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All I Want For Christmas Is...You (Needs Male) 1x1

By SmileBright

Replies: 8 / 4 years ago

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Noah and Noel Huffman are twins. They had been really close, but when their parents split, Noel stayed with her mother in Utah, and Noah ended up moving with their father to Florida. Because Noel and Noah begged their parents to let their children see each other again, they let them spend their Christmas time together this year, only for a few months. Their schools allowed Noel to take time off and study at Noah's school for a few months. Noah's friend, ________, had heard about Noel but had never seen pictures of her recently. When Noel comes, _________ falls for the girl, after being around her so often because he basically lived at Noah's home. Will Noah allow this? What will happen when Noel has to go back to Utah?


Literate Please (Around 1000 Characters Per Post Please)
No ditching.
Have fun and BE CREATIVE with your post.
**I take time with posting, and I may not post for a few days, if you get impatient, just message me and I can get my post out faster, I will not take it badly if you do!**
Have fun!

[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/19620986/amplt3-boy-christmas-christmas-tree-girl-Favim.com-249301_large.jpg]
^^ I would like their first kiss to be something like this.


Noel and ____ love will move a bit quickly, but not love at first sight, marry me now, kind of thing. When he sees her, he will think shes really pretty and it will slowly escalate as they find things they have in common. I will be playing Noah, but he will not be a huge character, which is why he does not have character for himself.
[pic http://i.pinger.pl/pgr282/2ad31b860006245751e90517]
That is what he looks like.
Noel smiled. Fuck yeah, she was already getting to go to a party. AND the cutie was going too. [b "The 'Cuda would be awesome, only if you wanna take her out."] Noah says, and Noels eyes light up. "A CUDA?! YES!" she smiled. "Give me ten minutes, I'm gonna get ready." she smiled. She ran upstairs, and went through her bag. She grabbed a pair of shorts, tights and a grey v neck with a sheer back. She touched up her makeup and let her hair fall down. She smiled at herself, put on some red lipstick and smiled.

Noel ran down and smiled. "Okay, I'm ready!" she smiled. They went to the car and smiled. "THIS THING IS AWESOME!" Noel smiled and slid herself into the back. She bounced in her seat the whole way to the party. When they arrived, she smiled. She hoped out of the car, "Find me before you leave or if you wanna hang out with me. I need a drink." she smiled.

Noel ran to the house and found the alcohol really fast. She took the Malibu and pineapple juice and mixed a drink. She chugged her cup fast and filled it again. She went where all the people were and started dancing. She kept an eye on the door, she wanted to dance with Jackson. Noah looked at Jackson as they got out of the car. [b "She's fucking crazy during parties. She's probably already tipsy or something."] Noah said, rolling his eyes. As they walked in, the were greeted by Brandon. As Noel saw Jackson, she ran over. "Hey, dance with me?" she asked, smiling and biting her lip, taking his hand. Noah was fuming, not at Jackson but at Noel. She should know his friends are off limits, but she is drunk so he was kinda okay with it. Also, she only knew the two boys, maybe it was just friendly.
Jackson was pretty open to admitting to himself that trying to [i not] show his interest in this girl would be pretty difficult. He could see how Noel had continued to let her focus linger on him as he has said his introduction. When she had stood her ground on being the cuter of the Huffman twins, Jackson could feel a smirk pulling at his lips. [+red "Well, what's the plan for tonight? I've been on a plane for forever and I want to do [i something] tonight? Is there a party anywhere? Or we could have one?"] Jackson wasn't really sure what the plans were, but he could see that keeping up with this pretty lady would be a challenge, she was very all over the place, a polar opposite of him and his laid-back nature.

[+blue "Yes, she is always like this!"] Noah had said, almost as if he could read Jackson's mind. [+ForestGreen "Well, that sure is free-spirited."] He said running his fingers through his hair, which had fluffed it slightly, from being clumped together. [+blue "Speaking about parties, I think there is one tonight. It's Brandon's party."] Noah had mentioned, before Jackson nodded. [+ForestGreen "I mean, isn't Noah [i always] having some sort of party, though?"] Jackson stated, before hearing a very excited [+red "I'M SO DOWN"] from Noel, who very quickly made her way to poke at Jackson's chest [+red "Are you gonna come?"]

The chance to go to a party with this girl wasn't something Jackson was really going to just [i turn down] [+ForestGreen "I'm game. Let me just text him real fast."]

[+ForestGreen Hey, Brandon. You throwing a party tonight? Noah & I wanted to come. With a +1 if that's cool. HMU]

[b Yo. party is on. Get ur asses over here!!!]

Jackson looked at Noah [+ForestGreen "Taking the family car, or the [http://www.auto123.com/ArtImages/103768/1970-plymouth-cuda-i01.jpg [+forestgreen Cuda]]?"] He had asked, the 'Cuda, being his 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda that he'd been working on since he was still in high-school, continuously tuning her up and making the car more and more bad-ass than before. He drove the 'Cuda on the weekends, saving something less prized for his daily driver, since he didn't want anything to happen while he was driving something he'd put so much time and effort into.
Noel smiled as she hand her hand taken. He told her his name and she couldn't stop staring at him. He was so cute, why had her brother told her how cute he was? "Jackson...got it" she smiled, biting her lip and looking at the ground. When she mentioned her brother, she smirked. "Hey hey hey! He's cute, but I'm way cuter." she said, rubbing the top of her brother's head.

"Well, what's the plan for tonight? I've been on a plane for forever and I want to do [i something] tonight? Is there a party anywhere? Or we could have one?" Noel said. She would NEVER pass up a good party. She loved dancing, drinking, and whatever else could happen. "I brought a lot of cute clothes and they are [i not] going to go to waste!" she said, walking toward the fridge. Noel was kind of all over the place. She pulled out a carton of strawberries and placed them on the counter.

Noah looked at Jackson, smirking. [b "Yes, she is always like this!"] Noah said. Noel stuck her tongue out at him. "Fuck you!" she said, eating another strawberry. [b "Speaking about parties, I think there is one tonight. It's Brandon's party"] Noah said, mostly to Jackson. Brandon was one of there friends, they weren't super close but they knew him well enough. He had tons of parties, and they usually were pretty awesome. "I'M SO DOWN. Are you gonna come?" Noel asked Jackson, going right up to him and poking his chest.
Jackson had been best friends with Noah since they were still fairly young. When Noah had moved into the area, Jackson had quickly befriended him, and from that point forward, they both had each other. The two always said that it was probably just a friendship that was [i meant to happen], and that's why they could be friends for so long. Girls couldn't come between them. There was a 0 legitimate bullshit tolerance, so any issues with other guys were settled as soon as it arose. The bond they had sowed a lot of trust. It was a [i I trust that you're a good guy] type of friendship. They spent a lot of time together, but they weren't worried about any of the silly stuff, because they trusted that the other wasn't going to screw them over. The two made their way through school together, without issues because of this.

Jackson had been going to school for engineering. He was interested in mecanics for electronics and motors. He loved building things.

Although Jackson had his [i own] apartment, more often than not, he found himself at Noah's house. For the most part, having some company was definitely a nice change of pace. Aside from his [i whimsical] pet choice, [http://24.media.tumblr.com/b38250ab989f636260a823fd0bd8d984/tumblr_muu8bxZ7eQ1ry1jfao5_500.gif Bonnie] and [https://img-s1.onedio.com/id-5232f638b5cc886a4c000024/rev-1/w-500/s-ca83eaa55b1053b972ca89ee7e07f2e0e5e0afeb.gif Clyde]. The rambunctious duo tore havoc through his apartment while he was home. Otherwise, the two were within a large cage that consisted of multiple cages that were actually built together, making it almost as wide as the wall across from his bed.

Jackson would have spent the evening letting them roam the area, but Noah's sister was arriving to finally see him for the first time in since they were about 10 or 11. Noah was extremely excited about the whole situation, and having the guy that helped him get through everything was important. Noah wanted Jackson to meet Noel.

The two had been sitting in the living room of Noah's home, when Noel has let him know she was getting ready to start flying over. Jackson, had been searching playing a puzzle game on his phone, that's when he heard Noah [i "She's fantastic, you'll love her. But don't like her too much, she is still my sister."] Jackson looked up at him [+ForestGreen "Aw, come on man! Brothers fo' life!"] He joked, before looking back down at the game on his pone as he sat on the chair in a rather smushed up fashion. [+ForestGreen "But in all honesty, Noah. I'm not planning on just going after your sister because it's my bro's sister."] He still [i didn't say anything that he wouldn't want her]. He just said he wouldn't use her being Noah's sister as a motive.

If anything, the fact that she was his best friend's sister made him feel a little more cautious.

[size30 [center ~]]

It had been a few hours until Noel had landed, and made her way to Noah's house, but as she arrived Noah just bolted to get the front door. Jackson wasn't entirely sure if she really was here, or if it could've been a delivery person with food. Jackson ordered pizza about half and hour ago, which meant that it could've been either. But, when Noah didn't call for Jackson to come sign for anything. He knew he was going to have to get up to meet the girl. As Jackson stood up, he was about 6'2''. He had turned just in time too. [i "Hey, I'm Noel Huffman, the much prettier of the Huffman twins, if I do say so myself."] She'd reached her hand out to him as he could almost [i feel] Noah rolling his eyes.

His hand met hers and he shook hers gently. [i "I don't think I caught your name, what is it?"] Jackson was so preoccupied just [i staring] at her that he hadn't even thought to introduce himself. He smiled a slightly crooked smile that most people would've thought he did intentionally to make the ladies swoon. [+ForestGreen "I don't think you did, yeah. My name's Jackson Sommers. Probably the coolest mechanic you'll ever find."]

Well, he wasn't wrong. Working on cars was something he liked to do whenever Noah was busy, or the whole [i when your car breaks down] type of situation. The man just had an interest in how things worked and trying to find a way to make them better.

[+ForestGreen "The prettier of the Huffman twins? I don't know . . . . Have you [i seen] your brother? Pretty adorable."] He joked, looking over to Noah, and raising his eyebrows.
To: Noel Huffman
From: Noah Huffman
Message: Can't wait till you get here! See you in 3 hours. Text me when you're in the taxi. Have a good flight!

To: Noah Huffman
From:Noel Huffman
Message: I will. Can't wait to see you either! Thanks bro!

Noel Huffman turned her phone on airplane mood and settled into her window seat on the plane. She hated flying but watching a movie, the time will fly by. She picked a movie, Tangled, because why not? She plugged her headphone and got ready for her three hours of high altitude and unrealistic happy attitudes of the flight attendants.

Noah Huffman put his phone next to him after receiving the text back from his sister. He was really happy to have his twin home with him. He knew his friend would love her, just as a friend, of course. He turned to his friend, who basically lived at his home. "Ready to meet my twin?" he asked casually. Noah and Noel looked similar, but no where near identical. They have similar features such as their light brown hair and blue-gray eyes. But Noel has slightly tanner skin, while Noah had lighter skin, which was weird considering he now lived in Florida. Their faces didn't match except for the eye color. "She's fantastic, you'll love her. But don't like her too much, she is still my sister." he said, half kidding...half dead serious.

~~Three Hours and 30 minutes later~~

Noel finally was out of the airport and was in her taxi. She sent a quick text to her brother and let him know she was on her way. She told the taxi driver where she was headed and put in one headphone in case he had any questions to ask her. She looked out the window as they drove past the beautiful beaches and palm trees, very different to Utah which she has never left before today. She showed up at her fathers house, a wonderful house it was. White, a big yard, and a lovely porch. She was sad because there would be no white Christmas this year, but her brother was the best present. She grabbed her luggage, and ran up to the door.

Noah heard the door, and ran to get it. When he his sister was their, he picked her up in a hug. Noel giggled as she was picked up. "Hey bro. I missed ya" she smiled. "How are ya kid?" he asked, smirking. She knew he hated when she called him kid, she was only two and a half minutes older than him. "I'm good. I missed you too." Noah said, setting her back on her feet. They walked together and ended up in the living room, and sitting was someone Noel didn't recognize. "Who's that?" Noel asked. "That's my best friend. Has been since I moved out here. He showed me the ropes and taught me some cool stuff. Noel made her way over. "Hey, I'm Noel Huffman, the much prettier of the Huffman twins, if I do say so myself." she smiled, her brother rolling his eyes. Outstretching her hand to him, she asked "I don't think I caught your name, what is it?"