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By Caramia

Replies: 14 / 3 years ago

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What the fuck is up with this new layout? It's even worse than the last one? At this point Jimmy is just a bad as YandereDev. Constantly making massive changes to try and hype shit up every couple of years but then completely abandons the projects at 50% and doesn't care to appoint moderators or do anything to keep the site interesting. A new layout every couple of years, which is so awful and hard on the eyes btw, doesn't make this a useable site.

There's like next to no advertising so finding out about ES .. sorry.. roleplay cloud wtf? At least come up with a decent name that doesn't sound like a teenager came up with it? is pretty niche.

Our own image storing server would be great. Maybe a VIP subscription to support the cost of that.

Being able to sort our characters into categories based on roleplays they're in

Being able to rate other writers (even if we could see 'pageviews in the last x amount of time' compared to likes, or % of people who've visited in the last month that have liked that writer, we can be recommended roleplay partners with similar %'s..)

RP categories need to actually make sense...


Like.. there's so much that could be one to make this a website WORTH roleplaying on.
Reiji / 25d ago
"Why do you bottle everything up and never lean on anybody and just cry by yourself all the time"

because anybody i ever try to leans on doesn't listen, talks over me, completely overtakes the entire conversation or misinterprets what i say and they don't hear me and i get tired of talking. it's so much easier to just block everything and everyone out and just say i'm okay, because then i don't have to deal with feeling like a burden. my comfort comes from identity v, disney and three kingdoms.
Reiji / 128d ago
PM (particulate matter) 2.5 remains the longest within the atmosphere. This matter is responsible for plaque deposits in the arteries, lungs, throat, and nose. In the most severe cases, it can cause a heart attack. <==

yup putting this in your face for prolonged periods is a greaaaat idea!
Reiji / 164d ago
"wear a mask when you go out... oh but don't wear surgical or n95 because there's a shortage and those need to be for first responders. wear cloth masks to protect yourself and others..

... oh but cloth masks actually do nothing but inhibit your ability to breathe
.. & those small filtres you put in them the PM2.5 actually increases death rate if you catch covid by 8% if you've been using those too long"

I'm sorry this whole pandemic thing is complete bullshit i was on board for the increased protection and stuff for the first month or so but now this is ridiculous

they count ANYONE who is tested as positive until their test comes back negative, then says they're recovered

the death rate is so incredibly much lower than flu

i'm sorry but this is just bs
it's only scary because of how fast the virus spreads

it's like water. respect it, be aware of it, be careful, protect yourself, but don't let it completely control your life & don't be afraid of it. most people don't even know they have it and the actual death rate is extremely low compared to so many other illnesses.

sorry but im done with this shit /)
open the disney parks so i can enjoy my birthday this year, ty. /)
Reiji / 164d ago
[center [size=10px yesterday someone kept switching the pronouns they used for me every single time they talked about me. and i know it's tough and annoying to do that but honestly, it really made me feel good and validated and happy. i don't want to say anything to them because i don't want them to feel pressured to do it all the time, but i want to put that gratitude and thankfulness out into the world and i hope if anyone happens to see this ever, that you'll spread that. say thank you. do something nice for somebody else. i'm going to buy a friend a blizzard and have it sent to their house without telling them because i know they're home today and kinda sad so. ]]
Reiji / 196d ago

for... 5

12-14 hour days.

That's $3/hr.

I was promised [i $13.50.]
Reiji / 232d ago
"talk to me, talk to me, what's wrong, are you okay, you can tell me anything"

but then i finally talk and you don't listen
you talk over me, you judge me
you try and fix it instead of just letting. me. be sad.
it's okay to be sad sometimes.
shit happens it's not instant fixes for everything.
it's healthy to let some emotions run their course because that's part of
dealing with it.
Reiji / 251d ago
& also if you're r e a l l y having a rough time

go outside and hula hoop with like 3-4 people (at least 6ft apart from each other which you should be regardless of quarantine with hoops)

or like those little .. jumprope.. thing.. that go around your ankle, with the ball on it and you skip over the ball-
Reiji / 282d ago
imma come out and say it
(most of) y'all taking this quarantine like little b*tches.
chronically ill people & those with poor life quality are just sittin here like
"bro i've been doing this decades, this is nothing"
it' a few weeks and honestly
[i if people just fking did what they were told]
this would all probably be over already.

sure it's really shitty but like, stay inside and deep-clean your houses? do those hobbies you've always wanted to do? read that book that's been sitting on your shelf for a year because you don't have the time? ffs play kingdom hearts or final fantasy that shit takes like a week to beat.
Reiji / 282d ago
the feeling when you've had an idea for 2+ years

and have tried and tried and tried and [i tried] so many different things to make it a reality

and you use [i your] idea to help a friend who asks [i someone else] to bring the idea to life

and they change it [i just enough] that it's not your idea anymore, but it's obviously taken 98% of it and they pass it off like it's completely from their own head.

[i and it's not like you can say anything because they did it way better than you ever could've, and so even if you did say something, you'd just look like some sore loser.]
Reiji / 299d ago
[center [font "batang che" [size9 Unpopular opinion:
AP passholders repeatedly trying to pull for Rise Of The Resistance, more than once or twice, are assholes. There are people paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to be there who are only there for a handful of days and you are significantly lowering their chances. You live near the park and have the chance to go daily, weekly, monthly, several times a year - enough to own that Annual Pass. What about someone from across the country or a different continent who is there for 3 days who saved for YEARS to be there and might not get the chance to be there again? You're selfish and greedy. Wait for crowds to die down, because they will and you know they will. You get to be in Disneyland EVERY SINGLE DAY. Let people who have limited chances get their passes. This isn't just for Rise, either. ]]]
Reiji / 335d ago
[center [font "batang che" [size9 i wish i was more masculine, i hate myself
and people keep calling me a girl today
and usually i don't care but today
[b today]
[i today it really bothers me and makes me hate myself more] ]]]
Reiji / 342d ago
[center [size9 [i I'm amazed about different forms of communication. I can have whole conversations with people when I know very little of their language. Just by focusing more on actions than words, having some understanding of someone's culture, being patient with each other. I can't imagine how immigrants must feel in western cultures because typically people are not very nice to foreigners. But when I get the chance into interact with someone and they treat me with nothing but kindness and patience and let me make mistakes and teach me, I'm just overwhelmed with joy. I'm happy to have friends all across the world. ]]]
Reiji / 344d ago