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Painting Memories 1x1 (Boobear96)

By SmileBright

Replies: 42 / 4 years ago

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[pic http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbwimygGiK1rt4507o1_500.gif]

Gwendolyn and Grayson Miller are brother and sister. Gwendolyn is a year(or two) younger than Grayson. They are sitting at the pool one day and Grayson had invited his friend over that was the same age as him. _____(friend) is the same age as Grayson and is new in town. He sees Gwendolyn and thinks shes beautiful. He asked Grayson if shes his girlfriend and he freaks, telling him its his sister. ________ decides to talk to her and he starts coming over every day, to 'hang out with Grayson' but really to see Gwendolyn. She has no idea he likes her. One day, Grayson went out and ______ comes over. Gwendolyn tells him Grayson is out but he can hang with her 'till Grayson gets home. They then start to paint, because they are both interested in art. Grayson comes home and sees them kissing when they are covered in paint. Grayson yells at _______ and tells him they couldn't be together. _______ and Gwendolyn start to see each other secretly. Why was Grayson so mad, ______ was a two year old child(you pick, boy or girl), and he doesn't want his sister in that kind of mess. What will happen when Gwendolyn finds out.

[[A/N I do not agree with how Grayson thinks, if you are raising a child on your own, I'm so proud of you. It is just part of the plot to make it more interesting]]

{{I will play Grayson, but there will not be a new character for him}}

Literate Please (1-3 Paragraphs)
No ditching.
Tell when your leaving.
Have fun and be creative with your post.
I have a life, I know you do too. If my post is taking too long, just shoot me a PM. I try to post as often as I can. Please do the same.
Have fun!

Age: 19 or 20
Gender of child:
Name of child:
Picture: (http://www.glogster.com/media/3/7/54/71/7547122.jpg Use this one) or another one you like(:. I like the idea with paint.

Gwendolyn's Skelly:

Name: Gwendolyn Logan Miller
Age: 18
Personality: Gwendolyn is always using her hands when she talks and sometimes talks a little to fast. She can be shy but after a few minutes you think you have known her forever.
Bio: Senior year Gwendolyn did really well and had a "very perfect" relationship. Then her boyfriend dumped her at prom, so shes out to find a guy who will treat her the right way. She is currently at a nearby college for art, but lives at home. She works at a flower shop as well. She loves kids, animals and nature.
Other: Gwendolyn loves her full name and can stand when people call her Gwen. The only person who can call her Gwen is her brother. She does go by her middle name sometimes, which is Logan. She also is a natural brunette but loves to dye her hair.
"Wow, that's amazing." Gwendolyn said, smiling. She loved hearing about how others came to fall in love with art as she did. As he finished, they had their plates placed in front of them. "Thanks, Linda" she smiled. "She is honestly the best waitress ever. She is always a beat ahead of everyone" she smiled. As she began eating, her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Gwendolyn pulled her phone out, looking at the text her friend sent to her. "Oh, I guess I do have plans now. My friend invited me to a party tonight. That will be fun" she smiled. She responded telling her friend she would go with her, smiling. "Are you a party kind of person? I don't go too often but I haven't gone in a while and I don't have any plans. Oh, don't tell Grayson when you see him later, he likes to go to parties with me to 'protect' me or whatever. But he just stands in the corner and threatens anyone who even looks in my direction" she said, putting a piece of pancake in her mouth. "He suffocates me" she laughed.

-Do you want to play her friend and/or the guy who drugs her? I can play one two if you don't want to play both (: -
Cayden nodded as he listened to Linda recite Gwen's order and he just grinned as she finished. [b "Okay I guess we have to come back here for a breakfast date."] he told them both. Not really realzing what he had said.

He thought for a moment about how he could answer her question. He trusted her, so far. So he felt like he could tell her his big secret. But then again, this was so new and his main goal was to make sure Blayke was happy. [b "I'm actually taking online classes so I'm probably gonna do some homework. Then I'm working out with your brother tonight.."]

He knew she was curious. She had a right to be. He was friends with her brother and now it seemed like something was starting to grow between the two of them, so she had every right to be. [b "I was a junior, it was almost summer so I was about to head into my senior year."] he explained [b "I had to have two art courses to graduate. I had taken a drawing class my freshman year just because I heard the teacher was cool and laid back, I fell in love with art that year. But my senior year.. all the classes were full except intro to photography.. I hated the idea of it, but I had no other option."] he said [b "That turned out to be my favorite class."]
Cayden / Boobear96 / 264d ago
Linda answered for Gwendolyn, knowing her order by heart. [i "Gwendolyn gets 2 chocolate chip pancakes, home fries and a side of bacon. And usually, a water to drink. On super special occasions, she gets a milkshake. But I don't believe today is a milkshake day."] Linda smiled, writing down the male's order. "Damn, you are the best Linda." Gwendolyn smiled.

As Linda walked away, Gwendolyn focused her attention on Cayden. "So, Cayden, what are you off to after this? I have some school work to do and probably start a new painting as well." the girl asked. She was curious about the boy's life, he said he had a rough past like her. She had kind of unloaded her whole life on him, so she felt it was only fair.

"Will you tell me more about you? Maybe why you got into photography?" she asked, starting on a more tame topic.
[b "No! I mean thank you. But you're the talented one. You made these pictures pop, Gwen. I really can't wait to do this again!"] he told her. Usually he just had Blayke to photograph, but getting a two year old to stand still for pictures was a job all in its own. [b "That sounds perfect!"] he said.

He followed Gwen into the diner and grinned as he looked around. It had this retro spin to it. It was really cool, and it smelled delcious inside so the food was bound to be good. [b "What do you usually get?"] he asked. He took the menu and glanced through it, even though he'd already figured out what he wanted. Diner Cheeseburgers were always the best! [b "May I have a cheeseburger with extra pickles and fries, and uh Mountain Dew to drink. Thank you ma'am."] he told Linda. He couldn't help but chuckle as Gwen winked at him after telling Linda he was a new friend.
Cayden / boobear96 / 272d ago
"Wow, you are super talented! I can't wait to see them edited too!" Gwendolyn smiled. She had some much fun modeling, she really was never a muse for anyone, mostly behind the art. She loved creating, but being a muse maybe could be part of her calling too.

"Hmm. There's a cute little diner nearby, how does that sound?" she asked. "It was like all-day breakfast and some lunch items too. It's one of my favorite places." she smiled. Grayson took her to the diner all the time, knowing it was a favorite of hers. It was a little outdated, but every person there knew all their customers by name. She loved it there.

They quickly rode to the diner and sat themselves at a booth, as the sign near the door suggested. Gwendolyn didn't need a menu, she got the same thing everytime. She handed a menu that sat at the table to Cayden, smiling. "I will always get the same thing, don't worry" she smiled. [i "Hi baby Gwendolyn! Same as always? And who is this? Usually it's just you and Grayson. Bringing a new friend? What can I get you sweetie?"] the older women, a nametag that read Linda, said. She was a firecracker of an older women, but so sweet. "Just a new friend of mine" she smiled at him, winking.
He nodded as he listened to her. [b "I get it. I played basketball before."] he told her as he positioned his camera to the right angle. [b "But then you know... life happened and I wanted to focus on photography."]

He watched her from behind the camera as she walked farther away from him. She was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. It was undeniable. [b "No. No. It was good. It makes it look more natural. Like I'm not just posing you like a statue."]

Since he had to pick Blayke up at three, they hung out at the park until around one. He wanted to take her out for a later lunch before he took her back to her house. [b "These are great."] he said as he flipped through the camera as they walked back to his car. [b "I can't wait to get back and edit them tonight."] he told her. [b "So where are we going to eat? I'm starving."]
Cayden / boobear96 / 272d ago
"Not anymore. I volunteer sometimes with the little ones to help them with bars and stuff but I don't compete anymore. I also have offered to choreograph floor routines if I'm asked. Art kind of took over more of my life, so I didn't have the time to practice and do my art." Gwendolyn smiled. She used to love doing gymnastics, but it was getting too competitive for her to have fun anymore. People she used to call her friends would try and break her down before a routine so she quit making her life less toxic. She loved art at the same time, so she decided to get her degree in art.

"Okay," Gwendolyn smiled. She walked away from him, far enough so he could get as many shots as he needed before she got to close. She walked toward him, running her hand through her hair. Some smiling, some just a resting face. She even looked right at the camera for a few, biting her lip even for one. She started laughing, and she still heard him snapping pictures. "Oh, I wasn't posing when I was laughing. The lip bite was a joke" she said, smiling.
He nodded as he heard she didn’t mind the water. [b “I don’t want you catching pneumonia or anything. We’ll save that for another day.”] he told her. [b “What does your boyfriend think about the fact that you’re spending most of the day with an older man?”] he asked. His way of finding out if she was single or not.

He was pretty sure his mouth dropped to the ground as he watched her do the overtilt. She was wearing a dress, so he had to make sure his eyes were focused only on her face. [b “Wow. I guess that means you’re really flexible.”] he said softly. [b “Not a gymnast anymore?”]

He wanted to find an activity to get Blayke into but they were still new here and he honeslty had no idea what this beach town had to offer. Part of him wanted to come clean to Gwen. He was attracted to her. But then, he didn’t want Blayke getting attached to anyone that wasn’t in it for the long haul. And Gwen was young. Did she know what she want? He hated this. He was so confused. No. Blayke came first. He had to figure out what would be best for Blayke. Maybe he should just come clean... If he didn’t, if her brother ever found out they had been hanging out, surely he would ruin it all..

[b “So how about you just take a few slow steps toward me with a soft smile. We can work our way up to the goofy cute ones.”] he said when he snapped out of his thoughts.
Cayden / Boobear96 / 272d ago
"I don't mind getting in the water, I will always suffer for art" Gwendolyn smiled. She got out of the car, bringing her bag full of clothes with her. She wasn't sure if he'd want her to change later on, and he was serious, it was a little colder than she expected.

Gwendolyn couldn't get over how handsome this man was. He was so similar to her, and he just fell into her lap. Grayson would probably end up screaming at her if she even thought about dating this boy. Which, at this point, she did want to date him. Well, she knew at least she wanted to get to know him better. He was sweet, cared about people, like children, and enjoyed art as she did.

Gwendolyn looked at him, as he asked if she had any poses she wanted to do. "Uh, I was a gymnast and a dancer as a kid. So I am super flexible." she smiled. She did an overtilt and smiled. "So I can do stuff like this, if you'd like" she smirked, before standing on her two feet again.

[https://www.picuki.com/media/2250978305435956373 overtilt]
[b "Well.. I know how crappy parents go... So if you ever want to talk about you. You know where to find me."] he told the girl. [b "Like I said, my parents didn't really agree with my life choices so I packed it all up and moved here."]

[b "Okay. Lunch it is then! Anywhere you've been wanting to go... My treat."] he smiled [b "I promise we will hangout at night sometime. My life is just pretty... chaotic."] He held out his own pink and intertwined it with the girls.

He grabbed his camera bag after he'd climbed out of the driver seat and looked at Gwen. He slipped his sunglasses on so she couldn't see the way he was looking at her. [b "Both... Though I love the dress."] he told her with a crooked grin. [b "Down."] He grabbed his camera out of the bag and motioned her to follow him over toward the lake with willow trees.

[b “Though maybe we should do the pants... I think of you got in the water with the dress, I could get some awesome shots. But it’s kind of chilly today.. We’ll just have to come back!”] He was getting into his element now. This was him. Photography and art was everything for him. [b "Do you have any crazy or cute poses you've been wanting to do? Anything really?"]
Cayden / boobear96 / 274d ago
"It's okay. I've accepted it as much as I can at this point." Gwendolyn replied, looking toward the boy. "Thank you...for caring." she smiled, biting her lip.

Gwendolyn heard him say he needed to be home at three. "Oh yeah, that's totally fine. Lunch sounds awesome. But promise we will hang out at night sometime. I want to show you somewhere, but it needs to be nighttime." she smiled, holding out her pinky toward him.

The pair got out of the car, and Gwendolyn was excited to take some photos. "Do you have a spot you'd like to start? Also, I am wearing this dress, but I brought jeans and a tee if you'd rather me in that." she smiled at him. "Or we could do some shots in both outfits" she smiled. "Now, hair up or down. What do you think?" she asked the male, taking her hair in her hands, and dropping it down. "What looks better?" she asked.
[b "Grayson didn't tell me anything.."] he said. He had no idea how parents could treat their daughter...hell any child like that. He could never imagine not wanting Blayke. [b "I'm really sorry bout that... but I'm glad that you have Grayson at least... I moved out of my parents too. They didn't exactly agree with my... life choices."] he explained. [b "So I wanted fresh start.. That's how I ended up here."] he explained. He shook his head quickly when he heard her say he probably didnt care. [b "Hey. No. No. No."] he said quickly. [b "I do care.."]

He nodded when she asked if that was the park. [b "It is. I love coming here to take pictures."] he explained. [b "I just have to be back home by three.. Would it be ok if I took you home around two thirty? We could go grab a late lunch first."]
Cayden / boobear96 / 308d ago
Gwendolyn tossed her phone between her hands, looking out the window that all the things passing them. The loved feeling the air against her face, she hoped they were almost at the park. "Are we almost there? I've never been to this park. Hell, I've never been this far from my house." she said, her voice lowering. "I don't know if Grayson told you much about our parents. They never really liked me and didn't want me around. As soon as Grayson turned 18, we moved out. That was 3 years ago. Now we are just by ourselves. That's why he's so protective, he doesn't want anyone to hurt me again." she says. After a silence, she gets nervous. "I-I-I'm sorry. You probably could care less. Just, uh, f-f-forget I said anything..." she stammers.

Gwendolyn looks out the window, seeing a wonderful park show up ahead. "Oh wow, is that where we are going?" she perks up. "It's absolutely marvelous!". She looks over to Adam, "Sorry, it's really pretty!" she smiles as they park.

"Also, how long do you want to spend together today? I just said that to Grayson to get him off my back. I'd love to spend the day with you, but if you are busy...it's okay" Gwendolyn finishes, looking toward the handsome boy.
Adam listened to her question. Did he really seemed like he had his entire life put together? Wow. Maybe he was doing better than he though. The only thing that mattered to him, was Blaykes happiness. She was his main priority, so maybe he was doing alright. But what eighteen year old could explain they had a young daughter who’s mother disappeared? Would Gwendolyn understand?

He nodded slowly when she said she didn’t see her brother before he left. [b “Really? He said he was gonna head to the gym early this morning. I figured you’d run into one another in passing.... Weird.”] he said. He watched her facial expressions change when he phone rang. He couldn’t help but chuckle. She obviously didn’t want her brother to know either where or who she was with.

He froze when he heard her say they are planning on staying in and just chilling.. Blayke had to be picked up by three. That was only four hours from now... He hated dropping her at the sitters all the time, but there was just something about Gwen.
Cayden / BooBear96 / 310d ago
Gwendolyn was happy just listening to him speak. She loved listening to others speak about their passions, and she could tell photography was his. When his mood seemed to shift, she wanted to learn more.

"What do you mean? You seem like your life is so put together. I mean, only someone who had their life together could handle hanging out with Mr. Grayson Miller." she laughed. She loved her brother, but he was an idiot.

"Oh, uh, I didn't see him this morning..." Gwendolyn said, lying. Well, she wasn't lying. She just basically snuck out of the house this morning, not to wake him and tell him where she was off too. It's not that she was embarrassed by Adam, her brother just would have grilled her about everything that would go on. She just wanted to spend a carefree day with a boy she liked.

Almost like magic, her phone rang. Idiot popped up on her phone, the name she put Grayson under. "Goddamn. Why won't he just leave me alone?!" she said, answering. She put her finger to her lips to Adam, telling him to keep quiet. "Hey bro! What's up?" she said. "Where the fuck are you this early?" Grayson shot at her through the phone. "Okay, calm down. I'm out with some friends, were hanging out. Chill" she said, trying to defuse her brother. "Okay, good. When will you be home? I just don't want you to end up dead." Grayson said back into the phone.

Gwendolyn looked at Adam. She really wanted to spend all day, maybe even all night with him. She wanted to show him her favorite place to watch the stars. "Oh uh, not sure. We are planning on staying in tonight and chilling out." Gwendolyn said, trying to sound convincing and chill. "Okay, if you end up spending the night, let me know." Grayson said. "I will, bye!" Gwendolyn said hanging up as fast as possible. "I'm sorry, he'll kill me and you if he knew we were hanging out. I was doing a physics assignment with a kid from class once and that boy won't even look at me in fear of my brother coming after him again." she laughed.

-Reposting because I resized the photo-