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Love in the Haystacks

By MeisjeKelly

Replies: 131 / 4 years ago

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Lily could not help but wonder why exactly - Colton refused to go back to Sweetridge.
Sure, there was the fact that the two of themed formed a bond could forever never be broken no matter how long they had been apart.
Sure, he did not exactly get along with his parents after the death of his Brother and was forced to work on the families farm, feeling there was no hope for him; but surely there was something else to it.

It was a question that did keep Lily up with her eyes open a little longer than Colton as he fell asleep quite easily; in the arms of he greatest love.

Enough was enough.

Lily had forced her brain to become silent and soon, she too fell asleep to indulge in the sweetest of dreams with Colton by her side, keeping her nude body warm.

It was with the morning sun shining through that she awoke, turning her head and looking at Colton still fast asleep. Giving off a smile, she got up slowly - both feet on the floor and stood before putting on a large oversized t-shirt and made her way out to the kitchen only to poor a coffee that her body craved.
Pouring the liquid into the mug with one spoon of sugar, along with milk to make it a little whiter, a soft squeal escaped her throat the moment two arms snaked around her waist, causing that smile to return by a single voice directed at her ear.

[i "Good morning, baby..."]
[b "Good Morning.....coffee?..."] she spoke, turning around with the mug in her hand, offering it to Colton.
It was a beautiful thing.
The two of them enjoying the same style of coffee. It made things a lot easier.

[b "Oh, god. I almost forgot..."] Lily spoke once more, shifting from the arms of her beloved and quickly ushered to the couch that both of her bags of luggage rested.
Leaning over the back of the couch, not in a very lady like fashion as the -t shirt somewhat slithered up baring her bare behind, Lily soon straighten up with a hat in her hands and turned back around.

[b "When I was back home to see Dad, I bumped into your Dad...."] she spoke, stepping forward closer to Colton. [b "He asked me to give you this when he found out you were with me...after everything, you know....."] again she spoke, holding out the hat.

Colton would of known instantly what it is.

[b "Your Grandfather's hat, the same one you let me wear the night we kissed for the same time. I think your Father misses you, Colt..."]
MeisjeKelly / 154d ago
Colton had held onto the woman so tightly. As if he needed her more than the air that his lungs took in. His skin crawled at the thought without her touch. He looked into her eyes, feeling at home, feeling his place to be right next to her. He was happy now, sure to feel her fingertips on his skin, warming him in multiple regions, encouraging him to fill her crevices and fill her curves with his own ridges. He pressed his lips lightly against her skin when they had finished, breathless and completely satisfied.

She rolled onto her front and looked at him, propped up on her elbows as she did so. Her eyes were so serious as her beautiful pouty lips opened to produce the words that would make him flash back. Yes, SweetRidge was where they had grown up, where they had met, where they had a rich history. He had left that town without the intention of going back. She was one that dreamed of going back, reminding herself of the innocence that she no longer possessed. He watched her carefully as she asked him a simple question. [I I saw you out in the field and there were times you looked so happy…]

Oh how those times were thinking of what it would be like to be out of that town, off doing his own thing, and just trying to enjoy the small things in his life now. However, he was no longer in touch with his parents. He didn’t talk with his Dad. His mother lost contact with her son years back. He had not tried reaching out either. They were satisfied living their simple life. He found himself not even caring to even bring up the past.

Glancing at her softly. Her eyes were hopeful. She was hoping to hear him agree that he missed it. He shook his head slowly. [b I haven’t been in touch with my family since the day I left for college.] He whispered. [b While life be simple there, it felt suffocating…] He said softly.

The conversation was saddening. A simple life, while simple, was dull in his mind. He longed for travel, for enjoying the riches from his medical knowledge, and being able to see and involve himself around the world. However, the fingers of SweetRidge was still trying to dig into his skin, pulling at his bones to keep him grounded in its root system. Within its reach, the small town, no matter how far you were away, it would crawl back into your mind and infect your abilities, your thoughts, and your feelings toward everything standing in front of you.

He fell asleep with that root system building all around his brain. It continued to dive deeper into his mind, enveloping and creating the endless dreams he faced that night. While his arms tight around the love of his life, he was reminded of the many nights he cried, wishing for a way out. He relived the many a time, his father had called him a failure. He dreamed of the many of times where he was faced with the disappointment of his mother as he walked into the house with bruises on his face.

He deserved it.
Or so it was said.

Or so it was told to him.

Over…and over.

Colton awoke the next morning, his heart frantic. He was not at home. His bed was different. He was in Florida still. He was far away. He covered his face with his hands and took in a deep breath. Lily was somewhere, as he had seen her side of the bed was still slightly warm. She hadn’t been gone long.

He pulled himself out of the sheets, pulled on a pair of briefs, and stretched before walking out into the living room that connected to the kitchen. [b Good morning, baby.]
It had been a long time coming.
With the two being apart for so many years, the time they spent together in the sheets always felt like the first time.

Cotton was a man who loved to take his time.
Loved to touch and feel the body of Lily slowly, savouring every inch of her skin; and the woman simply could not get enough.

She felt like a giddy 17 year old again.
Fresh and irrecoverably in love with the boy she called Cowboy.

Shifting body off from ontop, Lily bit her lower lip with a soft sigh of feeling Colt slipping out from her loins; it was there she snuggled in close and felt arms snaking around.

He spoke on him wanting to go back to Sweetridge.
The hometown where their love story began.
However, it was only simply for a small trip, not be taken permanently.

Only for a visit.

Leaning up, eyes looking down at the man who laid in her bed - Lily remained quiet for a moment before finally opening her mouth and let words be spoken.

"Do you..sometimes miss the life you had back at Sweetridge?" She asked, keeping eyes on Colton. "I mean, I know you had it a little stressful but...the times I saw you out in the field were times you looked so happy...."

It was a question to ask.

Fingertips trailed his chest and she had never felt so safe in that moment.
Wherever they were, it did not matter as long as they were together.

Deep down however, Lily longed for life out of Florida. There was nothing there for her anymore. However upon thinking, Colt was finally in reach.

Perhaps that was now the reason for her to stay.

Finally, the two fell asleep in each other's arms and enjoyed dreamland for the hours they were allowed until being awoken by the first light that peeked through the crack of the curtain.

Eyes fluttering open, Lily felt arms cradling her tighter and all she could do was smile.
Perhaps this was what happiness was.

Colton still with eyes closed, Lily continued to smile as she slowly removed herself from grasp and the bed.
Putting on a oversized t shirt and nothing more - she exited the bedroom quietly and motioned to the kitchen where coffee was calling her name.

Another day.
Another day of work in the evening was what she had to look forward too.

Stripping and dancing for men had started to lose its appeal.
Colton smiled at her, his body exhausted from the love making they had engaged in, his body still pulsing as she wrapped her arms around him still, laying calmly around him. He held his hands around her tightly as she squeezed her. She brought up reminiscing at their place where they had officially met a long time ago. His heart was still beating heavily in his chest as he held her closely to him. Pressing his lips together, he kissed her forehead and leaned closely to her. [b I could go back for a visit.]

The days of him working on the farm clouded his head and he was lost within the heat all over again. Then he had seen her standing there as he had ridden up on the horse where he caught her by surprise. He smiled at her as he blinked her eyes, seeing her change from when he had seen when she had grown up at 17 and now she was within his arms 6 years later… It was a rough summer, but it would be a time where they could remember where they started and see if anyone from their graduating class was still there, soaking up the grounds where their alma mater stood.

[b Only for a visit though.] He emphasized, looking at her with a smile.

He could do more, but not live there again. The hospital was too far away and it would always be a drive…He wondered what was going through her mind as she brought it up, curling up against him in the sheets. Was she wanting more than just visiting? He knew that her father was on his way out, and there were some rough edges there, but he wasn’t sure if he could live there again…He had tried so hard to move away from there, so hard to get out of there and be something of himself and so far away from the town they had grown up.

He was falling asleep before they could continue the conversation and it wasn’t until he was opening his eyes to the morning light when he closed his arms around her. He smiled into her skin as he squeezed her closely to him where he smelled her skin and enjoyed having her body so warm next to him.

He wanted nothing more to be next to her than this.
Dancing had always been in her blood.
From a young age, Lily had danced from ballet to ballroom. It was something she enjoyed but was often pushed hard by her over bearing mother.

At night she often thought on the path her life was leading and she knew she was brought up and built to be someone great.
Never in a million years did she ever think that her schooling of being a nurse would be put on hold purposefully because she was making more money, stripping.

Taking off clothes paid well.
Sex indeed did sell.

Just as she was about to give it all up, in came a surprise she never expected. Cotton had shown up and swept her off of her feet for the first time in a long time and together, then and now - they both laid in bed embracing.

It was a powerful thing.

Cotton had spoken words on if she enjoyed her job, who was he to tell her to stop. It was something that Lily smiled at.
He supported her.
He loved her and that was all she ever wanted.

"I do like dancing, I do like my job but I love you more..." she spoke softly, leaning up from Coltons chest and looked at him.

Within a split moment, Colton shifted up and rolled Lily onto her back and the two, once again made love upon a bed that missed being warm.
They has 6 years of catching up to do and they were going to do it right.

Screams and grunting - all from pleasure filled her little apartment.
Colton had ruined her body for the night and it was with a single sigh of being fulfilled with sex, that Lily collapsed onto the bed with a smile and sweat on her brow.

"You know, when I was back home..i thought on if you would ever go back for a visit. Would you? Go back to reminisce?..." she spoke softly while laying under Egyptian cotton sheets.
[i I always thought I would be something. I always thought our summer would be the one that would change my life for the better. It didn’t. We broke apart and because we did…I did. I never thought I would be a stripper and I never thought Id enjoy it. Let alone you coming back into my life like you have. Everything is just happening so fast…]

Colton smiled at her as she spoke. She had no idea what she was capable of. She was confident in dancing, and she knew how to do it very well. She was confident in how she moved her body, but he knew that if she wanted to conquer more, then she could without a doubt. He smiled at her as she rolled on to her back and spoke of fighting to stay. He leaned down, his lips just a few inches from hers. [b We can only think of what we can do now. Let us not dwell on the past.] He whispered before he kissed her deeply.

He took her in again, he wanted nothing more than to just breathe her in like oxygen, make her apart of him without a doubt. She was something that he constantly needed, to breathe, to touch, to be with. He couldn’t pull aapart of her, and he knew that he should have done something more to get her, but he smiled at her still. [b I love you, and who you have become. Whatever you decide, I will be here with you.] He said softly.

He was a doctor now, he was saving lives. But it was more of a matter that he wanted to do more than enough to keep him from coming back to Point Plains and being something of himself other than the farmers kid. His father was the farmers kid, and he didn’t want the line to continue. He knew who deserved it and it was the man who worked along his dad during everything and while Colton was still young and his brother was alive. His brother deserved it, but he didn’t live to see it. And he was still tormented every single day on that farm, so it pushed him to get out and never turn his head back again. he would grow and save more like his brother from passing so more families would not have to suffer lik his did. It broke it up, and he barely talked to them anymore. It was definitely rough.

Something he didn’t want to face now…
The job she had, did give her the lifestyle she felt she deserved.
Over the few months, Lily had become accustomed to knowing that this would be her life rather than the lavish surroundings she was known to have.

This was all her choice.

Lily did, enjoy her job.

It was late hours and repetitive, with men always trying to grab and touch her body, but she often felt safe due to the security.
Around the outside of the room that she had Colton in; the red room - other beautiful women wearing little or nothing at all flitted between the infatuated, intoxicated men, sometimes luring them away for a private dance. The men would follow obediently, weighed down by lust and credit cards.

Laying upon the bed, Lily rested her head upon the duck feathered pillow and continued to stare upon the man of her dreams, the man she had known since she was 17, had the most turbulent history with and listened to his words.

[i Do you want to continue to dance? I mean I know it pays well and such, but I want to know if you’re happy doing what you’re doing.]
[b "I do like to dance. I've always danced, ever since I was little. What I am doing now, I do like it, but I know eventually down the line, it'll cause a rift and you ill be unhappy..."]
[i I want you to do something you want to do, whether that be continue dancing or conquer the world, which ever.]

Lily loved this man.

Smiling, Lily bit her lower lip and turned her head and smothered it in the pillow to hide the blush in her cheeks.
Over the last 6 years, they had grown up.

Roles reversed.
People thought that Lily would go off and do great things while Colton would stay in Point Plains and take over the Family business.
It was completely the opposite.

Lily was in a job that showed off her body, danced for the sexual, type while it was Colton who saved lives.

[b "I never thought, this would be my life..."] she spoke softly, lifting her head up from the pillow and again, looked at Colton as they laid in bed together after a few hours of pleasurable fun. [b "I always thought I would be something. I always thought our summer, would be the one that would change my life for the better. It didn't. We broke apart and because we did...I did. I never thought id be a stripper and I never thought id enjoy it, let alone you coming back into my life like you have. Everything is just happening so fast..."]

Lily rolled onto her back.

[b "I should of fought harder to stay, 6 years ago.."]
The woman was insistent that she quit her job and find something else because she was worried that he would get jealous of her going after another man. Maybe he was, maybe he would be, but it paid well. If she liked what she did, then how was he to stop her? [b Do you like what you do?] He asked her.

[b Do you want to continue to dance? I mean I know it pays well and such, but I want to know if you’re happy doing what you’re doing.] He said softly, tracing her face. His breath was caught from the sight of her. He was happy to have her back in his life, and that he was away from someone who was just the placeholder. It was a breather when he was just with the guys, and for a moment, he knew why it was so good to be apart. They were never meant to be together, him and Amelia. Pressing his lips together, he still waited for her answer.

[b I will support what you want to do. As you say yourself, we need to take care of each other. And now we have the opportunity to do so. So I want you to do something you want to do, whether that be continue dancing or conquer the world, which ever.] He smiled at her. He had a job lined up, he had places that were already ready to go when ever he asked. A doctor, no matter where, was always needed. He would always have a job as long as he kept up his medical license, which is what he would do without a doubt. It kept him alive.

It was up to her now as to what she wanted to do, whether she wanted to change jobs, or continue dancing. Maybe down the road if she kept dancing he would get jealous, but he would talk to her about it when the times come and they would make up as they always had. Or maybe, he would go and just be the highest bidder for her attention. He didn’t care either way.
It was a hard thing, knowing she was in love with the man of her dreams and to work in a place that paid her good money to remove clothes and hake everything she had in front of eyeing men.
Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she would be in this type of job environment, not with the brains she had and the money her parents had.

The loss of Colton really hit her hard and she just did not care about anything anymore; but now - it had all turned around and she began to think different.

[i I am willing to handle anything you are wanting to do. If you want to do this, I’m willing to support you, and when you get home, I’ll take care of you.]
[b "You shouldn't have to take care of me. We should be taking care of each other and how can I, when I know you will be thinking silly things when I am off to work?"]

That was the thing.

Colton seemed to be fine by it, but what was stopping him from making his mind tick over - thinking of silly things when she was gone.
Will she, wont she, kind of situation.

[i I’m not going to lie, you looked fucking sexy dancing. I’m just glad that I’m the one you get to actually fuck at home.]
[b "You do not need to think about me and someone else. You are the only man who gets to touch and fuck me. Forever and ever. No more being apart.."] she spoke, laying on the bed - head upon the pillow as she kept her eyes on Colton who rested beside - letting his hands caress all over her body which Lily welcomed easily.

[b "I cannot believe you are here and you already have a job lined up and …. oh, everything is falling into place after so long. Last time we rushed into love, we went without each other for 6 years...."]

Slowly, Lily lent up and bit her lower lip.

It became worrying.
Every time she ended up happy - something always arrived and tore it all down.

[b "Maybe I should quit my job and find something else. Me dancing, you might not mind it now - but in the long run, I think you might..."]
After the deed has been done and Colton was leaning into the woman of his dreams, he smiled into her hair as she explained that she wasn’t going anywhere. She had waited too long for this and he nodded in agreement. He pressed his lips together and gulped slightly when she mentioned her work. He had a flashback of her coming out, the outfits and how she had to dance in front of them, almost completely naked. It took him a moment before he let the high from his climax to wear off.

[b I don’t want anyone else to touch you.] He whispered, his touch gliding over her sides, feeling the skin underneath, the curves her body had, and the way that she curled into him. [b But I am willing to handle anything you are wanting to do. If you want to do this, I’m willing to support you, and when you get home, I’ll take care of you.] He whispered, his teeth gliding softly across her skin of her neck. He had missed her, wanted her so badly always.

[b And I’m not going to lie, you looked fucking sexy dancing. I’m just glad that I’m the one you get to actually fuck at home.] He smiled against her skin, purring as he wrapped his arms around her. She was a beautiful woman for sure, and she would capture many hearts, but he didn’t care what anyone else thought. She got paid for what she had and she wasn’t going to allow anyone to take that away from her. He was going to stand beside her and if she decided to do something else, he would let her do it.

He would be okay with her work over time, and if he didn’t think about it too much. He knew that men weren’t allowed to touch her, and his case had only been a special case because she allowed him to do so, it was consensual. And he gulped at the thought, but he turned it from his minds eye. He was with her now, he was able to hold her, be with her, and continue squeeze her and make her climax at her full potential.

The scratches on his back showed him that she had missed him due to the fact that he didn’t let up when she was trying to scramble away from the pleasure. He smiled, his fingers traveling through her blonde hair. She was one of a kind, and he wasn’t going to let this girl get away again. He had made the mistake once and it taught him a lesson. He was going to hold tight as best as he could, right beside her, hand in hand, this man was going to be loyal, despite the career path that she had chosen.
The week away from Colton, knowing that he was in Miami, staying in her apartment was perhaps the hardest trial she ever had to go through.
Being 6 years without him, Lily knew that they were done. She had no idea where he was or what was going on in her life. Ye, it was hard but it was the cards that they were dealt.
Now, a brand new set of cards were dealt out and a brand new life was going to start.

[i I wasn’t going to waste time anymore. She had been lying for a long time now, and despite guilt I had, it is gone. Amelia and I are even. She got what she wanted, and now I have in my arms, what I have been wanting for years now.]

Amelia had pulled a fast one on Colton.
Who in their right mind would do that to him?
The man was intoxicating to look at, kind and ever so considerate; managed to leave a town of nothing and made himself to be a big something.

Lily on the other hand, had everything going to for her but living in the town of nothing - she got nothing at the end of it.
Her heart was broken.
She became lonely and now she was an exotic dancer, taking off her clothes and danced for money, leaving her medical dreams behind.

In his arms, Lily stood with a smile on her face.
It felt so good coming home to a man who actually wanted a life with her, to grow old with.

[b "Are you sure you don't want anything else?"]
[i I don’t want anything else. I want you only. From the moment I saw you, I was not going to let you go anymore.]
[b "Such a good answer.."] Lily replied, leaning in and kissed Colton upon the lips.
A soft kiss that slowly grew to something a little more passionate and before she knew it - legs were wrapped around waist and both - engaged in heated sex upon her very own bed that had been cold and lonely for too long.

The sex was intense.
Nails claws at the flesh of his back while head tilted and Lily cried in pleasure as Colton would not let up and shoed her exactly how much he missed her.
She did not question it.

Lily knew exactly when came the moment of her climax.

Colton loved her, that much was true.
Words she replied back too of her loving him just as much.

[i I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you, baby.]
[b "I'm here. I am not going anywhere. I've waited too long for this to just vanish. I just...hope you are okay with the work I do.."]

Would Colton continue to accept her work?
A few hours almost every night of taking off her clothes and shaking her bare naked ass in front of men who threw money?

Sure it was degrading but it paid well.
[I I’ve missed you too. I have for the last 6 years.] Kiss after kiss. He was glad to have her home and in his arms. It was tough being away. It was a rough couple of days after getting home with Amelia. She was different, more so different when they had got home, despite her immediate jumping into his arms after the flight. He didn’t want to be with thewoman anymore after she had lied. He was going to come clean, he was going to let her down easy, but it was more than that now.

He got a new number. He moved places. And he was going to let go of his past with Amelia, Brent, or anyone that he had associated besides his coworkers. They were sad to see him go, but he explained to them the situation, and most were pleased that he was leaving the woman he was betrothed to. She was not well liked around the hospital and now he knew why.

[I I can’t believe you are here. You just…dropped everything and moved here?]

He held her face in his hands. His thumbs lightly touched over her lips, feeling how swollen they already were from the kisses…or maybe they were always this plump…He was pleased with both. [b I wasn’t going to waste time anymore. She had been lying for a long time now, and despite guilt I had, it is gone. Amelia and I are even. She got what she wanted, and now I have in my arms, what I have been wanting for years now.] He grinned. [b I don’t want anything else. I want you only. From the moment I saw you, I was not going to let you go anymore. ] He said softly and pulled her close to him again and pressed his lips against hers.

[b Now let me show you how much I missed you.]

Oh how he would. He let his hands move away from her face and he immediately let them shimmy down to her waist and there he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her easily to the bedroom and shut the door behind him. With ease, he set her on the bed softly, his lips still entwined with hers as he climbed on top of her, his hands traveling over her body, the experience he had gained was now to her benefit. They had both wanted this, and they had both had tried to fill the gap outside of it while they were apart, but now, they were back in each other’s lives and they weren’t going to let each other get away.

He knew her spots, her weaknesses and he was striking the electricity through her body with his lips, hands, and body. They enjoyed each other’s touch for a couple of hours until they were sweaty, out of breath and clinging to one another.

[b I love you, Lily.] He whispered into her hair as he had his arms wrapped around the girl of his dreams. He gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. He was happy, his heart was racing, and he was willing to let it all go to be with the woman. he wanted to give her everything. She had waited, and though her job would allow other men to see her body, he knew that he could trust the woman to be around, and knew that she would be coming home to him and from there, he could have his way.

And he knew that the dancing kept her body in tip top shape, making her even sexier to be with. He loved it, and was going to take his time getting used to having her around, looking all sexy and such. He smiled. [b I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you, baby.]
Leaving her Father was something she hated doing.
Yes, they had their disagreements in the past and during the last 6 years, got their relationship back on track, but only doing so with conversation and everything put on the table.
Lily had explained the boy she fell in love with, how it happened and it was Colton she lost her virginity too.
She also mentioned that as a little girl, they met on the streets of Point Plains and that she lost her lucky ribbon and he tried desperately to find it.

Perhaps she loved him then, but what they had - was real and for the past 6 years, even thought they were part and living separate lives, she loved him and she was sure, despite him getting married to another - he loved her too.

Her Father grew to understand, while her mother on the other hand, did not.

As the plane unlocked its wheels and landed, Lily was giddy. It was as if she felt she was 17 again, all hyped and ever so excited on seeing Colton again; wherever he was in Miami.
Hopefully he was at her home.

It was a small apartment, made for 1 person but one cold get away with two living there.
Opening the door, bags on the floor - Lily made her way own the hallway and called out his name.

It spilt from her lips so easily.

[b "Colton? Are you here?..."] she spoke, turning the corner and seeing the man of her dreams, moving up from the couch and rushed over to her in an instant.
Was this all a dream?
The moment he spoke and wrapped is arms around the woman made her understand that it was not a dream.
It was real.
Colton was in her apartment making it his home.

Their home.

[b "Colton.."] she spoke, embracing him hard and held him close - smelling the aftershave, soaking it all in before leaning back, listening to the words on being missed.
[i "I missed you.."]
[b "I've missed you too. I have for the last 6 years..."] Lily whispered - resting forehead against his own, talking against his lips before breaking the position where she kissed him.

Kissed him with her eyes closed.
Kissed him knowing he was a free man, no longer tied down to another woman or getting married.

He was hers.


[b "I cant believe you are here. You just....dropped everything came moved?..."]
Colton had went back to the hotel that day and hung around the beach the rest of the week. He soaked up the sun, going swimming and catching waves on the surf board. He had met a few guys on the beach playing volleyball that he was able to keep busy while at night when his girl wasn’t busy she was able to call him and they were able to talk. He was enjoying his time there in Florida already and he couldn’t wait until the guys could meet the woman he was constantly talking about.

It was during the day that she was supposed to be coming in when he had gotten up pretty early to watch the sunrise on the beach as he enjoyed the salt on his skin, the sun on his face, and the sounds of the waves over and over in his ears. He wanted to create a life here with her. He had spent many of his days here already and he had been able to meet some of the guys that also worked at the hospital. During the week he had taken tours of the hospital section that he was going to be working in and the nurses that he was going to be working with. Some of the shifts were going to be fun as some he would have to work nights in the emergency, but he would have to make it work.

That day she would be coming home and he would be able to see her, despite the altercation that he had had with her mother. They hadn’t been in contact since. He wasn’t even sure if her mother had called her and talked to her after the fight. She was shoving him out of her apartment, and soon they were going to be living together. he wondered if she had changed her mind at all either…There were a lot of questions that he still had for her when she were to arrive home.

That day, he had got some of his things put away after he had checked out of the hotel. He had come over to her place, luckily when her mother was not there and was able to unpack his things and put some things away in some empty drawers. He could smell her everywhere, seeing her scent, makeup and such. She had everything in place, and putting his things near her, he pulled out a picture of them that he had found in a yearbook about a year or two after he had gotten the yearbook before she had left. It was of them and he had his arms around her a week before Grant had decided to tear them apart and fight at the peach festival.

And someone had sent him a few photos of them when they were walking away and headed toward the water where they first officially talked. He smiled at them as he set them up on the counter where he had flowers and food for when she arrived home. He was excited to see her.

Once everything was in place, he was watching some tv when she had come in, asking if he was there. [b Hey baby!] He called from the living room, getting up from the couch as he walked toward her when she entered the lounging room and let her stuff down. He embraced her. [b I missed you!] He whispered against her lips as he picked her up and spun her around.