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New Chapters 1x1 (needs male)

By SmileBright

Replies: 10 / 3 years ago

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[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/83/d4/06/83d406d982f5d99ef4e8f6defcc074bf.jpg]

Kinsley loved books, constantly reading something new whenever she got out. She hated where she lived, and wanted a new adventure. When she turned 18, she left America for England, and landed in London. Her plan was to open a book store, which is what she had always wanted to do. For three years, she worked her butt off to get enough money to lease a place for her store and to fill it. She put a down payment on a place and named it [b New Chapters]

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/db/0f/58/db0f58ddc38d8a9d1e417c5e9cf1082c.jpg]

Kinsley was so happy to be living her dream, and it seemed to be doing really well. She was so busy working, she hadn't much time to date. Her friends had set her up on dates all the time, but no one clicked with her. But that changed when [b he] came in. [You] are famous around these parts, everyone always asking for pictures or autographs. [You] ran into Kinsley's store to ditch the paparazzi just as she was closing, and ended up looking around. Kinsley and [You] bumped into each other, and because Kinsley didn't recognize [You], he started a conversation. [You] came back everyday right before closing, just to see Kinsley. Kinsley had no idea of his fame, and he really didn't want her to think differently of him. They end up exchanging numbers, talking all the time. They go out a few times, but he always presses to go to her place or the bookstore after hours. He didn't want to go out, in worries of being seen, and he didn't want to go to his place, because she would know he was rich/famous from looking at it.

Kinsley asks him to help her stock the store early one day, and he agrees. People come in, and flock around [You]. She finds out everything, and kicks everyone out. Will he be able to make it up to her? Will there chapters be over?

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As he male spoke his name, Kinsley was able to get a good look at him. He was gorgeous, brown tousled hair and sparkling brown eyes looked at her. As their hands touched, she smiled. "Yes, Kinsley is fine. If you need any help, anything at all, please ask me." she smiled, she watched as he pulled his scarf down. "Also, I'm around if you simply need a conversation." Kinsley rushed away to finish putting the extra books away, and went over to her computer. She started putting in all the books that were sold and rented.

Kinsley went over to her One Cup Coffee Maker, making herself some hot water for tea. Kinsley called across the store, "Julius?" she called. "I'm sorry to bother you, but would you like a cup of tea? I have cookies too!" she smiled. Kinsley loved for the people in her shop to be treated like guests in her house. She would never kick someone out for staying late to finish a book or just look around. She may have "closed" a few minutes ago, but why stop someone from getting a book they may fall in love with. She filled her teal mug with gold polka dots with the hot water, putting in a Chamomile and Lavender Teabag. She made him a cup of tea in a plain black mug. "Your tea is ready! I hope you drink chamomile!" she smiled, sipping her own tea. She grabbed some biscuits she had and put them on the counter. She took one, dipping it in her tea and took a bite. "Mmm." she smiled. She fixed her glasses as she continued her work on her computer, waiting for this mysterious man to join her, or not.
The flashing lights, the cameras, and the paparazzi were all just a nuisance which the male had come to accept to be inevitable factors of his life. As the throng of people all watched the way he interacted with his female companion his mind was elsewhere.. Even as his fingers curled around the nape of her neck, and her fingertips trace the outline of his jaw, he was dreaming of a time before this was his reality. A time where he was able to move back and forth through the crowd invisible. Holding on to his mother’s hand in the streets of a country that was forgotten. It was somewhere in Europe though.. His accent betrayed him to be a foreigner, but that only heighten the sex appeal and other’s desires to get to know him.

When the last camera flashed and it’s blinding light capture the image of him with his ‘lover’ tangle in his arms the voice of the director announce that the shoot was over. At last. “Good job, Valentine..” a voice spoke as those brown eyes flickered in the direction of the lady. Indeed, he had done a good job posing as a mannequin for the amusement of others. All he could do was smile and nod his head in honest modesty. No one seemed to notice the emptiness that filled up his eyes.
[center ~*~]

Wearing sunglasses against the backdrop of an encroaching nightfall and a scarf around his neck was his way of blending into the crowd. Head low and hands in pocket, if he spoke in a low voice and purposely muttered out words of broken english, than most times people left him be. For only four hours a day, his time was truly his own and as he walked down the street passing by small cafes and coffee shops, from the corner of his eyes he caught glance of a bookstore which arrested his attention.. When he was little, his mother use to read to him.. Snuggled up in blankets against the bitter cold and leading by the candle lights. It brought back fond memories. Without thought he moved in that direction thinking of his mother, he pushed open the door unaware that it was soon closing.

As he moved through the aisle, his fingers moving across the spines of the book, he began to hum to himself. He was in his own little world for a moment before a voice pulled him back into the arms of reality. [i “Oh hello, did you need help finding something..”] A voice of a woman.. Turn to her, he took in the beautiful young lady. Emeralds orbs which seem to sparkle behind glasses which gave her a cute look. After the brief introduction, he smiled at her softly. She was lovely.

“Julius..” He spoke his accent clearly showing he wasn’t native to this country. Shaking her hand, he flashed her a smile, his eyes still covered up by sunglasses and parts of his facial features obscured by a scarf. Pulling down on it, he felt as if he could relax a little and he spoke again softly. “Also Miss.. Kinsley? I was just looking around, but thank you for your offer.”
Kinsley watched into her flat, kicking her flats off at the door. That was probably the worst blind date she had ever been on. The guy called her the wrong name about 7 times, told her how she'd "look better" if he got her nose fixed, and then asked when they were gonna 'get outta here and do it in her car'. She fell back onto her couch, sighing. "Why is every guy such a dick?" she said to herself. She got herself ready for bed, a pair of shorts and a tank top. She tied her hair up in a bun, washed her face and brushed her teeth. She laid back on her bed, sighing again, "Tomorrow is a new day, maybe it will be really good!" she said, and quickly falling asleep.

The alarm next to Kinsley was turned off. 8:30, perfect. She took a quick shower, and dried her hair quickly. She did her makeup, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a pink lipstick. She put her glasses on her face, and smiled. She went over to her closet, pulling a black shirt that hugged her figure with long sleeves, a floral skirt, black tights and a pair of oxford shoes. She tossled her hair in the mirror and went made a tea, grabbed her bag and headed to New Chapters.

New Chapters was a cute bookstore, new and used books, in the center of town. She had a few regulars, and at least one new person would wonder in. She had some couches where people could also sit and read, which people loved. The windows were tinted, so people couldn't see in unless the came in. Kinsley turned the sign so people could see it was open today. She started setting up a new display for some romance novels for Valentines Day coming up soon. She also had a poetry display, with everything from Shakespeare's love sonnets to Edgar Allen Poe's The Mask of the Red Death. She had a wonderful day helping a teen find a new book, an older women find a self-help book, and a little boy find a new dinosaur book. It was close to closing and no one was in the shop. She decided to go through the aisles and put some stray books away, she heard the bell on the door go off. She would meet up with whom ever that was soon enough, she wanted to get these books away. She wandered around and saw the person who came in. "Oh, hello. Do you need help finding something?" Kinsley asked, fixing her glasses. "Oh, I don't think we've met, I'm Kinsley Hardell." she put her hand out for him to shake it. "What's yours?" she asked. She loved getting to know new people, especially new regulars.