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Thieves In Time: The end of the Coopers.

By SilentHiller

Replies: 3 / 4 years ago

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The Cooper Family have the honor of being the best group of thieves in history, but something is happening...The Cooper Family has started to become more and more of the stay at home family, much to everyone's dismay compared to their liking for the thieving family they all knew and loved. The Thievious Raccoonus has started to go blank, and the only pages left speak of the legnendary Ling Cooper, who is known for her Dragon Smokescreen attack. But soon that goes missing as well. Can the Coopers regain their property, and restore their family's honor?



accepted characters:

Username: SilentHiller
Name: Ling Cooper
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Username: SilentHiller
Name: Clockwerk
Species: cybernetic Owl
Gender: Male
Age: over 1000 years old.

Username: SilentHiller
Name: Connor and Evelyn Cooper
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Connor is Male, Evelyn is female
Age: 23 and 24

Characters Needed:

Le Paradox
Sir Galeth Cooper
Tennessee Kid Cooper
Sly Cooper
Rioichi Cooper
Bob Cooper (Cave Raccoon)
Slaigh MacCooper
Slytunkhamen Cooper


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