like call me? Or send me a message? And stop sneaking into my room?" He muttered before reaching for the boxers upon his bed. "Can I at least get dressed? In PRIVATE!"
Oh, of course, he wanted to go back. But who'd really notice they were gone? The class didn't want her around and Victor was so quiet they wouldn't notice he had disappeared. In fact, the only reason why he'd get into trouble was because he was around her, but he chose to. They were partners in crime.

Jasmine giggled softly, "People only care about the outside structure, the way things are supposed to look. The norm. Even if it's missing a few stars, you can still tell what it is supposed to be.... what it really is."

Jasmine turned, stepping forward, inches from Victor. Jasmine should have expected such a question from Victor. He was always so quiet, caring. Of course, he would want to know what she thought. Victor was smart, a genius, almost. He could read others just as she did. There were just some people who weren’t that easy to read and for Victor that was her… entire family, aside from her mother, she was really easy.

Jasmine reached up, patting his chest. “Is that what you really want, to know what I think? You don't really want to know what I think. I'm kinda not all there." No, there was no need to tell him.

The young eight-year-old was still growing, there was still time to think of what she thought about all of this, her peers, life, the world. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” The blonde shrugged as she took a few steps back. Her eyes staring up at the lights that covered the ceiling.

"Stars burn out and fade away because they're too busy trying to shine and make themselves known. But the sky, odd as it may seem because of its shifting colors, stands out but it's better to be a plain old beautiful sky than those stars trying to shine brighter."

Truth be told, Jasmine never paid any mind to their hurtful words. Then again, they weren’t hurtful, just funny. Laughable. She laughed in their face, countless of times. Which was why she was pushed down and beaten. She was covered in bruises and scars that Victor wasn’t fully aware of, she wouldn’t tell anyone. Though, her family knew. Aion knew and dealt with it his own way, which was sort of why most kids talked recently instead of putting their hands on her. Her family was scary, she guessed. But was Jasmine ever really hurt or bullied? No.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders. She smiled brightly, the infamous Vendetta smirk. “They don’t intimidate me. They fear what they don’t understand. And so they try and make sense of it by saying it’s unusual, that I’m not normal. But, I know right from wrong. They are not horrible people for their own beliefs. And, ‘revenge is never an option… only a choice’.” She quoted her fathers words.

The blonde skipped over towards the door. "Besides, they're all weak little individuals I can kill them in a split second, but Victor probably already knew that." Yes, he probably did, he knew a lot about her and yet, he seemed to possibly know nothing at all. That was the mystery of Victor, he wasn't so easy to read. And that was why she was so drawn to the boy, he wasn't like anyone else. He was odd, in his own way.

Ah right, she had never answered his question, at least not the way he probably intended for her to answer. Not most people understood her when she spoke, she had to be completely clear when explaining instead of vague like she usually was, but Jasmine knew Victor understood her… out of all of her friends, he was the only one. “I don’t care what they say, I am who I am. If you don’t mind how I am, why question? They can treat me however they choose, but if they treat the ones I care about badly, that’s another story.”

Jasmine peeked out of the door, noticing their class long gone from the area. Aqua green eyes glanced back over to Victor. “It must really bother you… the way I get treated.” She walked over to him. “You shouldn’t be afraid of me getting bullied, but it’s sweet to know that you wouldn’t ever let it happen.” Jasmine inched closer to him, pressing a small peck on his cheek. “What do you think of all of this, all of them? Would you rather me blend in? You wouldn’t get in as much trouble.” She pulled away, her voice soft. “You try to hide beneath the clouds, but you seem to dip your feet into the darkness.”
Field trips... maybe those were the worst things about school. At least in his case. Ven never really felt the necesity of going on these trips. It was pointless. Too many kids in the way to see the same thing. Not enough time to really explore and indulge every inch of knowledge that the place had to offer.

He remembered having a "discussion" with his mother earlier that day. How she "reasoned" with him to go. Even though to be honest, he reallt did not want to go since Jasmine was going... It wasn't that he did not like her, or thay he hated her... It was just thay she was so... Obssessive with him? Annoying.. Yeah, annoying.

Ven looked over at the blonde who had just begun speaking to him. Or well about him... The boy merely raised an eyebrow curiously. Was she talking to herself again?

"She is so weird..." "She's a creep." Victor could hear the other classmates murmur. The boy simply feeling a anger beginning to formulate within as they continued to call her a freak and odd. But what they didn't know was that she was also kind, loving and... Yeah she was weird, odd, maybe would grow to be a freak... But her heart was gold. Any guy would be lucky to have her as his wife...

Grey eyes glanced over to stare at the blonde girl who simply stared out to the others. A smile formed on his lips, his eyes reverting to peer out the window. One of his hands settling firmly under his chin, resting his head as he stared out the window. His hand other hand slid over to grasp her hand, something he had grow used to doing ever since they were younger.

The science museum, Ven was not really too keen on coming to a boring place. Even though he loved the thought of tinkering with things and seeing how they work from the inside out. His eyes glanced over at his blonde friend cruiously. Jasmine was someone he wondered what went on in the head. What made her tick. What made her be...Jasmine.

His thought was quickly interrupted. As he was pulled bakwards. It was then he had realized what she had said. His eyes glanced up at the large doors and then back to her. "Jasmine, we shouldn't leave the group. Remember, the teacher told us to keep close." He said as he pulled her back.

Ofcrouse she wouldn't listen to him. When would she ever listen to him? His advice. She had a curious and free spirit. Always wandering around, seeing new things. This is how she would always end up in trouble. And how he would always end up in much more toruble... Not like her parents would care... Her father was exactly like her. So was her brother. Now his own parents well... He always got in toruble. Mainly because he would take the blame for everything. Even when it was not his fault.

And right now he was probably going to take the fall again. Wondering what was behind the doors was the least of his problems. "Jasmine, I don't think we should... Honestly...let's stay with the group." But of course his request fell upon deaf ears as the blonde wandered off. And well dragged him along.

Ven only sighed as he followed close behind her. His eyes staring up at the ceiling. It was cool, but the real thing was beautiful and even better. "We are going back. Before they notice we are gone. I don't want detention again." He said softly before walking up behind her. His eyes stared up at the dipper. Soon smirking. "It's missing a few stars...Guess they can't afford repairs." He shrugged his shoulders before looking towards the door. "Hey Jas... Do you really not mind being called a freak? Or... Standing out in a crowd? I mean... Everyone seems to not like you... Don't you feel like... You want to fit in? Or just blend in just maybe a little? Just to shut their moutha up? I mean... I don't mind how you are. I like the way that you are now but... I guess I am afraid of someone maybe trying to bully you... Not like it woyld last long because I will never let it happen but..." He sighed. "I want to know...what do you really think about all of this? All of them..."
Field trips... maybe those were the best things about school. The blonde eight year old blonde stood in a crowd of about twenty of her classmates. Each standing close to their buddy, a buddy they couldn't leave. Lucky for her, she had the best buddy in the class. The only person who actually liked and considered her a friend Victor Elliott Nixon. Though, he kind of had no choice but to be friends with her.

Their parents were the best of friends. Even since they were young. And for her and Victor it was the same, the only difference was that they've been friends there entire life so far. And Jasmine Elyse Vendetta wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

"Victor is always so nice, he doesn't have to sit next to me or be my friend but he does it anyways..." Jasmine thought to herself, aloud, which she never really took much note of, not that it really mattered. Jasmine was a Vendetta, her family was insane. And if the world thought she was insane, may as well continue to let them think so. She'd rather be odd than normal.

The class finally started moving. The Vendetta, cheeky smile plastered on her face as she looked around. Jasmine wasn't too big on science, but she was curious about pretty much everything, though that didn't mean they caught her attention. What impressed her most was the odd and unordinary.

Green eyes fell over the door, a glow attempting to escape. Jasmine stopped, her hand still intact with Victors. "I wonder what's in there," she murmured to herself. "But we're probably not going there for a reason."

"I could sneak away." She shrugged her shoulders, stepping forward but her hand was pulled back by the the other person.

"If your so worried about staying with our buddies like we have to then come with me!" Jasmine smiled brightly, "don't you wonder what's behind those doors?" Jasmine pulled his hand. "Besides, they said as long as your with your buddy, you're not lost." She shrugged her shoulders rushing over towards the door.

"This is gonna be great." She thought to herself as she pulled her hand from Victor's. Jasmine pushed the door open. Her eyes scanning the dark room covered by a replica of the night sky. It was beautiful....

Jasmine had seen the stars before. During those dark nights when Mr Issac would watch them; Victors mom, Mrs Nixon, even Kimmy and Auntie Kal. But this... was different. Much different. Of course, Jasmine preferred the original better than the imitation, but to see it all in one small room, that was quite impressive.

"Wow..." she stepped into the middle of the room, "there's Ursa Major, you can tell by the Big Dipper, that's how it's found." She pointed up towards the ceiling. "Victor lets just stay here for a while." She glanced over to him.